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Renegade Angel
07-25-2005, 10:03 AM
This is the continuation of The Phantom Saga. The Phantom has been destroyed and Stu and Jax are no longer traders, but Gus is currently on Yenna IV, The others don't know of his death, the war between the sith and the republic is still going on on the planet's magma-like surface.

You don't need to post your character information unless something has changed. (Ex. Ship)

07-25-2005, 10:13 AM
(the phantom hasn't been destoyed he is on the planet with you...he got away...somehow*

*comes out of hanger*
Nekx:"Jax i wanna come with you!"
Jax:"Nekx? oh...fine hurry up!"
Don:"And me!"
Dave: "Me too!"
Don:"yeah Jax im right behind you!"
Dave: "We're not letting you go alone!"
Jax:"Nice one Don, ok guys i have a lock on Gus's ship it's....on a planet called Yenna IV it's somewhere around here...yeah follow me guys!"
*flies off towards Yenna IV when we are close to the planet we start a descent but there is a fleet of Ties that attempt to stop us*
Jax: "Ties coming in fast, Interceptors by the looks of it"
Don: "Copy that Blue Leader"

Sebastian Vlay
07-25-2005, 10:37 AM
Okay, I have to change my character obviously.

Codename: JM 221
Age: 34
Weapons: blaster pistol
Ship: Imperial-class Star Destroyer Mark II
Bio: (Forget the bio, damnit. I'm ready to kick ass. :D Sorry for my choice of words.)


Looking out of the various viewports on the bridge of his star destroyer, JM 221 could see his well-placed squadron of TIE Interceptors racing in to cut off the Rebels. His ship was called in about 10 minutes ago by the Conquestor. No they were here, to witness the destruction of the Rebels. What were left of them, that is.
There was only two Rebel transports in the original convoy of seven going to Dantooine. Now they're mostly gone, and still asking for more. He would give them more. More than they could ever handle, he thought.

07-25-2005, 10:47 AM
Don:"arming cluster torpedoes" (cluster torpedoes are small, and are put into a group of 4 :: they then fall apart when they get closer to the target they fall apart and then explode. very good when there is a large group of fighters)
*fires, the group of 15 or so intercepters were close together but a few pulled up, but about 8 of the intercepters were destroyed*
Jax: "good shot Blue 2"
*the intercepters start to shoot at us*
"shields up at maximum"
*fires at tie which explodes*
*the rest of the Ties fly away*
Nekx: "they're leaving lets get them!"
Jax: "no wait...it could be a trap...see look there is a star destroyer over there"
Nekx: "ahhh i see them!"
Jax: "command, call for reinforcements their is a group of star destoyers by Yenna IV, we don't have time to try and take them out we have to get down on the planet"
Command: "copy that Blue Leader, we have received word that there is fighting going on down there"
Jax: "Copy that command"
Command: "ahhhh we have 4 more cruisers on the way to help us, including Red leaders cruiser"
Jax: "i see, tell red leader to contact me when he gets here. Come on guys lets get down to the surface"

(im going to make anothyer character, Red Leader :D )

07-25-2005, 11:01 AM
Name: Zatro Aliam
Age: 26
Rank: Pilot, Red Leader
Weapons: blaster pistol
Ship: A-wing
Bio: Red Leader is a pilot for the rebel alliance, he has been a pilot for over 7 years. when he was 22 he was made Red 11, he recently became red leader, he is one of the few A wing pilots in Red Group and is the first Red Leader who has flown an A wing.

*Zatro stood in the hanger next to his A-wing and his squadron*
"Ok guys listen up, there are a few star destroyers cousing trouble for our guys, we have to take them out, Peacock (Red 3) you and Shark (Red 8) will take out their defences, Pipedown (Red 2) and Skull (Red 4) you are with me, and we are gunna take out the bridge, Vandal (Red 9) you are gunna make sure that those Ties cant get us"
Vandal: "got it boss, you mean take out the hanger right?"
Zatro: "yeah sure do"
Vandal: "yeah Boss got it"
Zatro: "ok everyone to your ships, lets go!"

(sorry about the weird nicknames for red group :D )

Renegade Angel
07-25-2005, 12:01 PM
Mira doges a Proton Torpedo and follows Jax to the surface of Yenna. Below her, she saw thousands of soldiers and then... a clearing? There were burnt trees, rocks, 2 corpses and... She recognized her brother's X-Wing. There were no soldiers in that area.
"Come on guys, follow me!"
She landed her ship and jumped out of the cockpit. She saw a smoking corpse on the ground.
"Please Gus, wake up!"
It was no, use her brother was dead.

07-25-2005, 01:37 PM
*jumps down next to Gus*
"come on Gus, WAKE UP!"
*feels pulse*
"stand up slowly!"
*a voice behind us, I turn. A man wearing helmet :dtrooper: had a gun pointed us*
"who are you?"
"stand up, scum"
"who are you?!"
*he fires into the air*
*behind my back i pull out my pistol*
"Hands up.....HANDS UP!"
*pulls out psitol and shoots the man in the head*

Sebastian Vlay
07-25-2005, 02:06 PM
(What is 'Porkins' any better, JediOfDoom? Ahh, thanks. We've got Darktroopers, Mark II. Excellent. Watch out for the jetpacks and blaster cannon. They're deadly. What is the climate of this planet, by the way?)

"Sir, we've just received a message from Intelligence," a bridge communications officer says.
JM 221 looks over to his left side, making perfect eye contact with the officer. "What is it?"
"The Rebels on the planet below made communications on a public comm channel. They've called for back-up ships to arrive any minute now. And additional fighters. Possibly some boarders --- "
"Well then, if they honestly think they can win..."
"Sorry to interrupt sir, but the Rebels have just landed and there has been no report from QZ 713. He may have been shot by the Rebels," another officer said.
"Ah. Recall interceptor squadron two, and prepare a troop shuttle with a double squad of stormtroopers. Send them down once ready. Also, tell Starfighter Command to prepare a squadron of TIE fighters from each star destroyer. Have three scout ships surverying the grounds, watching for the Rebels."
"Oh, and charge the main turbolasers. Set-up hangar defenses in each hangar bay. There will be no mistakes this time," he finishes.
"Yes sir," the communications officer says, relaying the orders to whoever-need-be.
Any minute now and the Rebels will be here to witness their death. And the death of their close friends on the planet.

(Must.... be..... Thrawn.....!)

07-25-2005, 02:28 PM
(red leader)

*the ships come out of hyper space next to the re-maining rebel crusier from the previous battle, as it arrived...*
"Admiral Carzack, we are letting out fighters go to meet star destroyers"
"copy that"
*back in the hanger with red leader*
"ok boys we've got our orders...lets go!"
*gets into ship and pushes the ignition, all the ships fly out of the hanger*
"Gold Leader, White Leader, Green leader and Grey leader do you copy?"
All: "yes Red Leader"
"there are 4 destroyers that we can detect, so thats a star destroyer per squadron"
All: "Copy that Red Leader"
"Red Group report in"
"Red 2 standing by"
"Red 3 Standing by"
"Red 4 standing by"
"Red 6 Standing by"
"Red 8 standing by"
"Red 9 standing by"
"Red 11 standing by"
"Red 5 standing by"
"Red 16 standing by"
"Red 12 Standing by"
"Ok guys get ready those star destroyers are coming up, Squadrons of Tie's also coming our way, Guys you know what to do, Vandal fall back and arm your cluster torpedoes, all wings in attack position!"

Renegade Angel
07-25-2005, 05:13 PM
"You... The Phantom?"
The man fired at her. She dodged once and then got hit in the stomach.
Mira opened fire with her blaster. She hit the man twice.
Mira ran over to her brother's corpse and threw it into her ship. If he could be revived, she wasn't going to leave him here.
Some info on Mira
Mira (http://kotorworld.uw.hu/content.php?content.33)
Mira's Ship (http://rpggamer.org/stats.php?page=d6/d6slither.html)
Mira's Personal Droid (http://rpggamer.org/stats.php?page=d6/d6taggel8l9.html)
Mira's Rifle (http://rpggamer.org/stats.php?page=d6/d6pulserifle.html)
Mira's Pistol (http://rpggamer.org/stats.php?page=d6/d6bladeblaster.html)

Sebastian Vlay
07-25-2005, 06:23 PM
(Okay, rpggamer.org is good, Angel, I've known that site for a few years now. However, what the hell is this http://kotorworld.uw.hu/content.php?content.33? Is this a language you can understand well? Because I sure as hell cannot. I speak englae (english), ya' know? But, uhh, I see the photograph. And, sorry about my last post. I thought that was just an ordinary darktrooper. I guess not. A droid darktrooper mark ii bounty hunter gone rogue from the Empire, eh? Weird....)

Renegade Angel
07-25-2005, 08:07 PM
No, Seb, I went to ggogle to search for pics of Mira from KotOR II, and that's the best picture of her I found.:)
Oh, and one more thing-
Mira's Armor (http://mojoart.mixnmojo.com/original-art/republic-commando/wallpapers/republic-commando_c_1600x1200.jpg), A Prototype Clone Commando Armor

Sebastian Vlay
07-25-2005, 08:39 PM
(Oh, okay. I see... Great, well I was hoping I wasn't losing my brother on the Internet. :D So you'll be kickin' some ass, eh?)

Renegade Angel
07-25-2005, 10:48 PM
(Yeah, Mira has 2 cool blasters, armor, and even a droid...SWEET!:D )

07-26-2005, 02:32 AM
"That wasn't the phantom, He'll be more carful than that, more likely to shoot us before asking questions"
*turns around*
"Mira Gus is dead, he's gone we can't do anything for him and i don't want to get involved in this war between who ever is fighting, Come On! we've got to go!"
*runs to ship, and takes off, when we are in the air and about to go i see a fire spray ship in the undergrowth below*
"bount hunter......you guys go ahead im gunna take a look at something....go on with-out me...No this isn't your fight!"
*lands near ship and jumps out*
"where are you?"

Renegade Angel
07-26-2005, 10:26 AM
"Be careful."
Mira flew up ahead of Stu. She was so angry at whoever killed her brother. *Beep Beep*
Mira's shields had gone out. Infront of them, Three advanced TIEs awaited them.

Sebastian Vlay
07-26-2005, 10:36 AM
(Okay, so that was a darktrooper mark ii. But where the hell did we get TIE advanced fighters from? Also, may I suggest that the Phantom is actually a holographic projection, but without the projector and that whoever is looking at him sees a projection of themself. Which would add more storyline questions: how can he fly, how can he move, think, etc. I'm going to wait for JediOfDoom to make his Red Leader post. You better not pick up off the Battle of Endor, because destroying a star destroyers shield generator domes above the bridge are much more difficult than you think.)

07-26-2005, 12:32 PM
(good idea i like the phantom idea but i rewkon it should be solid becuase of already had a fight with him BUT he has some sought of prgection helmet thingy so when i knock his helmet off it makes it seem as if is you. i will post red leaders thing after this cus i want to see how this phantom thing is going to happen, but bear with me)

*i land in a clearing near the firespray ship and run towards it, The bounty Hunter was bent over something and i took my chance*
"Freeze bounty hunter I've got a perfect shot on your head!"
*he froze and stood up and tunrned, in a movement so fast I couldnt see it he raised hi gun and fired, I dodged and ran at him catching him off guard. i managed to grab his guna and throw it to the side. he kicked me off him. He pressed a button on his wrist and spikes came out of the side of his arms (like jango in SW EP II while fighting with Obi wan) He swung violently at me but luckily for me i tripped and fell back, i raised my pistol but he kicked it out of my hands. I tripped him up with my foot and ran to his Gun which was lying on the floor next to his ship. Before i could grab it i turned and his was running towrads me, i moved out of the way and grabbed him and swung him into the side of his own ship. I then grabbed his helmet and rammed his head into the side, while pulling back to do it again i pulled his helmet off but he elbowed me in the stomach, winded i gasped and backed away when he turned i gasped again...i was looking back....at my own face*

(i will post more or edit this later depending on how i feel)

Sebastian Vlay
07-26-2005, 12:48 PM
(Great. I look forward to total domination of the world. Brace yourself for the unimaginable!)

07-26-2005, 01:42 PM
(red leader)

Zatro: "Ok Guys we all know what we aer doing? right then spilt lets do this!"
*the group seperates*
Zatro: "Red 2, Red4 are you with me?"
Pipedown: "arming Torpedoes"
Skull: "copy that Red 2"
*all of the group fire torpedoes just below the bridge and they all hit it, the ship bairly rocks and shows no sighn of being hit*
Zatro: "Hit's confirmed and succesful"
Vandal: "Tie Fighters are off your tail Red Leader you're clear to continue your attack"
Zatro: "Copy that Vandal, Red2, Red4 arm torpedoes and come aroud for attack 2"
*again they fire their torpedoes at the same place but again nothing happens*
Zatro: "Hit 2 confirmed and succesful"

Sebastian Vlay
07-26-2005, 02:37 PM
JM 221 observes the battle from a bridge side-viewport, watching the Rebels attack his star destroyers uselessly. The turbolasers blast viciously against the Rebel ships, but so far haven't done too entirely much to them. And his TIE fighters seem to be efficient.
He walks over to his computer, scanning the read-outs carefully. An officer confronts him while reading, "Sir, our scout ships have found the Rebels on the planet and the troop shuttle has landed. Any further orders?"
"Actually, no. Kill them on sight. Once that's done, destroy all their ships and equipment." He says coldly.
"Very well," the officer returns to his duties.
He taps his com-link after entering an encryption code into his datapad. A few well-placed words would bring their starfighters down in an instant. "Okay, make it quick." He finishes, shutting off his comm.
The Rebel starships were beginning to take some damage. He could see the hulls weakening. As for the starfighters... Well, they won't last for long.

(Is anyone going to answer my question? What is the climate of Yenna IV? Is it wastelands and lava?)

07-26-2005, 02:46 PM
(lets assume it's forested and in always raining?)
(note: the star destoyer we are attacking is not yours Seb)

Zatro: *smiling* "Ha they dont have a clue what we're doing!"
Pipedown: "ha fools if they did they would try and get us!"
Skull: "are we ready yet?"
Zatro: "are you ready pipedown?"
Pipedown: "ready when you are"
Zatro: "ok, start attack but remember the shields will be down for literally a few seconds!"
Pipedown: *laughs* "will do!"
*pipedown arms EMP and luanches it at bridge and rippel of electricity goes across it and it's shields go down dor literaly a second but in that time skull launched a missile*
Skull: "HIT! CLEAR!!"
*the seismic charge explodes and completly obliterated the connection between the bridge and the main ship....EXPLOSION! the Bridge floated off into space*

Sebastian Vlay
07-26-2005, 03:28 PM
(And note: I said 'his star destroyers.' Read more closely next time.)

Sebastian Vlay
07-26-2005, 07:33 PM
A small but deadly Lancer frigate emerged from hyperspace, moving into position. As soon as in position, it's lasers open fire, taking out the Rebel fighters quickly and effeciently.
They did, however, lose an old Victory-class star destroyer, but oh well. They've put a stop to that now.
"Send another squadron of TIE fighters out to combat the Rebel fighters. Protect the Cepheus as best as possible while remaining on task by destroying the Rebel starships." He says, the others relaying the message.
From the bridge of his star destroyer, a Rebel ship began to have several major explosions among the hull. It was almost destroyed.
The ground troops should have taken care of the Rebels there by now as well. Now they just wait...

Renegade Angel
07-26-2005, 08:19 PM
((Yenna is a wsteland, rocky, lava planet, like the one from EP. III, It's hot and the only trees there are burnt up, it's also really dark because of smoke and that.))
Mira went right past the fighters and saw Red Squadron fighting Star Destroyers.
"This is Mira Kenobi, Do you read me Red Squadron? I'd like to help!"

07-27-2005, 02:33 AM
(red leader)

"Mira, this is Red Leader we are about to attack another star destoyer you are welcome to help but these star destoyers are tough i hope you can handle it"
*dodges fighter fire then destroys Tie fighter*
*Red group start to attack another star destoyer*
"Ok change of plan, Red 3 and Red 8 help Vandal there will be more Ties on the next star destroyer"

07-27-2005, 05:43 AM
oh dear i've missed alot

Stu sees Mira and Jax Fly off to yenna IV and is about to go after them when he spots a group of star destroyers up ahead and runs off to tell the ships commanders.

"Guys there is a group of star destroyers up ahead."
Commander: "very well Admiral."
Commander: "All Sheilds up to max."
"Right,I'm going out to Mira and Jax."

At the Hangar

*Stu looks for a nimble ship so he can manuvere the hostlile surface,he spots an A-Wing and gets in it.*
*Flys out of the hangar.*
"Mira,Jax can you guys hear me please respond."

Renegade Angel
07-27-2005, 09:32 AM
"I can take them."
Mira flew up beside the Red Leader.
"So, Red Leader, what's the plan?"
"Mira, Jax, can you hear me?"
"Mira here"

Sebastian Vlay
07-27-2005, 10:10 AM
(Oh, and also: http://www.galacticempiredatabank.com/LancerFrigate.html. It has a lot of data on Lancer Frigates.)

From the bridge of his star destroyer, JM 221 could see the Cepheus beginning to pound on the Rebellion's starfighters. And ---


One of the Rebel starships blew apart, the star destroyers triumphant. JM 221 smiled slightly, "Cepheus, report."
A young, but certainly intelligent voice of a commander came over the comm. "Sir, uhh... We've estimated twelve starfighters that have been destroyed since we arrived. It shouldn't be long now until they leave this place."
"Very well. But they're not going to leave anywhere yet. Also, target that one Slither space superiority fighter out there."
"Why's that sir?"
"Just do it."
"As you wish."
He tapped his com-link's switch off, thinking hard. That Rebel ship over there... The one that was heading towards Dantooine. What's it carrying that's so important to them? JM 221 thought to himself.
"Captain, do a sensor focus on that Rebel starship behind the combatting starships. Also, have Intelligence do a scan and give us all available data on it. There's something of importance to them." He informs the captain. As is that Slither that just entered the battle from the planet.
"Yes sir," the captain replied.

07-27-2005, 02:28 PM

*the bounty hunter took advantage of me being stunned, he punched me in the stomach and kicked me over*
"it was you...you killed them!"
"kill who?"
"what! how....do you know him....what! IM GUNNA..!"
*i jump up and punch him in the stomach and ramm him into the wall of his ship, i then continuely punch him in the head*
*he is knocked out and i grab him and tie him up i shove him in the cargo hold after taking all of his weapons*
"comman...im coming back...i've got the bounnty hunter...i'll leave him with you...then join the battle"

07-27-2005, 02:36 PM
(Red Leader)

"Ok guys open fire on the bridge defences!"
*the group fire at the bridge*
"The shields are too strong"
"i know, i didn't expect to break through them right now anyway"
"Pipedown, launch EMP below the bridge just as before"
"copy that Red Leader"
"Ok skull, luanch that Seismic Charge...now!"
"wait i got some fighters...AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"
*skull had luanched the seismic charge before he had been hit...It Exploded right next to the fighters and the bridge....the bridge sustained major damage and Pipedown was also caught up in the blast*
"NO, Pipedown! Skull! Vandal retreat!"
*luanches Torpedo into bridge and the bridge sustains more damage and is on fire the ship floats dramatically into the side of another star destoyer they both explode, The explosion engulfs fighters, rebel and imperial*
"NOOOO! Grey group!?"
"don't worry Red leader we got away...well what was left of my group anway"
"oh....ok....meet me at the Rebel cruiser i think Jax Polara is meetign us there"
"Copy that Red Leader"

Renegade Angel
07-27-2005, 06:38 PM
Mira started to turn the fighter around when she noticed that the fire and the hole in the Star Destroyer was gone. She decided to forget about it and she began to follow the rest of Red squadron.

07-28-2005, 02:28 PM

*As i arrived at the cruiser, i got out and saw a few fighters flying towards the ship, i took the unconcious bounty hunter to the cells and he was placed in one and was under high security guard, i returned to the hanger and saw Red Leader*
"Red Leader? what are you doing here? arn't you suppose to be fighting those star destroyers?"
"well yes but we need your help"
"well your the master on taking out star destroyers"
"Don, how are you?"
"Fine boss"
"i told you, don't call me that"
"oh yeah Jax i forgot its just that rez- sorry"
"anyway...*over intercom* Blue Group report the hanger now!"
*blue group came running out of a side door*
"Jax...i mean Blue leader?"
"we need to take out those star destroyers"
"yes sir, get to your ships, Blue 7 lead the other Y wings and bombard the defences on that Lancer Frigates,I know they dont have much defence power but if you bombard what you can we can then easily take it down"
*They all get in their ships*
"ok guys lets do this!"
*the ships all flew out of the hanger*
"ok guys screw the formalities, all wings in attack position"
*the group split up, red leader and red group followed Blue-7 and the other Y wings from Blue Group*
"Mira follow me and Blue Group, we are going to take out that star destroyer there, Grey group follow me!"
"Copy that Blue Leader we are right with you"

(im no longer gunna use Red Leader, but i would prefer it if he didnt die just yet)

Renegade Angel
07-28-2005, 05:00 PM
Mira jumped into her ship and took off.
"Before we attack, I need to tell you something, those ships can regenerate in certain weak spots."

07-29-2005, 04:58 AM
*Stu Flies back to the cruiser to see jax and mira racing back out the hangar.*

*Stu jumps in his personal firespray to jump into battle*

Jax: "We're gonna take out that star destroyer."
"Copy Jax i'm right with you."
Adrian: "So are we!"
"Adrian!, You guys are ok."
Ad: "Yep,and your still on the alliance so your still the Green Squad Commander."
"Wow You guys didnt give up on me."
Ad: "Hmm of course man."
"Okay Lets Go Blue Leader."

For those of you playing the home game, There were 7 people in green squad:,Stu,Adrian,Colleen,Jennifer,David,Alan & Luke, They all flew E-Wings,During the phantom II Luke & David were blown up and so was Jennifer Which ended in Stu going nuts and almost resigning from the alliance. During the time of the "betrayal" of gus,Stu & Jax, Stu told the remaining Green squadron to fly to a remote planet until the situation was over.

07-29-2005, 05:22 AM
"Glad to have you along green group, Don't worry about the weak spots cus we're not going for them, if we concentrate our fire on the bridge we should penetarte their shields if not, i believe Dave has a seismic charge capable enough to destroy the bridge entirely but i would prefer not to use that just yet"
*the group gets close enough to the star destroyer...*
"Ok guys lets do this!"
*starts attacking the star destroyer*

07-29-2005, 06:57 AM
"Copy that Blue leader i'm right with you lets go."

07-30-2005, 05:46 AM
"copy that Stu, take aim and fire just below the bridge on my count 1-2-3!"
(torpedoes fire and hit just below the bridge and the star destroyer rocked violently and a fire broke out in the bridge)
"direct hit, come around for second attack"
*turns around and fires second round of torpedoes, The star destroyer shook and explosions erupted all along the bridge*
"good, one more round should do it"
*fires third round of torpedoes and the bridge explodes*
"yes, good work everyone, now we have to take out that lead star destroyer, it has ties swarming around it so be careful"

07-31-2005, 09:13 AM
"oh man Jax that thing is almost inpenetrable!"

Renegade Angel
07-31-2005, 12:06 PM
"Hm... I can distract those TIE Fighters for you."
Mira activated her ship's shields and armed her proton torpedos.

Sebastian Vlay
08-01-2005, 11:15 AM
(Hey guys, I'm sorry about the last two-three days. I never had time to post on Saturday, and on Sunday my stepfather was using the computer all day. But I'm back and should be fully active again. :p And did you guys ever destroy the Cepheus, lancer frigate? I can't find any posts saying you did, so I'm assuming you haven't.)

Three Imperial-class star destroyers, tens of thousands of men, dozens of TIE fighters, and all sorts of scrap and equipment was just destroyed before his eyes. Pffft, it's time to show these Rebels who we really are.
"Commander, we've just received word from Intelligence and scans indicate that the Rebellion is carrying several different strange creatures and animals aboard their transport."
"Animals? Animals? What could they be doing with them that's so important?"
"I don't know, sir," the other officer said. "Perhaps selling them?"
"Ah, it doesn't matter. Inform the Cepheus to move closer to the battle scene. The starfighters won't be able to penetrate it's armor, so don't worry." JM 221 says.
"Have the starfighter squadrons give cover to the Cepheus just to be sure, though."
And on the bridge, JM 221 observes yet another Rebel starship blow apart from the incoming Imperial turbolaser fire. He also sees the lancer-class frigate moving at a fair pace towards the battle, opening fire and destroying Rebel fighters.
"Okay, now we just watch...." He says.

Renegade Angel
08-01-2005, 09:48 PM
"A lancer!" yelled Mira. The Cephus was getting closer by the second, destroying everthing in it's path.
"I think we'll need that charge for something else."

08-02-2005, 08:31 AM
Oh God! how much longer will we be able to take this."
Adrian: "Hmm i've got an idea follow me."
*Adrian and Stu race in front of the lancer and get its attention.The Lancer fires its cannons at them whilst they race infront of the imperial ships,the lancers Cannons hit the imperial ships damaging them heavily.*
"Ok Jax Lets get that destroyer!."

08-07-2005, 10:37 AM
Lol :laughing:

No spamming, please.

~ Redwing

Sebastian Vlay
08-07-2005, 10:50 AM
What's so funny, Quixter? Oh, I see. You're laughing because they may not be as good as you when they role play, huh? Well everyone has to start somewhere. When I first role played in Star Wars three years ago, I allowed my Interdictor cruiser be destroyed by four turbolasers firing from a planet. Real intelligent and realistic, huh? It's not.

We all start somewhere, right? They will get better in time.

08-15-2005, 05:28 AM
hey guys sorry i havn't posted in ages i've been on holiday!

any way um...ok...lets go!

"stu what are you crazy?"
*dodges Tie fire*
"Dave, concentrate all your fire power on those Ties"
"copy that Jax"
*dave fires into a group of closly nit ties many of which explode or collide with others*
"good shot...."
*luanches torpedoes into the under side of the lancer*
"this thing is tough...hmmmmm...Nekx what do you say to a little exploring?"
"i want you to go into the lancer and steel anything that looks important"
"like what?"
"anything....anything that might make them follow us!"
"ok...i'll need some cover"
"i know"
*nekx and Jax level up with one of the hangers...jax fires a few shots and Nekx dives in...although the shots are deflected by the ray shields the cannons fire is drawn towards Jax rather than Nek*
"im in"

Sebastian Vlay
08-15-2005, 10:04 AM
(Thanks a lot Redwing, ^. It's not too much of a problem JediOfDoom. Just that there were a few times I'd really wished someone would have posted because not on any of the forums I role play on had there been posts. Hopefully everyone else posts soon. This is the captain on the Cepheus. You know, I was thinking of sending down stormcommandos, but I figured I would be even nicer. Muaawaawahahaa!)

"Boarders, you say?"
"Yes captain. Our hangar has just reported two Rebel fighters, one already inside the hangar, the other attempting to provide cover fire. Sir, may I suggest --"
"You will move everyone out of the hangar, closing it off completely. Life support, air cleansers, power systems, doors, everything. I want everyone out and guarding the doors, but only lightly, in 45 standard seconds. Then have all systems in the hangar shut down. NOW, get on it!"
"As you wish."
Sure enough, within 41.66 standard seconds everyone was out of the hangar, four seconds later, the all the hangar's lights, support systems, gravity support, electricity, everything was shut down. There would be no possible way for them to use their guerilla tactics this time. It was all over for one of those Rebels. As for the one flying around the hangar, well, the TIEs were swarming towards it now.

(Just for Angels fun and your guys humiliation, I will say, 'Come out, your death will be quick and painless!' - Elites, Halo 2 No funny business, Jedi.)

08-15-2005, 10:22 AM
*as the lights flicker and go out in the hanger...*
"Nekx? NEKX?! can you hear me?"
*Nekx's B wing floated out of the hanger but Nekx wasn't in it, a body flew out a few moments later*
*Jax fires at the bridge but nothing happened*
"Jax, jax? can you hear me? im in!"
"Nekx? you're ok?"
"yeah but-wait no *blast*-"
*over intercom* "Halt rebel scum, stun him! Sir we've got him!"
"Nekx? damn it! Im gunna get you out!"
*dodges Tie fire, and blasts one out of space*

Sebastian Vlay
08-28-2005, 02:03 PM
Helloooo....? Is anyone going to post? JediOfDoom? Renegade Angel? Fisto Kit? C'mon, I patiently await your replies. I want to finish this thing JediOfDoom started. I'm sure school and stuff isn't that complicated that it interferes and gives you no time at all to do what you want. C'mon, say something, all three of you.

08-28-2005, 03:43 PM
well im ready but no one else seems to be posting....but i will continue!

Jax dodfes more Tie fire and circels The Lancer firing continualy.
"damn it! Come on you idiots follow me!"
Jax fires a torpedo into the bridge. nothing happens. Jax turns a shoots a tie which explodes into the hull.
Over his intercom Jax could hear a muffled noise.
"Nekx can yuo hear me?"
No answer...
The Lancer turned slowly and headed towars the other star destroyers. Jax was running out of time. Jax serched for the source of the Ties which kept on coming. He found a small hanger. He had no other plan up his sleeve so hie dived in narowly missing a tie fighter. He landed heavily. He jumped out withdrawing his pistol. He hsot a pilot and grabbed his pistol too. he dragged the body behind his fighter. There was no one else in the hanger. he knew that secuirty could probably see him. but he did nt care. He stripped the pilot of his unifrom and put the pilot into his yellow jump suit. he slammed the helmet on. As he did the door opened at the far end and storm troopers came in. Jax held up the limp body of the pilot. They considered Jax for a few moments then beckond Jax towards them. Jax knew there was no way i could get away with it...

08-29-2005, 12:54 PM
"Is he dead?" a storm trooper asked
Jax shook his head
"right come with me to the detention area the other one i there now"
Jax nodded and followed the stormtrooper
They wound their way through the corridoors. Jax had the pilot over his shoulder.
They arrived at the detention area and jax threw him into a cell. the door closed and Jax looked around. On the side their was computers saying who was in what cell and what theywere in for..
there was one man in for treason
another for shooting a droid
one for crashing his Tie into the side of the hanger casuing massive damage
and at the end they had: Rebel
i looked around, The stormtrooper turned
"should'y you get back to the hanger?"
I raised my gun my side slowly
"yes i suppose i should"
he turned to the door i shot him in the head, he fell to the floor
i turned and shot the guard. He tried to stop me but before he could raise his gun he was dead.
I ran to Nekx room and pushed a button on the side
He door opened and Nekx was sitting there
"what do you want?"
I took my helmet off
"Jax! you came to rescue me!"
"yeah now be quiet! come on!"
He followed me to the main room, i shoved a stormtrooper suit in his direction
"put this on"
He did it quickly
"right now come with me"
we made our way quickly to the hanger
This was too easy it had to be a trap but i convinved myself to keep going
we passed a corridoor marked with naviagation. I turned around to Nekx.
"We have to steal something"
"like what?"
"i told you we need to get them to follow us"
they ran along the hall way. and into a small room full of conrols. On the side was a clipboard with the co-ordiantes of...
"the rebel base"" jax muttered
he grabed it. someone saw him
"oi what are you...?"
Jax shot him and they ran..they made it to the hanger..
jax jumped into his B wing fighter and Nekx jumped into the co-pilot seat. Jax had his B wing desighned to seat 2 even though he rarley needed it. they took off and got out of the hanger unharmed..
"theres something wrong" jax said at once
"what?" asked Nekx
"it was all too easy"
Jax scanned the ship....there was nothing un-friendly on board.
"hmmm something's up...they ket us steel that clipboard"
"i don't think so. why would they let us go?"
"I don't know..."
Behind them the lancer turned and followed them...jax's plan was workinh but Jax still felt un-easy, what was going on? why had it been so easy? and as Jax flew towards an area which he knew was an asteroid field he knew someting was wrong. He glanced behind him and saw a wave of ties coming...
"Nekx arm rear gun"
"ok jax"

Sebastian Vlay
08-29-2005, 05:06 PM
Commander JM 221 listened as Intelligence patched him through to the Rebel pilot's little plan. Well, the reason being why we are letting you take those procedures, young Jax, is that all your Rebel friends are now dead, and the escort ships have been destroyed. We have no use for them coordinates, as we've already marked them down on our networks. But, there is more than what you see on that clipboard, young fool. Take a closer look at the schematics for the ultimate plan..., he thought.

"Commander, we've opened fire on the Rebel b-wing. Their guns don't seem to be functioning at this moment. It shouldn't be long now," said wing commander Yndesa.

"No, you are to only shock the Rebels while we access their com-links to order them back here. If they do not proceed back to my star destroyer, they should know that we will destroy them."

"Yes, sir."

JM 221 watched now as the Yndesa and his two TIE squadrons raced in after the Rebel b-wing. The b-wing wouldn't get far anyways, because if the pilot was planning to jump to lightspeed, he should think again.

08-29-2005, 05:18 PM
"Jax we have a problem"
"the guns aren't working!"
Jax charged up the ion cannons but nothing heppened
"damn it they must have knocked them out!"
Jax climsped over to the other star destroyers. A rebel cruiser exploded.
"damn! Don do you copy?"
"Jax? you're still alive?"
"no im speaking from the dead, of corse im still alive!" Jax snapped
"sorry Jax it's just...wow"
"i know...it was all too easy. anyway whats the situation?"
"well it's pretty bad, we've lost most of red group and gold group, Me, Dave, Carlson, Mira and Kenny still alive that i know of"
"ok meet me at these co-ordiantes im sending you now"
"copy that see you there....i hope"
Jax ran a scan through his computer and the guns were almost online
"Nekx ready the guns we are gunna have company"
"copy that cus"
Jax continued to the asteroid field. he hoped the lancer wouldnt realise what he was doing and even if they did they surly needed the co-ordinates for the rebel base...jax was sure they probably had a copy but the lancer was following him and that was something
"Gun's online Jax"
"good, i hope these imperials know who and what they are dealing with"
Jax put of a burst of speed and armed the torpedos
"Don where are you now?"
"i can see you jax"
Jax, Don, Dave and carlson re-grouped by the ateroid field and continued into it. kenny had jumed to lightspeed. Don had told him the co-ordinates of a group of reinforcements and they were on their way. Mira was no where to be found. Don said they had lost her and couldnt find a trace of her ship. They continued to dodge rocks and debrey.
Jax smiled
"come and get us"

(someone else post, come on guys i rekon we can finish this soon but me and seb really can't finish the story on our own so post!)

Sebastian Vlay
08-29-2005, 05:36 PM
(OOC: I agree, Renegade Angel, I know you can post. I'm positive. Jax, send him a PM or email, though. We'll get him to post. Thanks, we're almost done. This has been well worth registering. We've even expanded from the original plot but still kept with it at the same time. Good work.)

08-31-2005, 04:59 AM
(i messaged renegade angle 2 days ago still hasn't messaged me back. im gunna finish this off now, if you wanna reply anyone i can easily delet the post or edit it but no one seems to be posting except me a and seb and i would like to finsih my story)

Jax dived into the asteroid field hoping the lancer would follow
The Ties camn after them. A few ties were destroyed by the asteroids. Don circled round an asteroid and came out behind them and blasted three of them down. the remaining two crashed into each other as they apeared to be trying to escape
"thats the last one"
"copy that Don remain vigalent"
The lancer seemed to be going very slowly. It slipped past a few asteroids and blasted more of it's way.
"Ok guys what we have to do is get the lancer stuck in this asteroid field and in order to do that we have to take out it's guns"
"it's a lancer remember is isn't like a normal star destroyer so come one!"
Jax made his way towards the Lancer. it was fully in the asteroid field now. Jax launched a torpedo and it hitdirectly where he knew a gun was placed. the shield had given way and the gun wasn't taken out, jax knew this becuase it fired towards him. he ddoged it.
"this will never work!" Dave yelled
"no..." Jax muttered
"wait guys come on we're in a n asteroid field we're basically sitting ducks and our fighters are mutch smaller than that lancer"
"thats right....I got it! Arm cluster torpedos or anything you have!"
"fire towards the lancer....not directly at it...if we hit it ok but if we can hit the smaller asteroids around it they might crash into the lancer!"
"nice plan!"
They all fired towards the lancer the cluster bombs seperated and all hit different asterids. Only one peice of debrey hit however.
"damn...arm seismic charges"
"copy that"
Don, Carlson and Dave all fired seismic charges. Jax's ship was not equiped with them. The charges exploded. peices of the asteroids it has hit went flying. this time their plan was more succesful. The lancer was bombarded with bits of the asteroids. It apeared the engine had been damaged because the engine died out.
"Yes it's stuck Ok guys follow me!"
The squdron of Bwings made their way out of the asteroid field. The lnacer kept floating further into the field helplessly.
"Ok guys fire everything you have every single last torpedo!"
They all fired at the same time. over 100 missiles went sreaming towards the lancer. some didn't make it but some crashed spectacually into the bridge other hits asteroids around the lancer and casued even more damge to the Lancer. Finally Jax armed his most destructive weapon a cluster charge. this hand made torpedo was rare. It's purpose was to be guided vis remote control to it's destnation. unlike other torpedos it had a small shield which could be deactivated. when it got closer to it's destination it could destroy any star destroyer. But jax wasnt aiming for just the lancer..he was aiming for a few large aterida around it aswell.....he fired it....
Nekx guided it towardsa the lancer. when it got closer he deactivated the shield. it urtled towards the lancer it collided half with the lancer and half with an asteroid. The explosion was massive. it engulfed the whole asteroid field. The b wings were almost blown away. They could no longer see the lancer. if that meant it had been destroyed they did not know. tiny bits of rocks blocked their view. even if it wasnt destroyed it was stuck. They returned to the main fight. as they did rebel cruisers exited hyper space and opened fire on the damaged star destroyers. One exploded. The cruisers then released a wave of figters. another star destroyer exploded. another damaged mannaged to jump to hyper space.Exhausted jax docked with oneof the cruisers.
He was greeted by admiral Kerr
"Jax good to see you"
Jax slumped against his B wing
"busy day?"
"you could say that, god i think i might retire...and im only 24"
"ha....you wish"
"well can you blame me?"
"well no....oh your wearing a tie pilot suit!"
"yeah well...a little exploring never hurt"
"i see"
"what happened to the other cruisers?"
"well it apears they were attacked by some sought of ship....a firespray"
"what!?" Jax said standing up
"yes aparently a bounty hunter wa brought on board and well he escaped on board one of Stu Zanders craft"
"what...so he's loose?"
"and what about Stu?"
"we don't know where he is im afraid"
Jax looked out of the hanger. The bounty hunter was still out there. Jax vowed to catch him....again. Jax thought about stu. where was he? had the bounty hunter taken him when he had stolen Stu's ship? or was Stu on the cruiser when it blew up? The stars winked at him. and Jax knew his adventures with the rebels wern't quite over yet...


Sebastian Vlay
08-31-2005, 07:49 AM
(Sorry to post again, but brilliant job Jedi, I believe you can be a great writer some day. I hope to see all four of us role play again here in a little while. Also, I have a question Jedi, are you going to make another topic that comes after this? I'm asking because of your last paragraph. Good job. :p )

08-31-2005, 07:58 AM
cheers seb. I would like to make another topic depending on if rennegade angel and fisto-kitt start role playing again cus they have to be in the story really. I just have to say thanks guys. when i started the phantom i wasn't really sure where i would go with it but we really did well. oh and look out for a topic following the lines of "Phantom:The revenge" or something like that. cheers guys!

Sebastian Vlay
08-31-2005, 08:04 AM
(Oh, one last thing. Jedi, if you want them two, you have to get them two. That means we have to do every possible thing to get them to post again. Emails, instant messengers, private messages, whatever type of contact we can do. That's all I'll say. Good luck, and set some rules and restrictions on the next thread, that way it will work out better.)

08-31-2005, 02:25 PM
((By the way, a two-person conversation is best held by PMs. I don't mind this at all, but this kind of thing can get confusing for returning people trying to catch up... :)

And don't panic, school/college is starting about now and everyone's going to be swamped for a little bit ;)))

Renegade Angel
08-31-2005, 04:13 PM
Sorry, Guys. I got busy over the summer.(And no, I dont mean... Well, you know.... BUSY....Like with me and my gi.... Nevermind) I just had so much to do... But Im back!

Sebastian Vlay
08-31-2005, 04:44 PM
(Yeah.... Well, I'm very sorry RedWing. We'll await Nosturbo's returning post and then perhaps write a new thread. Until then, I suppose we shall engage in the private messaging cycle.)

08-31-2005, 05:17 PM
hey guys ive started a new topic...

Phantom: The Revenge

join in! cheers