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07-18-2005, 02:32 PM
I wasn't sure whether I was going to release these or not. They were created back when Prime was working on his movie robes, since I couldn't wait for his to come out. Of course, they have been touched up since then. Anyways, onto the good stuff.

Download from PCGM (http://www.pcgamemods.com/mod/14376.html)


My Site (http://insaneent.echonetwork.net/games.html)

Hope everybody enjoy the mod! Comments are welcome :)

From the readme...

This mod adds 4 new robes to the game. They are based on those worn by Obi-Wan Kenobi, Qui-Gon Jinn, Mace Windu, and Anakin Skywalker. I used the jedi robe from my Jedi Robes and Lightsabers reskin pack mod as a base for these robes. The robes have custom stats based on what each movie character was skilled at.

NOTE: This mod uses svösh's robe collar fix. You must have it installed if you want the collar fix to work. It can be found at his site. http://www.angelfire.com/crazy2/xclone_0101/kotor_mods.htm

Kenobi Robe:
Defense Bonus 4
User Limitation: Human
Attribute Bonus: Dexterity +3
Blaster Bolt Deflection Bonus +3
Regenerate Force Points 3
Improved Force Resistance 12

Jinn Robe:
Defense Bonus 4
User Limitation: Human
Attribute Bonus: Wisdom +3
Improved Saving Throws 3
Regenerate Force Points 3
Improved Force Resistance 12

Windu Robe:
Defense Bonus 4
User Limitation: Human
Attribute Bonus: Constitution +3
Damage Resistance: Dark Side Resist 20/-
Regenerate Force Points 3
Improved Force Resistance 12

Skywalker Robe:
Defense Bonus 3
User Limitation: Human
Attribute Bonus: Strength +3
Blaster Bolt Deflection Increase +4
Regenerate Force Points 2
Improved Force Resistance 10

List of Files:

Configuration Files:
itemcreate.2da - allows the items to be created at the workbench
itemcreatemira.2da - allows the items to be created at the workbench

Kenobi Robe:
A_robe_160.uti - properties file
PMBI160.tga - texture file
Ia_JediRobe_160.tga � icon file

Jinn Robe:
A_robe_161.uti - properties file
PMBI161.tga - texture file
Ia_jedirobe_161.tga � icon file

Windu Robe:
A_robe_162.tga - properties file
PMBI162.tga - texture file
Ia_JediRobe_162.tga � icon file

Skywalker Robe:
A_robe_163 - properties file
PMBI163.tga - texture file
Ia_JediRobe_162.tga � icon file


1.If you haven't done so already, create a folder named "override" (without
quotes) in your KotOR II directory.

NOTE: this mod uses itemcreate.2da and itemcreatemira.2da files. If you are
already using such files, please read the disclaimer below. It's VERY
important that your .2da files aren't located within a sub-folder of your
override directory!

************************************************** *************************
IMPORTANT NOTE! The installer will NOT look for existing files within
sub-folders of the Override folder, just in the Override folder itself. If
you have modified versions of any of the above listed files sitting in
sub-folders, put them into into the main Override folder before running the
************************************************** *************************

2. Next, run the installer application named "Install Movie Style Robes.exe"
that came with this mod. This will update the necessary game
files and install the Mod into your game. Make sure that there is a folder
named "tslpatchdata" present in the same folder the Installer application
is. This folder contains essential data files the installer needs.

NOTE: You have to run this installer for this mod to work. Simply copying
the files from TSLpatchdata doesn't work!

3. Use the giveitem cheat (optional)
This way of getting the robes will add the items directly to the player's
inventory. To enable cheats, open your swkotor2.ini file, and under
GameOptions, enter "EnableCheats=1" without the quotes. Then in game,
press the ~ button to open the console, which will be invisible. Type
"giveitem <item name>" without the quotes. The item names are below.

Cheat Names:
A_robe_160 - kenobi
A_robe_161 - jinn
A_robe_162 - windu
A_robe_163 - skywalker

NOTE: The files installed are gloveless, but are only meant for caucasian and asian characters. There are gloved versions inside tslpatchdata in a folder called "gloved." Simply copy and paste these files into your override directory to replace the gloveless files.

Simply remove all files included in this mod from your override directory.

Known Issues:
There are currently no known issues or problems with this mod. If you do
encounter any issues or problems, please alert me via the e-mail above. I
will try to fix them the best I can.

Thanks to Fred Tetra for his amazing Kotor Tool. Without it, none of this
would be possible. http://kotortool.home.comcast.net/

Thanks for stoffe-mkb- for creating and providing use of his great TSL Patcher. Now, you don�t have to worry about .2da compatibility and all that merging files business. Great job stoffe! http://www.starwarsknights.com/tools.php

Thanks to Achilles for making the Padawan robe template, which this mod uses. It can be found at Holowan Labs. http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=148935

Thanks to svösh for making the tsl robe collar fix. The robes look great with them. The robe collar fix can be found at his site.

Thanks to Prime, for being a nice person and not caring that I release these. ;)

Thanks to all the folks at Holowan labs, for providing guidance and
encouragement along the way. You guys rule! http://www.lucasforums.com/forumdisplay.php?s=&forumid=324

Conditions of Use:
You are free to use this mod for your own personal use. However, I must grant proper permission for you to include anything from this mod in a public mod. If I do grant permission, make sure to give me
proper credit in your readme and include this readme file with your mod.

NOTE: I only grant PCGameMods permission to edit, mirror, etc this mod. I will not grant any other site permission to edit, mirror, etch this mod.

Anakin (http://img304.imageshack.us/my.php?image=anakincollage6vc.jpg)
Mace (http://img304.imageshack.us/my.php?image=macecollage6rh.jpg)
Obi-Wan (http://img304.imageshack.us/my.php?image=obiwancollage4ck.jpg)
Qui-Gon (http://img304.imageshack.us/my.php?image=quigoncollage5wi.jpg)

Colma Adawin
07-18-2005, 02:40 PM
Excellent Job bud, i like the Obi-Wan Robes in particuar.

oh and uhh, did i mention that i was:


Colma Adawin

Lorden Darkblade
07-18-2005, 02:47 PM
Look's very good DarthMoeller :thumbsup:
Very nice work :D :D

General Kenobi
07-18-2005, 04:51 PM
These look horrible....j/k...lol

Had to kid ya a bit man :D

All joking aside these look really nice, I really like Mace's robe and Obi-Wan's. The only thing I'd change is Obi's top collar section has a bit more dark brown than the pic, but no biggie ;)

Again great job, off to PCgameMODS to get my copy now:thumbsup:


07-18-2005, 10:28 PM
Ooohhh! Lookie, some new stylin' robes! :D

Nice work DM! :thumbsup:

07-18-2005, 10:39 PM

07-18-2005, 10:44 PM
Look at that, smallz is back.

Thanks for the nice comments everyone. Glad you like the mod.

The Source
07-20-2005, 01:13 AM
:bounc5: :grnbounc: :bounc5: :grnbounc:
Very nice attention to detail.. I must download now!

Char Ell
07-20-2005, 02:40 AM
Most impressive...

My PC will look so much the better in Obi-Wan :ben: or Mace :mace: clothing. I haven't decided which one I like more yet.

Thanks for sharing! :clap2:

07-20-2005, 02:49 AM
Yea, these look very authentic, gj :)

07-20-2005, 10:31 AM
I have released an Update (http://www.pcgamemods.com/mod/14431.html) to my movie style jedi robes mod. Note that you need the original mod for the update to do anything. I felt that the Kenobi and Jinn robes were not as good as I originally thought, so I made changes on their textures. So you may choose whether you like the update or the original better. The screenshot really doesn't do them justice, but when do they ever?

Screenshot (http://img140.imageshack.us/my.php?image=update5jn.jpg)

07-20-2005, 11:23 AM
Ah, very good :thumbsup:

The Kenobi robes were a bit too red before, now they fit the original very well.

Lorden Darkblade
07-20-2005, 01:01 PM
I like this fix :D
Made them look better :thumbsup:
Nice work DarthMoeller :D :D

Colma Adawin
07-21-2005, 09:39 AM
ahh, now i can enjoy the Obi-Wan robes even more with your fix ;)

well done bud!

Colma Adawin

07-21-2005, 10:31 AM
I'm glad everybody likes the new update better. :)

07-22-2005, 04:38 PM
Even Better now man, Nice job!;)