View Full Version : Lando Griffins W.I.P Old Mandalorians, My armor Pack

Lando Griffin
08-28-2005, 12:08 AM
Ive noticed that no one had made a bunch of mando skins. And Commas is makin a awesome mod that replaces the old mandalorians. SO I decided to make a mod that adds most of the mandalorians for the original kotor, and plus about 8 new mando skins based on Doom_Dealers Elite Mandalorian Mod. The mod will have The elite Mandalorian Mod of coarse, Mandalorian Royal Guard Armor, Sith mauraluder armor. But Im still trying to get more Mandalorians like Darth Tomers, and Domm Dealers other orange armor, need permission from them.
My armor pack will have new armors like the mandalorian battle armor, in all kinds of colors, the assualt armor(dark blue,yellow,red) and much more.My goal is to make at least 25-34 new armors.
But is there any other Mandalorian Armors anybody wanted, or has and wants to contribute, the mando armors will become new armor in the game that doesnt replace the Mandalorian 1,2,3.