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05-12-2005, 09:04 AM
Author : svösh 12/05/05

Male+Female Master + padawan collar fix
Original Thread (http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=148776)
For examples of what this can do

http://svoshsphotos.fotopic.net/p14109027.html Master robes Uv fix

http://svoshsphotos.fotopic.net/p14880773.html female Master robes Uv fix

http://svoshsphotos.fotopic.net/p14880772.html male / female padawan robes Uv fix

http://svoshsphotos.fotopic.net/p14906670.html 4b and after collar fix TSL robes Mug shots :p

Sorry a few days took longer then I intended ;)

All right not being a fan of the collar on the Jedi robes models I went ahead and remapped and complied these models, they come with the exported fixed uv cords to use as an overlay in Photoshop or any other layer based graphic applications.

-: Include in the .rar
4 models [ so 8. mdl / mdx count as 1 each ]
3 jpg’s are the unwrapped UV’s . The master model uses the same texture

PFBIM mdl /mdx female padawn model
PFBNM mdl /mdx female master model

PMBIM mdl /mdx male padawan model
PMBNM mdl /mdx male master model

PFBI01.jpg female padawn UV
PMBI01.jpg male padawn UV
PFBN01.jpg male and female Master UV

Not included :
my robe skins from the screen shots, where’s the fun in that ?

Consider this a fresh canvas for your skins you will see you have very little to change to fit the edited UV’s

************************************************** **

WARNING !!!! This is basically a model / UV fix to use for new unique robes .. More of a base to use with new mods, If u drop this in override without editing EVERY SINGLE DEFULT TEXURE that uses one of the 4 models in this .rar .. The collar will appear much worse then it already was :eek:

That being said , there’s nothing stopping you from overriding all robe models with these and editing ALL the default robe skins.

************************************************** **

-: Changes I made

On the master robes I only moved the collar in to place, the old placement of the collar is now empty space

On the padawan robes I move the collar shifted the ring fingers over a touch, and had to move the back half of the sash over and scaled it down a little bit to fit the collar in

The red outlined UV’s are the torso the green are the hands.

-: How to use this in Photoshop or other layer based graphic apps

Open your edited skin hopefully still in .psd format

Drag and drop the .jpg for the selected skin you are working on, in to your psd . drag the layer to the top of the stack.

Hit W and click in the black area on the UV layer. Now with your selection active go to the menus above..
Select > Similar with all the black selected hit Ctrl +X or delete key now you set the opacity to 20 to 40 % and lock it so you don’t accidentally start editing it :eek:

I almost forgot those new to this way of skinning over the UV's . Remember to shut off the overlaid UV layer when testing your .tga

The rest I leave to you :cool:

************************************************** **
Just one little thing you can freely use this as your base in any new mods you make or fix up older ones. All I ask is credit for my work with the model’s and uv edits and include this read-me please, and if you can’t type my forum handle from lack of finding the character map. Then please by all means copy and paste it from here. svösh

************************************************** **
Download from the link in my sig ;) and enjoy