View Full Version : Player Models need finished.

Sith Dagger
08-30-2005, 02:44 PM
Alright I have 4 Player Models, 3 from another modeller, who said I could convert them from there current game into JKA.
Another from a friend, who got it from who knows where.
I need them finished: Tagging, capping, skeleton, exported to XSI, and compiled to a GLM.
Three of them will be used in the Morrowind mod for Jedi Academy, seen here http://jamorrowindmod.proboards50.com/
The other one will just be released like a normal model.
The three for the morrowind mod are already textured and UVMapped, I'll need the other one UVMapped, and I'll texture it.

Three for the Morrowind Mod

The one for my friend

i would really appreciate it if someone could finish these models for me.
If your interested contact me at mastersithdagger@yahoo.com
In exchange for doing these models, I will create a map to the specifacations of the modeller who finishes these.

Sith Dagger
09-01-2005, 10:25 AM
Found someone to do them, so dont bother seeing this and asking me for the models now. The three will be released with the morrowind mod, the other one, when I feel like it. :P