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05-25-2005, 03:02 AM
Hi everyone,

I'm sure many people are anxious about the remote possibility of a brand new JK game - therefore I thought it would be irresponsible to titles the thread "New JK Game" since that is really what its all about. I'm a huge fan of JK, however after Academy (which promised much but delivered little more than Outcast) I wanted more.

Since the release of Episode III has also sparked further interest in JK - I thought the topic of a new game would be up. I'm unsure if it was as the search feature was disabled by admin/mods when I went to post.

I have actually decided to write a sort of Proposal/petition for another game - it won't be complaining to LucasArts to "make another JK game but better one" - thats where the project proposal comes in. Where everyone else comes in is actually helping me determine what (you) the community want to see by answering these questions. Please be kind and answer the questions rather than writing me an essay response of what you want as its hard to document that sort of thing...

After completing the project proposal (which I have found difficult to write admittedly) I will circulate a pdf version of it and a petition. Its pointless to actually send the project proposal into LucasArts since they simply refuse to read them - possibly due to the high volume of low quality ones they get.

Here are the questions for now - I may need to delve further with more in the near future. Please consider your answer very carefully. If you believe there is another question/or element considered in the project proposal please feel free to email me (lestatc@hotmail.com) with the title Jedi Knight Proposal as the title.

1) Which element of a game do you believe is the most important (graphics, story, gameplay etc)?

2) What do you believe should be added to JK combat (more stances/styles, blocking button, realistic movement restrictions etc)?

3) What other element (minus graphical and physics) would you like to see added to the new game in both SP and MP (interactive/destroyable maps, co-op, more personalised character)?

4) Which character(s) from the entire series would you most like to see/play as?

5) What element from the game should be removed or revised?

6) Which of the JK games do you believe had the best storyline (JK:DF2, JK:JO, JK:JA) abd why was it better/more involving?

Thanks for your time, the more responses I get will make writing the proposal much faster and posting it. It would also mean it can be revised faster...

- Lestat