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08-19-2005, 07:43 PM
so, don't expect this to be updated very often, or even finnished, but i've had the beganing of a story kicking around in my head for weeks, and i needed to write it down. the time period is just before epIV, the main characters so far are Dak, a male human and Rokkrwor, a Wookiee. who travel together.


Dak sat unusually relaxed in his chair. As his oppenent contimplated his next move, Dak reclined even further into his chair, and even smiled a little. He never did have a good Dejarik-face.

Finally his oppenent moved.

"I win!" he cried suddenly. Dak's smile only grew bigger.

"Care for another game" Said Dak, resetting the Dejarik table.

"You haven't got any credits left." Said his opponent.

"What about this?" Asked Dak as he suddenly jumped up, slamming a metal rod down on the table with a sharp CLANG!. He could always build another.

"Is tha... Where did you get that!?"

Rokkrwor let out a low moan. He was getting cabin fever from being stuck on this space station for so long. He was ready to leave, and Dak's taste for the dramatic was beginning to get on his nerves.

"And if I win?" Question Dak to the stunned man.

"I'll give you all your credits back"

"Forget the credits," said Dak, "I want that." He pointed out the window to the man's ship.

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