View Full Version : Single DVD format on Amazon

05-19-2005, 11:06 PM
I was looking on Amazon's webpage
and.I noticed that there offering
EP IV-VI in single edtion dvd format
let me know if other video stores like
Suncost our FYE etc.Are doing the same
thing and they our priced our $24 bucks
each now thats a lot cheaper then
getting them in a pack don't you think

05-20-2005, 02:36 AM
Hmm, no, that's more expensive. When it came out as a set you got the three movies, plus the bonus dvd for $35-40 in the store (I bargain shopped and got mine for like $32 IIRC). You'd pay 72$ for the three movies this way, but it's cool that they're offering them seperately.

I hope that with the rumored "Star Wars Saga Boxed Set" coming up in the next 7 months that they offer the bonus content seperately for those of us who don't wish to buy all of the movies twice (since the DVD's contained therein will be identical to the ones already on the market, just in a big cardboard box and an extras DVD with deleted scenes from the OT).

This was done for the LOTR "EE trilogy collector's box" (you could order it seperately if you already had all the movies that went in it) and you could buy the National Geographic special DVD seperately; and the Matrix did it as well (with "The Matrix Revisited"). Although the Alien Quadraligy forced you to buy the whole set if you wanted the bonus disc.

But I have a feeling Lucas will go the greedy route, again... ;P