View Full Version : Probelm adding items to the workbench

08-22-2005, 08:22 PM
I'm having problems with TSL. I've follwed every bit of advice i can find on these forums, to no avail it seems. I'm trying to add several custom items to the workbench, yet i always get nothing. I've extracted the itemscreate.2da and added them to the bottoms of the list, filling out all of the boxes with their appropriate numbers, yet they never appear on the worbench item creation screen. I also tried the same thing with the wristconsole mod, editing the itemscustom.2da, and that brings up nothing either.

Is there something wrong with where i put the custom items? I have the .uti and .tga files in subfolders in my override directory, but so far that hasn't preented me from using the giveitem command to obtain them. From what i could gather, things should be working fine. I'm kinda new at this, so maybe i'm just missing something. Anyone know whats wrong?

08-22-2005, 10:52 PM
When you open the .2da file, are your items still there or are they missing?

08-22-2005, 10:55 PM
yup, all the entries are there every time i open the 2da

08-23-2005, 01:16 AM
Do you have Mira as a possible party member? If you do then you no longer use the original itemcreate.2da you need to also edit the itemcreatemira.2da...

Try this tutorial here ( as it covers just what you want to do. ;)

I have no idea what itemscustom.2da is but the Workbench does not call that one.

08-23-2005, 01:58 AM
nope no mira either

08-23-2005, 03:31 AM
I'm PMing you with my email addy. Send me the files and I'll take a look at them.

08-23-2005, 01:43 PM
nevermind i figured it out, it was because all my items were plot. I didn't want them to be sellable but apparantly not being able to be sold also means you can't make em ><