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07-17-2005, 12:31 AM
See the opening post of Part 1 (http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=141408) for all the usual intro stuff.

Between where the last thread left off, and this thread begins, the following happened:


*As the group prepares to leave the planet, Guy privately asks Heimdall to gather the current members of the group to discuss certain currently pressing matters. Heimdall agrees, and all current members of the group are called to meet in the Asgardried's lounge as the ship begins its trip to the map's next destination.

Hal, Alessa, and Drago decide to leave with their people (Drago after aninsult match with Heimdall). The Drakes go with them. The Asgardried leaves.

The remainder of the group is currently gathering in the Asgardried's lounge, waiting mostly for Orthos' arrival.*

Through the Portals

*Aren takes the four captives - Ellela, Aidan, Gortick and Matt - away from prying ears to ask them to cooperate with her. According to her, the Shadows are not evil, merely the acquisitions and security branch of a large interdimensional business syndicate fighting to keep itself from falling into corruption. According to Aren, the Shadows didn't kidnap the four captives - outside hires did, and Aren has authority to release them if they will explain to her who they are, and what they're doing that makes them so important.*

07-17-2005, 02:06 AM
I would only add that when the post were lost there was a slight time discrepancy b/w Bd's characters and the others. Hal, Allessa and Drago I believe were just about to land on Tarsis.

Also since we don't know where Deac is, I'm assuming that either Orthos has gone to the lounge for the meeting or is unable to move for some reason(up to Deac). My next post will see the start of the meeting (why not this one, well I'm climbing a mountain in the morning and need to get some sleep).

07-17-2005, 07:30 AM
Psshh....Climbing mountains after a good night's sleep is for sissies.

07-17-2005, 04:40 PM
Admiral, you fool! The extra weight of that computer will be your undoing. Just out of interest, which mountain and how much does your kit weigh?

((I'll start off.))

As the transport decended Hal made a final check of his equipment, then issued the ritual order, "Huscarles bywan," from that point on the tension began to rise, each of the warriors knew what was to come and what he must do.

The men settled their helmets on their heads and made ready to mount, the count down began.


The inertial compensators meant the group didn't even register the jolt as the ship touched down, moments later the ramp dropped and it began.

Daskus was first out, kicking his horse into a run as soon as he hit solid ground, a small double armed croosbow in his right hand, he was rapidly followed by three more warriors. As they left the ship they spread out to the edges of the stone circle that was some hundred and fifty paces in diamater.

The first crossbow bolt went wide, passing just left Daskus' helm, his arm moved and his upper bow string twanged, folowed a moment later by a cry from beyond the tree line as the bolt found its mark. Then Hal and Drago emerged, trailed by two more houseguards. As he cleared the hatch Hal raised his shield to catch two more bolts, one of which struck the rim and bounced off. The man behind Hal loosed two arrows from his bow, the second of which found its mark.

Hal carried a quiver of darts and now he hurled one at the first of their assailants to show himself, the creature dodged but he did not see the second bolt from Daskus' crossbow, which smashed into his forhead. Drago kicked his horse foward and beheaded one with his sword while another of the warriors rammed his blade into the neck of a creature, severing the spine and jugular, then exiting through the throat in a spray of blood. Just that quickly it was over, realizing they were out matched the hunting party fled back into the forest, five more fell to arrows and darts before they all dissapeared.

Hal let out and long breath and walked his horse towards the Tarsai Daskus had downed and retrieved his wasted dart. As he leaned from his saddle he took a quick look at the creature then straightened up in disgust. The thing was four limbed and from a distance might have looked human, it wore clothes; ragged breaches and a studded leather jerkin, and it had two arms and two legs but there the resemblance ended. The creature had skin the motled colour of rusted iron, small squinty, sharp teeth and a face twisted like something from a child's nightmare.

Hal trotted his horse back to the group then made a signal to those still inside the transport. The last six houseguards walked their horses down the ramp in close formation with Allessa in the middle, riding her mare. Daskus emerged from the tree line, having circled the clearing. "They have gone, my lord."

Hal turned nodded slightly to the old warrior, "Though they'll be back, and in greeter numbers."

"Aye," Drago agreed, "we had best be moving."

With that the group turned onto the well used trail leading from the stone circle, with Daskus taking point and two flank riders to the left and right the rest rode protectivly around Allessa. They headed north west, the mountains looming in the distance.

The drop trasport lifted off and returned to the void.

07-18-2005, 11:31 AM
((JM: I said some sleep, I had about three hours.

BD: Not a famous mountain by any means or even that big of a one compared to the others I've been on, its named Rocky mt. It was a short trip so wasn't carrying a lot, about 70oz of water, 8.2 oz knife, first aid kite, compass, map etc. All told maybe 90oz or 5.6 pounds.

To the story: I'm assuming Orthos has arrived at the lounge and taken a seat.))

*Heimdall talked softly to Idona as they waited for the remaining members of the group to arrive at the main lounge. When everyone finally arrived and took a seat Heimdall stepped to the center of the room.*

Heimdall: I called everyone here since there are some issues that we need to discuss. But before we start and anyone asks we are enroute to the Resan system, its will be a two day journey so I'll talk more about our destination later.

Now to the matters at hand. First there is going to be a new rule aboard this ship. Since this group was formed and we began this quest we have excelled at insulting each other and general infighting. We are all guilty of doing this to one degree or another, and I will no longer tolerate it. As such if you cannot act civil towards each other, you will not be welcome aboard the Asgardried, you don't have to like one another but I expect you to be polite and treat each other with respect. Marin, please tell your two friends about this new rule and the other rules on this ship. Also if you want them to stay aboard tell me and I'll assign them quarters.

This brings me to the main reason why everyone is here and what needs to be discussed. Guy a little while ago contacted me with concerns about the future of this group. Both of us agree that the group is on the verge of falling apart, I think this is rather obvious to anyone who pays attention.

The reason for this I believe is a lack of leadership among the nonaesir as well as a mutual distrust of each other. I want these problems to be resolved hopefully before the day is out, but definetly before we reach the Resan system. If you have an idea on how to resolve these issues please give it, or if you see a problem with anothers idea speak up. Just keep in mind everyone will be civil towards each other.

To start things off I'll tell you what I told Guy. I think it is unreasonable given the situation to expect you to follow Vidar's and my orders especially without a say. At the same time we Aesir will not follow one of your orders especailly without a say. As such I propose we set up a triad of sorts, three people in charge to make snap decisions when needed. One of these three will be an Aesir, the others would be two of you *Heimdall motions to the nonaesir*. However, when we don't need snap decisions like in times of transit or when waiting for the map to change we can have councils like this where everyone has an equal voice.

Does anyone have comments or other ideas?

07-18-2005, 02:52 PM
The group had been on the move for over two hours when they heard the thunder of hooves behind them. Turning in his sadle Hal saw thirty riders gallop out of the trees two hundred paces distant, they were coming from behind and too the left.

"Yarh! Move!" Hal gestured to urge the others on even as he kicked his horse into a canter the black stallion snorted and stretched his as he ran.

See the danger a second later and spurred by Hal's warning the others pushed their horses fowards. The ground was rough and strewn with rocks but their pursues were gaining and the group threw abandoned caution for speed. Looking over his shoulder Drago saw the black cloaks streaming out behind their pursuers and the segmented black armour the wore. "Hell Riders, Agori," he shouted over the wind of their passage.

Hal cursed, "We can out run them, the horses are good."

Draskus, still in the lead, pointed, "Perhaps, but what about those bastards?" he asked, with a hint of bitter humour.

Hal followed the man's arm and this time his oath was truely obcene, emerging from the trees to their right were another thirty riders, "We kill them," Hal said, with grim determination. Suiting actions to words Hal drew his longsword from the scabard on his sadle, "Form wedge!" he shouted and the warriors formed a fighting wedge with Daskus at the point, Hal to his right and a bear of a man call Regnor on his left.

Daskus already had two bolts loaded into his crossbow and a twenty places from the riders infront of then he loosed both, one after the other. "Take those you whoresons," he screamed. One black garbed warrior pitched from the sadle while the other slumped onto his horses neck, spooking the animal enough to through it and two other mounts off the charges. Dropping the weapon to his belt he swept up his two short swords, then the riders were apon him.

On Daskus' right Hal was slashing and hacking with barely restrained fury, how dare they try to stop him, he could even see the entrance to the Dura Pass in the near distance. Screaming an inarticulate warcry Hal beheaded one of the Hell Riders with a single handed cut. On the left Regnor slashed at one rider's throat but the man swayed away and Regnor barely blocked the reposte, then they were through and headed for the pass at a full gallop.

07-18-2005, 03:51 PM
[This is the 9th time I've tried to post, my net's still dodgy at best]

07-18-2005, 03:57 PM
Sir-vin *quietly* "I agree. We as a group of various backgrounds were lucky enough to even last this long, not to mention gain others into this group. Of course that was inevitable. As for the triad that you mentioned, Heimdall, I also have to agree, but I'm sure that you already have some sort of plan for whom to be on such, and given that each member here has the very same equal opportunity to be on such 'triad leadership' as any other. I'm sure you already have the idea of not having myself on such, so I'll say it anyway. I decline any vote for me to be given just leadership position."

07-18-2005, 05:02 PM
*At the end of Sir-Vin's statement a disembodied chuckle can be heard.*

07-18-2005, 05:31 PM
*Sir-vin sighs*

07-20-2005, 03:18 PM
Looking back Drago saw that the riders they had broken through were reforming, wheeling their mounts and joining with the first group. Now more than fifty riders pursued the fleeing Aduni warriors. The horses were tireing, laden as they were with armoured warriors and full barding, they could not keep up this gollop for long and the enemy would be on them before they reached the walls.

Drago called out to Hal, "Get to the walls! I'll hold them."

Hal laughed almost histerically, "No need, look!" he said, pointing. Riding towards them through a cloud of dust were sixty riders in full armour, their scale shirts a dull grey and their green cloaks billowing out behind them. Drago could see that the Houseguards were bow armed, Aduri, his mind registered for him.

The group spurred their mounts on again, the Aduri parted forming into two three rank tumae and notched shafts to their bows. As the group headed for the gap between the warriors the first volley hit their pursuers. Ten riders fell, the second volley brought down fifteeen. Then the Aduni charged with swords.

Hal called out to the four Houseguards tasked with protecting his wife, "Get to her to the fortress." Without looking Hal turned his horse and entered the melee.

Behind him he heard the strangled cry, "NO!"

07-20-2005, 06:29 PM
((We need to be using location labels or it could get confusing, especially with Future Boy BD here ;)))

Asgardried Lounge

Marin: *to Heimdall's request* I will inform them.

Raschel: I agree with the need for some kind of structure. Any one of the military operations I was part of was far more efficient than this, no offense meant to any of you.

07-21-2005, 06:03 AM
((Future Boy?))

07-21-2005, 09:18 AM
Asgardried Meeting

Orthos: That sounds like a good idea to me. What about those through the portals? Suppose they want a say...

07-21-2005, 04:51 PM
Asgardried: Main Lounge

Heimdall: Thank you Marin. *Heimdall turns to look at Orthos* In my proposal the only ones with a vote are actual group members. So for example Marin's two friends will not have a vote unless they actually join the quest. If we are able to rescue the group members who were kidnapped they will of course get a say like the rest of us in council meetings.

Alright does anyone else have any other comments or ideas?

07-25-2005, 01:39 AM
"I think an obvious thing would be that I have no clue what's going on here," Elaina announced. "I think I'd like an explanation to what we're doing and why."

"I can provide some of that later," Tanara said. "But I must admit that there are parts of this quest I'm still unsure of... meaning I'm not entirely sure what's happened or what's happening." She sighed. "But I'm not sure this was the proper timing for our questions." She shook her head and frowned. "No, if we want to know, we'll ask later."

"I guess that means we don't have any comments or ideas," Elaina said. Then, she went back to her project (making a glove for Tanara's arm, in case you forgot:) ).

07-25-2005, 04:17 AM
((Forum ate post. Am fairly aggravated. Will re-reply tomorrow :/))

07-25-2005, 11:43 AM

Along with the eight other Houseguards, and Drago, Hal charged the centre of the enemy formation, the reached the hell riders a second after the Aduni crashed into black armoured warriors. The fighting was fierce, Drago smashed his hand axe down on a rider's helm, splitting it down the midridge and cloving into the skull. Hal's own blade took off one warrior's arm then arced up to cut into the neck of a second, slipping under his helm. The spray of blood turned his armour from a dull grey to dark red. Out of the corner of his eye Hal sword a warrior with a longsword go after Regnor, already engaged with two of the enemy. Twisting in the saddle Hal thrust his sword out to the left, aiming for the man's kidney, the sword was stopped short by the scale shirt but the force of the thrust was enough to knock the rider off balance long enough for another of the Houseguards to land a blow on the unprotected neck of his horse. The stricked beast reared and threw its rider before collapsing in the middle of the melee.

Finally the Hell Riders broke, surveying the bloody ground Hal saw twenty of the enemy slain, of the Aduri four had been killed outright and six carried wounds that would see them out of action for some time. Of the eight Aduni Houseguards who had entered the fight only one was dead, though two more carried wounds.

Hal walked his horse over to the leader of the Aduri troop, had they not been so exposed he would have removed his helmet before he spoke. "My thanks to you, had it not been for your timely intervention I do not think we would be here now."

The officer inclined his head, "We do no more than is our duty, we were instructed to escort an Aduni Lord, newly arrived from the south. We would have met you sooner but we were delayed by a skirmish with an enemy warband to the east, they attacked one of our supply trains and we had to lead it back to the fortress." The man paused to look more closely at Hal's armour even beneath the blood the markings were visible, "My Lord, we were lead to believe that no kin of the Black Wolf survived the massacre." The man seemed suddenly ill at ease.

07-25-2005, 07:08 PM
*Heimdall turned to look at Elaina*

Heimdall: After we finish this and I brief you on our destination, then either Idun or myself will sit down with you and answer all the question you have about what is going on.

07-26-2005, 07:02 AM
Elaina looked up at Heimdall and smiled. "Thanks. I guess that means I have nothing further to say now."

She returned her attention to her project.

07-26-2005, 02:25 PM
Hal noted the man's demeanor, then moved past it, "Lead on, Captain."

The man bobbed his head once, "Yessir."

With that the warriors formed two collums, with Hal and the Aduri officer leading. The collum wound its way through the mountain pass until it came to the first wall of the fortress. As they approached the gatehouse they were hailed from the wall.

"Halt, who comes?" came the voice of a young man, carrying less authoriety than he intended.

Hal responded, "I am Halren Taklinsson, of the Car'Flaxoi Clan, of the Aduni Tribe. With me are the Dragon and warriors of the Aduni and Aduri tribe." Hal removed his helmet so that the sentry could see his face. From his vantage point on the ground it was impossible to see the boy's expression but the head dissapeared
over the parapet and, after what seemed like an age, reapeared.

"You may pass, Lord of the Aduni." Hal was greatful of the addition. He hadn't used it himself because, frankly, he didn't know if it was his. Hal lead the troop through the outer wall and into the fortress, the doors closed behind them.

07-27-2005, 12:26 AM
((Hoping this post makes sense. I'm kinda dead right now x_x))

Asgardried Lounge

Marin: I suppose I agree as well with your leadership proposal, Heimdall. We'll just have to be careful. If we keep infighting... or disassociating with each other, which I admit is something I've been guilty of as much as anyone else here... it won't work. But then again... if we can't work together we can't win this thing.

Guy: Elaina, your question brings me to something else we need to discuss. What are we to tell the new people we pick up about our mission? So far this decision has been made abritrarily by each one of us personally, without regard to possible consequences.

I feel we also ought to discuss as a group what we are going to do with the new... companions we've picked up. Specifically, the three captives.

In addition to that: We need to discuss what we are going to do about the four of us who are now missing.

07-27-2005, 01:35 AM
Heimdall: Marin, that is what we are trying to stop and I think this is the first step to do that. Guy, those are valid points we need to discuss but lets finish the leadership issue first. So this is the final chance for anyone to give another idea, or comment.

Asgardried: Yes, elect me to be your supreme overlord. I promise to be fair and just in my edicts, besides you know my artificial intellect is far superior then your emotionally ridden minds.

Heimdall: No.

Asgardried: Fine, do I at least get a vote in this council?

Heimdall: No, does anyone else have something to say?

Asgardried: Fine.

*Afterwaiting a minute, Heimdall looks at each person in the group before speaking again.*

Heimdall: Since there is no other proposal my leadership idea passes. Remember that this is not final and we can always change the leadership system in the future if we need to. With that said I want each of you to think about two people you want to act as your leaders and how long before we choose a new leader. This is a big decision so tonight I want everyone to think about it and sometime tomorrow tell the Asgardried. The ship will keep an acurate tally and when everyone has voted it will give the results. I'm also doing this so no one gets a bruised ego.

With that settled lets move onto the issue Guy brought up. How much should we tell our three guests and any potential new members?

Idona: Well it all comes down to trust and how much we want to risk. The more people who know what we are doing the greater the chance our enemies will find out and possibly stop us or reach the time matrix before we do. The three former captives should be told only what they need to know, which in my opinion is that we are going to be facing exterme danger and have many enemies. I also don't see any harm in telling them about the holocaust. I don't think we should tell them about the quest for the time matrix though.

Of course if they become group members that we can trust, they have every right to know exactly what we are going after and the dangers that they will face, this goes for any new group member as well.

07-27-2005, 05:23 PM
((One of my posts hasn't been eaten I'm just skipping past this because I don't want to describe the fortress twice.))

Two mail clad Guildsmen with Black Bills pushed open the door the the great hall, the entire keep was an exact copy of the original keep at Agusil, while Carr'Agusil had been greatly alterred over the millenia Tol Dura remained unchaged. The great hall was fully one hunded paces long, thirty paces wide, while at its highest the arched roof was twenty paces above the floor. Like its twin the hall had twelve fires, six on the left and six on the right. Now a nobleman stood infront of each fire, fully armoured, with his back to the blaze.

Hal's eyes were drawn to the dais at the far end of the hall, there eleven chairs had been placed in a semicircle, a cresent moon looking inwards. Once a man would have sat in each of those chairs, save the centre one. Now the outermost chair on the left was covered in a black shroud, the Sarans had been wiped out in the Holocaust; the next chair over had been ritually split by an axe, the Kelanori were bellow contempt; in the next chair sat a huge red headed man with a braided beard dressed in a green tunic and mailshirt. The seat next to the huge man was occupied by a youth in brown and yellow, looking slightly undersized in his full armour and open faced helm. The faces of the other men were hidden by their helms, two more chairs were covered in black and one more, that of the Agori had been split.

Hal's eyes took all this in as he strode to the dais but his gaze was drawn to the centre chair, razed above the others, and the man now seated in it. Hal knew from memory that the man's head obscured the golden eight pointed chair set into the chair back. The armour the man wore was the stuff of legend. The scale coat was gold, not steel, the hems of the sleeves and skirt were blue silver while more silver scales identified the split in cut front for riding. The greaves and vambracers were also silver, edged with gold and with the eight pointed star picked out in gold repeated down their length. The man's boots and gloves were also protected by silver scales. The plate protecting the man's throat was silver with the star in the centre, again gold. The Man's helmet was blue silver with gold plate on the midrib and gold patterning picked out on the face plate. The star was repeated either side of the midrib on the crown of the helmet and dissapeared down the back. The helmet's aventail was again crafted from gold scales, edged with sivler ones at the bottom. Silver plates patterned with gold were rivited to the man's crossed bauldrics, totally obscurring the leather. The man's cloak was finely woven whool in a rich royal bue, edged with gold and fastened over his shoulder by a star broach in in gold.

Yet all of this Hal registered only peripherally, his mind was focused on the sword laying accros the man's lap. The weapon was sheaved in a scabared covered in yet more blue silver, the fittings, again, were gold. Only the hilt of the weapon was visible. The crossguard was heavy, thick near the blade and then tapering down, until the ends rounded off. The pommel was flatened like the crossguard, near the grip it curved up gently, then tappered up to form a six sided cocked hat. Both the pommel and crossguard were engraved with knottwork and these too were gold. The grip appeared to be bound with royal blue thread and was bound with silver wire. Even without seeing the blade Hal knew it was silver, broad, deep fullered and engraved with an interlocking double spiral that ran the length of both faces.

Suddenly Hal realised he had walked to the foot of the dais, suddenly he realised how exposed he was, the others were outside, here he was all alone. All their lives hung by a thread, he knew what he had to do.

Halren Taklinsson Car'Flax, Lord of the Aduni knelt before his King.

07-28-2005, 06:08 PM
Asgardried Lounge

Asgardried: I say we tell these newcomers that I'm a god that should be feared and worshipped. I'll prove it by making doors open and close and lights flicker, maybe zap one of them if they don't worship properly.

07-28-2005, 06:47 PM
Asgardried Lounge

Marin: I think that is a decision that should be made by all of us together, and only after we have all had a chance to observe the individual in question. It shouldn't be a snap decision in a stressful moment just because we think we've found someone who can help us... or because we've found a long-lost friend or relative and are dying to let them know... *She looks at Tanara* No offense meant to you and your sister.

I know we've been using a vouching system so far but that could become dangerous. We're all fallible.

Raschel: Pardon me... but I didn't know anyone else could reach the Time Matrix. Aren't we the only ones going through this quest, and isn't that the only way to get it?

Guy: Actually that is one more thing we need to discuss after this. But, to continue with this subject first... what is the vote as to what to tell the three captives?

Marin: I don't think we should tell them much yet. The Holocaust yes - in fact I've already told Chere and Cody about that. Not the Time Matrix, though. Not until we can all be sure, not just through my opinion, but through everyone's, that they can be trusted.


Asgardried Cargo Hold

*The cockpit section of Guy's ship sits silently in the Asgardried.

Then, abruptly, the door splits open. K'Warra climbs out, sporting burn scars, an odd limp, and patches of skin in a rainbow of bright colors in contrast to his normal aqua skin tone*

K'Warra: Well that was interesting. Haven't seen a security system that creative in... well, years. Now, where has everyone gotten off to?

07-28-2005, 10:06 PM
((Red: That would be the Asgardried Cargo Hold, not Docking bay.))

Asgardried Lounge

*Heimdall quickly scans the lounge*

Heimdall: Currently eight people are in favor of telling the former captives just about the holocaust and nothing else until we *motioning to everyone* determine that they can be trusted with more information. Actually if I vote for Vidar by proxy that would put nine people in favor of this, either way its a majority. So unless someone has something else to add I would say the matter is at a close.

Next issue is the matter of missing group members. Currently we do not know where they, let alone if they are still alive, so there is actually very little to decide upon. What we do know is that the kidnappers were extradimensionals, and I'm fairly positive that they were the same ones who attacked us on Midgard. Guy you are perhaps the best qualified to investigate and try and find out what has happened to the missing members and where they are. When we have more information we can come back to this and make an intellegent decision.

Svafa: I would just add, that while the quest is paramount, we owe it to them to mount a rescue attempt as soon as possible.

*Heimdall nods his head in approval before speaking*

Heimdall: Raschel, now to your question. While it is almost certain that we are the only ones able to reach the time matrix, there is always the possiblity no mater how small that someone else can get to the time matrix before us. It is best to be prepared for that and try to minimize the risk of that happening.

Also keep in mind that another possiblity is that others follow us, letting us take all the risk with the intention of grabbing the Time Matrix right before we do. I know Loki would either love to stop us from finishing the quest or to lay his hands on the Time Matrix. I am also certain Misea has told him everything she knew about this quest so we can be sure he is aware of the Time Matrix and our intentions. As such he will either try an infiltrate this group or send everything he has against us in oder to ensure we never finish the quest.

Now is there anything else or should I continue onto the briefing of our destination?

((I'm moving things along just a little so that we can end this meeting and arrive at the planet before the end of August with any luck))

07-29-2005, 04:14 AM
((oops, edited.))

Asgardried Lounge

Guy: Actually I have something to add on that. If Matt, Aidan, Gortick and Ellela were taken for the reasons I think they were, this entire quest could be in danger.


Shadow Base

Aren: So what do you say? I'm afraid I need a decision now. The ritual could be due to begin in as much as a few hours... or in mere minutes.

Aidan: *spits out* And what ritual is this?


Asgardried Lounge

Guy: My family is among the descendants of those who helped create this quest. They have indirect, imprecise information on it, and no location specifics, but... they have enough to be a threat.

An integral part of this quest is a certain magic all of us share, have shared since early in this quest. Think of it as a contagious, benign virus implanted in all of us. It appears the items that control this quest are using this magic 'signature' if you will, to determine whether or not a being is... well, part of the quest. We seem to be passing it along to others based on both extended proximity and whether or not, subconsciously, we trust them. By now, everyone in this room has it except Elaina, and I believe it is slowly transferring itself to her from Tanara as we speak.


Shadow Base

Aren: Technically, I'm not supposed to answer you. But as head of my branch, I can break the rules when I feel it's necessary.

The ritual involves draining a particular kind of magic from one body and artificially transfering it into another.


Asgardried Lounge

Guy: However new technology has been developed recently that would allow any magic of this kind to be... well... taken from any of us and given to someone else. If we - any of us - could be rendered helpless...

Raschel: *wide-eyed* Then... if I'm understanding this right... we could have... competition?

Guy: Yes. Think about it. The magic didn't appear till after our first test, when we gained the map - our direction. Look at it this way - the magic essentially gives newcomers a free pass for all the tests that we as a group have passed, whether or not they actually perform them. It gives them the ability to do what we can do, to go where only we could go before.

I don't know if the quest makers knew this possibility would exist by this time or not. It's possible they did, and this is yet another obstacle we have to overcome. Either way, the longer we wait without getting the others back... the bigger the chance is that they will succeed at performing the ritual. It will take some time to perform. We have a chance to stop it... but that chance is growing smaller and smaller.


Shadow Base

Aren: This is somewhat unusual in this context and I only have a few pieces of the puzzle. Supposedly, this is magic you've stolen, but I have evidence that says otherwise. If you could tell me more - as head of Acquisitions and Security I---

Aidan: Oh, "Acquisitions and Security", is that right? "Kidnappers and killers", you mean. And don't even try to deny it - even if the people who beat us up and dragged us here weren't YOUR mercernaries, you still kidnapped and tried to kill me.

*Aren shakes her head back at him* Aidan Saphrai, you killed several people making your escape from indentured servitude, a body count later including some of our own people---

Aidan: I didn't intend to kill anyone! They were trying to kill me! So were you people!

Aren: Accidental or not, how were we to know? We were hired to capture a danger to the public, to innocents, and you certainly showed yourself to be a danger. Besides that, you then stole from us. Valuable technology that you still have somewhere, I'm sure. As I said before, how could we not have chased you?

Aidan: Bull****. Valuable technology - hah, everything the Shadows deal in is illegal or stole---

Aren: Stolen? Unlikely. Illegal? Only under the arbitrary rules of the Blades... who, incidentally, support the slavery you escaped from. I would've thought a free spirit such as yourself would understand how we don't feel bound by the laws of an elitist, power-mad group of beings who have been given their power rather than earned it through the will of the people. I feel we are in the right.

Aidan: What about Marin then?! She never did anything wrong. Why were you chasing HER if you're so goddamned righteous all of a sudden?

Aren: Your female friend? We had a contract out on her. She was on the run from the authorities---

Aidan: From a bunch of bastards who wanted to kill her!

Aren: Entirely possible, but we never got a chance to hear her side of the story, and all evidence pointed towards her being a great danger and a justifiable contract, especially when she began traveling with you---

Aidan: You. Tried. To. KILL US!

Aren: Come on, Aidan. You don't really believe that, do you? We never harmed either of you. We had many, many chances. We aren't killers. We aren't the bad guys you so want to believe we are.

*Aidan sputters*

Aidan: Liar!

*Aren sighs*

Aren: *directed mostly to the other three* Well? Will you let me help you? Will you give me a reason to release you?

Aidan: Why do you NEED a reason?!

Aren: I told you. We're under contract. I don't know enough about you, although I do have some information that, if you confirm it, would allow me to release you. Just tell me who you are, what you're doing, and why someone would want to stop you.

Aidan: Whatever you're planning to do, you're doing it without our permission! If you were really as ****ing noble as you pretend you are, you'd never have considered this!

Aren: Oh really? The official story told us about you is that you're a pack of powerful, dangerous murderers who stole magic to do terrible things with. I don't know if I believe this story, but you're certainly powerful, dangerous... and from a certain point of view, murderers. If you won't give me your side of things---

Aidan: It doesn't matter! You have no right! No right!

Aren: No right? Then who has the right? You certainly don't think the law does, and there isn't any law here anyway. *She looks at the others* I bet your friends' Emperor Palpatine thought the Rebels had no right to do what they did to him... but didn't they?

*She pauses*

Aren: Like I said. Give me your story, and I'll free you. No ritual. No further harm done. I just need the truth.

((Phew. That took a while to type up. Hope I didn't miss anything :D))

07-29-2005, 10:11 AM
((Since Red's post was so long, I needed a reminder of what I was responding to :p ))

By now, everyone in this room has it except Elaina, and I believe it is slowly transferring itself to her from Tanara as we speak.

Elaina's concentration on her project was immediately lost when she heard these words. She glanced at her sister in confusion, but Tanara merely shrugged. Her eyes turned then to Guy. Her astonished words were simple and to the point.

"What? Magic?"

Her gaze continued to shift from Guy to Tanara and back. It was all too obvious she hadn't a clue what was going on.

07-30-2005, 12:46 AM
Asgardried Lounge

Idun: Elaina think of it as a hidden marker that shows you as one of the group.

Heimdall: The entire quest is already in grave danger Guy. Do not forget that Misea is with Loki, and her jotun overlords now. As I've said Loki will want the time matrix and if he doesn't already have the magic marker he will shortly posses it thanks to Misea. You can be assured that Loki will begin to hunt for us and the time matrix very soon.

There is very little that we can do about Loki, and until we know more about the missing group members there is little we can do for them. The first step is to find out where they are being held, Guy, your still the best one to lead this investigation and I'm sure all of us will help when and where we can.

I just want to remind everyone that while the dangers are increasing greatly, if we fail this galaxy this universe and pehaps others will fall into eternal darkness. Also while we may now have competition in securing the time matrix we are in the possession of key artifacts that our enemies lack such as the key and the map.

So unless there is anything else...

*Heimdall waits another minute before speaking again*

Svafa will brief everyone on the Resan system.

*Heimdall takes a seat as Svafa stands. The lights in the lounge dim and a holographic image of a verdant world with a number of oceans.*

Svafa: This is our destination Resan prime, or at least this is how it looked thousands of years ago. Why am I showing how this planet looked thousands of years ago? Its rather simple at Midgard you saw our enemies, and now its time for you to see what they can do when there are no restrictions placed upon them. To accomplish this I'm going to tell you how this planet and its inhabitants meet their end.

About hundred thousand years ago Resan Prime was a lush and vibrant world home to the Resa, a species that could be considered close cousins to Wookies. They were a primative species and had yet to discover space flight when they were eradicated. How were they eradicated?

Well this was towards the end of the second Jotun war. I was leading a task force of Valkyries, Einherjar, and Drakes hunting Surt, his battalion. and Nidhogg. We were about two weeks behind Surt and had been eating away at his forces for a couple of months.

Surt came to Resan Prime believing that such a primative species would take him for a God and do his bidding without question. A quick and easy way to bolster his forces. However the Resa resisted and wouldn't bow down to Surt. This infuriated the Jotun so he, Nidhogg, and the other fire jotuns in his battalion set fire to the Atmosphere of the planet.

*The holographic image of Resan Prime shows a bright red spot on the southern hemisphere. The spot grows spreading outward, within moments rolling flames can be seen*

Simply setting the atmosphere ablaze wasn't enough for Surt he then casted a spell over the planets water. This spell seperated water molecules allowing both the hydrogen and oxygen to futher fuel the blaze.

*Lines of Fire crisscross Resan Prime as its bodies of water ignite.*

It took a week for the fire to consume the world and burn everything on the planet. When we arrived at the planet there was no breathable atmosphere left and all we found were ashes.

*Svafa pauses as she waits for the flames to finish consuming the holographic planet. When it was over and the flames vanished Resan prime was a barren grey world with no hint that it was once a healthy vibrant world that supported life*

This is what Resan Prime looks like now, no life, no breathable air. The weather is very unpredictable, the planet is known to experience fierce dust storms that can stip flesh from a body, and lighting storms that can cover the entire world. A good description of the planet is that its a hellish place.

One last thing, when Surt destroyed Resan Prime he needed the help of twenty nine other Jotuns as well as a Drake. His power has grown since then and now we believe he is able to accomplish this on his own. He is also capable of controling the rate that these flames consume a planet. If past evidence tells us anything Surt will make planets burn slowly so he can enjoy watching the people starve, and slowly burn to death.

*The holographic image of Resan Prime Disappears and the lights turn up*

Any Questions?

((Again doing this to push the thread along))
Asgardried Cargo Hold

Asgardried: They are having some kind of depraved beauty contest.

07-30-2005, 06:56 AM
Shadow Base

Gortick: I'll tell you who I am. I'm someone not stupid enough to help someone who kidnaps him.

Elella: Aren't you mean to have intelligence about us? Don't you already know. Sounds like this ritual is counting on something you do know...

Asgardried Lounge

Orthos: What are we looking for on this planet?

07-30-2005, 11:24 AM
Asgardried Lounge

Svafa: That is something we will find out when we get there. Most likely it will be something similar to the previous stages, but we can't really be sure.

07-31-2005, 10:48 AM
"Not quite the picture perfect getaway," Elaina muttered. Tanara couldn't help but smile at her sister's words.

"This planet has no breathable atmosphere?" she asked, turning her attention back to Svafa. She paused for a few seconds and shook her head. "I shouldn't be doubting that you have the proper equipment to walk on its surface."

07-31-2005, 05:05 PM
*Svafa starts to say something but quickly stops and pauses for a moment*

Svafa: Yes you will be provided with the proper gear.

08-01-2005, 03:01 PM
((Normally I wouldn't double post but the pervious post been up for a little bit)).
Asgardried Lounge

*When there are no more questions Heimdall stands*

Heimdall: Alright I think that concludes this meeting. Remember to tell the Asgardried who you want as your leaders.

*The other Aesir stand and begin to leave the lounge. Valda walks up to Heimdall*

Valda: I'm going to go check in on Vidar, then go to sleep.

Heimdall: Ok, thank you.

*Svafa walked over to Marin*

Svafa: Tell your friends about the rules of the ship, then get your armor and meet me in the armory. We need to begin your training.

*Idun meanwhile went over to Tanara and Elaina*

Idun: I'll be happy to answer any questions you have about what is going on. If you want we can stay here, or go back to my quarters.

08-01-2005, 03:09 PM
((ugh. Had a post, couldn't get it through last night. Here's an edited version.))

Asgardried Lounge

*Just before the meeting ends*

Guy: Between the Aesir and I, you will likely have equipment to survive almost any situation you could think of.

Raschel: *wryly* Yeah, you'll find it's the situations you can't think of that you should be worrying about...


Asgardried Cargo Hold

*K'Warra's ears prick back and he looks carefully around*

K'Warra: Hm. Don't tell me, let me guess. Either you're the best ventriquolist in the known universe, or the Seer left me here alone because he knew someone would be playing the voyeur through all of this marvelous machinery. Am I warm? Oh, and tell our wannabe Miss Universes that it's not very nice to leave a guest in a little crate for hours on end with nothing to do.


Shadow Base

*Aren sighs* Again, I told you, I didn't kidnap you. My people didn't kidnap you. Independently hired mercernaries kidnapped you, hired by a group of people that include your friend Guy's estranged family.

As for the ritual, it's counting on you having magic inside you that can be transferred. However the magic you've got inside you... well. It doesn't fit into any category we have. We have no record of anything like it. It's not in our systems. This is extraordinarily unusual. If it was solely up to me I wouldn't touch it. Too dangerous. But it's not up to me. My people won't even be peforming the ritual. We've only been hired to provide expensive, hard-to-get materials to perform it with. THEY know what this is all about; THEY are your enemies.

08-01-2005, 05:40 PM
*Shortly after Heimdall stands and concludes the meeting, Sir-Vin stands up and walks to Heimdall.*

Sir-vin *still softly* "Heimdall, would it be anything possible if perhaps I could speak to you for a few moments in private?"

08-01-2005, 05:48 PM
"I don't care," Elaina said. "My biggest concern here is that I don't know anything of what you have been doing or what's coming up. You keep talking about a quest. Now, I'm not about to leave, but I've never been thrilled about taking part in something I don't have a clue about."

"And I joined the quest too recently to provide my sister with answers to her questions," Tanara added. "Many of her questions are also mine."

((If Red or Admiral could PM me with more detail so you don't have to post it here, I think I could participate a bit more. Then, I and my characters would be more satisfied on the whole. I'll PM you about something I'm planning also.))

08-01-2005, 06:12 PM
((WJ: Its alright for your characters to ask the various questions. There reactions should be interesting. But I'll PM you anyways))

Asgardried Cargohold

Asgardried: Maybe I'm the best ventriquiolist in the unknown universe but since it unknown whos to say. And no one is secretly watching you.

Asgardried Lounge

Heimdall: Sure, Sir Vin we can talk in my quarters.

*Heimdall leads Sir Vin to his quarters, and waits until the door shuts to talk again*

Heimdall: What do you want to talk about?

Idun: Ok, then we can talk here, but first I'm going to get a cup of tea. I'll be right back.

*Idun walks into the kitchen and after a few minutes comes back shortly with a mug of steaming tea and takes a seat across from Tanara and Elaina*

((Will finish this later))

08-01-2005, 06:19 PM
*Sir-vin nods his head slowly. Then he stands up tall, looking right at Heimdall.*

Sir-Vin "I know that since from the beginning that I haven’t been trusted very well, me bring my father's son and all. After all it was my father whom killed yours. It's natural for you to distrust me. But even after a while I've proven myself to not be like my father at all, and be rather foolish with my actions. For that I wish to apologize for. I know that I'm not, and shouldn't be trusted with much responsibility in your eyes just for that very reason."

*Sir-vin turns to briefly look at Heimdalls quarters, know this was his first time even being able to even have any sort of view inside of it. He quickly turns back cutting his slight pause short.*

Sir-Vin "But I think that it would only burden us further down the line if I make attempts to be useful to yourself and the others if I keep making the same foolish actions that I have before."

*Sir-vin was facing Heimdall once again, and then he closes his eyes and gives a half a bow to Heimdall by lowering his head.*

Sir-Vin *opening his eyes while still 'bowed'* "I apologize for my actions that have been taken before, Heimdall. I promise that I'll be more mature from this point further"

*Sir-Vin raises.*

08-01-2005, 06:44 PM
((I said that 'cause I'm not entirely sure what to ask. I was going to PM you a little bit about my characters, but it was too long. I'll post it in the discussion thread.))

08-01-2005, 08:35 PM
((well WJ, the conversation is well and primed. all you'd need to simply ask is "So, whats the big story and all?"

08-01-2005, 08:40 PM
((Just like that? :D Ok, here goes.))

"Well," Elaina said. "You might start by explaining this quest."

08-01-2005, 09:05 PM
((WJ: In that case we can just go with it. Have your characters ask about things they want to know about. And if that is just something your not to sure on you can always PM me or Red Later))

Asgardried Lounge

Idun: Well I think the first things you need to know is that the galaxy is going to end in about twenty years, this is known by my people as Gotterdammerung, a twisted form of Ragnarok or the final battle between good and evil. This began when our leader Lord Odin was killed. His death signaled the end and that evil creatures like Fenrir were soon going to destroy every inhabitant of this galaxy. In an attempt to spare as many people as possible we launched resonance torpedoes and destoryed 80% of the galaxy's intelligent life. We did this so people wouldn't suffer like the Resa did when Surt destroyed their worl. It will be up to you to decide whether or not what we did was right or wrong. At least try and understand our desire not to see more people die a slow painful death.

Anyways, long before his death Lord Odin wrote a series of prophecies that tell us how Gotterdammerung can be prevented, the galaxy saved and restored to what it was before the holocaust. These prophecies set us on a quest for a powerful device known as the Time Matrix that will allow us to go back in time, prevent Lord Odin's death and in doing so prevent Gotterdammerung. The quest for the time matrix seems to be broken up into stages the are most likely test to see if all of us can be trusted with the time matrix. As we progress the stages have been getting progressively harder.

To put it simply you two have found yourselves in a quest to save the galaxy from certain destruction.


Asgardried, Heimdall's Quarters

Heimdall: It is good that you want to improve yourself. Admitting that you have made mistakes is the first step in learning from them. That is one of the things you need to do if you truely want to improve yourself. Examine past mistakes and learn from them. IF you fail to do this then you will be doomed to repeat those mistakes.

If in this endevor you need advice or help you are more then welcome to ask me or any other Aesir for it. We will help you as much as we can. I would suggest that you seek Tanara out. She is a Jedi and can help you I think.

Is there anything else?

08-01-2005, 11:51 PM
Tanara listened with great interest. When Idun's story was finished, she glanced at Elaina and her face paled. The girl was feeling her face as if for the first time. Then, she ran her hands through her hair and shot a puzzled glance at Tanara.

"Who are you?" she asked quietly. Tanara gasped. Suddenly, her eyes narrowed.

"Kira?" she asked. Elaina's brown eyes faded to blue and she stared at Tanara.

"I am Teri Korr," she answered. Tanara drew in a sharp breath and her eyes paled nearly to gray.

"You stayed with the weaker girl," she growled. The younger girl suddenly understood.

"You are Kira," she said.

"And you are Teri," Tanara/Kira muttered. She frowned. "How were we separated?"

"The girl you now hold in your control knew only of you," Elaina/Teri answered. "When she took you back, she ignored me."

"Know this," Kira snapped. "I'm the one that kept us alive."

"But without me, you don't exist," Teri retorted. Kira paused at that and a small smile crept to her face.

"You got me," she said. A hand went to her head. "Ack! She's trying to regain control."

"Let me help," Teri answered savagely. She put a hand to Tanara's forhead and the young woman flew across the room with a cry. When Tanara sat up, her eyes were brown and she had an incredibly confused look on her face.

"What just happened?" she asked hesitantly. Teri stood and went to her.

"Not to worry," she said quietly. "You're safe now."

Tanara eyed her for a moment. "You are not my sister."

"My name is Teri Korr," Teri answered. "I don't know who you are or where we are... for that matter, I really don't know much of anything."

"Are you a friend of Kira's?" Tanara snapped. Teri winced.

"I am a Jedi... or I was," she answered. "I don't know about now... I am Kira... almost. I suppose I should say that she is me. Physically, she is four years older than I am. She crashed on a planet that I was on... four years in her past. So you see, we are the same person... in two separate bodies."

"I didn't understand that," Tanara sighed. Teri laughed.

"I confuse even myself sometimes," she said, looking around. "But I can see I'm not in the time frame I last remember... can you tell me what year it is?"

08-02-2005, 12:27 AM
((WJ: Not sure if doing that in front of Aesir is the smartest move))

*Idun watched the fight with interest. She didn't say anything but she did draw a dagger from her hip*

Idun: The more important question is are you going to return control of that body to its rightful owner? Needless to say we take a dim view of you controling that girls body *as Idun said that she montioned to two weapon emplacements that had dropped from the ceiling and were aimed at Elaina/Teri*

08-02-2005, 09:18 AM
Teri glanced at Idun and then at the weapons on the ceiling.

"Naturally, this girl deserves control of her body," Teri answered quickly. "Please understand that I am not here by choice. If I could simply learn the year I could tell you how far from my choice this truly is. But if you wish, I could allow Elaina to regain her control and tell you through her."

"At least allow her to talk a little," Tanara pleaded. "After all, she did help me restrain Kira."

08-02-2005, 11:17 AM
*Sir-Vin pauses for a second. And then shows a sign of concern*

Sir-Vin *coming from a thought, to himself* "Hmm, why didn't i think of this earilyer?" *to Heimdall* "Heimdall, from the war, were there any signs of my counterpart's body?"

08-02-2005, 01:24 PM
Asgardried Lounge

Idun: Her helping you restrain the Sith Kira is the reason why she is still alive. *Idun pauses thinking for a moment* And to answer Padawan's Korr question it has been roughly 4,000 years since her death. Now please return control to Eliana and I wouldn't recommend you come back.


Asgardried: Heimdall's Quarters

Heimdall: I'm afraid not. Your bother didn't have a tracker on him, and giving the time constraints we could not search for his body. Irvine either died during the battle or in all likely hood a short time after the battle ended. The possiblity that he is still alive is extermely small.

08-02-2005, 02:34 PM
Teri's eyes widened. "4000 years! I had no idea it was so long." She was silent for a moment. "I am trapped in the mind, but Elaina will have control. If I have any further questions, I'll simply ask her to ask about it."

With this, Elaina's eyes went back to their natural color and she looked at Tanara. "Teri's curious... you have Kira under control, right?"

"Yes," Tanara answered. "Yes, I do."

08-02-2005, 03:29 PM
Asgardried Lounge

Idun: See to it that both of them remain under your respective control. Now getting back to the matter at hand. Do you have any questions?

*The weapon emplacements retracted back into the ceiling.*

08-02-2005, 04:42 PM
((Tracker? like in an electronic tracer? not the magic makers that all the group has (which would include him but not Sir-vin)))

Sir-Vin "True, but wouldn't the possibility if maybe that Loki could have recruited him like he did with Misae? Either which way, if he was captured and either killed or left alive, perhaps he too could be used like Misae is?"

08-02-2005, 05:05 PM
"Teri's only reason to resurface would be to prevent Kira from doing so," Elaina said, staring at her sister. "I don't have a problem with that."

"I'm just not sure I like the idea of either of us being controlled by 4000 year old women," Tanara muttered. She turned to Idun. "How long has the quest been going?"

08-02-2005, 05:28 PM
((Scar: Not the magic tracker and Sir Vin does that that one. It was a device the Aesir carried with them into the Battle. When it was over it hovered over their bodies indicating if they were alive, wounded, dead and obviously their location. Afterwards the device went into the ground creating a mine field))

Asgardried Lounge

Idun: You may not have a problem with that Elaina, but we do. Teri and Kari represant major security risks, do not let them regain control of your bodies especially Kari.

To answer your question Tanara, this quest has been going on for two years.

Asgardried Heimdall's Quarters

Heimdall: Perhaps but in the scheme of things it doesn't really matter. Loki has everything he needs from Misea, from information to the magic marker. If Irvine lived, he has been captured. Either he is going to be turned to the dark side or killed.

As I said the likely hood that has happened is small, and in the end it doesn't affect the quest.

08-02-2005, 06:17 PM
((ah! i sees))

*sir-vin nods*

"I understand. I supposed if we have an encounter with him again, either way, he'll be delt with. To be perfectly honest, if he had died, I would have to be at least a bit releaved that maybe someone in this doomed galaxy have died fighting instead going quietly into the dark night."

*Sir-Vin nods his head, showing gratitude for the conversation*

"I'm sure you have other things to do, and I have some for myself..." *rubs his shaggy beard* "..like a shave..."

08-02-2005, 09:16 PM
"It took all of my power to help Tanara put her down the first time I saw her have that problem," Elaina objected. "You saw how quickly Teri put Kira down. After that, how can you call her a threat?"

08-02-2005, 11:39 PM
Asgardried Lounge

Idun: She is a 4000 year old padawan that eventually becomes a Sith inhabiting your body. Futhermore, there is no evidence that she didn't put Kira down just to gain your confidence.

I'm sorry Elaina, it is already a great risk having these two inhabit your bodies. Allowing Teri to take control of you whenever she wants to is an unacceptable risk. Imgaine, that next time Teri doesn't give control back to you. What do we do then?

I do not want to see either of them in control of your bodies again.

Asgardried Heimdall's Quarters

Heimdall: Remember what I said about Tanara possibly helping you. Have a good night.

*When Sir Vin left his quarters Heimdall moved over to the chair and began to take off his armor. He set each piece down on the table, starting with his guantlets and moving up each arm. When Heimdall was just about to take off the curiasse the door chimed.*

Heimdall: Come in.

*The door open with barely a whisper and Idona stepped into the room. The door closed right behind her.*

Heimdall *with a smile*: What can I do for you?

Idona: We need to talk.

*Heimdall stopped smiling and concern showed on his face*

Heimdall: Ok, please have a seat.

*Idona walked and sat down in one of the two chairs in the quarters, Heimdall took that other one.*

Heimdall: What do we need to talk about?

08-02-2005, 11:48 PM
"In that case, I need accellerated training," Elaina said with a frown. "And Tanara could use some training herself. I don't think you need reminding that Kira took over her mind by force and she was unable to resist. As for myself, I know that I couldn't resist Teri at the moment. You saw me. I couldn't!"

"We need to help each other, Elaina," Tanara agreed. She turned to Idun. "The way you put it, I'd think twice before trusting Teri again too. But if Kira and Teri are the same person, they must have the same power to control us, right? If so, there's no way I can give Elaina the training she needs."

With a sigh, she closed her eyes and shook her head. "How can we hope to keep these people out of control of us?"

08-03-2005, 01:55 AM
Asgardried Lounge

Idun: The first step to controlling Kira and Teri is not to despair, that is the fastest way to give them complete control. *Idun lets that sink in for a moment before continueing*

Good, now how do you prevent them from gaining control? There are a number of barriers you can construct in your mind that can prevent an outsider from gaining control of you. You can use these to stop Kira and Teri from taking control of you. Before you ask how you can learn these barriers, I can teach you them. This is normally kept secret, but given the circumstance...anyways the other Aesir and I force sensitive. We mask our prescence so Jedi and Sith can't detect us.

I warn you now that if you accept my training it will be hard and draining both physically and mentally. However, with time you will be able to create mental prisons for Kira and Teri.

*Idun pauses and sips at her tea, and then comes to a decision*

When you accomplish this then I may be able to permanetly remove them with a spell. Again before you ask, to cast the spell now while they are free is to risk mental damage, and I'm unwilling to take that risk before we have tried the barriers and prison. Also I'm still recovering from the battle at Midgard.

So do you accept my offer of training?

08-03-2005, 03:01 AM
Asgardried Cargo Bay

K'Warra: When did I say I thought it was a secret? Obviously if it was, you wouldn't be talking to me. So, who or what are you, anyway?


Asgardried, Marin's Quarters

*Marin enters her room. Cody and Chere are sitting on the bed. Cody is staring off into space, eyes glazed over. Chere is fidgeting and looking impatient. She leaps to her feet when Marin comes in*

Chere: Marin! Hey! What took so long? Where've you been?

Marin: We had a meeting.

Chere: Oh great. How exciting. *She takes a second to glare at Cody* He's been doing the no-talky thing again. Hasn't said a word since this morning.

*Marin walks over to Cody and touches his face*

Marin: Are you feeling all right, Cody? *No answer* Can you hear me?

*Cody blinks and looks at her*

Cody: I can hear you.

Marin: How are you feeling?

Cody: I see strange color. Where are we?

Marin: We're in space. We're traveling to another planet.

Cody: *frowning* Space is an empty color.

Marin: Oh, we're just in a different kind of space then you've been in before.

Chere: Don't we get anything else to do here but sit around? I've been in and out of cages for months.

Marin: Yes. Sorry about that. You can come to the lounge and meet everyone properly. But first, you need to remember to follow certain rules: you have to be civil and polite to everyone, no fighting, no breaking things, and... no wandering without one of the Aesir with you.

((OOS: Can't remember if there were any other specific rules the Asgardried has, but assume Marin informs them of the rules here too, since she *would* remember them ;)))

Chere: Fine, fine, okay. Can I come out now?

*Marin opens the door*

Marin: Follow me.


Asgardried Lounge

*Marin enters the lounge, followed by Cody and Chere - a pale boy with nearly platinum-blonde hair and unnaturally bright green eyes, and a very short, olive-skinned girl with spiky black hair. Chere is short enough that Marin looks tall next to her, under five feet.

They are both younger than Marin, not yet adults*

((OOS: So who all is in the lounge again?))

08-03-2005, 09:27 AM
((All I can say for sure is Idun, Tanara, and Elaina... though others did not say they left, I guess I sort of assumed they did, leaving Idun and the sisters alone to talk.))

The sisters glanced at each other for a moment. Then Tanara nodded. "I accept your offer of training."

"I also accept the offer," Elaina said. "Thank you."

08-03-2005, 05:28 PM
((Possilble characters in the lounge are Guy, and Orthos. Definetly in the Lounge are Tanara, Eliana and Idun.

WJ: Check your inbox))

Asgardried Lounge

Idun: Good, get something to eat and meet me in the cargo hold in an hour, with your lightsabers. If you think of any more questions I'll answer them then.

*Idun takes another sip of her tea as she stands. She begins to walk out when she stops at Marin*

Idun: Show your friends around quickly, then get up to the armory. Svafa should be waiting for you. You'll have plenty of time to talk to them after you've finished with Svafa.

Agardried: Guy, the rather amusing Gargoyle broke free from your ship you may want to go to the cargo hold...

Asgardried Cargo Hold

Asgardried: Maybe if you ask more politely I'll tell you.

Asgardried Heimdall's Quarters

Idona: About us.

Heimdall: Uh...ok

Idona: How long have you been in love with me? Fifty years, Fifty thousand, longer?

Heimdall: Why...why do you ask me that?

Idona: My dear Heimdall, I've known you since we were both children. By this time I can read you fairly easily. Besides even if I couldn't your sisters can and they told me a long time ago.

Heimdall: I see... *under his breath* I'm going to hurt Svafa.

Idona: Do you? I think for all your sight, your blind to this. Otherwise you would have seen that I've been waiting for you all these years. I'm tired of waiting...

Heimdall *smiling*: In my defense we both have lives that are very demanding and keep us away from each other.

Idona: You still could have done something.

Heimdall: Your right, I should have, but I guess I was afraid you didn't share my feelings.

Idona: Better to always wonder then maybe to find out that I didn't? *Idona stood and walked over to and kissed him tenderly on the lips before whispering in his ear* I love you, and your a fool that you never saw that.

*Heimdall paused dumbfounded*

Asgardried: Uh-oh, that was an insult. I'm sorry Idona but your no longer welcome aboard this me...

08-03-2005, 07:28 PM
*Asgardried: Sir-vin's Quarters*

*Sir-Vin re-enters his room. He takes off his worn overrobe and throws it into the garbage, he takes off most of his upper garments leaving but an undershirt.

He goes to the restroom in his quarters, and stands at the sink. He looks at his rugged face in the mirror, hardly clean from the battle at Midgard. He turns on the water, and rinses off his face. He opens a drawer under the sink and pulls out a simple pair of sissors. He begins to trim his shaggy beard stright and clean, little by little, til it was even and short.

Cleaning off the sink, he turned to clean up his split ends in his hair.

He turns on the shower, then cleans up his mess in the sink. He prepares a clean set of clothes and cleans him self up.*

08-03-2005, 08:41 PM
Asgardried Heimdall's Quarters

Heimdall: When we fix this timeline I plan on finding the person who programed this ship and then I am going to beat them.

Asgardried: That doesn't sound very nice Heimdall, don't make me throw you off like Idona.

Heimdall: Asgardried stop this.

08-03-2005, 10:24 PM
The sisters stood and went to get something to eat, but Elaina sighed as she walked next to Tanara.

"What is it?" she asked. Elaina sighed again.

"I don't have a lightsaber of my own," she answered quietly. "I... I've never been trained as a Jedi. The only reason I've done so well is that I've been possessed by two Force users."

"Don't worry," Tanara encouranged. "You can use Kira's until you're able to create your own."

08-04-2005, 06:08 AM
Asgardried Lounge

Guy: Unfortunately I'm not surprised...

*Guy heads out*

Marin: *to Idun* I'm on my way now.


Asgardried Cargo Bay

K'Warra: Are you accusing me of being rude? I'm insulted. Terribly insulted. And you seemed like such a nice being, too.

08-04-2005, 01:15 PM
Asgardried Cargo hold

Asgardried: You didn't say please when you asked who I was.

Asgardried Heimdall's Quarters

*Idona retakes her seat across from Heimdall. Both of them look at each other quietly for a few moments before Heimdall speaks*

Heimdall: What do we do now?

08-04-2005, 02:45 PM
Asgardried Cargo Hold

K'Warra: Oh, of course! Silly me. *clears his throat dramatically* "Please".

08-04-2005, 03:04 PM
Asgardried Cargo Hold:

Asgardreid: Please what?

08-04-2005, 03:32 PM
((Must take a short moment to say I find Asgardried rather entertaining. :D )

Less than an hour after they had left Idun, Tanara and Elaina headed for the cargo hold. Elaina was holding Kira's lightsaber like it might have been some kind of explosive pack.

"I don't much like the idea of using the weapon of a Sith," she said quietly. Tanara smiled.

"With any luck, you'll be able to build your own saber soon," she encouraged.

08-04-2005, 08:44 PM
((WJ: Thanks, the Asgardried is one of my favorite characters.))

Asgardried Main Corridor

Asgardried to Elaina: You could always ask Heimdall to make you one. Wouldn't take him very long either.

Asgardried Heimdall's Quarters

*Idona stands walks over to Heimdall and slaps him upside the head*

Idona: What do you think we are going to do. Vidar is going to marry us.

Asgardried: A wedding how nice. You can trust me.

Heimdall: Over my dead body.

Asgardried: Your no fun.

08-04-2005, 09:01 PM
Elaina glanced around, a perplexed look on her face. Tanara noticed and laughed.

"It's the ship," she said. "Don't worry... you'll get used to it."

"I hope so," Elaina answered slowly. "Personal opinion: having a ship carry on a conversation with you is more than a little odd."

08-04-2005, 09:30 PM
Asgardried Corridor

Asgardried: Having a 4000 year old Jedi padawan in you is a little odd. Talking to me like talking a droid. Still say you should talk to Heimdall, he can make a lightsaber in half a day. Or I could make you one if you asked me very very nicely.

08-04-2005, 10:01 PM
Elaina said nothing for a moment. "How long would it take you to make one?" she asked with a small smile.

08-04-2005, 10:46 PM
Asgardried Corridor

Asgardried: About the same time as Heimdall, but mine look much better.

08-04-2005, 10:55 PM
"About the same time with the advantage of looks?" Elaina said thoughtfully. "What do I have to compromise for a better looking one?"

"Or perhaps you could wait and make your own," Tanara laughed. "It would ensure getting the look of saber you want."

08-04-2005, 11:01 PM
Asgardried Corridor

Asgardried: A little dignity by asking a ship to make it for you. I also can do it in any color you want.

Oh I should warn you that Idun going to toss Kira's blade away. The Aesir don't like Sith weapons and she won't let you use that tainted saber.

08-04-2005, 11:33 PM
"Good," Elaina said quickly. "I definitely don't want to be using this." She paused thoughtfully. "As for your offer to make me a lightsaber, I accept. Thank you."

08-04-2005, 11:38 PM
Asgardried Corridor

Asgardried: Great. What color do you want the blade?

08-05-2005, 02:07 AM
Asgardried Cargo Hold

K'Warra: What do you mean, "please what"? I thought you just wanted to hear someone say "please" to you. But if you'd like me to ask for something, how about a nice cup of coffee, please?

08-05-2005, 02:38 AM
Asgardried Cargo hold

Asgardried: I hear it all the time, afterall they worship me. Also there is no coffee aboard the preferred stimulant is tea. Oh, your friend is coming and I think you've been a naughty gargoyle.

08-05-2005, 02:56 AM
Asgardried Cargo Hold

K'Warra: A machine with a god complex. That's funny. But calling me naughty? Well. I certainly haven't done anything there was a reason not to do. What more can you ask of a person?

*The inner bay door opens and Guy enters*

Guy: K'Warra. What are you doing?

K'Warra: Just asking the interesting AI construct that inhabits this ship for some coffee. I haven't had any in months. Actually, I haven't had any real food in months. Those mercernaries were afraid to do anything but knock me out every 36 hours and feed nutrients directly into my system.

08-05-2005, 03:08 AM
Asgardried Cargo Hold

Asgardried: I don't have a god complex.

08-05-2005, 03:27 AM
Asgardried Cargo Hold

K'Warra: Of course not. By the way, Jonathan, your security system was pretty entertaining.

Guy: I didn't program it to keep you in.

K'Warra: Really? Darn. All those... two minutes of wasted effort. So what have you decided?

Guy: What are you talking about?

K'Warra: You're either planning to throw me off this ship, or you're planning to accept my offer to help you find your friends.

Guy: That was an offer?

K'Warra: Don't be tiresome.

Guy: Yes, K'Warra, I am accepting your offer. However I can't agree to any terms or conditions you might require before hearing about them in advance.

K'Warra: Who said anything about terms or conditions? I mean, I suppose I could think of some, but as I recall I only asked you if you wanted help finding your friends. I didn't say I wanted anything in return.

Guy: Why would you want to help me find my friends?

K'Warra: Think about it, Seer. Have I got anything more interesting to do?


Asgardried Corridors

*Marin heads, alone, towards the armory*

((OOS: Deac, where is Orthos? Also, IS anyone else in the lounge? Besides Chere and Cody that is :)))

08-05-2005, 03:31 AM
Asgardried Cargo Hold

Asgardried: You could always try to become a famous galatic singer instead, or maybe you could be a famous escape artist dazzling trill..bill..the few remaining people left.


Asgardried Heimdall's Quarters

Asgardried: The other two former captives are in the lounge by themselves. Can I play with them?

Heimdall: No. Have Viddall show them to quarters etc.

Asgardried: I get to have no fun.


Asgardried Main Lounge

*A moment later Viddall steps off a turbolift into the lounge and walks over to Chere and Cody.*

Viddall: Hello, if you two will follow me I will show you to your quarters.

08-05-2005, 03:56 AM
Asgardried Cargo Hold

K'Warra: No, neither of those would require any effort. Plus, they sound pretty boring.

Guy: *sighs* What do you know?

K'Warra: Your friends are still in this dimension. Possibly even in this galaxy, although I doubt it.

Guy: And how do you know this?

K'Warra: I guarantee you they won't try bringing them out of this dimension.

Guy: ...Why?

K'Warra: Haven't tried doing that recently, now have you?

Guy: No, I haven't. Why? What do you know?

K'Warra: Oh no, I shouldn't tell you. I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise.


Asgardried Lounge

Chere: Who are you?

08-05-2005, 04:02 AM
Asgardried Cargo Hold

Asgardried: I like surprises, I have many surprises in store for people.


Asgardried Lounge

Viddall: My name is Viddall, Chere. Now if you and Cody will come along I'll show you to your quarters.

08-05-2005, 12:45 PM
((<3 Asgardried))

08-05-2005, 02:30 PM
Asgardried Corridor

Asgardried: Great. What color do you want the blade?

"I hadn't thought of that," Elaina said thoughtfully. "Something like a mixture of blue and green, I think."

Tanara laughed. "Cyan? Teal?" She didn't wait for an answer before saying, "Oh, and Asgardried? I think you need to work on your concentration. You told Elaina that you might make her a lightsaber if she asked nicely. After a little conversation, she accepted the offer... no asking, just accepting an offer I'm not sure you'd entirely made." She shrugged. "Just a suggestion."

08-05-2005, 02:42 PM
((Teal? That WOULD be interesting. Teal was Misae's original color :D

And I've told Admiral for a long time that I loved the Asgardried. Everybody does ;)

Will reply later, am short on time atm :x))

08-05-2005, 03:58 PM
((Huh... that's the one I was leaning toward :) ))

08-05-2005, 09:27 PM
Asgardried Corridor

Asgardried: I was trying to be nice to your sister, especially since she isn't use to talking to a ship.

Asgardried Heimdall's Quarters

Asgardried: Heimdall, Elaina would like to you make her a lightsaber with a blueish green blade.

Heimdall: Ok, why didn't she just ask me.

Asgardried: She thinks you look scary, so she asked me to ask you to build her a lightsaber.

Heimdall: I see, tell her it will be ready in about 5 hours.

Asgardried: Ok.

Asgardried Corridor

Asgardried: I estimate it will take five hours for me to make you this lightsaber.


08-05-2005, 11:05 PM
((Oh, that sneaky little Asgardried! :p ))

Asgardried Corridor

"Thank you," Elaina said happily. "Now, perhaps I can save Idun the trouble and get rid of this Sith weapon myself."

"I imagine the Aesir have their own special way of doing it," Tanara said thoughtfully. "But I suppose you could ask them where a good place to melt it down would be."

"How about getting used to talking to the ship?" Elaina suggested. "Asgardried, where could I destroy this thing?"

08-05-2005, 11:53 PM
Asgardried Corridor

Asgardried: Depends on how you want to destroy it. You can toss it away with the garbage, have Heimdall melt it down...

08-06-2005, 07:28 AM
((lol admiral :D))

08-06-2005, 04:50 PM
((I'm back. Sorry, I was in Wales, they don't have electricity, just lots of Castles :) ))

Hal remained bowed as the warriors on the dais each removed their helmets. Last to remove his helm was the king, he was around fifty years of age with dark blond hair and clear blue eyes, his features aquiline. Finally, after what seemed an age, the man spoke, "Rise, nethew, you are among friends."

Hal rose and removed his own helm, he took a deep breath and realised his uncle Jammes was smiling. Hal bowed his head again, "Am I to be judged, Uncle?" he asked.

Jammes' smile faded, "Yes you are. Halren Taklinsson, you stand accussed of selling your people into slavery, through your Marshal, Tarnac Dralsson, otherwise known as the Drago, the Dragon. How do you plead?"


The King's expression remained blank but his eyes flickered. "You understand the penalty for such a crime as this?"

Hal stood, back straight, and nodded once, "I do."

Jammes managed to keep his face blank as he pronounced sentence, "The penalty for the betraying of one's people under the old law is death by flogging," he paused. "However, I am now the King and I make the law. I understand the difficulties of the whole bloody buisness. First, the Drago had no choice, as he saw it. Second, that he acted on his own initiative, with no instructions from you. As such we here have decided that law or no, you can not be found responsible."

Hal let out a breath he had not realised he had been holding. He inclined his head, "I am in your dept, my King. How may I serve?"

"The Agori hold the woods to our south. They have been attacking our convoys from Tavara. Our efforts here are being hampered by the disruption. You will take a Cavalry detachment, one Ala of Houseguards, one of Landsmen and one of Merchantmen, then you will root out the Hell Riders and destroy them." When he had finished Jammes leaned back and turned to the huge Callidonian to his left.

The warrior leaned foward as he spoke and fixed Hal with his ice blue gaze, "If the Agori are not removed then the enemy will be in a position to siege the Tol in four six weeks. At that point Tavara and Seconia will be cut off from the main garrison. You have twelve hours to prepare, do not fail, Fire Blade."

Hal bowed to the assembled lords, "It shall be as you say, and when I return?"

"Then you shall be accorded your place among us, Lord of the Aduni. You are dismissed." So saying Jammes Windrider replaced his helm, then, one by one the lords of the Wise Council did the same. Jammes watched his nethew replace his own helm then turn on his heel and stride from the hall. Only then did Jammes relax. He loved the young man but he was still too willful, he had his mother's temper and his father's conviction; it might still prove to be a combination fatal for Halren and anyone caught up with him. Jammes had half expected Hal to call for trial by combat. Jammes still remebered the frightening spectical of Hal surounded by Beserkers, cutting and slashing with a speed and ferocity that outmatched his battlemad opponents. He had been eighteen then, now he was twenty three and would nearly have matched his father for skill. Even Jammes' best Paladin would have been hard pressed to defeat him. No, Trial by combat could only have ended with at least one warrior mortally wounded, if not both.

Jammes had no doubt of his nethew's abilities as a warrior, but he needed Hal to be more, he needed him to be a warlord.

08-08-2005, 12:30 AM

On the other hand, like the ship, Admiral. Reminds me of Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy))

Matt: See, the thing is, even though you may not have done the kidnapping yourself. You did know about it, and you didn't do anything to stop it in the first place. And you've got enough resources to do it, it's not like you'd be risking doing something impossible. You stood by and did nothing. You consented to it.

*Meanwhile he got an idea. He collected his entire will and force-power, and used it to send a message through the force to four people: Sir-vin, Hal, Tanara and Elaina. the message consisted of a description of their situation, and telling them to tell guy and ask him what to do, and wether they can trust Aren*
((Up to you wether this works RW, I just ask you to remember this is him using every bit of strength and energy he has.))

08-08-2005, 02:41 AM
((OOS: JM, I don't have a problem with the idea of your post... but it violates alot of SW canon... Jedi don't seem to be able to communicate more than emotions via the Force. And that's a REALLY REALLY detailed message :x))

Asgardried Cargo Hold

Guy: So do you actually know where they are?

K'Warra: No. But it shouldn't be too hard to figure out.


Asgardried Lounge

Chere: Our quarters? Well, that sounds kind of creepy... so no, strange man, I would not like to go see "our quarters" with you.


Shadow Base

Aren: I don't think you understand. Of course we knew about your kidnapping. That was before I had any kind of story about you except what your capturers told us. You must understand we operate in a universe without any just law and order in effect. There's no government overseeing the multiverse! We have to be a law unto ourselves. If you are magic thieves, then we were correct to support the retrieval of what is essentially stolen goods. We aren't guilty of any intentional wrongdoing.

08-08-2005, 02:47 AM
Asgardried Lounge

Viddall: Then where do you plan on sleeping? You will not sleep in this lounge, nor In Marin's quarters. When I finish showing you your quarters I'll also show you the kitchen where the ship can cook you food if need be. The only other area you have access to is the cargo hold and I can show you that as well.

08-08-2005, 03:00 AM
Asgardried Lounge

Chere: Oh, no, I don't think so. I think I'll wait for Marin, right here. At least I know she wouldn't leave us in a place we couldn't defend ourselves in. I'm not interested in meeting whatever supernatural creature you might be keeping back there that's hungry for girl-flavored doggy biscuits.

08-08-2005, 03:16 AM
Asgardried Lounge

*Viddall gave a short laugh and pointed behind chere to weapon emplacements that the ship lowered again*

Viddall: Those my dear are just a few of the inner defenses of this ship. If we meant you harm there is little you could do to prevent it. Isn't that right?

Asgardried: Yup, no place to run on hide in me. Except for that room up the corridor next to the bridge. I can't see there.

Viddall: That is enough.

Asgardried: You sure? Can't I have some fun?

Viddall: No, I don't want to scare them just to make a point.

Asgardried: Ok...

*The weapon emplacements rise*

Viddall: Marin will be occupied with training for a very long time now, and I doubt when she is finished she will have enough energy to show you around, besides she doesn't assign quarters I do.

*Gerd walks into the lounge waving at Viddall and heads into the kitchen. And comes out with a piece of Fruit*

Gerd: What are you up to Viddall?

Viddall: Trying to show these to their rooms so they can go to sleep if they want to.

Gerd: Oh.

Viddall: Gerd meet Chere, and Coddy. Chere, Cody this is Gerd.

08-08-2005, 03:26 AM
Asgardried Lounge

Cody: Hi, Gerd. *He gives a tentative smile*

Chere: You don't scare me. Y'know those Shadow people only caught me after K'Warra beat the **** out of me. Don't you dare think I'm a pushover.

*She looks hard at Gerd*

Chere: What did you do to her eyes?! This is some freaky magic thing, isn't it. *She tenses her body and clenches her fists* I'm not going anywhere with you.

08-08-2005, 06:21 PM
*Orthos goes back to his quarters and begins excercising intently*


08-08-2005, 06:43 PM
Asgardried Corridor

"I don't suppose it really matters how it's taken care of so long as I don't have to use it," Elaina said thoughtfully.

((Out of curiosity, where are Tanara and Elaina supposed to be going? The Cargo Hold, you said. Isn't that where the whole thing with K'Warra is taking place right now? If so, I think I should probably be patient until that situation is taken care of, wouldn't you say? :) )

08-08-2005, 09:22 PM
((The Cargo Hold is rather large (Guy's entire ship did fit at one time). Also Tanara and Elaina don't know about Guy and K'warra being there so they don't really have a reason to not go in))

Asgardried Lounge

*Gerd gave Cody a slight smile when he smiled, but when Chere spoke the smile disappeared.*

Gerd: What is wrong with my eyes?

Viddall: There is nothing wrong with them.

*Gerd takes a bite of her fruit and looks back and forth from Chere to Viddall as she chewed her food and eventually swallowed*

Gerd: You going to help me with spear tonight right?

Viddall: Perhaps, it depends on these two. Until they are shown their quarters I'm going to have to wait right here.

Gerd: Oh, *Gerd turns to look at Chere*

Gerd: Why don't you want to you want to see your rooms?

*The turbolift doors open and Idun steps out carrying a spear and a round shield. She walks past Viddalll she gave all them a brief nod before leaving the lounge and going into the corridor*

Asgardried: Maybe she is loney and doesn't want to be left alone, but I'm there. Maybe she doesn't want to be around me? That is a little hard since I'm everywhere. Maybe she wants to sleep outside?

Asgardried Corridor

Asgardried *Ignoring Eliana*: Or you could try eating it, I hear lightsaber goes good with red wine or mead. The Aesir rather like their mead, drink it like it was water, actually they drink it more then water. Oh, you could take it apart and make little gifts for everyone. The central crystal may look like nice on a necklace.

08-08-2005, 11:02 PM
Asgardried Corridor

"I suppose a ship wouldn't think twice about eating something made of metal and other elements considered inedible by the majority of living creatures," Elaina laughed. "As for me, I'm not entirely sure it sounds entirely appetizing. As for the crystal making a necklace, I think I'll avoid that... Kira's lightsaber crystal is synthesized and is therefore influenced by the Dark Side."

"Here's the Cargo Hold," Tanara said, slowing her pace as they approached a door. "Shouldn't we go in?"

"Why not?" Elaina shrugged. The sisters entered together.

08-09-2005, 12:09 AM
((RW: After the stuff you guys have done, I'm not really worried about violating canon. Plus I'm going to make it as though sending a specific message is really tiring, to the point of knocking him out

*Meanwhile he got an idea. He collected his entire will and force-power, and used it to send a message through the force to four people: Sir-vin, Hal, Tanara and Elaina. the message consisted of a description of their situation, and telling them to tell guy and ask him what to do, and wether they can trust Aren*

*Matt said nothing, he had been exhausted from sending the signal out. Being specific required a suprising amount of strength, and he felt sure that at any moment he might collapse. Suprisingly that moment came sooner rather than later. He fell backwards*

08-09-2005, 05:30 AM
((OOS: JM - actually, we don't violate canon, with very few exceptions (and those exceptions are almost all EU plot details, like the Vong having infiltrated everything, etc.). That is a major sticking point. XD

I don't have a problem with Matt being able to do that as a special ability (since he isn't that great at anything else :D), but there's no way in heck anyone is going to be able to send a specific reply back, because THEY wouldn't have that power... since it's not a canonical thing that Jedi can do... at least, not untrained. :)


Asgardried Lounge

Chere: Because I don't trust your knight in shining armor here. *to Viddall* And don't think having your girl here is fooling anyone. Lemme guess: she's another freak with crazy powers, like Cody and me? I know what happens to freaks like us if we don't watch out - we get captured and sold as Very Interesting conversation pieces or slaves or kinky sex toys. I just spent a year in and out of cages and I'm not going back in another one. *She stares hard at Gerd* Now, how would I know you're not all drugged up to be passive, or aren't wearing some mind control device under all that fancy armor...


Asgardried Cargo Bay

K'Warra: Well, well. Looks like we have wanderers. Come to join the party, little lost humans?

08-09-2005, 11:59 AM
((Ah, but in the movies we don't hear what they're thinking, they could be sending themselves the complete works of shakespeare and we wouldn't know. They never specifically say they can only send emotions. Plus they could reply using a simple yes/no system, with positive emotions and negative emotions, or send signals of distrust if they shouldn't trust her, and signals of trust if they should, etc. There are a lot of loopholes.))

08-09-2005, 03:59 PM
Asgardried Cargo Bay

"Party?" Tanara wondered as she entered the room. "What party?"

"And as for being lost, you'd be wrong," Elaina added. "We were told to come here..."

Suddenly, Tanara flinched and glanced around. Elaina's face paled and she looked at her sister.

"Did you get that?" she asked softly. Tanara nodded. She stared at Guy for a moment before approaching him.

"I'm not sure how," she began, "but Matt has managed to use the Force to send a message."

She explained the situation as Matt had described it and then said, "Basically, he wants to know if there's something they can do and, more importantly in my opinion, can they trust this woman called Aren?"

((Happy, JM? :D ))

08-09-2005, 06:04 PM
As Hal walked back out through the great oak doors the two Guildsmen snapped to attention. Outside the others were waiting, seeing him alive Allessa ran to him and hugged him fiercely. There were tears in her eyes when she spoke. "I thought they would take your head, when they sent you in alone I thought..." she trailed off and hugged him tighter, had it not been for his armour she might have crushed him.

Hal stroked her hair and tried to sound soothing even so he could not completely hide his own relief, "Hush, they have found me innocent. They will be no more trouble."

Daskus heard what was not said, innocent but not forgiven, he decided not the press the point. Doubtless the other nobles had a punitive task for his young lord. Besides, there were more important things to concern them now. Daskus cleared his throat, then spoke, "My Lord, General Tarnac departed some time ago. He said, "They'll either kill him or make him a Warlord. So I'll drink his health or his memory."

Hal released Allessa and stepped back, "How long ago was this?" Now free of Alless Hal finally remove his helmet, beneath his expression was already turning grim.

"About the same time you went in," replied the hunter, himself looking less than happy.

Hal cursed, then he turned to one of the other Houseguards, "Take the Lady Allessa to her rooms, Regnor and Daskus will come with me. When we return with the General Tarnac you will be given new orders, until then your time is your own; that said don't drink too much ale."

The man bowed "As you command."

Allessa stared daggers at Hal, "I am not some milk maid to be sent from place to place. I will go where I choose." Her look dared him to dissagree.

Hal nodded and smiled, "Of course, but first your should go to your room, and perhaps have a relaxing bath." Exicuting a courtly bow he turned on his heel without another word and walked from the antechamber and into the castle proper. Hal walked out into the inner courtyard, closely followed by Daskus and Regnor, they stopped once at the armoury to collect three stout quarterstaffs, then they walked through the gate to the Outer Ward and headed for the less reputable quarter of the city.

((My attempt at comedy is approaching, so be warned.))

08-09-2005, 07:20 PM
((Oh god future boy is going to try comedy. Everyone run. ;)

One thing Future boy (I don't think I'll call you BD anymore, you can thank Red for that). What is Hal accussed of? If its about Drago's deal with the Aesir then how did they find out about that ahead of time? And the Drakes are coming very soon.))

Asgardried Lounge

Asgardried: Freak? That sounds like an insult, does this mean I can toss her off?

Viddall: No.

*Gerd looked at Chere for a moment then looked down*

Gerd *softly*: I was kept in a cell since I was born, beatened and tortured daily because of what I am. I only managed to escape in the comotion before the Holocaust. Then I almost starved to death but Luck would have it I found them before I died. They saved me from death.

*She then looked at Chere directly in the eye*

Gerd: I'm not his slave, he's my friend as are the other Aesir. They are all like parents to me, true parents who actually love you instead of hate you. I suppose I can't prove it to you though, even if I stripped everything off you would still think I was their slave. Thats to bad...remember they were also the ones to free you of your latest cage.

Viddall: What would convince you Chere that we are not slavers and I just want to show you were you are going to sleep, where you can find food, and where you can excersize? I mean if you refuse to believe that Gerd isn't a slave then what about Marin? She has been with us for over two years, if we are mind controling Gerd then we could be doing the same thing to her.

I ask again what do I need to show you that our intentions are honorable?
Asgardried Cargo Hold

*Idun heard the last bit of Eliana's explanation as she entered the cargo hold*

08-10-2005, 02:28 AM
Asgardried Lounge

Chere: That's funny. I didn't see this Viddall anywhere when I got rescued. That was all about the Shadow you have running around with you and his friend… what was he called, Heimdall? And Marin and Aidan…

Cody: I think we should believe them.

Chere: What? Why?

Cody: Why not?

Chere: Oh gee thanks, Cody, that’s really helpful. *She glares at Viddall, wheels turning in her mind apparent on her face*


Asgardried Cargo Hold

Guy: Wait... Aren? Lily Aren? Strange...

((OOS: The above being written to deflect the need for an actual reply until I have more time, need sleep right now since I have to be up at 5 AM :D))

08-10-2005, 10:41 AM
((RW: Getting up to post, I hope
WJ: Yes, very.))

08-10-2005, 02:48 PM
((Admiral, it was Tanara who spoke to Guy.))

Asgardried Cargo Bay

Tanara frowned. "So you've heard of her... that's obvious." She sighed. "I just realized something... though you may have the answer to Matt's questions, we really don't have a way of getting the answer back to him..."

"Do you mean to say that his message does him no good?" Elaina wondered. Tanara nodded thoughtfully. Elaina fell silent for a moment. Then, in a gesture that was completely random if viewed in context with the current conversation, she dropped Kira's lightsaber and kicked it savagely away.

"There!" she exclaimed. "I don't ever want to touch that thing again..." she glanced at Tanara, who was giving her a rather odd look and attempted to explain. "It's a Dark Side weapon... I just got tired of it... that's all."

"It was in your hand... it was your decision," Tanara answered, a small smile coming to her face. Elaina shrugged and glanced at Idun before turning to glare at the discarded lightsaber.

08-10-2005, 03:04 PM
((BTW, RW, Shouldn't Aren be worried/concerned/angry that one of her prisoners just collapsed?))

08-10-2005, 06:14 PM
OOC: [Sorry, been gone a few days and my connection still sucks. Orthos is currently sulking over not being able to help Gortick and Elella. Elella flatly refused to help Aren]

08-10-2005, 07:00 PM
((I donno, is ppl waiting on me? *cough*Matt 'pageing' other people via force*cough*

well, one question, lets say matt has this ability, you'd think that maybe that even if he's such untrained, not that i want to ignore his character, but at his skill it seems like he's calling up those guys like The Force was a NextTel walky service :P))

08-10-2005, 07:46 PM
((We could make it fallible. Like have Sir-vin not hear it, or have it be broken-up))

08-10-2005, 08:00 PM
((The other thing you didn't seem to notice, Scar, is that Matt is severely weakened after transmitting this message.))

08-10-2005, 10:53 PM
((Ugh, how did I not post the part where I answered JM's objection out of story? I must've accidentally deleted it....

JM, it's established in EU canon that Luke and Leia have a special bond as twins. Thus they can transmit emotions. Matt has no such bond with anybody and indeed barely knows them, so there's no way they can reply to him. It's extremely doubtful they could even send him a glimmer of emotions... and also, he's totally untrained, like Scar pointed out.

Deac: I meant Gortick actually -.- and... are you actually reading my posts with Aren? :D

the last thing Elella said was:

Elella: Aren't you mean to have intelligence about us? Don't you already know. Sounds like this ritual is counting on something you do know...

to which Aren said:

*Aren sighs* Again, I told you, I didn't kidnap you. My people didn't kidnap you. Independently hired mercernaries kidnapped you, hired by a group of people that include your friend Guy's estranged family.

As for the ritual, it's counting on you having magic inside you that can be transferred. However the magic you've got inside you... well. It doesn't fit into any category we have. We have no record of anything like it. It's not in our systems. This is extraordinarily unusual. If it was solely up to me I wouldn't touch it. Too dangerous. But it's not up to me. My people won't even be peforming the ritual. We've only been hired to provide expensive, hard-to-get materials to perform it with. THEY know what this is all about; THEY are your enemies.

then, Matt:

Matt: See, the thing is, even though you may not have done the kidnapping yourself. You did know about it, and you didn't do anything to stop it in the first place. And you've got enough resources to do it, it's not like you'd be risking doing something impossible. You stood by and did nothing. You consented to it.

Then, Aren:

Aren: I don't think you understand. Of course we knew about your kidnapping. That was before I had any kind of story about you except what your capturers told us. You must understand we operate in a universe without any just law and order in effect. There's no government overseeing the multiverse! We have to be a law unto ourselves. If you are magic thieves, then we were correct to support the retrieval of what is essentially stolen goods. We aren't guilty of any intentional wrongdoing.

Now Elella still hasn't replied. She hasn't flatly refused to do anything. I'm still waiting on her. Gortick too. :P

P.S. Do try to remember that it was a different future in which Aren tried to sell extradimensional weapons to the Republic through Deac, and formed an assassin's guild. NOT this Aren.

In this timeline Aren has never before BEEN in this dimension. :)

I really should've used a different character here.. just so you all would allow your characters to be more objective... :p

JM: Yes but I keep running out of time to post with all these OOS's. :D))

08-11-2005, 01:40 AM
((This is why there is a discussion thread... and I agree with Red))

Asgardried Heimdall's Quarters

*Heimdall and Idona spent a few more minutes talking before Heimdall stood and looked at her*

Heimdall: I better go build that lightsaber.

*Idona nodded and stood up with Heimdall. They left his quarters and headed towards the lounge turbolift. Heimdall hears Chere's latest comments to Viddall*

Asgardried Cargo Hold

*The lightsaber slid near Idun, who picked it up and dropped the discarded lightsaber into a trash receptical. Idun then walked over to Eliana*

Idun: First lesson today is to control your emotions. If you let your emotions control you, they may lead you to the darkside. As far as the Matt's message, if its accurate it can help Guy find Matt and the others that much sooner.

Now we can leave these two alone and being your training.

Asgardried Lounge

*Heimdall and Idona pause when they come across Viddall, Gerd, Chere, and Coddy. Idona is standing a little close to Heimdall then she has done in the past.*

Heimdall: I gave the order to free you, while Viddall monitored the situation in the ship. He can be considered my Vassal, and I ordered him to show assign both of you quarters. Now will you please go with him so Viddall can return to his other duties.

Gerd, you should get back to your studies. Viddall we will talk later.

Viddall: Yes Milord.

*Heimdall gave a brief nod to Chere and Coddy before he and Idona walked into the turbolift*

08-11-2005, 02:02 PM
((Meh, I honestly really sent it so that it'd make it easier for guy to find them. Also remember that Matt doesn't know that he won't recieve any reply, he's just hoping for the best.))

08-11-2005, 04:56 PM
((Hope for the best, plan for the coming war :D

BTW Red, Admiral what is this "future boy" thing. Oh and technically its "Future Man." I'm registered to vote!))

Tol Dura, Red Lantern District.

The three men walked down the middle of the street. Each was fully armed and armoured, their arms declaring their wealth. No attempt at subtly, they walked with hoods back and cloaks open, these men had no fear. One group of thugs began to move towards the wealthy warriors, they outnumbered them four to one, but one look from the leader sent them sculking back into the shadows. There was profit to be had, save death.

As they strode down the street Regnor spoke, "I hope we aren't going to have to kill anyone," he said, with genuine concern, "After all, I've managed not to get any blood on my tunic yet."

Hal nodded grimly, "Yes, if I have to kill anyone else today I might start to get depressed." He paused then added, "Don't worry, I expect we'll just have to crack a few heads."

"Oh good" said the other warrior, the spring returning to his step.

The three men went looking for the seediest inn they could find. The theory being to start at the bottom and work their way up, very slowly. As he pushed open the door of the first "establishment" Hal groaned, "We're too late."

The Common Room was full of rough looking soldiers and scantily clad women in heavy makeup, sat at a table, sans armour, was Drago. One the table in front of him were three large uptuned ale jugs, with a fourth still right way up. As the three men entered they removed their helms and hung them on their dagger hilts, leaving their left sides clear.

Even as they moved into the room Drago rose on unsteady legs, pulled out three gold coins, slammed them on the desk, and shouted, "Alright, who wants a ride!"

08-11-2005, 05:38 PM
[*Hits Self on behalf of Red*]

Elella: So...you're willing to completely renege on your contract? That doesn't seem very mercenary, which you have implied your self being several times now.

Gortick: Magic power? How the hell would you steal that?

08-12-2005, 05:02 PM
Asgardried Cargo Bay

As Idun approached Elaina, Tanara turned away from Guy to face her. Elaina watched as Idun dropped Kira's lightsaber into the trash receptical and then nodded slowly.

"Control emotion," she said quietly, more to herself than to anyone else. "Don't let emotion control me... Dark Side." She glanced at Tanara for a second before turning back to Idun. "I am ready to learn."

08-13-2005, 12:05 AM
((Uh...Deac, same thing for you, aren't Elella and Gortick even the tiniest bit worried about Matt collapsing?))

08-13-2005, 07:01 AM
[Oh yeah. I'm not with it atm]

Elella: MATT!

Gortick: What did you do to him you filth?!

08-13-2005, 05:00 PM
Asgardried Cargo Hold

Idun: Are you now...we shall see how ready shortly. Come with me.

*Idun leads the two sisters to the far side of the cargo hold leaning her spear and shield against the cargo hold. Idun turns to face the sisters measuring each with a critical eye.*

Idun: I assume Eliana that you have a means to get a new lightsaber, and I also believe you have very little experience wielding one. What of you Tanara what is your experience with a lightsaber?

Asgardried Armory

*Heimdall enters the armory and immediatly begins working on Eliana's new lightsaber and a surprise. Going over to a draw he opens it to reveal a number of crystals, selecting two he closes the draw and sets them on a table. Heimdall then selects the necessary tools and places besides the crystals, then he turns on the forge. Going to another cabinet he selects a mithril rod and shoves it deep into the flames.

As the mithril rod heats up, Heimdall removes his armor, rolls up the sleeves of his shirt and puts on a heavy apron. Taking a pair of tongs Heimdall removes the mithril rod looks at the color of the metal before putting it back into the forge. A minute later he removes the rod again and seeing the metal is a whitish purple hue he places the mithril rod on the anvil. Picking up a heavy hammer, Heimdall begins to form the Hilt of Eliana's lightsaber.

Idona takes a seat and watches Heimdall work in the forge. She always found this type of work very interesting. She loved to see a raw piece of metal be transformed into a beautiful piece of armor or a weapon and Heimdall was counted as one of the best blacksmiths.*

08-13-2005, 05:30 PM
*Sir-Vin steps out of the shower, and picks up the towel that was left hanging. He drys himself off, and puts on a set of undergarments.

He walks out of the restroom and walks to a dresser. He opens it and sees that he hardly has any clothes left in.

He then remembers that he hardly brought any clothes with him other then a few sets that he can switch with. What he had were all worn from the events that have past.
He pulls out a simple pair of pants and a loose shirt. Then he goes to put on his shoes.*

Sir-vin "Asgardried, you wouldnt happen to know if there are any spare garments I can wear, or if anything some fabric that i could possibly make some of my own? My old one's seem to have been worn from the Battle of Midgard."

08-13-2005, 06:50 PM
Asgardried Sir Vin's Quarters

Asgardried: You didn't think of this on the previous planet? Hmm...clothes, I don't have any mens clothing that you could wear but I do have a dress that you should look very cute in.

08-13-2005, 07:04 PM
Sir-Vin *eyes narrowing* "Very funny."

*Sir-vin walks over to Cracern's dresser, ignoring Matt's, and puts on a set of his garments.*

((yeah, those three shared quarters didnt they admiral?))

08-13-2005, 07:56 PM
*Elella's yell pulled Matt back into conciousness. He opened his eyes*
Matt: I'm OK. *He stood up, wobbled a little bit, then collapsed again*
Dammit. Why'd it weaken me so much this time? With my brothers it was fine. Maybe we're too far away....
Matt: Guess I'm not that well.
*He sat up, but it seemed to be the most he could manage. He wondered if his effort did more ill than good*

08-13-2005, 08:40 PM
((Scar: Somewhat (see the description of the Asgardried in the discussion thread for more details). The quarters are to small for two people to share, let alone three. Sir Vin and Carcen shared a refresher (aka bathroom) so Sir Vin had access to Carcen's quarters by that means. Matt would have his own quarters. Small side note the Aesir have the staterooms))

08-13-2005, 11:16 PM
((Admiral, it's Cody not Coddy. "Coddy" isn't even a name :p [okay, granted, this is a Star Wars RPG, but the kid's from Earth]

Also, JM: You think I didn't plan on how the kidnappees would be found when I created this plot? XD

Also: Thank you, Deac :D))

Asgardried Lounge

Chere: Fine, I'll go with you. But try anything, anything and you'll regret it.


Asgardried Cargo Hold

*K'Warra stops paying attention to the others and looks off, concentrating on something*

Guy: *before Tanara and Elaina leave* I'll explain later... I need to check something in my ship.

*Elaina's borrowed lightsaber flies into K'Warra's hand after the two follow Idun off. He ignites the blade*

Guy: What? Is that... what did you do?

K'Warra: I'm curious. *He swings the saber, listening to the thrum* These are fascinating items, really... *He deactivates the blade and pockets it* If I get nothing else out of this year-long side trip, at least I'll have a souvenir.

*Guy sighs and boards his ship. K'Warra walks around to the front as Guy enters his cockpit and opens the top*

K'Warra: This Aren... who is she? I heard her name mentioned a few times while I was sitting in that cage, come to think of it...

Guy: *simultaneous inserting himself into mechanical devices and translating data readouts* She's new. I've never actually met her, but I've certainly heard about her. She has great power in the Syndicate. But... only in the past few years. Before that, she didn't exist. No one knows where she came from or why she has such... clout.

K'Warra: I thought the Shadows were all about secrets.

Guy: No. We know everyone's secrets. It's our job. I should know how difficult secrets are to keep; I went through enormous effort to keep some secrets for years and those were all eventually found out. Even with my nearly unique advantage of having mental protections no one could get through since birth. Aren... Aren is a puzzle. I don't know anything about her motivations. She doesn't work like other Syndicate agents work. She isn't a Shadow but many answer to her. I don't know what she's planning on doing with Matt and the others... but I hope to find them before anything does happen.

K'Warra: Mental protections... heh. That explains alot. I did notice you weren't using a translator when I first saw you. Some kind of natural protection, then, if you were born with it? Must've had nasty side effects... no translators, no magic without mechanical help... correct?

*K'Warra snaps his fingers. Guy starts, "seeing" flash invisible to the naked eye*

K'Warra: Interesting. The barriers are down... and you're still not used to magic. But you do have the ability to sense it... *laughs* Oh, you're in for a fun ride if you make it back to the Aether in one piece.

Guy: Are you still willing to help me find Matt and the others?

K'Warra: Sure, why---

*Mechanical tentacles quickly snake out of the side of Guy's ship and attach themselves to K'Warra*

K'Warra: Uh... sorry, but I don't go that far on a first date.

Guy: I need to use you as a power source for this. Otherwise, it could take months.

K'Warra: What are you planning on doing?

Guy: I'm going to find them.


Shadow Base

Aren: *into her communicator* Medbot.

*A small, flying droid flits down from high above after a few seconds. It hovers briefly over Matt and extends a rod over his face and jabs him on the forehead with it* ((OOS: That should make Matt's physical problems go away))

Aren: Mental overload? I hope you haven't done anything that will force me to put you into containment.

*to Ellela* We know they lied to us about the details of their situation when they hired us. We don't know what they lied about; it could have been something insignificant, although I suspect differently. If what you tell me is the truth I am completely authorized to break contract.

*to Gortick* Perhaps you don't understand because, like many civilizations, you think of magic as an intangible, mystical thing. We, on the other hand, have been using and analyzing magic for a very long time, and we understand it differently. Think of magic as another table of elements - elements manipulable by the mind. You have unique magic inside you, created for a unique purpose. It would have been extremely expensive and time-consuming to create. It's extremely valuable, even if only as a novelty, like rare artwork - and firmly implanted within you. I imagine you wouldn't want to lose it... even if you don't know what it is...

08-14-2005, 12:25 AM
((Red: Think again on that lightsaber, Idun didn't just drop it into a bin for later disposal. It was destroyed when it went into that trash receptical. Remember the ship was aware that lightsaber was to be destroyed so it went about it as soon as the saber was put it there.))

Asgardried Lounge

Viddall: Save the threats child, your not making yourself any friends with them. Now follow me.

*Viddall with Gerd at his side leads Chere and Cody ((:P)) down the corridor, coming to a halt near Marin's quarters. Viddall presses a button and a door opens*

Viddall: This is your room Chere.

*Viddall goes to the next door on the right and opens that one*

This one is yours Cody. Each of you have your own refresher for the time being. Marin's quarters are directly across from Chere's. Walk further down this corridor and you'll find the cargo hold. Go there if you want to work out. If your hungry there is a kitchen attached to the lounge we were just in.

If you need anything else ask the ship, if your polite enough the ship will probably give you the correct information. Have a good night.

Gerd, come along, I want to get started on your lesson.

*Viddall and Gerd leave Chere and Cody walking down the corridor towards the cargo hold and aft turbo lift*

08-14-2005, 01:04 AM
((Yeah, I thought about that. Basically since K'Warra WOULD have commented on that whole thing with Tanara, Elaina and Idun, and because I didn't have a chance to post that didn't happen, my mental excuse is that he was concentrating on protecting the lightsaber so he could retrieve it, and waited till Elaina and Tanara left so they wouldn't voice any objections.

It's not important that he has the lightsaber, in case you want to engineer something to get rid of it, but it's important that he had a reason for remaining silent ;)))

Asgardried Armory, Five Minutes Ago

*Marin reaches the armory and enters, looking for Svafa*

08-14-2005, 02:44 AM
((taken you long enough Red))

Asgardried Armory, 5 minutes ago

*Svafa hands Marin a sword. The sword has a fuller that almost reaches to the tip of the blade, a short curved cross guard and a lobbed pommel.*

Svafa: We are going to begin with basic stances, let's go to the practice room.

*Svafa leads Marin across the corridor to the practice room and begins to teach her swordsmanship.*

08-14-2005, 08:10 PM
((Red: I know, but I was bored and wanted Matt to do something other than ask questions.))
*Matt stood up.*
Matt: What if we tell you and you don't like what you hear? What's to stop you from killing us outright.

08-14-2005, 09:04 PM
Asgardried Cargo Hold

"I never trained entirely in a single form of lightsaber combat," Tanara answered slowly. "My master wanted me to be prepared for a number of styles... then I was given the rank of Knight. Even so, my master continued to give me further training... until she was killed."

08-14-2005, 09:43 PM
((A time skip ahead. Not a long one))

Asgardried Cargo Hold

Idun: Interesting, in a little bit we shall see how well you've been taught. Now let us begin. First I'll show you the barriers then once you are able to create them I'm going to enter your mind. Your going to try and stop me.

*Idun begins first describing the barriers and then shows the sisters how to create them...*

Asgardried Armory

*Heimdall smiled as he worked the metal into a proper hilt, he had a little surprise in store for Eliana when he finished*

Asgardried Practice Room

*Marin stands towards far side of the room with Svafa circling and occasionaly moving Marin until she is in the proper stance for a guard. Once Marin is in a proper stance Svafa has her take a new guard. This continues until Marin can easily switch to any guard. As Marin practices moving from one guard to another Svafa explains the purpose of each guard and when to use it.

Viddall and Gerd enter carrying spears. Viddall has Gerd take a proper stance with the spear head slighlty raised. Once he is sastifised he takes a stances and the two begin to spar.*

Time Skip: Five hours

Asgardried Cargo Hold.

Idun: Good, very good. You two picked that up remarkable well. Now we are going to work on your mental blocking, and your lightsaber technique at the same time. Eliana since....

*Idun pauses as the cargo bay doors open and Heimdall enters. He is carrying two object in his hands and as soon as he sees the three women he heads immediatly over to them*

Heimdall: Elaina these are for you.

*Heimdall hands Elaina two dark blue lightsaber hilts. One large enough to fit both hands, the other just big enough for a single hand. The large lightsaber had a small cuved cross guard. The guard was decorated with runes that spelled out Elaina. Two rows of knotworks spiraled down the grip ending at the pommel, besides decoration the knotwork also aided in gripping the blade. The pommel was decorated in an Closed Triad which had at its center two lightsabers crossed. The small lightsaber was almost a twin to the larger one in decoration. Each saber had a clip near the pommel so Elaina could attach it to her belt.*

Heimdall: The activation switch is here *pointing to the button on each saber*. Press it once to activate, a second time to lock the blade in and then hold it for five seconds to turn the blade off. The buttons next the the activation switches allow you to adjust the blade lenght. Each saber has two settings, and as you requested the blades are Teal in color.

Given more time I would have added in some other features, but this will do for now. Oh, next time Elaina, if you need a new saber or something else you can ask me directly and not go through the ship. I'm not that scary.

Asgardried Practice Room

Svafa: Good Marin, you've earned a ten minute break. We begin sparring next.

*Viddall and Gerd continue to go back and forth with the spear, Gerd smiled as she was able to make Viddall backpedal for a instance but quickly made a mistake and soon she was the one backpedaling.*

08-14-2005, 10:33 PM
Elaina blinked. "What?" She frowned. "I'll admit you're a bit intimidating, but..." She gave a little helpless shrug and smiled. "Thanks... I'll keep that in mind." Under her breath, she added, "That rascal of a ship..."

Finally, she took a moment to examine her new weapons and a slow smile came to her face. She looked up at Heimdall. "They're beautiful. Thank you."

08-14-2005, 11:45 PM
Asgardried Cargo Hold

Heimdall: Yes the ship can be quite the Rascal and your welcome. Oh, I made the smaller one so you could hide it on yourself just in case something happens.

*Heimdall turned and left. the cargo hold*

Idun: Eliana I'm going to see about getting Idona, or Svafa to give you lessons with the saber. They are use to training other Valkyries and can get you to a proficient degree rather quickly. Tanara, I'll probably have them give you lessons as well.

For now, Tanara turn on your lightsaber and prepare to defend yourself, Eliana observe.

*Idun picked up her shield, and sword. Facing Tanara, Idun took a back guard, the sword hidden by her body and shield.*

Idun: Defend yourself...

*Taking a step forward Idun swung the sword in an upward horizontal slash aimed across Tanara chest. At the same time she reached out with the force and attacking Tanara's mental barriers*

08-15-2005, 12:11 AM
Elaina stood back to watch. Tanara activated her burnt-orange lightsaber and prepared to defend. She saw Idun's first blow coming and moved to block, but she was not prepared for the mental attack. She flinched. The mental attack caused her to loose some of her concentration and she barely managed to block Idun's blow.

With a look of minor surprise, she took a step back, trying to regain her focus.

08-15-2005, 09:18 AM
Gortick: Whatever this is, I didn't steal it, I was born with it. I got dumped on the hind end of space for this. Last thing I'm going to do is just let you take it.

08-15-2005, 12:39 PM
Sir-Vin's quarters

*Sir-vin meditated for a while, he sensed Idun's projection of the force, training Tanara. He stands up, puts on his belt, then walks over to the dresser. On it was both of his lightsabers, one with a green crystal, one with a red crystal.

He hoisters the green one to his right hip, then hides the red on his back. He walks to his bed where he picked up one of Cracern's straight dark cloaks, and puts it on, keeping the hood off.

He exits the room and begins walking to the cargo hold.*

08-15-2005, 06:49 PM
((Scar: Elaina is just watching at the moment. Idun is really training Tanara))

Asgardried Cargo Hold

*Idun brought the sword up to the high guard and took a swing at Tanara's head, mid swing Idun dropped the blade low and landed and at the last instant tuned the blade on it side landing a hard blow on Tanara's right calf. While she did this Idun used her shield to hit Tanara's lightsaber up and out of the way. All the while continueing her mental attacks on Tanara's mind.*

Idun: This is perhaps when you are at the most risk for losing control to Kira. You must learn how to put and maintain these barriers automatically. I'll also see to it that your body can fight without you having to put much thought behind your actions. Once you train yourself to do that you can think ahead a number of moves, plan out a strategy to defeat your opponents and accomplish the goal you set out.

*As Idun said this she took the sword to a middle guard and thrusted it at Tanara's side. Idun moved a little slower then before to give Tanara time to intercept the thrust*

08-15-2005, 07:21 PM
The blow to her calf stung slightly and she winced and took another step back. She nodded slowly to Idun's words. She brought her lightsaber back down in front of her and took a deep breath. With a quick step back and a little movement of her saber, she batted Idun's attack aside... barely. The mental attacks were still something of a distraction.

08-15-2005, 08:36 PM
Asgardried Cargo Hold

*As the sword was batted away Idun brought the shield forward and slammed it into Tanara's knuckles. Meanwhile the sword was brought back into a high guard. Using the shield Idun continued to hit at Tanara's lightsaber, not giving her time to recover Idun swung the sword over her head quickly at Tanara's neck. She stopped the bladed about a centimeter from Tanara's neck and held it there for a moment before sheathing the sword*

Idun: For your first time, you did well. You still need a lot of work, but this is promising. Turn off your lightsaber and follow me.

((WJ: Assuming that Tanara does since I don't see a reason for her not to)).

*Idun walks over to Elaina, and sets her shield down besides the spear before turing to face Tanara again*

Idun: Let me see your hands.

((again assuming Tanara does for the same reasons))

*Idun takes Tanara's hands in hers and mutters a spell, healing the hands from any damage they recieved from having the shield. Idun then placed a hand on Tanara calf healing that as well*

Idun: Next time I will leave you with those minor injuries as a lesson. *turning to face Elaina* I hope you found that sparring match educational.

*Idun studies the sisters for a moment before going on.*

Idun: You have worked hard and earned a little break. Meet me back her in twenty minutes. I'll probably have Idona with me and we will begin instructions on the lightsaber. We will work for four hours on the saber before we call it a night. Tomorrow we will start early and work through the day.

Again, you did a good job, and if you keep it up you will have this quickly mastered.

*Leaving the shield and spear, Idun turns and heads out of the cargo hold, on a search for Idona*

08-15-2005, 08:45 PM
Tanara and Elaina went back to Tanara's quarters and Tanara sat down on the bed.

"A slight warning," she said. "While they don't seem to be interested in seriously hurting us, they're not afraid to give us bruises."

"I noticed," Elaina frowned. Tanara shrugged.

"I like it that way," she said. "If it gives you pain, you tend to learn better from it."

The sisters sat in silence for a few minutes before getting up and making their way back toward the cargo hold. As they walked, Elaina glanced around and smiled.

"Asgardried," she said in a sort of sing-song voice. "What was all that about telling me you'd make my lightsaber?"

08-15-2005, 09:17 PM
Asgardried: Tanara's Quaters

Asgardried: You asked me to make you a lightsaber. You never asked me how I was going to make that lightsaber for you. In this case I used Heimdall to make the lightsaber. He is the logical choice since he spent thousands of years to become one of the best weapons and armor smiths in the galaxy.

Asgardried Forward Observatory

*Idun walks in to find Idona and Heimdall stiting next to each other talking softly. Idun smiled.

Idun *thought*: Its about time those two came around, I wonder how it happened.

*Heimdall looked up at Idun as she walked in*

Heimdall: How is everything going?

Idun: Good, Idona I could use your help in honing their lightsaber skills.

Idona: Sure, I'll meet you in the cargo hold in five minutes.

Idun: Thank you.

*Idun left heading for the aft turbolift. A minute later Idona stood and gave Heimdall's hand a squeeze before turning to the bow turbolift. She had to stop off at her quarters to grab a few things before heading to the cargo hold*

08-15-2005, 09:23 PM
Cargo Hold

*Sir-Vin walks into the Cargo Hold, which he suddenly feels dissappointed that he thinks to have missed the action...

He scratches the back of his head and sits down on one of the crates.*

08-16-2005, 01:54 PM
Tanara's Quarters/Asgardried Main Corridor

Elaina laughed. "Nobody will ever accuse you of being stupid... at least not once they've experienced how... oh, what's the word... crafty... how crafty you are. But live and learn... Heimdall wants me to talk to him if he's going to make me anything, so that's what I'll be doing... but for now..." she held the larger of the two lightsabers in her right hand and looked at it. "For now, these will do."

"They are beautiful weapons," Tanara observed. "Heimdall is truly an artist."

The sisters continued to walk in silence to the Cargo Hold.

08-16-2005, 04:32 PM
Idona's Quarters

*Idona entered her quarters and immediatly went to the cabinet and began to go through her few belongings before coming a wooden box decorated with very intricate knotework and at the center of the lid was the Valkyrie insignia. The interior of the box was lined in red velvet, and held a lightsaber Heimdall had given her when she became a Valkyrie Hunter. The Saber was designed similar to Eliana with knotwork running down the sides, a simple cross guard that was adorned with images of Drakes The pommel having the A triad with the Symbol of the Valkyrie Hunters at its heart. The knotwork was gold and with the rest of the hilt being a dark red. Idona put the saber in a pouch on her belt, and then set two disks in the computer terminal before heading to the cargo hold*

Roughly Twenty minutes later ((Unless Tanara and Elaina are extermely slow I'm assuming they are in the cargo hold already))

Asgardried Cargo Hold

*Idun walks into the hold, with Idona following shortly after. Both women are carrying swords at their hip and Idona is wearing her red and gold Valkyries armor, in her left hand she is carrying to disks. She approaches Tanara and Elaina handing each of them a disk*

Idona: These are lightsabers manuals, they will show you everything from the basics to more advance techniques with a focus on lightsaber vs lightsaber combat. These manuals were lost to the Jedi thousands of years ago when they believed to have destroyed the Sith and lightsaber vs lightsaber combat became very rare. When you practice use these as reference guides, also want you two to record every practice session and then review the recordings after. It will help you improve greatly as you can see your own mistakes.

Are you ready to begin training with a saber?

*Idun walks over to Sir Vin*

Idun: Why are you here?

08-16-2005, 05:23 PM
Sir-Vin "I thought I sensed you sparing with Tarana. So I figured instead of spending my time in my quarters I could at least watch, but when I arrived it seemed that you two were already finished. I desided to stay, but of course my luck I may have found it, that it seems that the day's not finished, well for at least training purposes of course.

I was thinking maybe I could perhaps spar a little as well. A little practice could also help myself too."

*Sir-Vin looks down at his clothes, looking alot like Cracern right now.*

Sir-Vin "Oh, mind the garments, mine are a little worn after a while, I'm going to have to find a new set the next place we can..."

08-16-2005, 06:49 PM
Asgardried Cargo Hold

Idun: There won't be any sparring for the rest of the day. Elaina has no experience with a lightsaber, and Tanara a little experience. Idona is going to instruct both of them in the basics. Your more then welcome to join them though.

08-16-2005, 09:31 PM
Sir-vin *smiles* "Well I did say I'd like the practice, but I'm not sure I should be put along the ranks of the new recruits..."

08-17-2005, 06:16 PM
((WJ: in case you didn't see Idona did ask Tanara and Elaina a question))

Asgardried Cargo Hold

Idun: That is a little arrogant. Look at Tanara she is far from a novice yet there she is next to her sister ready to learn. Just because you may not be knew to a lightsaber doesn't mean there is nothing to learn.

08-17-2005, 06:47 PM
*Sir-Vin's expression fades, and then he let's out a sigh. He looks slightly downward, adverting his eyes.*

Sir-Vin "I'm sorry, I, I didnt mean it. Just newer then me I suppose."

*Sir-Vin stands up.*

Sir-Vin "...Gotten to stright up and be useful somehow..."

08-17-2005, 10:43 PM
Asgardried Cargo Hold

Idun: There is no need to be sorry. Keep in mind that there are many reasons to go back to the basics. Especially when the teacher knows about techniques that the Jedi forgot a long time ago.

08-18-2005, 11:13 AM
((Whoops... missed it.))

The sisters nodded, indicating that they were ready to begin training.

((I'm at work or else I'd post more... :D ))

08-18-2005, 04:51 PM
Shadow Base

Gortick: Whatever this is, I didn't steal it, I was born with it. I got dumped on the hind end of space for this. Last thing I'm going to do is just let you take it.

Aren: *to Gortick* Now you're just lying and it isn't very interesting. The magic inside you is less than a month old. Same thing for him *pointing to Matt*. It's many months old in you *pointing to Ellela* and over a year old in you *pointing to Aidan*. And I'm not asking you if I can take it. Frankly, there's nothing you can do to prevent that if I decide to do it. I'm asking how you got it, and what you're doing with it - *looking at Matt, Ellela and Gortick in turn* - and why you're even in the presence of magic at all.

((Admiral: So where would Marin be right now?))

08-19-2005, 02:43 AM
((Red: Back to training with Svafa. Will post tomorrow, to tired to write anything more.))

08-19-2005, 03:50 PM
Gortick: *Angrily* Sorry, are my lies boring you? Ok then. This magic came from my mystical neon guitar, Elella's from gamma radiation and Aidan's due to the cosmic rays of a yellow sun. Together we fight crime by night and teach moral messages to young children.

08-20-2005, 10:48 PM
((Again another time skip))

Asgardried Cargo Hold

Idona: Good let us begin. First and most important never draw your lightsaber for that matter any weapon unless you are ready to take another's life. Understand?

*Once the sisters nodded their understanding Idona began starting off with basic stances and food placement, about half way through Idona drew her own blade, activated it and demonstarted a number of cuts going slowly so the sisters could easily see what she was doing. She then had the sisters go through the cuts. While the sisters were trying to copy Idona's moves Idun attacked both of their minds. Idona caught them anytime they faltered and would reprimand them for poor concentration. This training sessesion last for four hours. Idona worked the sisters hard and pushed them towards perfection not exempting less then their best effort. Idun never said a word but kept up the mental attacks through out the practice.*

Idona: *replacing her lightsaber in her pouch* Good, Eliana you are picking up on this well. I want both of you to review those manuals, meet me back here tomorrow after dinner, and don't forget to vote for your choice in a leader.

*Idona walked over to Idun to speak with her quietly*


Asgardried Practice Room

*After the break Svafa continued to work with Marin on the sword until an additional four hours had passed. Svafa stopped the practice so she could meet with Idona and discuss how things went with Heimdall earlier*

Svafa: Good Marin, go get some rest we are going to continue right after breakfast. Have a good night.

*Svafa leaves the practice room heading for the forward lounge where she was going to meet Idona*

08-20-2005, 11:40 PM
*Sir-vin stood there watching, he kept a steady stance as he watched Idona train the two.

08-22-2005, 08:58 PM
Elaina and Tanara left the Cargo Hold without a word. Both were physically and mentally exhausted from their training and both were breathing heavily as they returned to their rooms. After washing up, the sisters sat on their beds and began reviewing the manuals they had been given.

08-22-2005, 09:11 PM
Asgardried, Quarters Section

*Chere is sitting outside her room when Marin comes along*

Chere: *jumping up* Hey! You! Where were you?

Marin: *looking exhausted* Training...

Chere: For ten hours? Training to do what?

Marin: To know how to use a sword.

Chere: Um? Why would you need to know that? You can friggin shapeshift.

Marin: *sighs* Because... well... you never know what might happen.

Chere: Whatever you say. So when are we going back home? I've already been gone for... what, a whole frikkin' year?

Marin: As soon as Guy can get you back. First we have to find our other friends...

Chere: Get *me* back? You're not coming?

Marin: I can't. What we're trying to do now... is too important.

*She opens her door, walks in and collapses face-first on her bed*

Chere: Ooooookay then.


Shadow Base

*Aren frowns*

Aren: You... don't actually even know?

*Aren's communicator buzzes*

Comm: Ms. Aren, where are the four humanoids who were just brought in? They're needed to begin preparations for the ritual.

Aren: *into comm* Tell the mages they'll just have to wait.

08-22-2005, 09:28 PM
Matt: No, we don't. We don't have any idea where the magic came from, what it's supposed to do, wether it's dangerous or not. We don't know who had us kidnapped, why they had us kidnapped, and wether or not what they're trying to do is dangerous. All I know is that someone had us kidnapped, and wants to do a ritual on us that may very well cause the destruction of the universe.

08-22-2005, 09:56 PM
Shadow Base

*Aren actually looks startled for a moment*

Aren: The destruction of the universe? I do know who had you kidnapped. Your friend's estranged family. And they---

Aidan: It's Guy's fault we're here. And I bet you anything no one's coming for us - because the others will all listen to him and think we're lost. Guy is certainly not my friend. Or any friend of theirs if they're intelligent! *Glares at the other three*

Aren: ...Your vendetta aside, Guy's family has no love for him, but they're still one of our contractors. They didn't mention anything close to causing the destruction of the universe... and I would've thought our psychics would have picked up on that if it were so...

08-22-2005, 10:30 PM
Matt:Well, seems your psychics aren't infallible.

08-22-2005, 11:07 PM
Asgardried Armory

*Heimdall enters the armory and walks to his forge reigniting it. He had just awaken from his two hour nap and wanted to see if he could finish the repairs to the armor, and maybe do a few other things.

Elsewhere on the ship the Asgardried dimmed the lights for the night cycle*

Time Skip: Seven hours*

*Heimdall left the armory with a droid trailing him. The droid carried a box holding the items Heimdall had finished that night. The two entered the bow turbolift taking down to the middle level.

Walking down the main corridor Heimdall periodically stopped and repaired armor at a person's door. At Svafa's door Heimdall left a sword he had just sharpened and a gauntlet that needed minor mending. In Front of Vidar's door he left Vidar's repaired cuiraisse and pauldron. At Idun's door was a vembrace. After returning Idun's armor, Heimdall turned and began to walk towards Marin's door. He had one last delivery to make.

As he walked along the corridor, Valda's door opened and she stepped out pulling on a guantlet. She was dressed in her cerimonial armor and smiled at Heimdall when she saw him. Heimdall raised an eyebrow questioning Valda's choice of armor. Valda just shook her head, turned toward the lounge, it was her turn to make breakfast. The Asgardried could have made the meal, but there was no guarentee the ship would make an entirely edible meal.

Heimdall looked at Valda one last time before continueing down the corridor. When he arrived at Marin's door Heimdall set a down a sword sheathed in a hard leather scabbard attached to a belt. The sword had a curved cross guard decorated with Marin's name written in runes with a little knot work on either side of her name. The grip was was black leather with wire underneath creating ridges in the grip that would aid in Marin's hand staying in place during combat. The handle was large enough to take one hand completely and part of Marin's other hand. The pommel was a flattened disc with a triad carved in it. The center of the triad had two swords crossed. The blade had a fuller running for most of the lenght, in the fuller were a number of runes.

The Scabbard was black and had only simple knotwork running up its lenght and a metal tip. The belt was a double wrap belt and like the scabbard only had simple knotwork.

Heimdall then took out a leather thong that had a silver ring on it. On the inside of the ring were a number of runes. The outside was decorated with intricat dark blue knot work and at the center of the ring was a dark blue crystal. If you looked directly at the crystal you could make out Heimdall signature mark, the triad. There was also a note on the thong:


It is important as you learn swordsmanship to have your own weapon. As such I give you this sword, It has some properties like your armor that you will find helpful when you decide to change shape. I hope this sword will see safely to the end of this quest. If it needs to be repaired just give it to me and I'll be happy to do it. I'm also giving you a ring, the ring like your armor will automatically adjust to fit your finger. With the ring you will be able to remove your armor like I did on Midgard. I'll teach you how to do this later tonight.


*Heimdall turned from Marin's door and walked to the lounge curious as to what Valda was cooking for breakfast and why she was wearing that armor*

08-23-2005, 12:25 PM
The Sisters' Quarters

Elaina woke up first and sat up immediately, blinking her eyes sleepily as she did so. She rubbed her eyes for a second and then put a hand to her hair. She had braided it the night before, so it was not quite as messy as it might have been otherwise. After brushing the tangles out of it, she returned to the bed and sat down with the makings of Tanara's new glove.

An hour later, Tanara began to wake up, but she took a slower route to wakefulness than her sister. She squeezed her eyes shut and stretched, bringing her hands up to her face. She winced slightly when her robotic hand brushed against her cheek and opened her eyes. The new hand and arm would still take a little time to get used to.

With a small sigh, Tanara moved to let her legs dangle off the side of the bed and sat up. Much like her sister, she rubbed her eyes, but she smiled slightly at the feeling of the right hand. It would most definitely take some getting used to. She felt her hair with her left hand and decided it only needed to be brushed.

"Knock knock," Elaina said as she came into her sister's room. In her right hand, she held the finished glove. Tanara smiled and took it.

"I'm impressed," she said. "Thank you."

"Maybe it'll be easier for both of us to get used to that new arm you've got now," Elaina told her. Tanara nodded.

"Come on," she said, slipping the glove on and fastening the clasps on the arm. "Let's go get some breakfast."

08-26-2005, 05:04 PM
Tarsis, Red Lanter District

As the drunken Drago slammed the coins down several of the women moved foward, at the same time Hal stepped into the room flanked by Daskus and Regnor bellowing, "Officers of the Crown, stand fast!"

As usual all hell broke loose, tables and chairs were overturned as the dubious patrons tried to escape out the back. Soon the shabby establishment was deserted, except for the now unconcious warrior sprawled across the table. Regnor chuckled, "Well at least we didn't have to kill anyone."

Hal's voice cracked, "No and you didn't get any blood on your shirt, I'd wash your boot when we get back though," He leans over Drago, "Come on, lets get him out of here."

08-27-2005, 10:11 AM
Gortick: THANK YOU. Now, will you let us out of here or sit back and die?

08-29-2005, 02:07 AM
Shadow Base

Aren: *looking skeptical* I'm willing to do that, but... I do need a little more explanation than "the universe is going to end if you don't let us go"... What exactly are you going to do to stop the end of the universe? And if you could give me some way to verify your story...

*Aren's communicator buzzes. She ignores it*



*Marin exits her quarters to see Chere looking at the note on the sword*

Chere: What's this?

*Marin picks up the note and reads it. She smiles*

Marin: It's beautiful.

Chere: You can read it?

Marin: Yes. I learned the common language of this galaxy before coming here.

Chere: Holy crap.

*Marin lifts the sword, turning it around and admiring it*

Chere: Is that one of those magic swords? Like the ones the Blades carry around like they're from the 16th century?

Marin: *laughs* Not quite.

Chere: If it's not magic, why do you have it? Why don't you have a gun or something?

Marin: The guns here don't work so well on lots of the creatures who are trying to kill us. This does have some magic...like qualities. And I also won't lose it when I morph. *She looks at the note smiling*

Chere: O...kay. I'm sure you know what you're talkin' about.

Marin: Excuse me. I need to go find Heimdall and thank him.

Chere: Hey, that's a ring, isn't it. Heimdall gave it to you? What, are you two dating? Or is that the One Ring of Power?

Marin: Uh... well... neither. This ring should let me remove my armor so I can morph.

Chere: You have armor now?

Marin: Yes.

Chere: Geeez. You're a regular Knight of the Round Table, aren't you? Except a chick.

Marin: I'll be right back. I have to go up---

Chere: No way. I'm going with you.

Marin: I don't think they'll let you in the----

Chere: I'm with you now, aren't I? Didn't you say I could go anywhere with an escort?

Marin: I meant an Aesir...

Chere: Aren't you an Aesir now? Isn't that the name of your little group here?

Marin: *sighs* No... just the ones that you've seen wearing armor. This is their ship.

Chere: Didn't you say you've got armor?

Marin: Er... as a gift, yes, but I'm not an Aesir. I explained all this to you before.

Chere: How about we just go find Heimdall and if your friends don't want me to see him then they can tell me them. How's that sound?

08-29-2005, 02:18 AM
Asgardried Lounge

*Heimdall Enters the loungs and takes a seat at one of the tables. Viddall and Ragnar show up shortly after both in their cerimonial armor. and takes seats across from Heimdall.*

Heimdall: Why are you dressed in that armor?

Viddall: Sorry m'lord I can't tell you.

Heimdall: I see, I assume everyone else will be dressed the same and no one is going to tell me why.

Ragnar: That would be a good guess.

*A minute later Vidar comes into the lounge escorted by Svafa and Idun. Idona follows shortly behind they all sit at the same table as Heimdall, Vidar on one side Idona on his other.. Like the other Aesir they are all in cerimonial armor. A little while later a couple droids come out of the kitchen carrying food and couple pitchers of mead and other drinks. The droids set some of the food in front of the Aesir as well as a pitcher of mead. The rest of the food is set along table near a wall with plates so when other members of the group wake up they can fix themselves a plate and get a drink. Valda exits that Kitchen shortly after the droids and joins the other Aesir for breakfast. Little was said as they began eating*

08-29-2005, 12:41 PM
Matt: Well, I don't know the details, but from what I've heard it's like a quest to prevent the end of the universe at the hands of some freaky things led by a guy named Loki, there's something about a time machine, but like I said I'm still a little fuzzy on the whole thing

08-29-2005, 02:24 PM

Outside the inn was a water troth, Drago was promptly dunked there in until he regained something close to his wits, it took five tries. After that the four of them headed back up to the keep, Regnor and Daskus half carrying Drago between them.

08-30-2005, 08:43 PM
Asgardried Corridor

*Gerd leaves her room, pulling on her left gauntlet and her cloak tucked under her arm. As she walks down the corridor Gerd flings her cloak behind her back and attachs the clip across her neck.

Gerd passed Marin and Chere giving them a slight nod as she yawns. Walking in the lounge she fixes herself a plate of food and grabs a cup of juice before sitting with the Aesir*

08-31-2005, 02:58 PM
Shadow Base

Aren: *frowns* ...Loki? You probably couldn't have known this, but Loki is the name of an archetypal trickster god from several other worlds, although no one from your galaxy would recognize the name. I think someone may have been trying to dupe you... us, even... A time machine, you said? What else were you told?


Asgardried Corridor

Chere: Hey! It's that emo girl.

Marin: Emo? She hardly talks. You've met her?

Chere: Well... *the two enter the lounge. Chere stops short looking at the tables filled with Aesir in full ceremonial armor* Holy crap. What's all this?

08-31-2005, 03:46 PM
*Matt decided to stay quiet and let the others answer, what he said didn't seem to have helped their situation*

08-31-2005, 04:53 PM
The Sisters' Quarters

When Elaina and Tanara had finished with their breakfast, they went back to their rooms and continued studying the manuals Idona had given them. After about an hour, Elaina went into Tanara's room.

"I think I'm getting this," she said. Tanara smiled and nodded.

"I'm sure you are," she answered. They agreed to quiz each other on the contents of the manuals. This could take a while...

08-31-2005, 05:14 PM
Asgardried Lounge

*Without turning around Heimdall spoke to Chere*

Heimdall: Chere, your coming very close breaking the rules on this ship. You know Gerd's name use that in the future. Marin, Chere and Gerd met when Viddall was trying to show Chere and Cody their quarters and Chere thought him to be a slaver or maybe a pedophile.

*Heimdall takes a sip of mead before continueing. He also turns to face the girls*

And this *Motioning to the food* is what we like to call breakfast. Fix yourselves a plate and find a seat there is plenty of room.

Idona *speaking softly enough so only Heimdall could hear*: You know that isn't what she meant.

*Heimdall gave a slight shrug, and then returned to eating*

09-01-2005, 10:43 PM
Asgardried Lounge

*Chere goes to get food. Marin goes to Heimdall's chair*

Marin: Thank you for the sword, Heimdall. It's beautiful.


Shadow Base


09-02-2005, 05:33 PM

Leaving Drago to sober up on a bench out side the keep Hal and his two companions entered one of the long barracks, the one housing the officers. The Northern half of the block was the Drinking Hall, twice the the size of a normal hall, for half the men. As the three men entered they removed their helmets, Hal strode across the room to the bronze shield hung infront of the southern fire pit. He lifted the bronze war hammer next to the shield and struck the shield three times. The noise was near deathening, all conversation ceased as the assembled noblemen looked to see who had disturbed their meal.

Once he was sure he had their full attention Hal layed the hammer down and raised his left hand. "I am Halren, Son of Taklin. I am Earl of the Northern Compact, Lord of the Aduni," Hal had prepared this speech but the next part almost stuck in his throat, "The King has ordered me to lead a detachement of his horsemen into the southern woods to root out and destroy the Agori." Hal paused to let that sink in. "I need good warriors for the task will be neither short nor easy. Who will bring his men and follow me?!"

09-10-2005, 02:50 AM
((Sorry guys, been extremely busy. Still am to some extent. Although I have little guilt considering it's really Admiral/Deac we're waiting for atm :)))

09-10-2005, 04:19 PM
((Red, Scar, WJ, Deac. You need to have your characters vote on a leader soon. and By soon I mean in your next couple of posts)).

Heimdall: Your welcome. Now why don't you get some breakfast, I'll show you how to use the ring later tonight.

*Breakfast continued like before, when Heimdall picked up his plate and stood*

Heimdall: I guess I need to change.

Idona: Yes you do, meet us in the forward observatory in an hour.

*Heimdall nods his head and walks to the kitchen to deposit his plate. An hour later he heads for the forward observatory*

09-10-2005, 04:55 PM
Sir-Vin's quarters

*Sir-vin sits in a chair in his room. He haven't done much sicne the night before. He took a drink of water that he had poured into a cup before.*

Sir-Vin "Asgardried, I've been thinking about it for a while, I cast my vote for Guy and Orthos."

((edit: @ admiral \/: heh, oh yeah ^_^;;; ))

09-10-2005, 11:44 PM
((you have to pick two people Scar))

09-11-2005, 05:18 PM
The Sisters' Quarters

"Have you given any thought as to who should be leading us?" Tanara asked suddenly, looking up from the manuals they were working with. Elaina frowned thoughtfully and shrugged.

"I guess I haven't given it much thought," she answered. "I'd pick you..."

"Oh, no you don't!" Tanara interupted in astonishment.

"As I was saying," Elaina frowned. "I'd pick you, but I gather you don't know much more than I do."

"Right," Tanara agreed. "In my opinion, the leader should be somebody who really knows what's going on here."

"Heimdall," Elaina said thoughtfully. "A lot seems to revolve around him here. I guess he'd be my first choice."

"Same here," Tanara agreed. "And as for the others?"

"I can't say I know them well enough to answer that," Elaina answered. "Maybe Idun or Idona... I don't know."

"They're good for training us, I'll admit," Tanara said slowly. "But we don't know if they'd make good leaders or not. What about Sir-Vin?"

"The guy who came up not long after I got here?" Elaina wondered. "He seemed a little out of it... like he was drugged or something... I don't know."

"He disappeared in battle," Tanara said. "Only to return like that... I see what you mean. Hm, maybe he's not the perfect example of a leader."

"Viddall?" Elaina wondered. "I think that's the name... what of him?"

"You haven't been here long and you're already catching most of the names," Tanara grinned. "But I think some people might not be incredibly happy if two Aesir were put in command. What about Guy?"

"Was he the one talking to the gargoyle in the cargo hold?" Elaina asked. "Well, he certainly seems to know a good little bit. He knew who you were talking about when you spoke of that Aren person."

"He seems like he'd be a reluctant leader," Tanara said. "But I think he'd be good at it if he had to be."

"Asgardried," Elaina said. "Put in our votes. Heimdall and Guy."

"We're agreed on this," Tanara added. Then, they went back to studying.

09-11-2005, 11:32 PM
((I don't think the Aesir qualify for votes here, do they?

As such I propose we set up a triad of sorts, three people in charge to make snap decisions when needed. One of these three will be an Aesir, the others would be two of you *Heimdall motions to the nonaesir*.))

09-12-2005, 10:44 AM
((Then perhaps each person should vote for one Aesir and two nonaesir...))

09-12-2005, 11:34 AM
((that should have been said at the meeting now shouldnt it WJ? :)))

09-12-2005, 12:04 PM
((Indeed :) ))

09-12-2005, 06:40 PM
((Actually if I'm not wrong the Aesir all defer to Vidar, with Heimdall second in command (?). Again IIRC, the group has no say in who leads the Aesir.))

09-12-2005, 06:48 PM
((Red is right. The group could pick whoever they wanted among the Aesir and that one would just do whatever Heimdall or Vidar wanted. Also think about if the Aesir voted (there is a majority of them currently)...

Now Red, post something more then an OCC))

09-12-2005, 06:52 PM
((Well then I think my characters would be better off not voting... they don't really know any of the others...))

09-12-2005, 07:00 PM
((WJ: your characters have the right to say who gets to make the decisions. Personally though if you want to keep their votes the way they are that is fine by me. Same with you Scar.))

09-12-2005, 07:49 PM
((So currently the options are Guy, Marin, Orthos, Raschel, and Tanara, plus technically Sir-vin and Elaine, although the former says he'll refuse all votes and Elaine is very new to the group. I wish it was less sparse, honestly...

Obviously once the group is united again a revote could be taken.

I think we should keep the current posts intact, just have the Asgardried correct the mistake of choosing Heimdall.

And okay, okay, I'm posting. But I'm very tired so don't expect brilliance. :)

p.s. Deac is still gone, isn't he?))

The Sisters' Quarters

*Marin knocks on the door*

Marin: Tanara? Elaine? Are you in there?

((Yes, this is going somewhere :P))

09-12-2005, 10:49 PM
Elaina got up to answer the door. "Marin, right? What can we do for you?"

"Come in, Marin," Tanara offered.

09-13-2005, 04:55 PM
((edited. ^_^

i keep forgetting of whom we can vote for currently...))

09-20-2005, 08:27 PM
((Scar: If your post can't be understood what's the point of typing it? Also, if I didn't know better, I would've wondered the same at certain points reading your posts...

Also: I shouldn't have to tell any of you this, but no starting fights, please. *Glares in general direction of anyone who might be thinking of doing this* ;) (Ignore this, relevant only to a moved conversation)

P.S. if any of my writing seems slightly under par, it's because I'm a little sick. Just a blanket excuse right there :p))

The Sisters' Quarters

Marin: You remember our discussion yesterday? About choosing leaders from among ourselves? I came to talk to you two about that. Now, I won't be asking whether you want a leadership position. I do want to ask, though, what you would do if either of you got one of these positions.

09-21-2005, 10:47 AM
"I'd give it to her," Elaina said immediately, pointing at Tanara. "I don't know enough to be a good leader."

"I don't either," Tanara laughed. "But if such a position were to be given to me, I would do my best to learn as much as I possibly could... what might help me in that place."

She frowned thoughtfully and Elaina laughed.

"See?" she said. "Of the two of us, Tanara would make the better leader anyway... I'd probably panic and ask her what I should do... habit of being the younger sister, I guess."

09-23-2005, 09:59 PM
The Sisters' Quarters

Marin: Tanara, then... have you had to act as a leader before in your life? Successfully?

((Sorry for short post, have to catch bus >___>))

09-24-2005, 01:42 AM
Tanara smiled slightly. "Once... but that was an unusual circumstance. The Jedi Master I had been learning from was killed. That left me in charge of the reconaissance team we were leading." She chuckled. "I really didn't have a clue what was going on... but we managed to do what we had been there to do."

09-26-2005, 05:46 PM
((This discussion that was formerly present here has been trimmed and moved to the discussion thread (http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=141409&page=5), where it belongs, so as not to clog up the RPG. I was going to let it play out and then move it, but I've started getting complaints so I'm doing that now.))

The Sisters' Quarters

Marin: That's not a bad comparison for what's happened here... most of the leaders of this galaxy were killed in the Galactic Holocaust. We've all of us been forced into the positions we're in now.

*She thinks a moment*

Marin: I hate for this to sound like a journalist interview, but what qualities or abilities would you think make a good leader?

09-26-2005, 07:07 PM
"A good leader can see what needs to be done," Elaina said. "And if no other being takes on the responsibility, the being must do it when he or she sees it being left undone."

"To that, I add," Tanara said. "A good leader must also be worthy of the respect and love of those they lead."

((And yes, my characters just spouted my personal feelings on the matter :p ))

10-09-2005, 01:31 AM

Marin: Thank you. I believe that's all I have to ask... unless there's anything else you want to tell me?

10-09-2005, 10:53 AM
"I guess your questions have left me a little curious," Tanara answered. "How would you answer them?"

10-16-2005, 04:28 AM
Marin: If I were chosen as a leader? Well - the reason we're even picking leaders is because we're constantly close to falling apart as a group. Some of us have been together for over a year and yet... we're not friends. We hardly know each other, even after all that. We're all to blame for that, even me. Now, I'd do everything I could do decrease this tension. Of course... I'm going to do that anyway.

Now, if you want me to go through the other questions... *She thinks for a moment* I asked you if you'd acted as a leader before. My answer to that is yes - I've had to. Never on a scale like this, though. I've had to fend for myself for a long time. I'm a daughter of a diplomat... and that can get weird, where I come from. When I was on the run before I came here, I was the de facto leader of a small group of people, half younger than me, half adults... but I was mostly followed because I knew what was going on, and I was most able to help them escape. And I did, more or less, although I landed Aidan and I here...

And what do I think would make a good leader? The ability to inspire. The ability to handle the people you need to lead. Rapport. Which is what I think is what is lacking here... and why we're choosing leaders in the first place.

*She shakes her head*

I fail on that account myself. I mean... like I said. For the last year I was just another wallflower. I couldn't tell you much about, say, Raschel, or Orthos, or Hal, or Red Irvine... I mean, Sir-Vin. Because I didn't know anything about them when I came here and I didn't try to find out. I can't do that anymore. If we're going to finish this... I think we're all going to have to change.

10-17-2005, 08:53 PM
"You can hardly blame yourself for not knowing people," Tanara offered encouragingly. "Unless they make an effort as well, it's next to impossible to build a relationship... for this reason I agree that we all have to change."

"I haven't been here long," Elaina said. "And I've stuck close to Tanara the entire time and she's stayed by me. Both of us need to grow into the group more... without friendship, what will hold us together?"

10-17-2005, 09:43 PM
Tanara's Quarters

Asgardried: A very sticky adhesive

10-18-2005, 01:22 PM
Tanara raised an eyebrow at Asgardried's comment. "Adhesive can be broken."

10-18-2005, 06:49 PM
Asgardried: So can friendship, besides glueing you together would be much more fun.

10-19-2005, 10:38 AM
((:joy: ))

10-20-2005, 10:39 PM
"The ship's got a point, Tanara," Elaina said. "Not to mention adhesive is easier to apply than friendship is to regain..."

Tanara sighed and turned to Marin. "We are surrounded by jokers."

10-21-2005, 02:50 AM
Marin: Well... that can't really be a bad thing at a time like this, can it?

*Marin stands up*

Marin: I'm going to go find the others. I'm gonna ask them the same questions. You want to come with?

((TO EVERYBODY (possibly excluding Admiral): could you possibly let me know where on the ship your characters are? XD))

10-21-2005, 09:36 AM
((JM, check my last post *cough.*))

10-21-2005, 09:48 AM
((Wha-oh right....))
*One of the men stood up, he was in his late 20s.*
Man: My men and I volunteer to go with you.

10-21-2005, 10:04 AM
Tanara and elaina glanced at each other. "I don't see why not," Tanara said. "I'd be interested to know... and it would help us decide."

"Asgardried," Elaina said. "Withdraw the votes from Tanara and I... seems we might change our minds."

10-21-2005, 04:14 PM
((Sir-Vin is in his quarters))

10-22-2005, 01:54 PM
((Returning to RPG mode.))

*Hal looked at the man, who was around his own age and looked somewhat familiar.*

Hal: What is your name and Clan, warrior.

((Clan just means last name, come up with something vagely celtic or Saxon. Have fun with the name thing, I do.))

10-22-2005, 02:06 PM
Gabrien: My name is Gabrien, and I'm from the Cormall clan.

10-22-2005, 08:04 PM
*Hal frowned.*

Hal: The Cormall Clan? From the Nessa Tribe? How closely are you related to Matt Cormall?

10-22-2005, 08:39 PM
*Gabrien looked shocked*
Gabrien: He's my little brother......but he was killed in the Holocaust.

10-28-2005, 07:11 PM
Hal: We need to speak privately, come.

*He turns and gestures for Gabrien to follow him out the door.*

10-28-2005, 07:26 PM
*Gabrien followed, feeling curious and worried.*

Gabrien: What......what do you know about my brother?

10-31-2005, 02:14 PM
*Hal turns to Gabrien and looks him in the eye.*

Hal: I met your bother about a year ago, I wish I could give you good news but shortly before I came here he was captured and we do not know where he was taken, nor do we know by whom.

10-31-2005, 03:18 PM
*Gabrien's face seemed like it couldn't decide wether to be happy, worried, sad, or surprised. Finally it settled into a look of intense shock*

Gabrien: A year....where was he?

11-05-2005, 05:46 PM
((Waiting on Redwing here....))

11-06-2005, 01:03 AM
((Yeah, first time I've had to reply to RPGs this week. Not one but two major projects due. (Even now I SHOULD be studying for a Japanese test monday. x_X) Sorry about that.))


Marin: I believe Sir-vin's in his quarters.

*The three head to... Sir-vin's quarters. Marin knocks on the door*

Marin: Red Irvine? Er. Sir-vin?

11-06-2005, 01:16 PM
*Sir-vin heard a knocking on his quarters' door. He had been meditating for a while. ((bad excuse for my peroid of non reply :P))

He gets up and walks to the door and opens it to find Elaina, Marin and Tanara standing there.*

Sir-Vin *surprised* "Oh! I didn't know that there would be someone would drop by to see me, yet alone three.* *politely smiles* "So what brings you here?"

11-06-2005, 07:37 PM
"Marin's asking some questions," Tanara said. "And we're interested in everybody else's answers, so we're tagging along."

"And I'm working on getting everybody's names straight while we're at it," Elaina added. "So you're Sir-Vin?" Another thought struck her. "And why does Marin keep calling you Red Irvine?"

11-11-2005, 01:21 PM
*Sir-Vin gives a polite smile*

Sir-vin "Well that's what they used to call me,..." *pointing to his hair* "... cus I got red hair of course. There was another Irvine here, he had different color hair then mine."

11-11-2005, 10:21 PM
((Scar, just wondering, how is Sir Vin planning on making tea in a room that has nothing close to a kitchen... If he wants to make tea he would have to go to the lounge and use the kitchen there...))

11-12-2005, 02:48 AM
((Why did I KNOW Admiral was going to post something like that? :)))

11-12-2005, 01:35 PM
((Because y'all have been through 6 of these threads together, through the ups and the downs, the laughs and the tears (ok, going to stop being poetic now...)


11-12-2005, 03:00 PM

11-13-2005, 02:21 AM
Marin: I... or rather we... would like to ask you a couple questions. Then, if you like, you can ask us back. Let's pretend you weren't refusing votes. What would you do if you were voted leader?

11-14-2005, 03:21 PM
*Sir-vin thinks for a moment*

Sir-Vin "I don't know. The responsibility would come rather quickly. And not only that, I'm usualy not on the Aesir's 'best peoples' list. That's a rather heavily detailed story to explain that one. But I casted my votes, one for Guy and the other for Orthos."

*Stops to scratch a bit of his facal hair, nodding his head.*

Sir-vin *nodding* "Yeah. I wouldn't be used to being a leader, I won't lie about that. But if I weren't I'd do the best that I could to either pick it up quickly, especally in a time where we need leadership. Or I could learn from the examples from the other two leaders."

11-20-2005, 03:44 PM
*Hal sighed.* Shall we go up to the keep? Regnor can collect a few more Warlords, we need to talk privately, I think.

11-20-2005, 05:35 PM
Gabrien: Yes....of course.

*He began following Hal to the keep*

11-20-2005, 06:43 PM
Shadow Base


Right, after a long hiatus I'm coming back.[ I have to say, I thought most of you were dead/incapacitated and that caused me to lose hope for a while. Forgive me.]

Shadow Base

Ellela: And how do we know you aren't out to stop us? You yourself claim you're planning to steal our powers from us? Telling you what we plan to do could give "Your benefactors" the perfect means to stop us.

Asgardried, Lounge

*Orthos enters, wearing his training robes*

Orthos: I've been thinking about this "election". So...where do I vote?

11-20-2005, 06:51 PM
Matt: Besides, are you really willing to gamble the fate of the universe over a name?

11-20-2005, 09:45 PM
Asgardried Lounge

Asgardried: Your telling me after all this time you don't realize I'm everywhere hence you can vote anywhere...Although I would bet say Sir Vin's lightsaber that you will be getting a vist from Marin here shortly about this.

11-21-2005, 07:16 PM
Shadow base

Aren: To me, it seems like it doesn’t matter what you’re planning to do, because either you’re fools or you’ve been fooled, which usually produces the same result. A story including fighting “Loki” and a “time machine” doesn’t sound like reality. Give me proof, anything I can verify, that lets me know you didn’t steal the magic that I’ve been hired to get from you, and I’ll let you go.

Aidan: This is ridiculous! *looking at Ellela, Orthos and Matt* Just don’t speak to her. At all. You won’t be any less safe, since she’s never gonna let us go.


Sir-vin's Quarters

Marin: Well, okay. Even if you don’t know what you would do as a leader… what would you want to see in another leader? How would you want them to act? What do you think is needed?

11-21-2005, 07:22 PM
Matt *angrily*: Listen lady, you say you find a 'time machine' unbelievable, but magic is normal? How the hell are we supposed to prove that we didn't steal it when we didn't even know we had it!

11-22-2005, 01:15 PM
Sir-Vin *said with out hasitation* "Confidence."

11-22-2005, 01:31 PM
"Confidence?" Tanara wondered. "Do you mean the leader has confidence in him or herself or in those around him or her? Or both?"