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pirate boy
05-23-2005, 12:28 AM
If you were to compose a soundtrack to a day in the life of Sam and Max what would be some of the things that they would listen to or would seem fit for their lifestyle?

05-23-2005, 01:51 AM
Probebly "Highway to the Dangerzone" (Top Gun theme)
and the Hawaii 5o theme which was heard in the background on the tv show a couple of times

Well that took up a minute of my time

05-23-2005, 06:03 AM
Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music.

pirate boy
05-26-2005, 05:52 PM
Well that took up a minute of my time

Don't worry, this actually serves a purpose.

06-04-2005, 05:43 AM
Album: Hellcoholic
Artist: Godless Wicked Creeps
Track: 06 - Instrumental Disease

To me, this tune embodies all that is Sam and Max.

04-02-2006, 05:13 PM
hm, I guess some death metal.. which band? who cares, as long as it's death metal and screaming.. yeah, lot of screaming

04-05-2006, 01:36 PM
I think with the kind of 20s style private eye type that Sam represents, Michael Land pretty much nailed it with his jazz and bigband motifs from "Hit the Road". That, combined with stuff matching their current situation (taking HTR as an example, country with Conroy Bumpus or native tribe music with Bruno the Bigfoot) makes perfect sense for me.

05-16-2006, 06:21 PM
In this order:

Shirley Walker - Batman: Mask of the Phantasm Main Titles
Henry Mancini - The Pink Panther
Love Among Freaks - Kill The Sexplayer
DVDA - Now You're A Man
Ben Folds - The Secret Life of Morgan Davis
Beautiful Creatures - Kick Out
Black Kali Ma - Remain Awesome
Metallica - Fuel
AC/DC - Highway to Hell
Bad Religion - The Fast Life
NOFX - The Idiots Are Taking Over
Henry Mancini - Peter Gunn

Actually, that's a pretty fun playlist. I'm going to flip that on right now.