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With the creation of this new forum i desided that i would wright my very own Fan-Fiction. I am going to do one based around an R.P that i did in The dantooine thearter company thread. It is based around the era of KotOR an runs almost parrellel to events of the game. so far i have only done the prologue and the first chapter but i intend to post a chapter a week (depending on other responsibilities). So here is the first part of the story and feel free to comment as i'll edit the first post when i add new chapters untill it gets too big.

I would like to thank stringerhs for letting me use characters he created.

I hope you enjoy...
__________________________________________________ _____________

Character 1
Name- Jon Freeman
Species- Human
Sex- Male
Age- 37
Height- 5"9'
Side- Freelance (leaning to the republic)
Alignment: Lightside
Occupation/rank: Mercenary, Ex-Jedi
Type: Jedi Sentinel
Equipment: Lightsaber, Stealth belt.
Appearance: Black Hair, Acrobatic body build, lightly tanned skin, Brown eyes
Jon was born a Son of moisture farmers on the outer-rim world of Tatooine just outside of Anchorhead. By luck or the will of the force a Jedi en-rote to Dantooine crashed by one of the moister evaporator farms and was rescued by Jons Father. While healing at the family homestead the Jedi discovered Jon had a strong affinity with the force and eventually convinced Jons parents give him to the order. As the Jedi still had to head to Dantooine Jon was taken to the academy there.

He stayed on dantooine throughout the cource of his training as he was made a Padawan to Master Vandar. Vandar was the one who discovered that jon had the unique ability to see into the future although his vision could occasionally turn out to be false. Once he was made a Full knight he became a teacher to young Jedi Padawans before a Master chose them. He also found he had the ability to see the special abilities and potential, which led to him discovering Bastillias battle meditation.

During one session of mediation he did with the young padawans including Revan, Malak and Bastillia he had a disturbing vision of the future. He instantly called an emergency meeting of the council but his warnings were ignored and considered false like other visions. Feeling he could not stay with the order that would not trust him he left Dantooine. He took up work as mercenary for the republic and very quickly made enough money to buy a Corillian Freighter, which he named the oracle. After 2 years he ended up on Corellia and met Tia Nasai.

Character 2
Name- Tia Nasai
Species- Human (corillian)
Sex- female
Age- 20
Height- 5"7'
Side- Freelance
Alignment: Neutral
Occupation/rank: Mercenary.
Type: Scoundrel
Equipment: 3’ vibro-blade, Heavy Blaster pistol (Stun function), 'Hacking' Equipment (for breaking into computers, doors, etc.), stealth belt.
Appearance: Red Hair, Acrobatic body build, tanned Skin, blue/green eyes
Tia became an orphan immediately after birth when her Mother left her in the hospital she was born in on Corellia. She was taken to a government institution which was set-up to look after such abandoned children, Unfortunately It was poorly funded and she lived in conditions worse than the prisons in the planet. The Employed staff that was suppose to look after the children both neglected and abused the children. As soon as Tia had the chance (at the age of 9) she escaped in the hope of a better life but she soon discovered that the universe was cruel and no one was willing to help her. This led to a new life on the streets of coronet where she initially had to beg just to barely enough food to survive.

Soon after she found that she had to Resort to a life of crime, She taught her self to pickpocket and break lock to get enough money for food and other necessities. After 4 years on the streets she attempted to steal from who she thought was a simple freighter pilot, but found herself being caught by the ex-Jedi Jon Freeman. To reasons unknown to her he took her in and trained her to be an engineer and pilot with out wanting anything in return. She has worked on many jobs as a mercenary and thinks of Jon as an older brother.

Character 3
Name: Rytanya Cryain
Race: Zabrak
Sex: Male
Age: 31
Height: 5'9"
Side: None
Alignment: Leaning dark
Occupation: Mercenary/Escaped Convict
Type: Scoundrel/Soldier
Appearance: Medium build, medium skin tone, yellowish horns on head that have been sharpened down, Scar down his right chin.
Equipment: Light fiber-armor designed for good protection and stealth, Two curved daggers, stealth belt, Throwing knives, A heavy blaster pistol, A terminal hacking tool.
Cryain at an early age was the average Zabrak he lived no real hardship or luxury as his Father and mother both belonged to the Irodia military. He spent his childhood in military bases and with the tutoring of his parent learnt to handle weapons and pilot various vehicle. He joined the military academy as soon as he reached the age of acceptance and quickly raised to the top of his class, He particularly expelled in close quarters combat and stealth tactics. He qualified to become an officer nearly instantly after leavening the academy and was selected to train as a member of the Irodia elite commando unit. He successfully passed the training and final selection programmes to become one of the best intelligence operative. On one mission that was to gain intel on a potential enemy of the Zabrak he discovered that one of his fellow intelligence operative was a double agent, unfortunately the double agent knew of Cryains discovery and reported Cryain as double agent. Cryain killed him for his crimes but this just served as proof (in the eyes of his superiors) that Cryain was a double agent.

Cryain knew he could not return back to Irodia without him being killed the second he returned to the planet. This led to him having to find a new career, which intern led to him becoming a mercenary that could secretly retrieve information or assassinate. He quickly began working for all the major crime lords, however he still did work for whoever paid him the most including the republic. Unfortunately for him, his lack of loyalty led to him being imprisoned by the republic. While imprisoned in the highest security prison the republic had he met the Mandalorian Roa Ceetu.

Character 4
Name: Roa Ceetu
Race: Mandalorian
Sex: Male
Age: 42
Height: 6' 5"
Side: None, Escaped Convict
Alignment: Dark
Occupation: Mercenary/Escaped Convict
Type: Soldier
Appearance: Very solidly built, with clan tattoos on his left shoulder and several facial scars from previous battles.
Equipment: Modified Mandalorian Battle Armor, Clan Vibroblade, Modified Mandalorian Assault Rifle (added sniper function), Stealth Belt, Demolitions equipment.
Roa like all male Mandalorians grew up being trained to fight as soldiers. He fought before the Mandalorian war attacking the outer-rim with the rest of his clan as they followed Mandalore. He was known as both a good sniper and demolitions expert. Which often led to him being in the first attack wave so he could soften the defences before more wave went to attack. When the Mandalorian war began he was ordered to assassinate a diplomat on onderon. He did so but before he could escape he was captured and imprisoned for the rest of the war and therefore after.

While incarcerated he met Cryain, who at first began a private war with him due to the Mandalorians attack on Irodia. After several attempts to kill each other the two came to a mutual understanding and respect. They both then discovered that the two of them together had all the skills to escape the prison all they needed was a distraction which would prevent their recapture. The opportunity came around when Revan began his initial attacks so the two escaped and went into hiding until the ‘heat’ died down. The two decided they made a good team and became mercenaries working for the criminal organisations and anyone else who could afford their scurvies

Character 5
Name- Jace Tan
Species- Human
Sex- Male
Age- 23
Height- 5"7'
Side- Sith
Alignment: Darkside
Occupation/rank: Dark Jedi
Type: Sith Guardian
Equipment: Lightsaber, Dark Jedi Robes.
Appearance: Young, Medium build, corrupted by the dark side.
Jace was given to the Jedi at infancy as he was discovered to be strong with the force. The Jedi who discovered him took him straight to Dantooine for training where he trained under Jon freeman along with the other Padawan learners where he became close friends with both Revan and Malak. The friendship he had led to him following them too war against the Mandalorians and into the dark-side where he became one of Malaks personal apprentices. He does all the most important tasks for both Malak Revans including assassinations of Jedi.

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A Long Time Ago
In a Galaxy Far Far Away

Star Wars
Knights of the Old Republic
Knights of War

The Mandalorian war had ended with a republic victory, Thanks to the Jedi Revan and Malak. While the Republic licks it wounds after the destructive war, the two Jedi heroes have returned not as Jedi but as the evil Sith lords along with the republic soldiers who followed them. The Sith navy seems to have limitless numbers and is destroying entire worlds, The Jedi are being assassinated by their old brothering who have become the dark Jedi who follow Revan and Malak. This war has raged for some years and the republic are on the verge of defeat.

Chapter 1: Vision

The Jedi council chamber on Dantooine was filled with the masters and teachers of the academy, they stood in a semi circle around a Jedi knight who stood in the centre of the room. The Jedi Knight was a male human who stood in robes that covered his face in darkness; he looked at the head of the Dantooine council, master vandar. The Jedi Knight towered over the small master, nearly 3 times taller he had to look down at the great master. The knight raised his hands and gripped the hood of his robes; he pulled it behind his head removing the shadow that covered his face. He had sharp brown eyes and pitch-black hair; his skin was lightly tanned, and had a goatee on his chin.
“Master Freeman, Enlighten us, will you?” The small master asked looking up at a concerned looking Jedi.
“Yes Jon, why did you call us all here so urgently?” Master Vrook also asked stood next to the smaller master.
“ I have had a Vision, of the future.” The Jedi Knight Answered
“What does it involve?” A third master asked to the Knights left.
“War, The Mandalorians, and the Dark side.” Jon explained, “ I see Jedi going against the council to help the republic in a war against the Mandalorians.”
“That’s preposterous the Mandalorians won’t attack the republic they are only attacking small outer rim worlds.” Master Vrook argued looking at the head of the council
“That won’t last long they will attack, then the council will not aid the republic causing other Jedi to betray the order and help the Republic… This will lead them to the Dark Side.” The Jedi knight Tried to explain in more detail.
“Your visions have been wrong before how do we know this is not false information.” A forth master reminded Jon and the rest of the council.
“My visions are not false, my visions can be prevented if the right action is taken.”
“Propose, What action do you?”
“A pre-emptive strike. We need to advise the Republic to assist the outer-rim territories, With the Jedi aiding them.”
“WAR!” Master Vrook shouted, “You are proposing that we go to war.”
“No I’m trying to prevent one.”
“What you are saying is hard to believe, the Jedi will not go against our will.”
“But they will I have seen it.”
“In a vision that could be false.”
“Is that a chance you are willing to take.”
“I believe it is.”
“To not look in to this matter anymore, our decisions is.”
“How can you do nothing where the lives of millions are concerned.”
“The Mandalorians will not attack, we do not have to worry.”
“This is a mistake!”
“Careful Jon, you don’t want to say something you will regret.” Jon looked around the council to see if they all agreed with the masters, He Raised the hood over his head and began to walk out of the chamber…

Chapter 2: Mercenaries

Ten years later…

The heavily Modified Corillian freighter, The Oracle, flew Faster than the speed of light in Hyperspace on course for the prison space station just out side the Corillian system. The Ships was long and thin with two engines that covered the whole of the ship ships rear. The top of the ship had two quad laser turrets one a few meters behind the front one; underneath the ship was another duel laser turret in the centre of the ships hull. The Front of the ship had a large cockpit window with 3 ion cannons under the window and a single torpedo tube under those. The pilot was Jon freeman he looked the same as he did when he stood in the council chamber for the last time all those years ago, now he wore a green pilots Jumpsuit with his Lightsabre hanging off his black belt off the left size. He had his feet up on the pilots console with his arms folded and head hanging in front of his body; his eyes were closed as he was sleeping. He was awoken when a feminine hand touched his left shoulder; Jon turned his head upwards and looked at the beautiful young women standing just behind the pilots seat, She had long fiery red hair that was tied behind her head in a simple ponytail, her eyes were the perfect Mix of green and blue that set off the rest of her naturally slender features. She was wearing Dark brown trousers made from the largest reptiles skin found on Tatooine, she had a low cut red top with a open ribbed jacket made from the same Hyde as her trousers but was a lighter shade of brown, her back belt was hung off the right thigh with a holster attached to it, the holster held a heavy blaster pistol.

“Hey Tia.” Jon yawned as he straitened himself out and moved his feat off of the flight console. Tia walked to the co-pilots chair on the left side of the cockpit and began looking at the Navigation Computer. She began to push buttons and under the screen to check the ships course, once she finished she looked up at Jon and smiled at him.
“Having more visions of the future?” The co-pilot asked in a soft voice while still smiling
“No, Dreams of the past.” He replied breathing in heavily “How we doing for time?’
“We will arrive in about ten minutes.”
“Good the soon as we get rid of him the better.”
“Yeah, He ticks me off too. He won’t shut up about how the republic will soon be ‘crushed under Revans heel’.” She explained using her hands to emphasise the quote.
“Well that’s the Sith Commanders for you, they all have superiority complexes.”
“He won’t feel so superior once he’s locked up in the prison Station cells.”
“You’d be surprised.”

Two male Rodians a male Twi’lek and a female human ran through a dark alley in a warehouse district of the city Coronet on Corellia. Looks of fear and exhaustion covered their faces as they turned a corner into another alley. The floor was wet from a resent storm that covered the whole district, the walls still dripped to the drains on the floor below. The four sentient continued to run down the dark alley and over a deep puddle that covered their shoes, the Human, Twi’lek and one of the Rodians simply ran through it but the second Rodian was not as lucky. When the Rodian stepped on to the puddle he slipped and fell forwards on to his face, Half of his body was laying in the water as he pulled himself up so he could breath and continue running, The other three didn’t even look back and continued to run down the alley until the fallen Rodian couldn’t see them because of the darkness. The Rodian moved his knee under his body to help prop himself up he raised his body putting his weight onto his leg. Suddenly a handle less blade flew out of the darkness behind him and struck him in the spine causing him to fall forward again back into the puddle.

The three Sentient ran to a small metal door that led in to a room in one of the warehouses and stopped, The Twi’lek began to press the numeric buttons on a pad next to it. While the Twi’lek did this the other two looked around and down the alley they just run down.
“Where’s Golak?” The Rodian asked in his language.
“I think he’s gone.” The human replied while trying to catch her breath.
“Schutta, that’s another one they got.” The Twi’lek complained as the door opened, the three ran into the room and closed the door while the Twi’lek used a pad on the inside to seal the electronic locks the other two closed the manual locks by pushing metal rods across the side of the door. The three of them then moved to the middle of the room and turned to face the door they just sealed. They all stood silently while they listened to hear if their followers have found them. A few moments passed when Footsteps were heard coming closer to the door. The Rodian pulled out a blaster rifle and aimed it at the door; he shook with fear as the she anticipated an imminent attack. The footsteps stopped just outside door causing the Twi’lek to follow the Rodians suit and pull out a Blaster pistol. Everything went completely silent while the Sentient Watched the door to see if the door would open, A noise like metal hitting metal boomed behind them causing all three of them to turn and see what it was. There was nothing there other than a window that appeared to have been opened by the wind and which was properly the source of the noise, they turned back around and looked at the door aiming their weapons. The Twilek then looked at the human and moved his head in a motion telling her to check out the door. She reluctantly began walking slowly forward and towards the door after the first two steps the Rodian let out a loud gasp making the women and Twi’lek to turn and look the Rodians throat had been slit and he was in the middle of falling to the floor dead when they first looked. As the alien hit the floor the two remaining looked up for the attacker but no one was there, then there was a loud beeping noise coming from the door, Both turned to look at it when it exploded sending the door flying, the shockwave through the women across the room in to the wall. The Twi’lek became disorientated and did not know where to look but this didn’t last long as three energy blast flew through the blasted doorway and all hit him in the torso, killing him. A Man wearing full Mandalorian battle dress walked through the doorway holding a large assault rifle and moved towards the dead Rodian and looked down at him.
“Nice Work Cryain.” The Mandalorian said with a rough deep voice, he then looked up over the Rodian. The air in front of him began to shimmer in the shape of a tall humanoid. As the Humanoid came into vision on the colour spectrum It showed sharpened horns that circled the top of his head. It was a Male Zabrak who just deactivated his cloak field. He had scar that went from his right eye to the bottom of his right chin. He was wearing light battle armour and had a stealth belt around his waste. He raised a blood-covered blade in one hand and used his other hand to wipe the blood off.
“Thanks Roa.” He replied in a strong toneless voice. Just then they heard a weak feminine cough on the back wall it was the women who had been through by the shockwave earlier. Cryain and Roa then walked over to her as she lay on the floor, she looked up at them with pure fear across her face.
“Why?” she asked shivering with fear. Roa raised his rifle and pointed it at her head.
“It’s nothing personal you’re just a job.” The Zabrak answered seconds before Roa fired his weapon.

The dark Apprentice of Revan, Malak, stood on the bridge of admiral Saul Karath flagship the leviathan. He was looking at the giant star ship factory known as the Starforge, His Bottom draw was covered by a metal plate that had recently been attached after he lost that part of his face in a resent dispute with his master. This among other things had begun his plans to betray his master and take control of the Sith. He stood there and felt the presence of one of his Dark Jedi and Friend approach him from behind, the dark Jedi then kneeled on one leg and bowed his head as a sign of respect to his leader. The dark Jedi was quite young but his skin had gone grey with the corruption of the darkside of the force, his robes where as dark as his hair and eyes. His face was cracked and scared by the force showing he had truly fallen to the darkside of the force.
“You summoned me, my lord.” The Young dark Jedi Announced still bowing his head.
“Yes Jace, I did…” He turned around and walked towards the dark Jedi. “Rise my old friend.” The dark Jedi stood up and looked Malak in the eye.
“What thy bidding?”
“Master Revan has ordered me to organise the recovery of an ancient Jedi artefact. I have other priority that I must prepare, so I wish for you to take an Intradictor ship recover it”
“Master it is not my place to question your orders but I think I will be needed to defend Revan from the attack to capture him planned by the Jedi.”
“That will be handled by me, anyway you are the best person for this job, and it involve an acquaintance of yours the former Jedi Jon Freeman.”
“At last I will be able to get my revenge… I will not fail.”
“I know, you must set up a blockade between Corellia and Coruscant, Capture his ship and bring me the artefact, the rest I’ll leave to you.”
“Yes my lord I will leave immediately.” He suggested as he moved away towards the corridor outside the bridge.

The Oracle exited Hyperspace a few klicks away from the large Republic prison station built into the side of a lone asteroid. The ship flew toward the structure at a fast speed heading for a sealed Hanger. Both Jon and Tia were in the cockpit looking at the station out of the forward cockpit window, Tia was piloting the ship for a change as Jon preferred to do all the flying nut as most of the stages of this flight would be automatic so he saw no harm in it. As they got a bit closer Jon stood up and looked down at Tia.
“I’m going to prep our prisoner for Transfer..” Jon Requested before he walked out into the Cargo hold where their prisoner was being hold. The Hanger had solid metal doors to help prevent jail breaks so the Oracle had to stop a few meters in front of it before it cold enter. The hanger doors then split into three sections and they slid into the surrounding rock. Once the doors were fully opened the ship moved forward and through the newly opened Entrance. As the ship Fully entered the hanger a blue force field activated and vents began to pressurize the Hanger. As the ship began to lower three landing gears extended from the underside of the hull, shots of gas fired out of exhaust pipes as the ship touched the floor. When the Hanger finally pressurised a loading ramp began to extend down to the floor from the port side of the ship. Above the top of the ramp a door slid open, Jon was standing there behind a middle-aged man who was wearing a Sith officers uniform and Arm restraints. Jon pushed the officer in the back to make him begin walking forward, they both moved down to the bottom of the ramp and then turned off and walked towards a door at the back of the hanger. As they approached the door it opened and the warden aswell as two Prison guards entered the hanger.
“We can take him from here.” The warden ordered.
“Once I get what I’m owed.” Jon reminded him with a grin. The warden reached in to his pocket and pulled out a small pouch and threw it to Jon, He raised his right hand and gabbed the pouch and shoved the prisoner towards the Guards. Then Jon opened the bag and emptied it into his other hand, A small crystal rolled out on to his hand. He studied it for a second and a look of shock came over his face, he never sensed so much power from a crystal before and quickly put it back in the pouch.
“Thank you I’m sure the Jedi will appreciate it. Oh and enjoy your new guest.”
“You’re clear to leave Merc.” The Warden Spat as Jon turned and ran up the loading ramp. Jon walked into the Cockpit and sat in the pilots seat next to Tia.
“Let’s get moving they don’t want us here.” Jon informed
“They never do, we always show them up. So Coruscant.”
“No we need to refuel, head to Corellia, we can get drink while we’re there as well.”
“Sounds good to me.”

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O.K here's chapter 3...

Chapter 3: Corellia
Jon stood outside the Oracles main refuelling port on a landing pad outside just outside of coronet. A large floating droid Carried fuel pipes under it’s main body as it floated away from the ship, A man wearing a bright orange jumpsuit approached Jon holding a medium sized data-pad under his arm.
“Where’s your friend” The workman asked as he took the pad from under his arm and looked at it.
“She went to that bar that Rodian suggested.”
“Who? Ja’co, He hangs out at some rough places.”
“Well I’ll be there soon so she should be fine until then.”
“O.K. We Fully refuelled your ship, and you still have the pad rented for another hour. That comes too 478 credits.”
“What? That’s expensive.”
“With the war and the explosion at Peragus you’re lucky its not higher.” The workman handed over the data-pad; Jon examined for a second then pulled out a 500 credit note and plased it on the pad. Jon then proceeded to pass the pad back.
"keep the change."
"Thank you Sir!" The workman said checking over the pad then nodded at Jon and walked away.
Cryain and Roa walked through the Coronet Commercial district just outside the Warehouse district where they had been “working” the night before. Roa was wearing a light battle armour similar to that Cryain was still wearing from the night before, he no longer helmet showing his face. He had many facial scars from previous battles and had his hair cut short in the traditional Mandalorian way. Roa was also holding a black duffle bag in his left hand that seemed to be fall. It was the sleaziest place in the whole of Corellia, There were various holo-signs with words like “Live Twi’lek slave girls”, “Every species here for your pleasure” and “ Non- humanoids here” being projected along side images which go with them. Spice and drug dealers were at every corner while the users lay near by on the streets intoxicated from the chemicals they just absorbed in various different fashions. As the Mercenaries walked they could hear the familiar noise of a couple of thugs beating someone up who hasn’t paid their credits for some reason or another.

Roa and Cryain simply ignored all these distractions and continued down one of the streets. They came to a bar called Xen’s Place, The windows were boarded up from where they had recently been smashed, the Holographic images of the ‘n’, ‘l’, and ‘c’ in the holo-sign above the door were flashing and shimmering, a drug user laid under one of the broken windows smiling and looking into thin air. As Cryain stepped to the door the drugged man began giggling excessively for apparently no reason, Cryain simply pushed the door open and stepped through the door closely followed by Roa. They looked around the Bar; it was not what you would expect from looking on the outside. It was clean, the floor and furniture had been polished and the lights were dim. As they looked around they saw a fat Rodian sitting at a large table filled with food waving at him. A Twi’lek and Mandalorian stood either side of him holding blaster rifles, the Rodian noticing the two mercenaries had seen him went back to eating one of the various dishes in front of him. The Zabrak and Mandalorian approached the Rodians table and stood in front of it looking down the Rodian.
“Roa, Cryain please take a seat.” The Rodian slurred in its own language while still chewing a piece food. The two mercenaries Looked at each other then back at the Rodian, while they remained standing.
“We have done our job Xen.” Cryain announced.
“That street gang will no longer be stealing from your warehouses.” Roa Continued.
“That’s good to hear but before I can give you your money I need some proof.” The Rodian Requested as he sipped his drink. Roa reached into the bag he was carrying and pulled out a severed Twi’lek hand and threw it on to the plate in front of Xen. “Roa, please, I’m Trying to eat.”
“That’s your proof now hand over the chip.” Roa Ordered. Xen looked up at the Twi’lek who went over to a small case and picked it up. He then walked to the table and placed it in front of the two mercenaries, He proceeded to open it to show the many credit chips inside the case. Once Cryain Nodded at the Twi’lek he closed the case allowing Roa to take it and put it in the bag.
“Now if you will excuse me I just lost my appetite.” Xen said while standing up and waving at his guards to follow him, he walked to the back of the bar and left through a door. A Twi’lek slave girl then went to the table and began clearing the table in front of the two Mercenaries.
“What now?” Roa asked as he turned to face his companion.
“It looks like this table has just become available.” He said with a slight grin on his face. The two then took seats at the back of the table so they could see the other patrons; The slave girl came to the table so they ordered their drinks and just relaxed while they waited for there drinks. When the Slave girl brought over there drinks they both downed them quickly and ordered another round, as the Twi’lek walked away Roa watched her.
“I wonder how much she costs for the night?” Roa said with a large Grin on his face.
“I don’t think it’s that kind of place.”
“Ha, So you’re saying that guy over there isn’t paying for all that female attention.” Roa said pointing to a young human male who was surrounded by attractive women of various different species. The man was wearing some sort of suit that was commonly worn by businessmen on Corellia, he also had a large golden medallion around his neck with a symbol of a Kath hound. Cryain could see what Roa meant he was in no way attractive by either Human or Zabrak standards.
“In a way he is, that my friend is Zack San-solo, the son of the most powerful merchant in Coronet.”
“Well those women aren’t my type anyway.” As Roa announced that the entrance swung opened and through the doorway walked a young human women with fiery red hair and attractive features. She wore cloths that were both appealing to members of the opposite sex (including Roa) and made her seen strong. She had a heavy blaster in a holster that was slung off waist. She walked across the room closely watched by most of the men in the room towards the bar; she stopped and ordered a drink from the barman who quickly gave her a Corillian ale.
“Now that is my type.” Roa said with a larger grin on his face.
“She’s young enough to be your daughter.”
“I know, its just how I like them.”
“Well it looks like you’re not the only one” Cryain announced diverting Roas attention to Zack San-solo who didn’t waste any time to go up and stand next to the women at the bar.
“This is no place for a lady, why don’t I take you somewhere… safer.” Zack San-solo asked failing at being charming.
"No thank you, I'm fine here." The Women said in a soft voice not dignifying the man by looking at him.
"Well I think you should come with me." The man forcefully advised has he grabbed her arm. The young women slowly turned her head to look at the mans hand grappling her arm she then raised her head to look at the man who sinisterly smiled at her. As this was happening Cryain noticed a middle-aged man walk into the bar wearing a green jumpsuit, this normally wouldn’t get his attention but there was something else about his attire. In his holster wasn’t a blaster but a metallic stick with some buttons and switches on it. The man walked up behind the San-Solo heir and pulled out the stick, the stick then shot out a beam of green light that he held in front of Zack’s neck. ‘A lightsabre’ Cryain thought causing him to put his hand on the grip of his holstered blaster.
Jon stood holding his Lightsabre by the throat of the man who had grabbed Tia, The green light shone on the neck of the man who was now trembling slightly.
“And I think you should leave the girl alone.” Jon told the man who proceeded to remove his hand from Tias arm.
“Hey I didn’t no she was with a Jedi.”
“I’m no Jedi.”
“Sorry the Lightsaber confused me.”
“Well you should step away and straiten your head out.” Jon suggested as he deactivated his lightsabre, he then stepped to the side to allow the man past. Jon watched the man continue towards the door as he began to run away from the bar. Jon then stood where the man was standing when he was harassing Tia and called over the bar tender and ordered a Jawa Juice. The barman placed a shot glass on the table and grabbed a bottle and poured. Jon sipped it to get the taste of the drink to see if it was any good, after he decided it was pretty average stuff he just downed it in one. Jon then smiled and turned to face a frustrated looking Tia.
“You don’t have to keep coming to my rescue, I could have handled him myself.” Tia Announced
“Yes, But you would have killed him and we don't want that kind of attention.” Jon argued as he called over the barman for a Refill.
“I don’t think we are in the kind of place that would care if I killed him.”
“Just have your drink, we don’t have long until we have to leave.” The ex-Jedi shared as the bartender came over to him carrying a bottle of Jawa Juice in his hand. Before he began to pour he held out his free hand palm up and waved his fingers in a way to ask for money now. Jon reached in to his side pocket and filled around there for a couple of seconds, He pulled out the crystal and placed it on the table to make room to find the credit chips in the pocket. He found the chips and placed it in the barman’s hand, he then proceeded to pour Jons drink.
“So what is so special about the crystal?” Tia Asked looking down at it and moving her hand towards it.
“Whoa!” Jon shouted while grabbing Tias hand before she touched the crystal. “I wouldn’t touch it if I were you its surging with force power and it could kill anyone not that strong in the force.” Jon removed his hand from Tias and picked up his drink “It’s some kind of artefact found at Malachor during the war.”
“Spoils of war, Huh?”
“I guess so although the masters were adamant that they wanted it and the Sith must not be allowed to acquire it.” Jon mentioned picking the crystal and placing it back in his pocket.
“Maybe we can pump up the price?” She said with a grin
“Maybe?” Jon said as he began to get a strange feeling he quickly looked around the room and looked back at Tia. “We’re being watched by that Zabrak and Mandalorian.”
“Of course we are, they’re men.” She said knowing that most males found her attractive. Jon just gave her an annoyed look and finished his drink.
“Just finish your drink we’re leaving.” Jon told her.

Jon and Tia left the Bar and begun to head for the spaceport where the Oracle had landed. The Two humans moved quickly through The commercial district they were in to avoid any unnecessary contact with the locals of the area. They both turned into an alley between a couple of nightclubs, it was quite well lit compared for the rest of the area. When they reached the middle of the Alley Jon stopped and turned around with a look of confusion on his face, Tia stopped a few moments after and turned to look at Jon.
“What’s Wrong.” Tia asked knowing that Jon often did something like this when he felt something in the force. Jon then gripped his lightsabre and held it out ready to activate it
“We are being followed?” Moments after Jon said this, five Human males walked out of the shadows. The man who was leading them was the man who hassled Tia at Xen’s place, He look very angry as he walked ahead of the rest of his thugs. His thugs were all carrying blaster rifle that they seemed to be aiming at Jon.
“You shouldn’t embarrassed me Jedi, so I got my friends to teach you a lesson.” The man Aggressively explained to Jon.
“Five thugs against us two, these odds don’t seem that fair.”
“Yeah you could have at least tried to have made this difficult.” Tia mocked placing her hand on the holstered blaster.
“Enough Talk, Kill the Jedi, She’s mine!” He shouted as he pulled out a vibro-knife he concealed. The Four Thugs he just ordered to fire at Jon raised their rifles Ready to shoot. Jon pressed the activation button on his lightsabre causing the green blade of light to extend out of the Hilt. Mean while Tia had already upholstered her weapon and fired to stun shots at two men in a blink of an eye, The two hit thugs did not even have time to shoot their weapons before being hit and simply fell to the floor unconscious. The two remaining thugs did manage to fire at Jon but he used his lightsabre to deflect bolts away from him and into the surrounding walls He then leaped forward so he would land in-between the two who shot at him. Now in-between two Blaster rifles he swung his lightsabre so he could cut both weapons at the barrel, this rendered them useless and the two thugs simply ran away from Jon. The man who hassled Tia was shocked by these events and was even more shocked when he faced Jon and had the tip of the lightsabre pointing at his throat. The thug dropped his knife as a peace offering only to have Tia smack him on the back of the head with the butt of her blaster. He also fell to the floor unconscious allowing Jon to deactivate his lightsaber and place it back onto his belt.
“You managed to go A fight without killing someone, well done.” Jon Said with a smile at the end
“You must be rubbing off on me.”
“Ha, come on let’s get to our ship the authorities can deal with the scum that didn’t get away.”

Tia and Jon then Headed back to the docking pad, on arrival there was a Sullustian, a Twi’lek and a Rodian all wearing the same uniform standing outside of the Oracle. They continued to walk towards the ship while Tia looked at them for a second and moved closer to Jon.
“Who are these guys?” She whispered into Jons ear
“Exchange” He simply said knowing Tia would know he meant the largest criminal organisation in the Galaxy. The Three Aliens Began to walk towards the Humans, When they got close enough the Twi’lek held out his Hand to stop Jon from walking past and ignoring them which is obviously what he wished to do.
“Mr Freeman we here you have acquired a certain artefact our employer wants.” The Twi’lek informed in his own native language
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Jon Said obviously lying.
“We have been told to get the item at any... cost.”
“As I said, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“Please Mr freeman.” The Twi’lek calmly said turning to look at Tia. “You wouldn't want her pretty face to be ruined.”
“You touch her and your head tails will be used to tie your head back on your body.” Jon threatened
“Ok Mr freeman but be warned our organisation does not like the word no.” The Twi’lek mentioned as he walked pass Jon towards the landing pad exit closely followed by his companions. Tia and Jon turned to watch the Exchange members leave they looked at each other.
“There is something more to this than we have been told… Prep the Ship, I want to leave ASAP.”
Cryain and Roa had decided to follow the ex-Jedi and his companion; while they were back in the bar Cryain listened in to the conversation the two humans were having about the crystal. When he heard the part about the Jedi not wanting the Sith to get their hands on it he thought the Sith properly did want it and Stuff like this Crystal often made them pay a high price to those who brought it to them. Both Cryain and Roa knew that it would be foolish to just outright attack the Jedi and steal the crystal; They both had enough experience to watch this target and discover the extent of his abilities. They followed at a far enough distance so they wouldn’t be seen by either of the humans, however other people didn’t have the foresight of these mercenaries. They watched the whole engagement between Zack San-solos thugs and the Jedi, Cryain thought to himself that Zacks upbringing obviously meant he didn’t hear the word no that often and didn’t like being told that by a women. They continued to follow after the Jedi made short work of the thugs; this led them to landing pad 516-12. Cryain and Roa were quite glad about this as their Vessel; the Re’allis was only a couple of pads away at 516-09. They saw three exchange members approach Jon for about a minute and then walk away. The Jedi and his female companion entered the ship on the Pad and obviously began to prepare for a launch which freighters often had to do before flight in space. The two mercenaries decided that the Exchange members properly had some of the answers they seek.

Roa walked down the street that connected all the landing pads with the code 516, He was still only wearing his light armour which made him seem a lot less threatening from his standard Battle dress. The three Exchange members were walking in the opposite direction, moving towards Roa. They didn’t even really pay much attention to Roa, It wasn’t uncommon to see Pilots wearing light armour around the landing pads so they ignored him. The Rodian and Twi’lek both walked pass Roa without getting any form of a reaction, the Sullustian on the other hand wasn’t so lucky. Roa lifted his hand and grabbed the Sullustians face. He then raised the alien’s body off the ground for a few seconds and quickly followed this by slamming the head into a metallic wall. This squashed the Sullustians relatively soft head killing him almost instantly. The noise of the head hitting the metal caused both of the other exchange thugs to turn around and see what was going, The Rodian attempter to reach for his blaster pistol when his hand suddenly stopped before he could grab it. Cryain suddenly de-cloaked gripping the Rodians hand, He then used a martial arts technique and slammed the side of his other hand into the Rodians throat, the Rodian fell to the floor dead. Cryain then turned and kicked the Twi’lek into the same wall as Roa smashed the Sullustian into, Cryain pulled out one of his blades and held it just in front of the Twi’leks head.
“What were you talking to the Jedi about?” Cryain forcefully shouted.
“What are you talking about, my soon-to-be-dead friend?” The Twi’lek said in his normal calm fashion.
“Cut the crap!” Cryain said as he pressed the blade lightly into his skull, drawing some blood. “I’m not going to ask anything twice.”
“Fine, the Jedi has something my employer wants.” The Exchange thug said still calm.
“Well what is it?” Roa asked standing to the side of Cryain.
“A crystal of some kind. Apparently, it’s valuable enough that my employer is willing to do anything for it.”
“What kind of crystal is it?” Cryain asked
“I don’t know.”
“Now what did I say about asking questions twice?” He rhetorically asked quickly followed by punching the Twi’lek in the face with his free hand.
“Now, that was unnecessary. The crystal is a lightsaber crystal; it’s Really old. It comes from the first war fought against the darkside. My employer has researched it and now he wants it for him self.”
“I don’t know.”
“This guy just won’t learn.” Roa said with a laugh as Cryain began to raise his free fist to punch again.
“No! I mean it, he didn’t tell me.”
“Well, you give your employer a message: that crystal is mine and nobody else is going to get it. If he wants it he’ll need to pay me, clear?”
“Crystal.” The Twi’lek said with a smile. Cryain removed his knife and let the Exchange boss to deliver the message. The two mercenaries then headed for the Jedi’s landing pad to steal the crystal, however when they arrived the ship had began to launch and **** up and out of the atmosphere.

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i dont like to nitpick you know? your work is really good but there are spelling mistakes. sp mistakes can sometime change the meaning of a word altogether so i suggest that you read the chapters slowly and edit the sp.
also, in the third chapter's beginning, you mention a "credit card" being used. people in the star wars galaxy dont use credit cards, they use transfer chips for amounts exceeding 10000 credits and coins and notes for any thing less.
tip: they have 500 credit notes, so you can mention jon giving that to the pad guy and the guy giving you back the change.

hope this helps, keep up the good work.

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@†Yun Yuuzhan†- Thanks for the Economic info, but as for the spelling i only noticd i've been spelling lightsabre wrong which i've tried to change but if i've missed any let me know, I'm not the best speller so i normally trust words spellcheck (English, UK version) but thats not always right.

Thanks for the feedback it is much appreiciated

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UPDATE:The wait is almost over i'll be Posting chapter 4: The rock sometime tomorrow.
Yes you will be able to escape your pointless lives for a while J/K

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Heare it is

Chapter 4: The Rock

The Oracle moved through the streaking stars of Hyperspace along the trade lane that connects Corellia directly to the Galactic capital of Coruscant. Coruscant was also the home of the main Jedi Temple and was where the ships crew planned on visiting first. Jon and Tia were in the cockpit; Jon was wondering why the crystal was so special it seemed to be an average lightsaber crystal. However the Jedi, sith and the Exchange wanted it, but why.
“We need some answers.” Jon announced. “Get me a channel to the Jedi temple, ask for master Atris. She the keeper of the archives, she’ll know what this is all about.” Tia turned to the main communications console next to the Co-pilots chair that she was sitting in. It didn’t take long to get a communication to the temple, which was surprising as since the war started the Jedi were in undated with requests and pleas. After a few moments passed she got Master Atris on the comms channel and patched it through to the Holo-projector in between the two seats. The image of the white haired female Jedi appeared as a small holographic image in front of Jon and Tia.
“What do you want Jon?” The Master Asked.
“What’s so special about this crystal you wanted me to get?”
“I suppose you deserve to know... In the earliest years of the republic there was a war between the Jedi and a group who called them selves the acolyte, users of the darkside. The war raged for years and then a man entered the war but not one who was affiliated with the force. He was just a human who was in the wrong place at the right time. He managed to end the war and help the Jedi so as a reward they created a crystal to be put in a lightsaber. The crystal would give the person who holds it a true affinity with the force, however this corrupted him and he attacked the Jedi and slew many of them. The crystal also absorbed the force from those who are slain by the saber it is fitted in and gives the powers to its user. Eventually the Jedi managed to retrieve the crystal and it was hidden on Malachor. Towards the end of the war it was found by a Republic soldier, he took it off world and somehow the crystal ended up in possession of the prison warden. Reven and Malak want it so they can absorb the force from the Jedi they kill, and I presume the Exchange Boss wants it so he can become more powerful.”
“So why do you want it?” Tia Asked
“In the hope we ca............” Suddenly the Hologram Shut down and the ship was violently pulled out of Hyperspace. Jon immediately grabbed the flight Controls as Tia looked at the main Sensor.
“Gravity Well!” Tia announced to let Jon know why they had prematurely exited hyperspace.
“Is it an intradictor Ship?”
“Yeah… Sith.”
“Damn it!” Jon shouted before the ships proximity alarm started to sound.
“We have a swarm of fighters heading straight for us.”
“How many?”
“Over fifty… I think they are throwing everything they got at us.”
“Bah! We can't fight that many.” Jon shouted as he looked at the navigation sensors. “There’s an asteroid field, we’ll go in there and try to hide.”
“You must be Joking, we’ll die in there.”
“You’re faith in me is so flattering.” He sarcastically and calmly said.

The Oracle turned to head for the Asteroid field that was less than 100 kilometres from their location. The Ship was closely followed by several of the lead fighters, the turrets on the ship twirled around and pointed towards the rear of the ship. Bolts of Blue light shot out of the turrets and towards the lead fighters. In order to avoid the return fire from the fighters Jon made his ship bank up, down, left and right in an erratic way. Volleys of fire were being exchanged between the ships; the few that did hit the Oracle were simply absorbed by the aft shields. The freighter reached the edge of the asteroid field and continued in at full speed, All but seven of the Sith fighters turned off and headed back to the intradictor. As the Small asteroids flew around in random directions and velocities Jon flew his ship to compensate, The Oracle banked, pitched and rolled in all directions often narrowly avoiding the space rock. Two of the fighters that followed were not as lucky and got hit by asteroids larger than Sith shuttle craft.
“They’re still on us like stink on a Bantha, What do we do now?” Tia screamed
“I’m not sure, I’m making this up as I go.” Jon said eerily Calm considering the incredibly dangerous situation they were in. “I’ve got it we’ll get closer to that big one in the centre.”
“You’ve finally lost It, I’m sitting next to an insane pilot.” She mocked as she often did to hide her fear.
“Do you want to fly?” Jon asked in an annoyed tone.
“O.K I’ll Just Shut up.” Jon began to change the course for the centre of the asteroid field still trying to avoid the flying asteroids. The fighters also changed course to pursue the freighter in the hope they could destroy it before the field destroys them. The Oracle began to dive towards the large asteroids at a tremendous speed, it would seem that they would collide with rocky surface. The fighters still pursued the Freighter closing the gap between the ships. Jon suddenly pulled up the freighter causing the nose of the ship to go parallel with the asteroids surface. The ship just avoided crashing by a few meters and began to move along the surface hovering the same distance from the ground. As two of the fighters were moving to fast to pull up in time they hit the surface exploding on impact while the other three managed to avoid it and continued chasing the Oracle. The Turrets continued to fire at the hostile Fighters, The shots began to get more accurate hitting one of the fighters in it Port wing. The hit fighter began to spin out of control and Smashed into the side of another, the collision resulted in a large explosion that engulfed the remaining fighter.
“That’s all of them.” Tia Sighed with relief.
“We need to hide, I need to work out what we do next.”
“There’s a cave on the side of that rock peak, it looks like we’ll fit.”
The Re’allis a custom built two-man fighter was ripped out of hyperspace between Corellia and Coruscant. The ship was extremely well armed with three heavy laser cannons on the tip of a wing each, another three cannons rested under the cockpit laying between two proton torpedo launchers. The two crewmen sat next to each other in the only two seats in the vessel. There were only two storage compartments, one was filled with weapons and survival equipment including tents as the ship had no sleeping quarters, The second was empty but had enough space to hold most humanoids for transport on bounty missions.

“What the hell just happened?” Roa shouted trying to establish control of the ship.
“A Sith ship is generating a gravity well.” Cryain replied looking at the sensor readout.
“What’s the bet it has something to do with the Jedi and that crystal?”
“A dead cert… I think we should make contact with the sith.” Cryain suggested as he pulled up the communications programme on the console in front of his seat, he managed to make contact with the Intradictor vessel and got permission to board. The Re’allis approached the ship and entered the hanger landing on the metallic surface, Roa and Cryain opened two hatches above their heads to exit the craft. They both jumped off the hull and on two the hanger floor when they were approached by a Sith officer who was accompanied by several fully armoured troops.
“Rytanya Cryain, Roa Ceetu. Master Tan Wishes to speak with you, please come with me.” The officer requested
“Lead the way.” Cryain told the officers. The officer then turned around and headed for the lift that would take them strait to the Command deck, Cryain and Roa followed him closely as they all entered the large elevator. A few short moments passed as the elevator went up several decks to reach its destination. The group walked across a corridor and into the ships bridge, A figure wearing robes of a dark Jedi with the hood down stood looking out of the front viewing port on to the asteroid field a few klics in front of the ship.
“A dark Jedi.” Roa whispered in to Cryains ear.
“This could make things more complicated.” Cryain said not caring if the Sith over heard. They walked into the centre of the bridge when the officer stopped and turned around.
“Please, wait here.” The officer requested, Cryain simply nodded allowing the officer to turn and approach the Dark Jedi, The officer then stood by Dark Jedi side and spoke to him. Cryain and Roa could not hear the conversation but the officer was obviously upset about something, the Dark Jedi waved his hand at him ordering the officer to leave. The Dark Jedi then turned around and approached the two mercenaries.
“Rytanya Cryain and Roa Ceetu your reputation precedes you. My name is Jace Tan. You two and I are after the same thing… The Crystal.” The dark Jedi announced.
“What if we are?” Roa asked.
“I’m sure you two don’t care who ends up with it and I don’t care how I get my hands on it. So against the wishes of this ships captain I wish to employ you for the job.”
“We’re listening.” Cryain said taking a step forward.
“If you get me the crystal, I will give you whatever you want. Credits, weapons, anything… but I want something else… The man who currently possesses the crystal is a Jedi who left the order by the name of Jon freeman. I also want him, alive.”
“What about the girl?” Roa Asked also taking a step forward.
“I don’t care about her, do what you will with her and his ship.”
“Do you know where they are now?” Cryain asked in his usual tone.
“Yes, in there.” Master Tan answered turning around and pointing to asteroid field.

The Sith had given the two mercenaries information on where the last Sith fighters had been destroyed, Roa flew the Re’allis heading for the larger asteroid in the centre of the field. Cryain then spotted trace ion particles on the sensors and told Roa that they should follow them. Turning on their illegal cloaking device, the Re'allis disappeared off of the sith's scopes. Cryain didn't want them to know exactly what was happening and neither did he want their prey to know that they were coming. The Re'allis headed for a mountain on the surface where the ion trail had ended. The sensors finally picked up definitive signs of a ship, It had to be the Oracle Cryain and Roa thought. Instead of hitting full power towards the ship, Roa brought it in nice and slow. Upon seeing the cave the Oracle was in, Cryain primed the proton torpedo launcher. Cryain studied the entrance to the cave and selected the perfect spot for the Re'allis to fire a Proton torpedo. The Torpedo hit near the entrance of the cave, causing the entrance to collapse. The Re'allis landed on the surface and waited patiently while they studied the Oracle through the sensors to figure out what the ex-Jedi would do.
Jon sat in the ship small workshop were he kept various tools for ship and equipment repair, he was at the main workbench which was clear of any clutter or equipment with the exception of the mysterious crystal. Tia remained in the cockpit checking the sensors and the communication channels for any useful information on the sith that hunted them. Jon had been carefully examining the crystal for nearly an hour When Tia stepped into the door way.
“I have some bad news and some good news.” She said with a worried tone.
“Start with the bad.”
“There are two bounties on that crystal so high that every mercenary and bounty hunter from here to the outer rim will be after it,”
“And the Good?”
“The sith bounty wants you alive.”
“That’s not Good news.”
“Well at least they want you alive.”
“Small mercies I guess.”
“So have you worked out what we are going to do now?”
“We can't go to Coruscant they will be waiting for us and they will know our ships ID.”
“So how do we…” Tia was interrupted when the ship wildly shook suddely knocking Tia to the floor, when the shaking stopped Jon ran over to Tia and picked her up. “What the hell was that?”
“We need to check the sensor logs.” Jon said as he helped Tia on to her feet. They both left the workshop and ran down the thin corridor towards the cockpit, they both entered and sat in their chairs. Tia looked at the sensor console and brought up the logs.
“A Torpedo hit the mouth of the cave… it caused a cave in.” Tia informed Jon
“Someone knows we’re here.”
“Now what?”
“We need to open the entrance.”
“We could fire a torpedo.”
“No that would cause another cave in and may make things worse... We need something more discreet, whoever did this is still out there, and I can feel their presence. The anger and determination... bounty hunters.”
“So what do you suggest?” Tia asked as Jon began to think for a few moments.
“Well they can't get in if we can’t get out so for now we are safe... we should try something unique, something that they won’t be able to discover. Those holo-projectors we got on that mission a month ago prepare the environmental suits and we’ll place them and point them at the rocks. Then we can download the sensor information from the cave in to them.”
“Do you care to explain how that will help?”
“We are going to pull a curtain over the enemies eyes.”
“The projectors are going to project the image of the caved in rocks at the entrance.”
“That seems kind of pointless.”
“Well as we are going to move the rocks with the tractor beam it will look as if they are not being moved.”
“Well done, oh great Jedi Master but their sensors will still show that it's a hologram and the rocks have been moved.”
“That is why we are going to transmit information from our sensor logs on a traffic frequency which all ships accept.” Jon explained as he stood up and headed for the air lock.
Cryain had been studying the sensors for a couple of hours while Roa went over battle simulations for conflicts that could arise in the future. All was surprisingly quiet from their point of view nothing much had been happening other then the crew coming out and inspecting the damage. Roa was obviously getting frustrated from all the waiting, he was a worrier he preferred to out right attack, whether it was sniping or blowing things up from a far. Cryain on the other hand enjoyed waiting for the perfect moment to attack, for the perfect opportunity to strike. Assassinations and covert ops required such delicate timing, and he was used to it as he was trained in such things. Cryain removed his eyes from the console and looked up at the collapsed entrance, nothing had changed the rocks still blocked the Jedi’s only escape route. Then he took a closer look nothing had changed, absolutely nothing. Space dust and loose rocks were just hovering there, they weren’t settling just floating in mid-air. The gravity around the asteroid was low but it should still effect the dust and rocks, It was as if they had been frozen time. Cryain looked at his console and checked the time, the seconds continued to move into the minutes, as they should. So why were the stones not moving he thought. He looked back at the sensors to check what the Jedi was doing at that moment, The Crew appeared to be in the ship doing nothing. The sensors were reading everything as normal no anomalies of any kind.
“Roa do you notice anything odd about the cave entrance?”
“Yeah… we blew it up.” Roa mocked
“Nice… just study the rocks.” Cryain ordered pointing up at the falling rocks.
“They're Rocks. The entrance collapsed. There's a bit of carbon scoring on a couple of them.”
“Yes but why aren’t they moving?”
“O.K that is odd.” Roa said as he moved his head closer to cockpit window. He looked closer at the falling rocks then he thought he saw one shimmer. He closed his eyes for a few moments then opened them again studying the rock again, It seemed to shimmer again.
“Hologram.” Roa said grinding his teeth as he was annoyed with him self for being fooled for so long.
“This Jedi’s smart.” Cryain announced to his partner still looking up at the entrance. He continued looking for a few moments when all the rocks began to shimmer, the oracle shot out seemingly passing through the rocks like a ghost. Cryain barely had anytime to react before the freighter fired a shot from each of its three ion cannon, the gunner obviously didn’t have enough time to get a lock as only one of the blue bolts of ionising energy hit the fighter. The Re’allis shock from the hit and all the instruments began to flash on and off for a few moments before they went back to normal.
“Let’s get this thing moving.” Cryain shouted as he powered up the shields and weapons. Roa instantly raised his ship off the ground and turned the ship to pursue their target.
“The Ion cannons didn’t do their job, Those Bounty hunters are pursuing.” Tia Informed Jon who was concentrating on flying out of the asteroid fields at a dangerously high speed. The Oracle was dodging the asteroids as it tried to get out of the field, The Bounty hunters fighter was pursuing them at an even greater speed trying to close the gap between the two. It didn’t take long for them to get out of the field but that was only the end of one problem, the Bounty hunters were then Joined by two squadrons fighters.
“We have serious incoming.” Tia shouted transferring all power into the rear of the ship.
“Don’t worry we’re nearly out of the gravity well, we’ll be in hyperspace before you can say ‘good bye Scum’.”
“Good bye scum.” Tia said with a smile. The oracle continued heading forward taking a few shots from the sith and bounty hunters in the rear shields. Moments later the ship left the gravity well created by the intradictor , Jon pushed the lever that would activate the hyperspace engines. The stars streaked in front of Jon and Tias eyes as they left their enemies behind.
“Wa-whoooo.” Tia celebrated their escape. “So where are we heading?”
“We'll head to Taris, not to many bounty hunters there and its easy to get lost.”
“Well, just think: where would you go if your trying to 'get lost'?” Roa said standing on the bridge of the Siths Intradictor.
“The point is that you promised us that Crystal, and we don't have it.” The Sith captain shouted.
“So what? Just give us some time to track them down, and we'll get you what you need.” Roa Calmly said.
“The time for patience has past, Mandalorian. Well, at least my master's patience. Lord Malaks fleet is making a visit to this sector and has ordered that the both of be detained for 'personal' questioning.”
“You don't know what you're f***ing with.” Cryain said
“I don’t have to anymore, these guards will take you to the brig.” The captain said waving his hand to order four troops to ‘escort’ the two mercenaries. One of the Sith soldiers waved his rifle in the direction of the Elevator, The Mandalorian and Zabrak headed strait to the door where the Soldier waved followed by the four troops. The two captives entered the elevators doors and turned around to face outward as the four troops also walked in. The doors slid shut and one of the soldiers hit the button for the brig, moments passed as the elevator moved two of the soldiers aimed their weapons at the bounty hunters. Although the sith thought they had confiscated all of Roa and Cryains weapons when they boarded, Cryain always kept a blade concealed in his sleeve that was near impossible to find. Cryain slowly slid the blade out of its hiding place, He then moved quickly stabbing the guard who was aiming at him in the throat. Roa knowing what happened reached out and grabbed the rifle of the one covering him, he ripped it out of the guards’ hand then smacked him round the face with it. The other two guards couldn’t turn around in time before Cryain slit ones throat from behind and Roa shot the last one in the back. As the bodies fell to the floor Roa reached to the elevators panel and pressed the halt button.
“That was too easy.” Roa announced as he pressed the Button to go to the hanger where they landed the Re’allis.
“Let’s get out of here before they know what’s happening.”
“So did you see where they’re going?”
“Judging by their direction Tattooine so they’re properly going somewhere else” Cryain Replied turning his head to face Roa
“Somewhere to get lost.” Roa said as he turned to face Cryain
“Taris.” They both said in unison with a smile.

I'll let you guys guess the next chapters name.

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A sad end to a decent piece of work. I don't know if there just weren't many on the forum then, but I regret that so few made an effort to leave even a few words behind.

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I don't know why this thread/story has been bumped three years after the last time I posted in it, but I figure I'd explain why it ended. Basically it wasn't getting any feedback and at the time I was going through some Real life troubles. By the time they were over afew months later I found little drive to complete it. I would finish it now but because my writting style is now completely differant and there obviously is virtually no interest in it i still can't find the drive for it.

I may re-do the whole thing in my new style but that would be dependant on finding the time to do and being safe in the knowledge someone may actually read it.

11-14-2008, 09:04 AM
Machievelli appears to have read it.

When I started my first fiction, I posted nearly 10 chapters on TheForce.net and got only three replies in months of writing it. I know what's it's like to not know whether people are reading or not. Unlike here, I could not gauge how many times it's been viewed. If you at least have a number of 'views,' that means you have people reading, but not commenting. Although feedback would be better, you could at least know it is being viewed by others.

I think I have at least 50 people who frequently return when I put up a new chapter in SiD, but only have about a dozen who've posted replies. That's just one of the things you need to have faith in.