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05-16-2005, 02:26 PM
Showed this as a WIP awhile back- its now finished.

Peril in the Core is a map made for duels or small FFA matches, probably no more than 4 players. Its gameplay was inspired by an old JK2 map, Bespin Void by Proxy, which made terrific use of verticality. My project takes great liberties with the concept, adding a number of fun differences, SFX, and a complete change of setting with all new textures.

http://www.otherlander.com/JA/core/shot0000_t.jpg (http://www.otherlander.com/JA/core/shot0000.jpg)
http://www.otherlander.com/JA/core/shot0007_t.jpg (http://www.otherlander.com/JA/core/shot0007.jpg)
http://www.otherlander.com/JA/core/shot0010_t.jpg (http://www.otherlander.com/JA/core/shot0010.jpg)
http://www.otherlander.com/JA/core/shot0014_t.jpg (http://www.otherlander.com/JA/core/shot0014.jpg)
http://www.otherlander.com/JA/core/shot0015_t.jpg (http://www.otherlander.com/JA/core/shot0015.jpg)
http://www.otherlander.com/JA/core/shot0020_t.jpg (http://www.otherlander.com/JA/core/shot0020.jpg)
http://www.otherlander.com/JA/core/shot0021_t.jpg (http://www.otherlander.com/JA/core/shot0021.jpg)
http://www.otherlander.com/JA/core/shot0026_t.jpg (http://www.otherlander.com/JA/core/shot0026.jpg)

download (http://www.pcgamemods.com/12444)

05-20-2005, 09:53 PM
thank you for make such nice and fun map for JA !!!
I hope you make more more nice map like this
could you make big size FFA and CTF map too ?
thank you;)