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08-30-2005, 12:42 AM

Sith Commandos is now recruiting players. Please visit our website and fill out the request form in our "Join the darkside" section. Look over the guidelines and see if we are right for you in our fourms section.

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Sith Commandos

09-05-2005, 02:03 AM
Just to let everyone know, On November 1st we will be going to Battlefront 2. We will run both version though.

11-02-2005, 11:09 AM
Everything is going great with the switch from SWBF1.2 to SWBF2.

We are currently signed up for 3 ladders series. If anyone is interested pleae stop by our site. We are recruiting. According to Csports, we are ranked 19th in SWBF1.2. Not bad since we formed on Aug 11.

Look for us in SWBF2 with the ~SITH~ tag.

02-04-2006, 03:04 PM
Lots of updates to our site.
Visit the all new sight at

~SITH~ now has a sponsor : www.ssbprod.com and check them out

SSBprod provides us with our Clan server and our Team Speak server free of charge.
Play our server called ~SITH~ Clan

02-04-2006, 03:24 PM
Check out our site.

02-04-2006, 03:26 PM

03-04-2006, 02:10 AM
New video update on opening page. Check it out. May take a few minutes to load depending on your connect.

Also please checkout the leaderboard. You will see quite a few ~SITH~ on there!

05-07-2006, 02:25 PM
Sith Commandos is launching more games. Just added in are Guild Wars Factions
Games we support are:
SWBF 1 & 2
Republic Commando
Empire at War
Battlefield 2
Guild Wars Prophecis & Factions

We also use Team Speak on our private server that is up 24/7