View Full Version : hey II: I moved/am moving

07-20-2005, 10:37 AM
hey....sorry about the last topic, like i said, internet library. time limit 30 mins. time expired so i hit submit thread, closed out and bailed.

reason why i haven't been on much, is because.....i finally moved out. :D what a great feeling it is. well, i'm not totally moved out. moved in with some friends of my parents, in order to get a job and be able to move somewhere of my own. :D

I move into my apartment on the 30th. I got a job at.....walmart photo lab. it is ok. better than pizza hut, but not by much. 6.90 an hour is the most i can make up here it seems. its in honesdale, pa. like near the borders of new york and new jersey. pretty cool, almost like living in 3 states at once.

I'm thinking of enlisting in the army since my left wrist healed up (it got carpal tunnelish from packing listerine bottles at a factory for 4 months) and i can do pushups again. :D

How many of you finished up with school this year? Must be a great feeling. All i got when i graduated was a GED. Don't think i had a party or anything. (cause it took like 3 months to find out if i bloody graduated waiting for the diploma when i moved from florida to pennsylvania)

I finished the Halo trilogy books, very good read. the last one explains alot....and i was quite surprised (possible halo 3 spoiler, definetely book spoiler) to find out that there are at least 4 living spartans now i'm reading the chronicles of narnia since The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe is coming out in december. (yeah i have all the bbc vids too, so its gonna be different watching a souped up version).

I need to rent KotOR II again so i can beat it. The cutscenes were awesome.

Anyway, I have to go before my time expires.

may the force be with you all. :D

07-21-2005, 11:43 PM
hmmm...yea...heard you were workin at walmart....nice to move out...did it a while back...*shrug*