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08-07-2005, 04:05 PM
As many of you know, I am heading up the SOTE MOD. There are certain things that we need to see in the mod. This thread is aabout "do you think this can conceivably be done" and not "please do it for me".

1. Jetpack
There are some levels in this mod that require use of a jetpack. The very ability to do this is essential to the way we map certain levels. This unfortunately has put us on hold for a little while. What we need is the jetpack from JA+ (at least I think it was ja+). Basically we need a jetpack that has basic flight control, limited fuel, and the ability to recharge that fuel when not in use.

2. New force powers.
I'd like two new force power if possible. The first one is similar in concept to team heal. However, instead it is a "heal other" power where only one individual is healed. This may not have much practicality in Multiplayer (ctf, ffa, duel, etc...) but it would be enormous in sp mods. Let's say that you are playing Luke Skywalker, and one of your objectives is to not allow Dash, Lando, or Chewbacca to die. The way to heal them is to use "heal other."

The second force power I'd like to have is actually a seperation of a current power into two. I'd like to seperate force choke from levitate. Right now, if you want to throw a target over a ledge, you have to force choke them. In MP games, this is not so important as it is beneficial to have them combined. However, in sp games, it would be far better since choke does not work on droids. However, as we've seen in movie lore (ESB and ROTJ) that a Jedi can in fact levitate droids. In addition, there could be the capacity to levitate other things such as objects and even use them for attack (like Vader does in ESB, & Dooku does in AOTC).

3. new animation for force power.
Right now in JA multiplayer, when you use team heal, you just hear a sound and assume that everyone got their HP raised. I would rather see the one who initiates the team heal to have an animation. In fact, what I have in mind is utilization of the force drain animation for the "heal other" force power.

4. Snow Speeder tow cable
I imagine this one will be the hardest, but I want to give the player the ability to take down AT-ATs with the tow cables. The player has to aim, shoot, and then make 3 passes around the AT-AT without leaving a set radius from the target.

5. Super intelligent (or at least better than normal) bots. I want to make some levels that are space flight sim. While I know that these levels simply can't be as good as X-wing Alliance, they will have a similar feel to JA Star Destroyer Siege. What I want is for TIE fighters to move fast and in groups of 4. They will not simply just chase and shoot. I'd like them to move in formation, shoot the target, and then fly overhead to make another attack run.

08-08-2005, 10:09 PM
1. Jetpack - Jetpack code already exists in basejka so you really don't have to port it from anything. I beleive it's just a matter of enabling it on your maps.

2. Doable

3. Doable

4. Doable, but the difficulty of the task would probably really depend on how you do it.

5. Sounds pretty tricky to do the formation thing but I imagine it's doable.

08-09-2005, 12:25 AM
WOOT!!! 1-4 gets me psyched. As for #5, it would be a nice factor, but it's not so important. The big thing that I'd like to have here is TIE fighters that behave a certain way. I'll message you with other details. Thanks for the info. We're starting to get to a point in the SOTE MOD where we're going to need code. (Heck, I'm just glad to have mappers :lol: )

08-09-2005, 01:16 AM
Glad I could help. :)

08-17-2005, 01:31 PM
Normally in the game "heal other" (Team Heal) only works in Team FFA, CTF and Siege. It's actually a highly useful MP power, and anyone who doubts this doesn't play enough full force team games. ;)

However porting that power to SP somehow would be great, if it were possible...

08-18-2005, 01:37 PM
Certainly. Team Heal is very helpful in most MP situations. The heal other that I'm looking for wouldn't be very useful in MP games. The idea for this one is to stop and heal (kind of like heal 1 in JA)

08-18-2005, 04:57 PM
Ah, sort of like Drain in SP? Where you have to physically touch the other player to heal 'em?

Then again there is a mode of healing in Siege wherein you just hold use while touching the other person. It doesn't have any force type stuff surrounding it... I mean you hold out your hand touching them (like you're activating a panel) and they get healed slowly. But it's done by somebody with no force so I guess you're supposed to imagine it's mechanical (ie: bacta, med packs, nano bots, etc).