View Full Version : grim fandango on se p910i

08-23-2005, 04:35 PM
i am running escummm on my sony/ericsson p910i ,can run and play monkey island,sam and max, etc,fandango uses grime engine ,anybody know if its possible to run grim fandango on p910i,possibly with another emulator !!!!

08-23-2005, 04:46 PM
It's theoretically possible, since Grim Fandango as opposed to more recent games is set up by default to "software" render the 3D graphics using the brute force of the machine's processor and memory, with "hardware" rendering via a graphics card being an optional extra. However, I have no idea whether or not your piece of kit is physically powerful enough to do the job sufficiently.

I'm fairly definite that there are no existing emulators though, so unless you're a dab hand at programming yourself I doubt you'll get it going. Perhaps you should put forth a request to somebody who's into the emulation business. ;)