View Full Version : "Pure Pazaak" v1.0.0 Released

07-27-2005, 03:39 AM
Hi! I've had a couple of people (fine fine, only 2) suggest that I should let as many KotOR fans as possible know about my Pure Pazaak program. I guess those people are just looking for someone to play against.

(If you also hang around BioWare, Obsidian or the Holowan forum you will probably be sick and tired of seeing this - I apologize to you. Not really a "Mod" is it...).

Anyway, incase you only frequent here, the main jist I've copied/pasted is:
Just some quick info for new people:
- This is not a mod. It is fully standalone from KotOR
- All this stuff is copyright LucasArts, Bioware, Obsidian, (blah blah blah). My point is that the graphics and stuff are from the games themselves.
- Network play is via Direct IP, so it will be hard to find players to have games without some sort of meeting place (which there is none for now).
- Also network related, you will need to look up the standard stuff like Port Forwarding and Firewall configurations and stuff.

My very n00b and recently finished web-site has more info, and probably what most people use to judge things early: screenshots!