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05-18-2005, 11:09 AM
I think we should do somthing new with the role playing in dantooine theater company.

This is an RP Based around the captains of star ships at the beginning of the war against Revan and Malak. This Rp is going to be Rule Based (a bit more like dungeons and dragons or the WotC star wars rpg) rather than story base like the rest of the RPs here so there will be a gamemaster (me). Being the gamemaster i will not have a PC but i will control all the NPCs. I deside If your ship gets a hit and the damage done. I.E if you send a fighter spuadron to attack an enemys capital ships engines. I will say if you miss damage, disable or destroy.

You can attack planets, ships, starbaces. you send boarding partys, attack or find a diplomatic solution.

You can create your own ships specs, just put as much detail in as possible so if it carrys 3 boarding ship put that down. Also give a rougth description of where weapons are plased (forward(front), astern(rear), port(left), starboard(right), ventral(underneigth) and dorsal(top).). Give the captains name and You can be Republic, sith, czerka, mercenarie, Anything that fits the time period. Also tell me where your ships starting location is.

Ship sheet (example)
Ship- The ships name (the oracle)
Captain- captains name (Tia nasai)
Type- ship type/purpose (intradictor)
Affiliation- Who the ship/captains works for (Sith)
Armaments- The weapons (Forward: 4 heavy laser cannons, 2 torpedo launchers
Astern: 1 torpedo launcher. etc)
Engines- Number and type(2 hyperspace, 3 sublight)
Fighters: Number and type (30 sith fighters, 7 sith bombers, 2 boading craft and 12 landing craft)
Assult Capabilities- units used to board ships and land on planets. (100 sith soldiers, 25 granaders, 30 elite sith troops, 12 speeder bikes, 6 repulsor lift tanks, 2 gunships.)
Starting location- Where the ship is ( dantooine.

If you want you can add a 'captinslog'/history to your first post