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07-12-2005, 06:35 PM
im really surprised no one has posted this yet...London (http://www.cnn.com/2005/WORLD/europe/07/07/london.tube/)...i figured someone would after like an hour after it happened. I never would have figured it would be more than 4 days after.

07-12-2005, 06:37 PM
I think LF was down when it happened? Maybe I'm wrong.

But yes, this is a tragedy. Horrible thing that happened.

Ugh, terrorists suck. :(

El Sitherino
07-12-2005, 06:41 PM
LF was down when it happened.

Anyway, yeah tis sad.

07-13-2005, 06:26 AM
LF was down for days again...

and by the time it came back up we'd all just kind of gotten on with it and moved on.

The police seem to be on the job though:
The police have revealed important developments in the hunt for those responsible for the London bomb attacks.

# All four suspects were British nationals of Pakistani descent. Three of the four were from West Yorkshire

# All four were captured on CCTV at King's Cross station, wearing rucksacks, shortly before 0830 BST on the morning of the attacks. The footage was found on Monday night

# One suspect was reported missing by his family. Some of his belongings were found on the bombed Number 30 bus in Tavistock Square

# Property linked to a second man was found at the scene of the Aldgate/Liverpool Street Tube bomb

# Items belonging to a third suspect were found at the site of the Aldgate/Liverpool Street and Edgware Road Tube bombs

# It is very likely the three men whose belongings were found at the bomb scenes are dead, police sources say

# Questions remain over the identity of the fourth bomber. Police do not know if he was killed at King's Cross or has fled

# One man has been arrested in West Yorkshire and is being questioned in London. He is believed to be related to one of the suspected bombers

# Police have searched the homes of three of the four suspects in West Yorkshire

# Six search warrants were executed in the Leeds area on Tuesday. A controlled explosion was carried out in the Burley area

# A "significant amount" of explosive material was found at an address in Leeds

# The men boarded a Thameslink train from Luton to King's Cross

# At King's Cross, they split up, three of them detonating their bombs on separate trains simultaneously at 0850 BST

# Two cars in Luton, one of which had explosives in it, are connected to the inquiry. Police spent 14 hours dealing with explosive devices found in one car at Luton Central railway station

# The other car was towed to nearby Leighton Buzzard

# Police sources have told the BBC they had not recovered any timing devices from the bomb scenes, possibly indicating that detonation was by hand

# Counter-terrorism officials believe the group of four would have had an outside "controlling hand" who could still be at large

# It is thought the cars were hired by the suspects in West Yorkshire before being driven to Luton

# More than 1,000 calls have been made by the public to an anti-terrorist hotline. Police have studied 2,500 CCTV tapes

The thing is, we've had to deal with terrorism for years (IRA etc..) so it's not really much of a change.
And its been obvious ever since 9/11, Madrid, Iraq etc.. that London was going to get bombed at some point.
Personally I think that the waiting for the attack is worse than the reality, so its pretty much a relief to get it over with. (Though of course I didn't lose anyone I loved.)

07-13-2005, 11:37 AM
Yeah, I really don't know what to say for you guys over there. Hope you guys catch them soon before anything else happens.

07-13-2005, 05:33 PM
Terrible news indeed. I have friends and family in UK and London, luckily they were not affected...Hopefully no-one from here knew anyone that got caught up in it :(

Really, how much longer will it take to catch that one man, Bin laden.... Cut off the head of the snake and the rest dies...

One thing that scared me was that all muslims living in London and thereabouts were advised to stay in their homes for fear of reprisals. Please tell me its not true.... Assaulting the average Muslim family down the street is not the way to bring to justice or dissuade these criminals...


El Sitherino
07-13-2005, 06:05 PM
Originally posted by Astrotoy7
Assaulting the average Muslim family down the street is not the way to bring to justice or dissuade these criminals...
Well it worked for America.

... Wait ...

07-14-2005, 07:21 AM
:D @ sith

Unfortunately there is bound to be some people who take their anger out on scapegoats... just like there has been in the US. But apart from a few drunken idiots shouting abuse at kids, and some racists who were already racist using it as an excuse there doesn't seem to have been too much resentment.

There is a bit of shock at the fact the killers were a few normal guys from Yorkshire. Especially from their families who had no idea anything was wrong, let alone that they were planning to become suicide bombers.

You have to think that they were brainwashed in some way, because anyone living in the UK knows that most people here DIDNT support the war, ARENT that keen on Bush and his policies and DONT think the israel/palestine thing is being treated fairly. London moreso than other places . So, by bombing civilians in london you are attacking people who actually mostly support your viewpoint. Stupid. You would think that british people would know that. Muppets.

I particularly liked the "Britain is now burning with fear, terror and panic in its northern, southern, eastern, and western quarters." statement. I was waiting to get my hair cut when i heard that one, and my mates were on their way to the pub quiz. Fear, terro, panic != haircuts and beer. :D

PS/ Bin Laden is nothing. Except a figure head for western governments to hold up to scare their people. Kill him and nothing changes. Thats why the US didn't do it before and isn't likely to try in the near future.
Al Quaida (such as it is) isn't an orgainisation... its a qhole group of seperate groups and individuals who happen to have mildly similar goals and so work together from time to time.
Its like the "Coalition against terror" of terrorists if you will.

07-14-2005, 08:06 AM
Originally posted by toms
.... pub quiz.

....Its like the "Coalition against terror" of terrorists if you will.

If only we could get the coalition leaders in the same pub as the terror coalition guys and they can drink and answer old trivial pursuit questions... that is the way all conflicts should be decided :p