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Darth Windu
05-18-2005, 10:43 AM
Hi guys. I was lucky enough to get preview tickets for Ep3 and lets just say I was blown away! Although you may know i'm a bigger fan of the Saga than the OT, Revenge of the Sith is seriously one of the greatest films I've seen.

Even though i'm not one to get too emotionally involved in a film, I was so drawn in that, i'm not ashamed to say, i nearly cried twice (both times near the end of the film and involving the same character) - it is just that good.

It starts off a bit slow, but it quickly gets up to speed and you dont even seem to realise that you are just watching a film.

Most people say that the Empire Strikes Back is the best SW film made - well, Revenge beats it convincingly. But it's not the action that makes this film great, it's the relationships between Padme and Anakin, and Obi-Wan and Anakin.

Overall, this film is just phenomenal. If you are a Star Wars fan, you will absolutely love it and even if you arent, its still a great film that I'm sure will stay with me for ages. Oh yes, before I finish, although I knew Vader was always the sort of ultimate bad guy, what he does in this film actually shocked me - you'll know what I mean when you see it.

May the force be with you

Jan Gaarni
05-18-2005, 11:29 AM
Seeing it tomorrow (Thursday).

So, the movie does bring back the glory of Star Wars once again then? :)


05-19-2005, 10:40 AM
Finally get to see Jan revealed as the true Sith :D

Dagobahn Eagle
05-19-2005, 02:11 PM
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I'll watch it as soon as I possibly can.

"You can hang with us,
but we still think you're a noob"
...I just had to add that:p.

05-21-2005, 03:49 AM
Originally posted by Darth Windu
I knew Vader was always the sort of ultimate bad guy, what he does in this film actually shocked me - you'll know what I mean when you see it.

May the force be with you

if seen it but still don't know what you mean?
i think darth sidious is the ultimate bad guy.

05-21-2005, 03:59 AM
Who do people remeber more Darth Sidous or Darth Vader :cool:

05-21-2005, 12:03 PM
Originally posted by AckbarNL
if seen it but still don't know what you mean?

If you think that killing little children doesn't make you the incarnation of evil, I don't know what crazy psychopathic evil is...

The movie was great. I agree with Windu that it starts off very slowly.

The battle of Coruscant was boring...

But when the movie starts, it really starts and the fun stays until the very last second.

It's not the best Star Wars movie(Windu is claiming it because he's a little kid who likes CGI ;) ). It's a tiny bit lower then Empire Strikes Back, on par with A New Hope and Return of the Jedi.
I would say that the best comparison would be with Return of Jedi, where the movie also starts slowly and when the action starts, it really does.

Darth Windu
05-22-2005, 12:38 AM
Well, actually i'm not a little kid, i'm actually 20 and at uni. Having said that, I admit i do enjoy CGI. :)

Also, luke is right, that is the particular scene I was talking about, as I said, I knew he was bad, but not quite that bad.

Finally, I wouldn't say the opening battle is boring, but it seems like there is a lot of background without much action, sorta like there are lots of ships just floating around but not doing much - probably would have been better to add a few more minutes to that battle to show us some more ARC-170 fighter action and a bit more...battle.

05-22-2005, 05:16 AM
ya but vader does it becose his mind is totaly twisted, not becose he is an evil person, but becose the emperor has so twisted his mind and he has cone crazy a bid ,but from my point of view anakin is the ultimate good guy becose he always want to be good...like mace picking the agrassive pad by wanting to slay off palpys head , anakin does not want that , but thats alsow becose palpy is fooling him. in the end of 6 the empror does the agrassive way and anakin does not want that and trows him in the core, anakin always want the good thing only the emeror has made his mind totaly black aiganst the jedi. as you can see when afther he slays off nude gunray and his gang you can see he is crying becose of his enslavend to the emperor and darkside.

05-22-2005, 05:35 AM
Remind me how the Emperor twisted Anakin's mind into believing that the Tusken men, women, and children are like animals worthy of slaughter. Remind me how Anakin resists the aggressive path when he chops off Dooku's head. You can say that the motives that lead Anakin down the dark path were not all evil, but you can't consider him blameless. He made some pretty bad decisions. And 'the ultimate good guy' is very much a stretch. I do agree that Palpatine is more evil then Vader. Palpatine is meant to represent pure evil. At no point is there any indication of compassion, or love, or anything aside from greed and hate. Vader is more complex, in that at his core he is still the good person, Anakin Skywalker, but he has fallen from that path, and allowed himself to be consumed by Darth Vader.

05-22-2005, 06:03 AM
yea but its all becose of the empror why he becomes so evil , when he kills dooku its becose the emperor twist his mind aigan, exsept for the tusken part but ...when thay kill your mother for no peticular reason? won't it be fair to kill them all? tuskens are evil...thay kill pepole whitout any reason.
the ultimate good guy may be a bid out of order but im sure he is supose to be, only he made some bad disisions and the emperor has made him darth vader, if the emperor did not exsist non of this would have happend, but then aigan it would be a prety boring movie i gess.

05-22-2005, 09:23 AM
You think Tusken's attack people for no reason? What about the fact that their planet is basically conquered by thousands or millions of strange invaders. They claim their planet and do what they want to it. Do you think the Tusken's get something out of this? Do you think they agreed to this? I very much doubt it. They have no way of knowing who is truly responsible, or any way of finding out. They find strangers in their territory, and they oppose them. They are fighting for their land, their home, and their family. That is the exact same reason that Anakin was fighting. The Tusken's are not evil.

But for a moment, lets say that they did attack for no reason. Do you think it would be the children that killed his mother? Do you think they are the ones who attack? Again, I doubt it.

Also lets compare what happened. The Tusken's captured Shmi. She died eventually, and we don't really know the circumstances of why. Anakin killed them all in cold blood. A very clear difference.

As far as killing Dooku, notice that the Emperor didn't have to work too hard to convince him. He wanted to do it, and showed only minimal restraint over those emotions.

The ultimate good guy has a will strong enough to resist darkness, and always see it for what it is. "How am I to know the good side from the bad?" "You will know. When your mind is calm, at peace with the force." All the mind twisting in the world won't convince me that he didn't know what he was doing was wrong. He knew it, but he still chose that path. Granted, it was not without reason, and those reasons were arguably not selfish, but he still chose the path for himself. The blame does not rest solely on Palpatine's shoulders, it was Anakin who commited evil (knowingly), and that is not a characteristic of an 'ultimate good guy'.