View Full Version : I'm stuck in the Malachor V temple

08-01-2005, 08:39 PM
Hey I'm new to the forums so please tell me if I'm in the wrong forum. But anyway, I'm a Jedi Watchman, but I can't survive in the Malachor V temple. I was a sentinel (sp?) and could woop anybody till now. I come up against 2 sith Mauraders and a Dark jedi and a Sith Lord then through the other door I have to fight some more then a whole buch of turets and sith guards!

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08-01-2005, 10:24 PM
Welcome to the forums, and yes you posted in the wrong forum but everyone does it sometime. The best you can do to take those guys out is buff yourself up on everything (especially shields), and use an area stun/damage spell (if you have the highest lvl of force push or stasis field use those), and grenade guys who are at the back.

08-02-2005, 02:31 AM
Buff yourself up before combat with shields/stims/force powers and then enter the room where the enemies are. First kill the Sith Lord in melee combat, then the two Marauders with offensive force powers, that should work. If you're getting low on HP, run away, heal and charge up, then fight again.

08-02-2005, 11:13 AM
Thanks, I got through it. I just had to rearange some items.