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08-31-2005, 10:20 AM
.....The phantom followed the story of a battle between the rebels and imperials. In the middle of the battle a firespray ship came out of a riff in space. It attacked both sides and both imperials and rebels declared it an enemy. Several brave rebel pilots including Jax, Stu, Gus and Don went after him. They chased him down to a planet. There the phantom killed Gus. Jax then captured him. Jax returned him to a rebel cruiser. Stu stayed there to stand guard while the other now joined by Mira (Gus’s sister) are fighting a loosing battle against the imperials. Jax and Nekx try a daring assault on a lancer frigate. They succeed in stealing co-ordinates to the rebel base and something else … they lured the lancer into a asteroid field where it was damaged and thought destroyed. A fleet of rebel cruisers turned up and they succeeded in destroying the other star destroyers. Jax returns to a cruiser where he is told the phantom escaped using Stu’s firespray ship. Jax vowed to find him….

In the period between the phantom mission and this story the lancer, neither side discovered frigate. It crashed on a planet and most of the crew were killed. Jax has fought more battles for the Rebels and now he thinks he has tracked down the phantom on a planet near where they did battle. Little does Jax know that the planet is where the lancer crashed and small imperial base has been set up. With only a small band of rebel soldiers with him he lands on the planet not knowing what to expect. He soon discovers the base and has come under attack by imperial soldiers. The rebels are out numbered.

Rules: You can either be a rebel solider or imperial soldier. Not the phantom.
No controlling other people's players. Make is somewhat realistic, yes we all know star wars is far from realistic but even star wars has its limits. Each faction has these available players;

Rebels: Pilot (ground craft only ie speeders) Sniper, Foot Solider, Heavy weapons specialist

Imperials: Storm trooper, scout trooper, pilots (AT-AT and AT-ST) imperial officer, dark trooper

Rebels: One shuttle
Two Combat speeders
Five Speeder Bikes

Imperials: One AT-AT
Three AT-ST (two of which are lightly damaged)
Ten Speeder Bikes

Also fill out this info:
Name: Bob
Age: 23
Faction: Rebels
Class: Sniper
Weapons: Custom sniper rifle, 4 grenades
Strengths: good eye sight
Weakness: bad pilot
Bio: Bob learnt how to use a gun when he was 5. Ever since then he has dreamed to join the alliance….

08-31-2005, 10:21 AM
Name: Jax Polara
Age: 25
Faction: Rebels
Class: Foot Soldier
Weapons: Blaster Rifle, Blaster Pistol, Bowcaster, 6 grenades
Strengths: Good Pilot, Good aim
Weakness: Friends, past
Bio: Jax had been a pilot for the rebels for years. He was once part of the legendary viper squadron. When it was destroyed he became Blue Leader. He led a small group of rebels against the imperials during the phantom mission. He is leading a small group of rebels on a forested planet. He is there to find his friend Stu and the phantom.

please feel free to join the story....

08-31-2005, 10:24 AM
i will start the story off....

Jax crouched behind a large boulder. The imperials had spotted them and had been relenlessly bombarding them with fire power. Jax had no idea that the imperials had a base here, when he had run the scan it indicated life but no imperial presence. Jax gripped his blaster rifle tightly. he signalled to a sniper to take out the person on the cannon on the hill above. The sniper nodded and proceeded to a vantage point

Renegade Angel
08-31-2005, 04:29 PM
Name: Mira
Age: 23
Faction: Rebels
Class: Special Ops Sniper
Weapons: Modified S2-AM Sniper Rifle with Night Vision Scope, A med kit
Strengths: Almost Perfect Accuracy, Can See in the dark
Weakness: Cant pilot any ground vehicles or use explosives

Mira crounched ontop of the hill, her reticule over the head of a troop.
She keyed a comm. channel and whispered.
"Jax, This is Mira, Im above your position and ready to kill. Tell me when to start...
What the... AHH! *Loud Bang"

Mira woke up. Her eyes slowly adjusted
to the darkness. The only lights were the light from the guard's helmet lights and the occasional blinking of a red light in the corner of the room. The guards had their backs to Mira. She tried to get up, but an energy grip had here feet and hands tied.
A man in a robe and had a Red Lightsaber ignited. It was almost touching her throat.
She looked around the room and noticed a face... a familiar face.. it was... No.. It... it... it was Gus!
He wasn't dead! He must've been captured. Besides, if the Imperials knew his secret, they wouldn't have killed him. Mira knew where she was. an underground holding facility. the one right underneath the base. Oh no... Jax and his team are going to destroy the base! But Jax didn't know of Mira or Gus being here. she had to tell Jax!

08-31-2005, 05:12 PM
Jax heard nothing but the storm trooper behind the cannon had fallen. He looked towards the sniper and the sniper nodded. Jax ran forwards to take the cannon. He jumped in and slowly he began to turn it around to face the imperials. He was being shot at but he had a feeling the imperials didn't want to dammage the gun in the case they could re-capture it. Jax opened fire on the hill.

He had lost contact with Mira a few minutes ago. He had no idea what had happened to her. He knew she was attempting to take the base from the east. He had lost contact with her and the others. Don was attacking from the west. It appeared that Don was having the most luck. Don had decided to take a few speeder bikes and make a quick assualt. It had worked the imperials had no time to react and Don had taken the west bunker.

Jax did not want to continue firing on the hill just in case Mira had been captured and taken there. He stopped firing

"why did you stop?" asked his younger Cousin Nekx
"I don't know where Mira is" jax replied simply
a few moments pause
"well you shouldn't just assume she has been....you know"
"yes well i don't want..."
another pause
Jax's tracker beeped. It had picked up something
"wait here, carlson come with me"
Jax wandered off through the undergrwoth until he came to a clearing the clearing and there in the middle was
"Stu's Ship" Jax mumbled
"I knew he was down here, but the question is where is he?"
Jax boarded the ship. He searched it quickly. It had been abondened for a while, possibly months. Jax took ammo and suplies. He got back out and told carlson to take the supplies back to Nekx and then return. Jax stoon alone for a brief moment. then a noise behind him made his turn around. He had sworn he had heard....something...like the swish of a cloak. he raised his rifle...
"what is it?" asked carlson as he returned
"nothing...i just thought i heard something"
Jax lowered his rifle.
"come on we have to keep moving"

Sebastian Vlay
09-01-2005, 08:16 AM
Name: Renae Uleravannasipanatsea-Jihih
Age: 29
Faction: Galactic Empire
Class: Scoutrooper
Weapons: Sniper rifle, hold out blaster, three grenades
Strengths: Fair eye sight, steady hands, good precision, cunning, fast run
Weaknesses: poor pilot skills (except scout-vehicles), heavy armor and weapons
Bio: Sergeant Renae is a great sniper that always knows his enemies well. He has found himself to be a sniper and a sergeant for the Empire, and a very good one. Now a straggler on a forest-type planet, he must do what he must to survive. He's also well aware of the presence of all the Rebels and the so-called 'Phantom.'

Sergeant Renae Uleravannasipanatsea-Jihih stood outside of what was being the holding blocks beneath the base for a few captured Rebels. His white armor was barely even seen, little light flowed through the room outside of the holding area as it was underneath a large structure.

Two stormtroopers walked in as requested and took up guard at the door. "Thank you, CF 390." He said, nodded, and then left the room through the hallway which the only source of light was flowing through. He held his holdout blaster pistol to his side, you never know when a weird creature may jump out and attack you. Afterall, this was a quickly-placed base. Nothing like one of those pre-fabricated garrison bases that a star destroyer carries.

"Corporal Fejia, how's everything been going up here?" Renae asked a young scoutrooper, maybe not even out of his teens.

"Not too well, sir. We've held them off, but the only stormtroopers we have seem to be dead or inside the base itself." Fejia answered.

"Indeed. Okay, well, since we have no command over the soldiers, then we must do our part to protect both our personnel and the base. C'mon, come with me," he said.

Fejia followed Renae as they came over to the west (bunker) of the base. This was the weapons armory and vehicles repair shop. Three 74-Z speeder bikes lay outside of the bunker. The others were probably with their controlling scout, which should be on sniping duty. Precisely what Renae and Fejia would be doing.

"Hop on Corporal, it's time for some fun," he said, Fejia and Renae both getting on their speeders.

The engines started up and the speeders flew away from the base and into part of the forest.

(Sorry I had to end it, I've got to go to school. I'll be back around 4:00 PM Central timing.)

09-01-2005, 09:52 AM
Jax and carlson continued to look for mira. Jax knew where the group of rebel soliders were heading and he knew where they would be now if anthing had gone wrong. Jax stumbled over a tree root and he heard a muffled voice say
"get ready"
Jax stopped he raised his rifle
"This Is Jax polara who's there?"
Some rebel soliders stepped out
"sorry Jax but we didn't know-"
"Have you seen Mira Kenobi?" Jax said cutting in
"No we lost trace of her about and hour ago. She said she was going to take out the sniper on the ridge over there. But he is still there so we don't know what happened to her, there is no body"
Jax's Comm-link buzzed
"Jax we need you back here ASAP"
"Copy that Nekx, Well keep an eye out if you find anything, anything at all contact me, ok?"
"ok, will do Jax and good luck"
"you too"
Jax turned around but stopped and listened
"what is it?"
Jax held up a finger to silence the soldier
There was a loud crashing
Jax turned and sprinted to a mound. He flund him self on top of it and with drew some binoculars. What he saw made his heart skip a beat. AT-ST was carving it's way towards them. It didn't look like it had seen them.
Jax ran back to the soliders
"Chicken Walker" Jax wispered
A young solider turned pale, the others followed suit.
"w-what are we gunna do?"
"stay down and stay away, stick to the treches and ditches if you can and keep low"
Jax turned to leave but again he stopped. He looked at the young soldier, he looked absolutly terrified. Jax out his hand on the boy's shoulder.
"you'll do fine"
He turned and made his way back towards Nekx position which took a surprisingly short time. Jax slumped next to his counsin and said
"what's the situation"
Nekx lay silent
Jax shook him, Nekx seemed to come back to reality
"d-d-d-doggy walkers"
Jax froze, the speeder he did have would be no match for an AT-AT.
The AT-AT stopped. And all hell broke loose...

09-01-2005, 03:35 PM
Trees broke under the furious fire power of the AT-AT. Jax was thrown from behind the rock and landed heavily in a ditch. The AT-AT destroyed the cannon they had captured which thankfully no one had manned. Jax yelled...
"Hit the deck!"
He did not know if any one heard him becase the AT-AT fired towards Jax's location. Jax put his hands over his head as a tree quaked and fell on top of him. Thank fully the ditch stopped the tree killing him but Jax was trapped. He heard Nekx jump into the ditch.
"Im under the tree" Jax yelled
The AT-AT fired another deadly shot towards them.Jax heard a scream.
"Nekx? Gte me out of here!"
"im trying!"
Nekx managed to make a small hole and Jax clambered through. Jax crouched and saw the monster raining death down on their position. It had seen them. Jax calmbered out of the ditch Nekx did too but....
Jax fell to the floor and looked back Nekx had not been hit thankfully but he almost been cut in two by a tree. Jax ran for his life nekx close behind him. The AT-AT fired again and Jax managed to fling himself behind a large boulder. Nekx hit the deck. Jax staggered towards Nekx he looked terrified but shook his head. Jax stared at Nekx then Nekx jolted backwards. A small trickle of blood came out of his mouth, he managed to whipser "sniper" then his head hit the floor. He was dead....

Renegade Angel
09-01-2005, 04:56 PM
Mira saw Gus open his mouth out of the corner of her eye, she knew what he was about to do.
She concentrating on her eyesite so she wouldn't be able to hear anything.
Gus screamed. the Screech was so loud that the base shook, the guards fell to the floor and Mira and Gus's binds exploded into crystal shards. Gus got up, grabbed some equipment and ran. Mira followed. Gus trickled off of Gus's cheek. he had been hurt badly. They stopped, and Gus opened fire on a Trooper, His aim was amazing! At least 20x better than her's! And she almost NEVER missed a target's head. They ran on and came to a latter. Gus whent up first. he stopped and signalled to Mira to stay put. She heard Blaster Fire, and a body hit the floor. she climbed up the ladder and followed Gus to an observation tower. An AT-At caused hell in the distance, Mira thought she could see the faint outlnie of two Rebels in the distance, One seemed dead, and the other seemed angry. The AT-AT fired at the tower, Gus and Mira dropped down the ladder just in time, rubble fell intio the base and the roof caved started to break. Mira and Gus ran athrough a hallway and took a left, there, to Mira's horror, was a Dark Jedi.... Gus opened fire and yelled to Mira.
Mira ran. she ran out a hole in the wall and saw Jax and his cousin in the distance. She ran towards them, but the AT-AT fired at her twice, She managed to make it to Jax's position, but she was badly injured.
"Jax are you o-"
Nekx was dead.
She turned around in time to see the base fall apart. Gus had to be dead.... It'd take some kind of miracle to- But no, Gus walked out through the hole, and behind him, where two Dark Jedis, they weren't dead, they were paralyzed, Gus dragged the two to where Mira stood.
"Gus, how did you....?"
Mira looked towards the AT-At and saw her life flashing before her eyes.
She fell to the ground, unconciouss.

Mira stood up, she looked around, but no one was around. the AT-AT, Jax, Gus, They were gone. She turned around. She could've sworn she heard the swish of a cloak. The, she saw him, It was Stu, wearing a black cloak. But wait.... Stu.... Mira thouht...

"Are you okay?''
Mira awoke.
Gus hovered over her, he looked frightened.
"Mira, are you...."

09-01-2005, 05:45 PM
Jax sat by a tree, staring at his knees. He did not want to look up he did not want to see his cousin. he did not want to feel anything. He kept his head down. Jax had killed the sniper that had taken his cousin. He had jumped up anger flooding through his veins. He had dodged fire from the AT-AT and the sniper. when he reached the sniper he punched him so hard he had broken his hand. Jax had continued to pumel the snipe's head into the ground. He finally kicked the sniper in the gut and then shot his body to peices.

When he saw Mira he did not no if it was real and when he had seen Gus he was sure he was dreaming. But it was no dream. Jax had grabbed something in his pocket he had fogoton about but he still caried it where ever he went. If Gus was...evil like he had suspected he would have to kill him and he only knew one way to kill a jedi or sith. A blaster wouldn't do it that was for sure.

Jax heard the explosion but did not move.
"He's really gone isn't he?" he asked Carlson
"Im afraid so Jax" Carlson sat next to Jax
"Look...i know you hurt...but we need you"
"Ok...just give me a moment"
Jax ran towards Mira and Gus without even glancing at Gus he passed them and ran towards the explosion

Sebastian Vlay
09-01-2005, 06:23 PM
(Oh, sorry about timing. My mother and I had some problems with other people's driving skills. So we're late getting back. Here I go. :p )

Renae and Fejia watched the Rebels run helplessly from the AT-AT. At last, they finally made it away. Hysterical if you asked them. But now they were in position high above in the forest where they could see everyone and everything. Armed with high-powered and precision sniper rifles, the two scoutroopers fired automatically at random targets. Or, say, random and helpless Rebellious scum. Their macro-binocular viewplate really came in handy when observing Rebels. It was funny. No one knew of their presence on the forest peek, which gave them an immense advantage.

Watching the sniper way below and infront of them get beat to death was certainly entertaining. It was too bad he didn't have his rifle with him at the time of the beating of that sniper. A bummer. Oh well, next time the Rebel would die.

(Okay, I know... horrible and short, but oh well.)

Renegade Angel
09-01-2005, 09:22 PM
Gus stopped Mira from running after JAx.
"Let him go, he wants to avenege his cousin's death.
"But wh-"
Gus interupted.
"Shh, Look up there."
Gus pointed to a cliff where two Imperial Marksman stood.
Gus didn't want to kill them. he wanted to interigate them.
He shot a bullet right past one's head and he and Mira ran towards the cliff.

Renegade Angel
09-01-2005, 09:23 PM
Mira turned around and ran after Jax. She wanted to help him.

09-02-2005, 03:26 AM
Jax stared ahead of him, awear that mira was following. Jax had enough, He was tired of loosing friends to the empire, he was tired of seeing people blown out of existance and he was tired of risking his life for nothing. He grabbed the thing in his pocket. He'd show them, he'd show them all what he was capable of. But he heard Mira draw closer and put it back in his pocket. His grabbed his rifle and slid into a seat of a combat speeder. He started it up and sped away. he was going to meet Don then they could end this...

09-02-2005, 07:08 AM

Don zoomed twards the target. The socut had seen them and was running back. Although a lot fater on the speeder bike Don did not have as mutch freedom as the scout. Ih he wanted to he could easily hide and then run in a different direction, whihc is what he kept doing. Don how ever using his piloting skills had him in his sights most of the time. Don fired and the scout hit the deck. Don jumped off and ran towards him. He rasied his pistol but he didn't need to. he was already dead.

Don wiped his forehead and sat down. He had lost contact with Jax and Mira. An EMP had been let off near their position. They did not know if it was an accident or on purpose. They had encountered a AT-ST which had been damaged and easily destroyed. They had alos managed to capture one and it was now roaming around somewhere. Dave aporached Don
"Don we should really start moving that explosion a few moments ago came from the south, where Jax is"
"I know"
"right well....when your ready"
"yeah Im ready"
Don got up, he heard a noise behind him but when he turned he was knocked unconcious but someone....or something....

Jax was lying on the floor a few feet away from the wrecked speeder. Something had shot him. He had seen a glint of something and then was thrown through the air.
The phantom was standing a few feet away staring down at Jax.
"So you decided to come find me"
Jax was bleeding from a gash above his eye and hand was broken and it felt like his leg was too but he stood up.
"I vowed to capture you"
"ah...but it I who have captured you" He raised his wrist and a length of wire spun aorund Jax's arms and legs, he over balanaced and fell hard to the ground.
"Oh your tough arn't you killing me when Im down" Jax yelled as the Phantom raised his gun
"remember Im a bounty Hunter my job is to kill people one way or another"
Jax grabed his pocket and ignited it.
He sliced through the wire and knocked the bounty hunter off his feet. He sliced the gun in half and stared down at the phantom
"wait...scans didn't say you were a jedi" he said shocked
"well scans don't tell you everything" Jax spat at the phantom
He moved the blue tip of the blade towards the phantoms's throat
"Now tell me, where is my friend Stu?"

Sebastian Vlay
09-02-2005, 08:00 AM
(Dude, Metal Gear rocks! Mother Russia will rise again... :) (isn't russian, but they're cool. They've got AKs, and stuff. The RPK...))

"Sir, there's one coming on from the left. He's seen us!" Corporal Fejia stated.

Sgt. Renae quickly put his rifle down and unleashed his pistol, 'Little Emperor.' The Rebel coming up the cliff was more stupid than any. Trying to run straight up. What an idiot..., he thought. Before anyone could shoot, about everyone fell down by the sudden appearance of an AT-AT. It was straight infront of the Rebel group, which were all on their knees.

"Fejia, now, take the speeder. I'll be right behind you." Renae said.

"As you wish, sir."

The brown military speeder bike sped away, doing zig-zags and all (OH YEAH, AC/DC!). With Fejia gone, and the Rebels on their knees, Sgt. Renae had the perfect chance to attack. He walked towards the edge, but the Rebel wasn't there.

"Blast!" he yells as the idiotic Rebel charges him.

Renae gets knocked down, but still has a good grip of his blaster. He stands up with some pain from his legs, and then fires two shots at the Rebel. They hit him, yes, but apparently did just about nothing. "Alright, it's time to run. Arrrrraaaggghhh!!"

Charging towards the Rebel, which just now turns around, he quickly falls to the ground as he trip-kicks the Rebel. Then, he stands back up, gets his sniper rifle, and mans the speeder bike. Then zooooooom and he's gone. Now they have to deal with the AT-AT.

09-02-2005, 09:21 AM
Jax stared down at the bounty hunter with pure hatred
"where is Stu" He repeated
"I don't know"
Jax moved the blad closer
"I don't know, he stowed away on my ship, when I landed here he ambushed me i fought him off but I managed to loose him in the forrest, I havn't seen him since"
Jax did not move the blade
"I have a hunch how ever"
"And why should i believe you?" Jax asked
The Phantom looked up at Jax and then took his helmet off.
Jax saw his own bruised and bloody face
"what you see is a progection"
He pushed a button on his chest armour
"It's a tactical plan to shock the enemy"
His face flickered and Jax's face was replaced by a young face that looked like it had aged in a short time. Jax stared
Jax knew this man. He had been part of the rebel alliance. He desighned ships, his name was bruce, he had desighned Jax's B wing fighter.
"you...youre the phantom?"
"well you know the rebels classed me as a traitor when that cruiser blew up carrying the ship i had jst desighned. They said it was too mutch of a coincadence so they tried to get me, so i did the only sensible thing, I ran"
"But you....destroyed one of the star destroyers"
"Oh don't get me wrong I still hate the empire but the rebel alliance turned their backs on me and I will never forgive them. So I became a bounty Hunter named "The Phantom". Now tell Me Jax how did you become a jedi"
"Im not" Jax said simply
"you're not? then why the lightsaber?"
"a friend gave it to me"
"a friend?"
"Yes, i knew Jedi he gave me this. AND THE YOU KILLED HIM!" Jax added
"Hmmmmm was he on the rebel cruiser, The Avias?"
"well he was about to tell you who I was, I couodn't have that"
"but...how did you know?"
"i have my sources, I intercepted the rebel and imperial comm. link chanels and listened in to everything"
"i see, so where is Stu?"
"I assume the imperials caught him"
"oh yes and how come there is an imperial base here?"
"The Lancer that you drove into the asteroid field crashed here a few weeks ago. they have built several look out post and one main base somewhere to the west"
Jax lowered the lightsaber
"Where is this base?"
"I will show you if you promise to let me go after wards" He said
"I promise nothing"
Jax raised the saber again
"You are in no situation to try and bargain with me bounty hunter"
"fine kill me here then you will never find your friend"
Jax laughed
"Bad luck, Bruce, but you have just told me where he is"
The bounty hunter did not laugh
"I did not, i merly said there was a main base to the west, under neath that base there are tunnels that go on for miles"
"I was captured you see and i escaped"
Jax considered him for a moment and pulled him up
"Thank you Jax, and i will remind you not to call me Bruce"
"that is your name, is it not?"
"It was" He said simply
Jax turned his lightsaber off but kept a firm grip on it.
"Follow me" said the bounty hunter
and jax followed him, to where he did not know...

09-02-2005, 03:01 PM
They walked for miles. They walked in silence until they could see a huge wreck ahead.
Jax and Bruce stopped. They had a quick look around beofre going into the wreck and scavaging anything they would find useful. There wasn't mutch there. Jax had suspected anything of value would have been taken.
They left empty handed.
"The base is not far now" Bruce mumbled
Jax kept a hand on his saber and his eyes on bruce. In the distance they sould hear fighting. It seemed that Don had managed to infiltrate the base becuase the cries were coming from inside the wall of a huge ruined city. In looked anciant. They slipped in un-detected.The city was enourmous. It was like moss eisley space port on Tatooine.They soon found out the cries were not being made by rebels attacking imperials or the other way around. The city looked like it had been attacked by some huge monster like a rancor but bigger....mutch bigger. Bruce stopped and so did Jax. The ginat monster was being shot at by storm troopers. It was slightly larger than a AT-ST but it had increable power. It threw aside men, guns, speeder bikes and even a AT-ST. It thre the AT-ST towards where Jax and Bruce stood hidden.
Bruce turned and loaded his two pistols
"this will be fun"

09-05-2005, 08:02 AM
(come on guys post....please)

Bruce took a step forward nad then turned quickly and punched Jax in the head. Jax fell, shocked, to the floor. Bruce then kicked him in the hand. His already broken hand cracked and Jax yelled out. The stormtroopers looked over at them and pointed. The rancor saw them, made up it's tiny mind and walked towards them. Bruce turned and switched on his jet pack. he f;ew around the beasts head and shot at it. He was like a fly to the rancor. It simply struck at him and he went flying into a wall. Bruce bounced off the wall and landed heavily on the floor near Jax. Jax ran, withdrew his lightsaber, ignited it and was about to stab bruce when the rancor knocked him aside. It must have thought he was a rival for his meal. But jax had managed to clip the Bruce's jet pack. Bruce turned to see the rancor roar at Jax and then turn it's head to bruce. who hadn;t realised what jax had done. He pushed a button in his glove which was suppose to activate the jet pack. It fizzled and bruce rose about 2 feet then fell to the ground. He looked at his jet pack. he tried again this time nothing.
"Oh shi-"
The rancor granned him. Bruce Screamed the rancor tore him in half and then ate him
Jax thought he would throw up but he didn't. He ran around a corner and dived into a small house. He sat there shaking. and listened as the rancor walked away. Jax sat up and gripped his lightsaber. His comm sudenly buzzed.
"Jax this is....admiral....Gri... there has.....be...star....-stoyer head...and.....wea...pon....Get out!"
Jax barly heard what was said. He had no way of getting off this planet. The shuttle was miles away. He had to radio Don
"Don you hear that?"
"yeah...what do we do?"
"gather the survivors and take them back to the shuttle ASAP...then re-group with the alliance. Make sure you land on a ship with fighters...preferably our fighters"
"got that...and what about you?"
"i'll figure something out....and Don.....take...Nekx body back...please"
"Sure...good luck boss"
Jax was about to say what he always said when someone called him boss. But stopped
"thanks Don"
Don wondered why this had struck so much fear into Jax's heart. He didn't know if he should take it seriously or not. Don turned and told his men to retreat.

Sebastian Vlay
09-05-2005, 10:03 AM
(Favoring Wedge now, JediOfDoom? I was waiting for Renegade Angel. I thought he would've posted. Man, this really bums. When I was his age I had all the time I wanted and I still do. Crazy crap. Anyways, let's kick butt. I mean, shall I kick butt? :) )

Renae came to a sudden stop on his speeder as he met up with corporal Fejia. They had just escaped some crazy Rebel, more insane that any he's seen before. No, this Rebel was a monster. He'll have to let his leading officer know of the situation. Or, actually, he's probably already dead thanks to the AT-AT.
"Fejia, report," he demanded.
"Sir, the Rebels three hundred meters north of here are gathering together. They appear to be retreating away from the base." Fejia reported.
"Strange. They almost never go into a retreation method."
"Yes, but they are now. Should we get on the move again, sergeant?"
"Absolutely, we should find a transport. We'll need something that's small and will be fast."
"Where exactly will we be going?"
"To the Emperor's Servant."
"You heard. Alright, let's go."

(I'll tell you right now, this thread's topic says Phantom: The Revenge. I originally took it as the Empire's revenge, so far that's all that has been happening, and that's all that's going to happen. It's my revenge. I'm tired of your pitiful last milisecond and quick escapes. You will not survive throughout this one, my dear friend. Mira will betray you, Stu will die, and you will be put under life-long heavy survailance aboard the Emperor's Servant.)

09-05-2005, 10:21 AM

Jax started to run. where he did not know. He had a plan lodged in his brain. He had to get back to Gus. He had to get out of here. what was this weapon? why did he feel sudenly cold? why was that snake yellow? wait a yellow snake? jax turned. A strip of yellow jump suit was on the ground. was it stu's? Jax did not know. He kept running and running. He eventually found him self at the AT-AT. It was motion-less. Jax heard something...the shuttle had taken off. Jax knew he was help-less....unless....he ran back to the clearing. The Firespray ship. He ran aboard. He had no idea how stu could ever faver this peice of junk. He started it. and when he did he heard something...something...strange...a scream. He had no idea where it was coming from...it seemed to be in his head. It screamed louder and louder. The ramp closed and the ship set off. His head ringed with the sound. He stumbled. He managed to plot a coarse...then he fell. his lightsaber glowed and then flickered. Jax eyes opened his eys and he saw the hatred and fear that he had felt for years. Jax could not think straight he stumbled and blacked out

Renegade Angel
09-07-2005, 03:46 PM
(( Sorry, I just modded my Xbox. Ill post later ))


Renegade Angel
09-07-2005, 04:04 PM
Gus was angry. He knew where Jax was, he knew he'd left them on this wasteland they called a planet. He and Mira were stranded. Alone. There was no one else. Suddenly, A loud scream came from nowhere.
"Whos there!?" yelled Gus
The screams came closer and closer. Gus saw Mira trembling. Gus held up his rifle with one hand and pushed Mira onto the ground with the other/
"Stay Low."
Gus swept his gun but found no one. Gus kneeled down next to Mira.
"Gus, What was that."
"I dont know, but I think it st-"
There it was again. Gus felt a chill in the air. He could smell blood in the air. Gus heard another scream, louder this time, he turned as he heard a body hit the ground. Mira was still alive. He looked around some more and saw a bloody corpse in the distance. It was a Rebel Soldier. The corpse stood up, barely and mover towards them. It stopped and fell to the ground. Gus got up and ran towards the man.
"Stay Here Mira!"
Gus kneelded down beside the amn and rolled him over.
The mans- or the things- eyes were glowing dark red, a few bullet holes were in his chest, and bloody fangs hung down from his mouth.
Gus was face-to-face with a Force Ghost.
Gus heard another scream and then he fell to the ground as he saw the force ghost smile and laugh evilly.

09-07-2005, 04:22 PM
The ship carrying Jax floated in space. The engines had cut out and oxygen was low. Jax lay unconcious on the floor but was starting to stir. He sat up a ringing in his ears. He rubbed his eyes. His lightsaber was ignited. The blue blade had gone. it had been replaced by a red one. Jax reached for it to turn it off. As soon as he touched the hilt he got a shock. where the saber had been in his hand an angry red mark was left. It burned. Jax winced and kicked the saber off. He then say on the piltos seat and looked at the controls. Red lights were flashing. The engines were dead and Oxygen was low. He surveyed the control panel and then kicked it in frustration. Something told him that Gus and Mira were still on the planet he had left. Don had not got them. He was angry. He focused as hard as he could. He knew Jedi's could use telekinesis. He thought at one point he heard Don's voice but he doubted it. His comm link had died and hwas on his own. The radar beeped. Jax glanced at it. A small fighter was coming. maybe he could somehow board it? he looked in the comparments. Yes there was a space suit he could use. He put it on and put a cord attatching hims self to the ship. He grabbed his lightsaber. With gloves on he did not get shocked but he felt a tingling sensation in his fingers. He opened the air lock and jumped out. He looked around. He could clearly see a Tie fighter of some sought coming his way. It kept coming. It stopped. He managed to propel himself. towards it. It was empty. Strange. Jax got in and the hatch closed. He took control and turned the ship around. sudenly a shcok ran through his body and he blacked out again.The Tie turned and headed back towards the Emperor's Servant

09-07-2005, 04:49 PM
(i kinda need seb to post here cus he's the emperors servant person here so im gunna use Don)

The shuttle docked with the rebel cruiser "Ghost Town" ironically named as it was one of the biggest cruisers the alliance had and could carry more people than most cruisers. Don had waited on the planet for Gus and Mira but he could not contact them. When an AT-ST turned up Don had got them out. Dave would return with a bigger force. Don was gearing up. He knew Jax was in trouble he just knew it. He was going to send Carlson and Dave down to help Gus and Mira but he himself was going after Jax. true to his word he has returned Nekx's body. He knew something was wrong with Jax. Jax had freaked out when he heard the name "emperors servant"...why? Don didn't know. Befpre he left the hanger he went to the bridge and asked the captain if "emperors servant" meant anything to him. He turned pale but said a little too firmly "no, never". So Don set of to the hanger and met Dave and Carlson gearing up the shuttle. They looked worried but wished him luck. Don got into his A wing fighter. He normally flew a B wing but he needed speed. Also his B wing did not have 2 seats. His A wing he had made himself with some help from Jax. It was longer than the average A wing and was more protected. It's armour was stronger and it was also faster. It also had a gun like a standar Y wing on the top which could swivel 360* which could be used by the co-pilot. He jumped in and started it up. He hadn't flown her for a while put he patted the controls lovingly and flew out of the hanger. Don had a lock on Stu's ship. The rebels had stored tracking devices on some of their ship such as Stu's firespray and the shuttles. Don put on a burst of speed and disapeared from the view of the rebel cruiser....

Sebastian Vlay
09-10-2005, 11:09 AM
(Oh man, I'm so very sorry. I sort of got behind on all my activities, because I've been learning PHP, BASIC, reading developer newsletters, chatting on several different forums, and just having fun browsing the Internet. Sorry guys, I'll try my best not to do that again. Now, the Emperor's Servant is the most powerful ship at this moment in the galaxy. It is a fully equipped Eclipse-class super star destroyer or star dreadnaught, whichever you prefer. Supported by thirty other Victory and Imperial class star destroyers, plus loads of lancer frigates, escort ships, and more, there is little stopping it. No more can be said for now, and I win this game. Only I.)

Sergeant Renae had came to a Lambda shuttle, along with corporal Fejia, five army soldiers, and an officer. Together they boarded the transport, knowing exactly what was happening.
Renae was in the back of the shuttle when it took off, gaining altitude and leaving the atmosphere of the planet. He was switching his uniform into his stormtrooper outfit, as was corporal Fejia. When done, they had already left the planet. Both Renae and Fejia walked into the cockpit, staring into space.
"Is that it, sir?" Fejia asked.
"That is it," the sergeant answered.
"Quiet, you two." The officer said.
From the comlink in the cockpit of the shuttle came a voice demanding verification codes and cargo destination.
"Alpha three one decimal six five nine, hyphen one six one two. Eight men, and some disabled artillery or worn-out equipment, requesting permission to board." Replied the officer.
The whole thing sounded so proper and planned out, and they were indeed given access to the ship's docking bay number 62. From a distance, the lamda shuttle was nearing nothing, but however, if you looked close enough with the right precision, you could see pure black (often a little bit shiny) plates and lights all over a huge star destroyer shape in space. Then, also, if you looked around the vast beast, you could see dozens and dozens of other ships including support ships of all kinds. And of course you could see TIE fighters just swarming around the ships. Mostly the rare remote-control or droid fighter sorts.
Within another minute or so, they had made it to their docking bay and shut down the engines and landed. Everyone moved back towards the lift on the shuttle. With Fejia and Renae on the sides, and the army troopers behind him, the officer walked down the shuttle's little lift. They were warmly greeted by about six officers, and the hangar felt like home. Lit up by every little measurement, and shiny metal was seen everywhere. Beautiful.
The officers all met up, and the usual routine took place, but the two stormtroopers just walked over to the turbolift, and prepared to take it down quite a ways. The final battle was about to occur, and the Galactic Empire would be victorious. Afterall, the young Rebel on the TIE droid may just die how it is, because nobody ever said that a TIE droid's navigation meant perfection, did they?

09-11-2005, 08:03 AM
OMG! sorry for my VERY long absence(sp?) i have completley forgot about this i have been swept up in h/work and other games. ok now back to the my main post, can i please be updated on whats up whats up with my character(Stu). Thanks

09-11-2005, 10:08 AM
well becuase you havn't posted for a while and wer can't control you (stu) we made it so he has gone missing. pretty much the story is...

jax, Mira, and other rebel soliders went to find Stu after the phantom ended. They found Stu's firespray ship but not stu. The firespray had been flown there by the bounty hunter. They assumed you had been on the firespray ship. So the bounty hunter left you there and no one has seen you since.

and thats pretty much the stu story....so far

Don had come across the abandoned firespray ship little less that ten mniutes ago. Don had searched it using a space suit and line. The engines had died a while ago and the oxygen supply was gone. there was no sighn of jax. A space suit was missing from the storrage and Don assumed that jax had taken it to stay alive. Don had then checked the area around the firespray. There was evidence of Tie fighter activity. Don had assumed the worse. He returned to his A wing. On the radar a faint dot was moving away from him. He sped after it. As he got much larger ship appeared on the radar. It was far away but moving at a steady pace towards the rebel's position. Don knew then that this was the emperors servant. Don came acorss the droid Tie a short while afterwards. He knew the droid would not change it's coarse unless Don changed it. Don fired an EMP at the droid and it became lifeless. Don was not about to try and mount the Tie so he towed it back to the rebel cruiser, Ghost Town. Jax was almost dead. He was very pale and his hair was on end. he had a scorch mark on his face. He had been to taken the medical facility...

Jax awoke to aches and pains all over his body. He sat up. The medical droid turned
"oh you are awake sir"
"what? where am I?"
"you are in the medical centre unboard the rebel crusier Ghost town"
"what? how?-"
Don walked through the door
"Jax you're awake!"
Don grabbed jax's shoulder and pulled him into a hug. Jax's face stung
"oh sorry jax" Don said as he saw Jax wince from the pain
"how?" Jax repeated again
"I found the Tie, it's in the hanger now, sgt. ramoan is having tests run on it"
Jax was confused but did not want to persue the matter
"and....the emperors ser-"
Don gave him a server look
He swallowed
"it's coming"
Jax stared
"It's coming...."
But jax knew why. There was only one reason why the emperors servant would come after them....to exterminate them
Jax jumped out of the bed. He ran to his room. He quickly found his jump suit and put it on.
Don appeared at the door
"how can you expect to figh against this?"
"how do you expect to run? It will catch us either way!"
Jax grabed his helmet and walked towards the bridge, The captain looked up at him scared
"you've heard?"
"yes, sir we have no choice....we have to fight it"
"I know, it will find us where ever we go....but we have no hope of winning"
"maybe sir but we must try"
"hmmmm, yes i know....This will be the biggest space war we have ever seen, every single rebel cruiser ans fighter will go to battle"
Jax had a sudden idea
"sir there is a way would could reduce the loses in space"
"draw them onto the planet below, if we could set up some deffences, we could draw them onto land, the biggest war we have ever known, even bigger than the clone wars"
The captain looked at Jax
"so be it"

Hey guys before this fight starts i think we should make a new topic...this is no lnger about the phantom this is about survival. This will be the biggest fight between the rebels and the imperials ever! so we should make a new topic....any ideas on what to call it?

09-12-2005, 08:34 AM
well i dont have any ideas but if i did it would probably be about a Podracing Championship, lol.

Stu had caught a glimpse of who he thought was Jax running of into the distance, he knew that his mind was playing tricks on him, the last few days for him were a blurr, although he had found scrap parts of discarded Droids and ships around the area. He managed to build himself a make-do Ship, the energy levels were low so once he hit space he would have to quickly get to a nearby cruiser.

"I just hope to hell that this works!"
Stu was able to get flying even though it was a serious struggle,He saw a rebel cruiser an indicator showed that the ship was called the 'Ghost Town.' He hoped that it wasnt one. he began to black out and with his last moments of conciousnus he typed in the co-ordinantes to the Ghost Town.

"I hope someones there."
Stu Then Blacked Out as his ship flew towards the Ghost Town......

09-12-2005, 03:40 PM
"sir an unidentified ship sir coming towards our position"
"i see it"
"shall we open fire sir"
"no, send out recon droids to search ofr life, make sure they have live feeds"
"yes sir, im on it"
As the recon droids were being prepared, Jax felt something
"captain we need to start fortifying the planet if we hope to engage the imperials sucesfully"
"oh coarse, Adequate 5, i repeat cruiser adequate 5 do you copy?"
"this is captain Johnson of the adequate 5, how may i help?"
"Johnson, what is you position?"
"we're closing in ou your position captain"
"change your coarse, set a coarse for the planet below, it is uncharted, set up a base and as quickly as possible"
"yes sir, but....we alone can not hold that planet of the imperials are going to attack"
"do not worry Johnson, i believe Caotain Gennaid of the "lawrence arm" will asist you"
"The lawrence arm? am i hearin you right?"
"you are"
the lawrence arm was possibly the biggest rebel ship, it could hold more men that any oher cruiser. It's precise numbmber was unknown. it could aslo caryy vast amounts of weapons, cannons, guns, speeders and other land assualt vehicles.
"Good god"
"also Fat wreck will be joining"
"what? two of the biggest rebel craft! what going on here sir?"
"this the fight- just do it....and good luck"
"yes sir, you too, over and out"
The captain sat back. The recon droids had tarced life. the person was unconsious.
Jax had gone to the hanger to meet the ship. When he saw Stu's limp body being taken out of the cock-pit he rushed forwards. He grabbed stu and flung him over his shoulder. He took him to the medical lab. He told the droid when he came around to tell him to come and find him. Jax went nback to the hanger. All of the pilots onbaord the ship where there in their jump suits. they were ready.
Jax stood infront of them, some looking egar some scared.
"The time has come" he said
"The empire is launching an asualt on us"
"whats new?" said a young pilot
"whats new is this time, it could be the end"
There was silence
"The emperors servant-"
Gasps from the crowed
"-is coming and we are going to go out there and-"
"We can not run from this, this is it, what we've been training for"
"No Buts, I know that you're scared but we will fight!"
A cheer rose from the crowd
"The emperors think's we're push over but we'll show him what real pilots are capable of!"
Another cheer
"everyone, ready your ships and be prepared"
Jax turned, over his inter-comm he heard Dave say he had found Mira and Gus and would be returning shortly
Jax knew this could be his final hour, he went to his room and sat on the bed silently. wating...

Renegade Angel
09-12-2005, 08:17 PM
Gus and Mira walked into the room. Gus had blood all over him.
"We're not too late, are we?"
Alot of people looked suprised to see him.
"Lets just say.... I killed a force ghost.... and found an old shuttle."
"But Jax, Why? why'd you leave me there to get killed by your Force Ghost? Why?"
"You don't know, do you? About the Force Ghost? Do you?"
Gus started to get angry.
Suddenly, the ships hook violently.

09-13-2005, 08:17 AM
Stu awaked in a medical lab.
"Wha-Where am i?"
Medical Droid :"Colonel Zandar,you are in a rebel cruiser called the 'Ghost Town'."
"Very well but who brought me here.?
Med Droid :"A Captain named Jax Polara brought you here sir, if he did not have you would have died from lack of oxygen in minutes."
"Jax! he's here thank god!"
Med Droid :"I'll go tell him that you've came round, might i just add that we are in closing range of a bunch of imperial ships".
"Oh man How could the same crap happen to the same guy twice!"

As the med droid goes off to tell Jax that Stu had awoke, Stu got dressed and sat down on the medical bed just thinking over what has happend and what is going to happen.....

09-13-2005, 08:24 AM
Jax stared up at Gus starting to get angry
I didn't leave you, I told Don to get you out, and he said he couldn't find you. As for the force ghost" he paused, something glinted in his eyes, "i don't know what your talking about"
Jax left the room and walked into the med droid.
"ah sir, Stu Zander has awoken"
"good, take me to see him"
"very well sir"
The droid led Jax back to the medi-lab, Jax glanced at Stu and then looked away
"Do you know of the situation? Of coarse you do, thats why i must ask you to help fight, I know you've been gone for weeks but we need you back in the driving seat"
Jax stopped
and thought for a moment. the ship shook again.
"I must ready our guys"
He looked at Stu
"I'll see you out there, Im leading the first assualt....Good luck old friend"
He left and made his way to the hanger....

09-14-2005, 06:42 AM
Stu was stunned at Jax's sudden reaction.
'I Suppose i'll get my crew ready as well.' Stu thought out-loud to himself.

Stu Ran down to the hangar and ran into his old team consisting of his friends; Adrian,Colleen And Alan.
Adrian:"Stu! how are you?"
"I'm Fine Adrian How are you guys?"
Alan:"We're good man but i dont know if you should be flying so soon after your ordeal."
"I know but if theres a whole bunch of imperial attack cruisers about to attack us then i'm ready to do my part i hope you guys are ready to."
Adrian:"Yeah we're ready we're gonna be flying a squad of your specially customized E-Wings."
"Sweet lets go."

Stu and his squad flew out of the hangar bay and slowed down infront of the hangar......

P.S.I hope that E-wings are acceptable in this story.

09-14-2005, 12:14 PM
(yeah they are)

Jax was shocked at himself. He hadn't seen stu for over a month and here he was ordering him around. Jax shook his head, he would apologise later. He had a lot on his mind. He walked staright past Don and Dave.
"Het Jax wait up"
"come on guys get it together!" He snapped
Don looked shocked
"sorry, I just...just feel a bit weird today"
Don looked at Dave
"you think it's wise you lead this assualt then?"
"I can do it!" Jax spat
Jax entered the hanger and turned to the other two.
(over speaker) "All pilots to your stations"
"Come on guys" jax nodded and dave then Don
"see you out there" Don muttered, and they seperated.
Jax got into his B wing (specs below)
and pushed the ignition and he flew out of the hanger. He turned to see the rest of blue group to come out and the start of green group (i assume you are gunna be green leader again Fisto-kit?) Jax followed standard procedure...
"All wings report in"
"Blue 2 standing by"
"Blue 4 standing by"
"Blue 18 standing by"
"Blue 3 standing by"
"Blue 5 standing by"
"Blue 6 standing by"
"Blue 7 standing by"
"Blue 9 standing by"
"Blue 24 standing by"
"Blue 12 standing by"
"Blue 19 standing by"
"Blue 17 standing by"
"All wings in attack position"
The members of blue group in B wings went into attack formation, As Jax's ship's wings unlocked and his cockpit swiveled to keep him level, he saw in the distance a huge ship
"Wooooah that emperors servant is massive"
"Thats not the emperors servant"
"Blue Group pull up and stay focused"
As the ships pulled up, a blue light flashed and the emperors servant came into view as it left hyper space...

09-15-2005, 05:50 AM
(Yeah I'll be Green group Jedi.)

"Okay Guys Report in."

The Imperial Cruiser gained on our position.
"Oh My god?!"
Alan: "T-T-That thing is H-Huge!"
"Calm down everyone, all ships have a weakness lets just hope its not well guarded."
"Guys Attack positions."
Colleen: "Er..hem"
"Oh right sorry coll."
As the ships were getting nearer the first rebel transports began to decend to the planet below to establish a foothold in the planet.....

09-15-2005, 03:02 PM
(ok because this battle is going to take place on the planet below too, i am also going to use another character to be part of the battle on the land)

Name: Kenny Skiba
Age: 21
Faction: Rebels
Class: foot soldier
Weapons: Blaster Rifle, Blaster Pistol, Standard grendades, Custom sniper rifle
Strengths: good eye sight, good infiltration techniques
Weakness: weighed down with equipment, friends
Bio: Kenny is a young rebel soldier. He has been shooting since he was very young. He used to go out with his father and shoot for sport. He and his family had to flee Dantooine when the imperial presance made it too dangerous. During this time his mother was killed by an impeiral officer. Ever since then Kenny has vowed to return home and avenge his dead mother...

Kenny stepped out of the cruiser. The light shone on his carky trousers. He put his helmt on and grouped with the others. Behind them speeders, speeder bikes, Weapons, Cannons, gun's, mortors and all the other stuff was being un-loaded. A Y wing came out of the hanger. The ship brought a few Y-wings along as bombers to bomb the paths used by the imperials. Also snow speeders were going to be used even though there was no snow, the harpoon would come in use if the imperials used AT-AT's, which they probably would.
Kenny gripped his rifle. He knew this was going to be tough. The rebels had established a base here before. It consisted of two bunkers, a sought of fort made from wood and metal and the front line wich was filled with trenches. The bunkers led into an underground passage to a small cleareing where a rebel cruiser had landed. The guns where being placed all around the fort and the trenches. If all else failed the trenches were to be set alight. There was also a certain point the Y wings could bomb. If they came too close to the fort and on bomb went astray the mission could be lost. The rebels alos had a plan up their sleeve. Kenny looked to the sky and he could see 4 star destroyers coming down to meet them. The plan better work...

The emperors servant ground to a halt. It did not move. It did not release any fighters. It did nothing. Jax had to make his mind up.
"Blue Group do not, i repeat DO NOT, attack that ship"
"what? why not?" Carlson asked confused
"Becuase it's not doing anything. The other star destroyers are going to attack then that thing will fiish us off!"
"but...the emperors servant could do it in one!"
"yes! but where the fun in that? they want to toy with us!"
Jax turned and started his assualt on the first star destroyer....

09-16-2005, 05:39 AM
The battle in space was just begining and stu and green squad were about to begin their assault on the star destroyers.

"Ok guys you know the the drill get under it and shoot the uunderbelly of the ship,its main cannons cant hit us then ok?"

Green group began their attack...

09-16-2005, 11:22 AM
Jax run along the ships hull. He knew he was in range of the ships cannons but he also knew if he could knock out the bridges defences and get a good shot on the bridge it would eb the end of the star destroyer.
"Don cover me on this assualt Blue Group split up, Carlson lead you assigned guys over to target 2"
"copy that Jax"
Jax armed a EMP torpedo. he knew if he could knock out the shields, the others could barrage it with normal torpedoes casuing damage and possibly rendering it useless. A group of Tie intereceptors were released from the ship.
"Damn, Rik keep those ties off us!"
"copy that Blue Leader"
Jax fired his EMP torpedo. A tie interceptor shot at it.
"shi- PULL UP!"
Too late, the Tie hit it and it exploded. The star destroyer's light flickered. Jax's B wing had escaped the blast but one ad not. Shark had been in the line of fire. His B wing floated useless. All of it's controls had been knocked out. It hovered just above the hull and then crashed into it.
"NO!" Jax returned fire on the Tie. It spun out of control and also hit the hull....

09-16-2005, 01:25 PM

The battle on the planet below had begun. The Imperials had landed and had sent scouts out. The rebels were already in place and rebel scouts were everywhere. The snipers had gone into the forrest. When the imperial scouts had not returned The imperials sent out AT-ST's. The scout radiod back saying they were safe and the plan was going smoothyly. The imperials had alnded in a hawks head foramtion
< <

and this made the rebels plan much easier.
Kenny went into the vast forrest. He heard nothing but a whistiling. The great thing about the imperial scouts was that they wore white unifroms and were easy to spot. The rebel scouts, in karky, blended in. The base had been further fortified. All the guns were up. A look out post slighly above and behind the base had signalled to them that the imperials had landed and were moving in. The Huge AT-AT's could not manouvere throught the vast forrest and were aparently trying to flatten it but with no luck even the AT-ST's were having trouble nagotiating throuhg the forest. The rebels had not taken any vechiles not even a speeder bike. they knew it would be easy to spot and they knew the sound would atract the imperials. They hoped the impepials might get lost in the forrest as well and they did not want them to make their job any easier. One thing they did was to make animal noises. This could disorientate a solider and make him loose track of direction.

Kenny gripped his sniper rifle and placed it to his eye. In the distance he could see a white head bobbing towards him. He took aim...he did a quick check to make sure there was no one else there. He made a Bird noise. This was a signal. Another sniper would return the noise and they while kenny took the shot the other sniper would watch is back and take out any other imperials scouts if they were there. The noise was returned. Kenny pulled on the trigger. The scout fell to the floor.
"Got ya" kenny whispered to himself....

Renegade Angel
09-16-2005, 05:27 PM
Gus was angry at Jax, but he had to put that aside and help his fellow soldiers. He was going to lead his old team again.... Gold squadron. Originally, they had all been Spec Ops, But after Gus's Special Ops years, he quit Gold Group. when he saw all his old comrades he was shocked. they seemed.... Tougher... Gus also noticed a girl that caught his eye.
New Character! (Lol, This is gonna be based off my girlfriend, Kaitlyn)
Begin Transmission_
Republic Pilot Profile: #016630068986

Name: Kaitlyn
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Class: Co-Pilot of Gold Group
Fighter: modded x-wing
Apperance: Red hair down to shoulders(Carrot Top)

Gus walked up to the girl. She was putting on her pilot helmet.
"Oh, Hello.... Ah.... Sir?"
"Guess your new, huh?"
"Yes, sir"
"You really dont need to call me sir you know. besides, Im the same age as you so..."
"Ok, No Problem!"
Gus could tell the girl was nervous.
"So, you're my Co-Pilot, Right?"
Kaitlyn climbed into her Modded X-Wing. Gus took one last look at her.
"Good Luck" He said queitly.
Gus's B-wing lifted off the ground, and flew out of the hangar.
"Gold 2, Kaitlyn, Standing By"
"Gold 3, Wes, Standing By"
"Gold 4, Flare Standing By"
"Gold 5, Marine, standing By"
"Gold 6, Alex, Standing By"
"Gold 1, Gus, Standing By"
"All Fighters, attack Position!"
All ready, 3 TIEs were firing at them.
Wow, His squad was amazing! They dodged every shot, every torpedo.
Kaitlyn was right beside him, When He looked at her ship, his stomach felt... Funny.... Hmm... Odd...
Wait coul- No, pilots never knew ''love''. He never had feelings for anyon in his life, since he was a pilot....

09-17-2005, 05:06 AM
As Jax glanced over at the motionless Emperors Servant he knew he would have to the face up to his demons sooner or later. He had a plan imbeded in his mind. Jax turned and fired An EMP torpedo into the bridge. A rippel of elecetricity engulfed the bridge. Don then followed the attack by firing a cluster torpedo into the bridge. They seperated and bombarded different part. The bridge had sustained minor damage but the ship was still moving towards the rebel cruisers.
"Carlon, do you copy?"
"I do Jax"
"Whats the situation over there"
"well it's looking good we're all still here and this star destroyer soon won't be"
"Ok keep going"
So far Jax had only lost one pilot. He knew that theses guys knew what they were gettng them selves into. He glanced towards Gus's ship. He saw how gold group dived and dodged and felt a sudden rush of anger. Those kids were all spins and dives know but just wait until they saw one of their mates blown out of the sky. Jax had been like that once, cocky, but it all changed. Jax snapped back to the here and now. He dodged Tie fire. If Gus was imressed from that wait until he saw what him and Don were about to do.
"Don....do it!"
"yes now!"
"Got it bo-"
"lets go!"
Jax and Don dived towards the bridge. Don fired an Seismic charge....It exploded gashing the bridge and the hull. They saw their opurtunity, the shields were down and there was a hole in the ship. They dived into the centre of the star destroyer....

09-17-2005, 08:05 AM
meanwhile on the planet below.......

Kenny ducked behind a tree log. He had sworn the had seen a imeperial scope pointing at him....but if he had he was sure he would have been dead by now. He crouched. He could just about see under the log. The scope was moving. He looked down his own scope. He knew what he had to do. It wouldn't kill him but ruin all chances of killing someone and possibly blind him. Kenny took the shot. The scope on the imperials sniper shattered. He cursed. Then he made a big mistake, He stood up. Kenny shot again and hit him in the chest. The scout fell. Kenny's comm link buzzed and an explosion ripped the still air. An AT-ST?
Over the intercom: "Return the the base now!"
Kenny stood. It was a bad idea. The AT-ST shot in his direction. he hit the deck and then ran. He saw his friend Ryan ahead. He caught up with him and they ran flat out until they were safe. They jumped into a trench near the base.
"Base this is scout-89 they saw us, they're coming!"
An AT-ST crashed through the undergrowth. It came out of the forrest. It looked beat up. It stood there for a moment....then it exploded. Kenny looked at ryan. Then looked behind them and in a tower was a rocket trooper. clutching a rocket launcher. He looked stunned. "I didn't get a chance to fire" he yelled
Kenny raised his eyebrow. More crashing. The imperials were getting closer. The other soldiers manned guns and mortar launchers. Kenny grabbed Ryan and they jumped out of the trench. The position of the base was in between a sought of valley. There was hills on both sides. On top of the hills were more soliders. with snipers, roket launchers and machine guns. Kenny ran up the hill. as the jumped to the ground and Ryan hit the floor next to him and Fyling Imperical carrier come into view from behind the trees in circled and landed heavily on the grass. the ramp dropped. and hundreds of imperial soliders jumped out and all hell broke loose....

09-17-2005, 08:20 AM
Jax kept his finger on the trigger. he had to constantly blast debrey, metal wires out of the way. They could run out of space real quick. Jax dodged a beam, He blasted at some wires and they sparked and expoloded. He dived throught the fire.
"Jax this is crazy! what do you expect to do? this isn't like the death star this has no core!"
"Just follow me!"
Jax knew they were going to be in trouble soon. The hull of the star destroyers wasn't a walk in the park. well it was a walk in the park....if it was a park full of the possibility of running out of space and crashing into a wall. Jax Fired a torpedo. The torpedo exploded. He could see the end. He fired. He closed his eyes. The force of the explosion threw him through space.
"I AM NEVER DOING THAT AGAIN!" Don yelled as the star destroyer exploded.
"i have no idea how we just did that.....it's....impossible" don muttered
Jax and don flew back to regroup with blue group....

09-17-2005, 10:55 PM
Green group witnessed the destruction of the star destroyer.
"Jax, Nice shot but theres still a few left,Do you have a plan to take the others out?"
Adrian:"Stu,We have some company."
"All E-wings attack position."
Colleen:"I cant get it into position its jammed but i can still fl..*Explosion*
"Colleen?! Do you read me?"
"Damnit its just us three now guys."
"Take out them TIE's by any means nessecery!"
Adrian:"I've got a l..o..c..k on it FIRE!!"
"Good work guys all we need to do now is wait to hear Jax's Plan."
Stu and his men flew up to Jax and Don....

09-18-2005, 06:08 AM
Jax was deep in thought. He knew there were more star desroyers than they could handle. as if reading his mind 6 rebel cruisers exited hyper space. Jax was shocked. They released fighters. Like a plague of locusts the fighters were released.
"This is white leader, does anyone copy?"
"White leader this is Blue Leader"
"ahhh jax could to hear from you"
"you too"
"what's going on?"
"well i was expecting more...resistance but it's.....OH GOD!"
At least 1000 Ties were being released from the emperors serant.
"This is it guys!"
"who have we got here?"
"Red Group, white group, grey group, black group and yellow group"
"Ok guys let's do it!"
Jax shot towards the cloud of Ties...

09-18-2005, 08:00 AM
Green Group Sped towards the TIE's....
"R7 Power up all front shields and increase the range of the cannons."
"Ok guys new plan."
Alan:"What is it stu?"
"Just blast any tie you see and try to stay together so we dont accidently kill each other,ok."
*Multiple explosions.*
"Good work guys keep it up."

The Battle in space was heating up.....

09-19-2005, 12:17 PM
Jax fired at ant tie that came in range. which was most of them. The ties dodged and ducked. The rebels were out numbered but not out classed.The rebels were certainly better flyers. An explosion ripped through space and jax was thrown forward. A Star Destroyer had exploded.
"What happened? we didn't hit it?"
"It just.....went"
"Theres somehting weird about this"
"I agree White Leader, all fighters full back...IT'S A TRAP!"
Another star destroyer exploded. And then suddenly out of no where star destroyers surrounded them. Jax was speechless. The rebel cruisers were surrounded. But a few seconds later more rebel cruisers arrived. The real battle was about to start...


Kenny fired. A storm trooper hit the floor. The storm troopers had realised, too late, that they had walked into a trap. The anti-aircraft guns had taken down the landing veichles. And were on the watch for more. The imperial soliders did not know which way to turn. They were surrounded. The rebel cannons stopped firing. The imperials had their hands in the air. They had surrendered. A cheer rose. Kenny did not cheer.
"We've won!" cried a soldier
"HOLD POSITION AND DO NOT LOWER YOIUR RIFLES!" yelled a commanding officer
Kenny understood, this was a trap.
"You boy, which one of those is the leader?"
Kenny looked down his scope
"that on" he pointed
"The one with the blue markings on his armour"
"Right....take him out"
"what?" voiced a soldier
"we arn't permited to shoot prisoners"
"we are when it's possibly a trap and the imperials wouldnt hesitate to kill you!"
"Do it" he said simply
Kenny took aim. and fired. The officer hit the deck. The storm troopers automatically started shooting again.
"see, they had hidden weapons and...."
The last trooper hit the floor, dead.
"see if we had fallen for that..."
"well get ready i doubt we will be alone for long"

09-21-2005, 07:48 AM
Green Group were about to attack the cloud of TIE's when Jax gave an order...
'All Fighters Fall back....IT'S A TRAP!!!'
Stu:"You heard him guys fall back!"
Adrian:"Right boss."
Alan:"Copy that."
"Jax or white Leader, do you have a plan for this."......

09-21-2005, 12:29 PM
"this is....un-believeable"
The rebel cruisers released fighters and at the same time so did the star destroyers. This massive battle was about to heat up.
"All groups this is Blue Leader, im pretty sure this is a trap, something dosn't feel right, the emperors servant hadn't done anything and some star destroyers have exploded without being hit. I think they all might be filled with-"
The emperors servant exploded
"what the-"
and the real emperors servant took it's place. It was even bigger than the false one. It's glaring lights fixed on Jax and he felt a pounding in his head. He then knew this was the end.
"Don take control of blue group"
"you heard me, i have to board that ship"
Jax spead off leaving a dazes Don behind
"right blue group follow me" Don said dazidly
Jax was allowed to get close to the star destroyer, some how they knew it was him two Tie fighters escorted him to the hanger bay. Jax was sure he was also surrounded by Tie Phantoms. Jax docked with the ship. He got out and was immediatly grabbed by storm troopers. His lightsaber was taken and so was his pistol then he was lead to the commander.
"Ah Polara i thougt i'd be seeing you"
"Did you or did your master tell you"
The commander went pale
"My master has awated your arrival he will see you shortly, throw him in a holding cell" he added to the guards who nodded. Jax was thrown roughly into the cell and waited for a visit from an old friend.

Renegade Angel
09-21-2005, 07:01 PM
"SAVE JAX!" I yelled into my mic.
"Gold Group Give us cover!"
"Kaitlyn, Follow me!"
Kaitlyn and I flew closer to the Emperor's Servant. they knew why we where here. The turrets opened fire on us. Two shots hit my left wing and a fleet of Fighters opened fire on Kaitlyn. I turned my shields to 100 percent and flew in front of her fighter.
"Kaitlyn, Listen to me, we have to save Jax, we'll board the destroyer and- AHHH!"
My shields were 8 percent and a roclet came flaring towards me.
The last thing I saw was Kaitlyn's ship.

Kaitlyn was on top of me, she seemed lifless, but she was still alive. We had made it, We were inside the Emporor's Servant.
I woke Kaitlyn and yamned.
I said, she had saved me.
We stood up and saw that our destroyed fighters had breached the hull of the Servant when we went down. There was a small silence, the only sound was the red alert alarm. The door slid open, and Stormtroopers poured out. I grabbed the rifdle on my belt and opened fire. Hmph.... Who said 14 year olds are useless.... I took out 4 troops and Kaitlyn chucked a fag and killed the rest. She picked up her blaster and we advanced.

09-22-2005, 04:14 AM
Jax jerked his head upwards. He could hear an alarm and he could sense Gus. The door slid open and stadning there tall and mysterious was...
Jax's old friend who was believed dead was standing there, he black robe billowed out in a mennacing way
"Jax....I expected something of this nature from you, when you heard the name the emperors servant you knew i had once mentioned it before"
"you did and then....I sensed you"
"hmmmm your becoming the Jedi that scum always wanted you to be"
"He wasn't scum!" Jax yelled
Rezillo smiled
"Your friend...the one who crashed into us...he will dead shortly and you will kill him"
"w-what...i wont! you can't-"
"You can do what ever you set your mind to"
An officer walked into the cell
"sir, you asked me to bring you what he was armed with, just these" He handed the lightsaber and pistol over to rezillo. Rezillo threw the pistol aside as the officer left.
"A jedi's weapon....so you are a jedi?"
somehting flickered in jax's mind
"Yes" he lied
"I can tell you're lying" Rezillo said simply
Jax glanced at his saber. he had to stop this...
"You have always been a bad lyer"
Jax had to help Gus
"you have always been a failure..."
Jax snapped
He did something he had never done before he flung his hand out and his lightsaber shot into his hand like a magnet had invisilby pulled it there. He ignited it but rezillo was ready. The two blades clashed. And Rezillo smiled...

09-22-2005, 05:32 AM
"oh boy Jax and Gus are at it again." Stu said to himself quietly.
"Alan,Adrian Follow orders from Don ok, goin off to help them."
Both:"Yes sir."

Stu Put his ship into full speed and raced off towards the star destroyer, trying his best to avoid the TIE's but he was hit by 6 TIE's and the engines were cutting out,Stu quickly made it to the hangar bay..

"Ah crap, how am i gonna do this?" he asked himself.
Stu flew in the hangar and shot as many Imperials impossible. He set down the ship and got ready...

09-22-2005, 10:49 AM
Rezillo stopped. he looked up. Jax felt it too. Stu was now on the emperors servant.
"another foolish friend of yours has just docked with us" He said in a voice of pure hatred
"what happened to you?" Jax said resuming the fight
Rezillo's lightsaber clased against Jax's and forced it against a wall.
"I saw you get blown out of space and then...you wern't evil!"
"Oh jax there is no good or evil there is only power and those too weak to seek it...LIKE YOU!"
Rezillo force pushed jax against a wall and it gave way. Jax stepped out of the debrey.
"what happened?" he said again
"when i was shot, i survived i floated in space suffocating when something took me, i could breath...it was like a bubble had formed around me, i was dragged to this ship where my master tought me the ways of the sith"
"But that would have taken years!"
"yes....but my master is very powerful. He invented a room called the hyperbolic time chamber, A year in there was a day on the ouside. within a week of this dimension I was a sith"
Jax gulped
"you wish!"
They glashed blades again. Rezillo's red blade and Jax's Blue blade combined made a spectaular display of light and sound but if they wern't careful all would be lost...

09-23-2005, 08:58 AM
Stu got his Rifle ready and exited the cockpit..
"R7 go and protect the ship."
Stu had a wierd feeling in him..like he could sense a friend in trouble..
"Jax!" Stu said aloud.
2 stormtroopers heard him and stu fired at them, they were both killed alomst instantly.
"Jax,Where are you my friend."
"Is this what Commander Skywalker descibed as 'The Force'." He asked himself.
Stu began the walk to find his friend...

(Just a question, is this gonna turn into a Jedi story or mainly stay as a pilot story?)

09-23-2005, 11:34 AM
(you do whatever you want, but i imagine it will be a bit of both)

Jax stared into the eyes he had once trusted.
"You...lied...to me!"
"what do you mean?"
"you said you would never turn to the sith, never work for the empire"
"ahhh yes....things change Jax!"
Rezillo force pushed him against a barrel. Jax slumped against it.
Rezillo breathed heavily
"you are strong...i never knew you had skills outside being a pilot....what are you now Blue Leader?"
"How do you know?"
Rezillo smiled....
"I am...the phantom"
"w-what? you can't be!"
"I assure you i am"
Something clicked in Jax's head
"I should have known...no one had the same flight style as you....but wait you took out some imperial ships"
"I did...i had to make it look convincing. On my masters orders of coarse"
Jax jumped up and ran at Rezillo who just smiled. Rezillo pushed him back and smiled
"tut-tut....you never learn to do jax?"
He advanced on Jax...

Renegade Angel
09-23-2005, 03:57 PM
Gus couldn't take anymore of this. He got shot twice in the shoulder and once in th eleg. he could barely breath anymore.
He stood up and screamed as loud as he could, he grabbed Kaitlyn's hand and screamed even louder.
The Imperials fell back and couldn't breath. Kaitlyn stood up.
"You're a..."
"Yeah, let's go!"
A dark jedi master jumped out of nowhere. Gus took out a green saber and a blue saber. I attacked vigurously, but alas, he was defeated. The fiend stabbed my chest and we both fell back. Gus screamed again. Partly in pain and partly in self-defense. I quickly grabbed Kaitlyn's foot. If he didn't hold onto her, she'd die too. I was too late, she stumbled over and fell. Gus stopped and the dark jedi couldn't breath. I crawled over to Kaitlyn.... and kissed her on the lips. Aside doing this because Gus was in love with her, it also transfered his remaining power to her. she slowly opened her eyes and saw what he was doing. He stopped and fell to his knees. I felt my face slam against the cold, metal floor.

( Im gonna posy in first person and third person )

09-23-2005, 04:30 PM
Jax felt Gus's remaining power disapeer. In a state of rage he jumped up. Surprised Rezillo let his guard down and was almost beheaded. Rezillo blocked the slash. Jax was painting he looked like a mad man.
"You...Gus is....I'LL KILL YOU!"
Jax stopped
a voice echoed in his head
"Jax don't give into hate"
He stood there a second too long. Rezillo slashed at Jax. His jump shuit ripped and a gash across his chest spewed blood. Jax wasn't badly injured. He stepped back
"whats the matter?" Rezillo demanded
"tired of our fight? shall i finish it off?"
Jax looked at Rezillo
"I will never fogive you" he said quietly
"I do not look for forgiveness"
Jax kicked Rezillo out of the way. he grabed his pistol and blasted at him. Rezillo reflected the blast. Jax's pistol was wrenched from his group as Rezillo used the force.
"Jax you will not get far without the force"
Jax glanced to the side. there was a red button on the wall saying "Grabage shoot" he looked at the floor. It was one huge platform. Jax guessed when the button was pushed the floor would fold in and what ever was there would fall into the garbage disposal. Jax looked up. Running along the ceiling were pipes. Jax looked at Rezillo.
"Goodbye" he said simply
He pushed the button. Before he knew what was happening Rezillo fell. Jax grabbed the pipe. He hung on for dear life. Rezillo disapeared. Jax was loosing his grip. He couldn't hold on much longer. He focused all his mind power on the button. He felt something flow through him. The button clicked and the floor slid back into place. Jax dropped down. He could still sense Rezillo but he had to find Stu and Gus. Jax ran out of the room to find his friends...

09-24-2005, 06:40 AM
Stu Ran down a corridor a turned to see Gus,Blooded and battered with a beautiful young woman..
"Gus!" Stu yelled aloud.
3 stormtroopers heard him and ran down to him.
"Damn! i got to stop doing that!"
Stu fired at the troopers, but when one died he pulled the trigger and shot stu..
AAARRRRRGGH!" Stu yelled in pain.
"My Arm! My Arm! What gun in the name of the Force could do THAT!!"
Stu looked at his left arm..his wrist and most of his forearm was blasted off,Stu also looked at the troopers gun..it was an E-11 blaster rifle-Standard issue gun for stormtroopers, but it was Customized.

Stu Applied pressure on the wound and he went and crawled over to Gus and his friend.
"Gus! are you ok?"....

09-24-2005, 06:51 AM
Jax felt a sudden pain in his chest. He stopped running. Something had happened to Stu. Jax turned, A storm trooper appeared at the end of the coridoor.
"HALT!" he yelled
Jax defelcted back some shots and then ran at the trooper. He jumped and beheaded the storm trooper. He never knew he could do that. Jax turned, Rezillo was getting closer. He ran towards the control center. The controls told him that Gus had breached some, 400 yards away from him. He ran. Rezillo was getting closer. Jax hurtled round a corner and he saw stu and Gus.
"Stu! Gus! run-" Jax yelled
too late rezillo had shut the door between the two parties. Jax turned.
"You will not escape" he said in a voive of hatred
Jax grabbed his lightsaber and ignited it.
"I'll make you pay!"
Jax and Rezillo started fighting....


Kenny looked obver the mound. In the distance he could see...
"theres....hundreds...of drop ships coming at us!"
"Ready your weapons!" cried the commander
"This is it!"
An AT-AT came out of the trees followed by 8 AT-St's.
They could hear the rev of speeders and Ships.
Kenny grimaced. He looked down the scope. He could see a dark trooper. getting ready
"FIRE!" yelled a voice
Kenny took the shot...

09-24-2005, 06:59 AM
hey guys just realised there is another topic now
phantom: The Emperors Servant

09-24-2005, 07:14 AM
(just to let you know Jedi-you typed 'Jax withdrew his lightsaber and ignited it.' not just to make you realise your mistake but if that is the case then Rezilo would have an advantage because jax would have his saber stuck in his Leg. lol just to let you know.)
Meanwhile back on the story line....

Stu heard footsteps coming closer and then...
"Stu! Gus! run!"
"Jax?" Stu said, then the door closed and sealed..
"Crud!" Stu said, he looked around and seen a dark jedi, dead next to gus.Stu seen his Laser-Sword.(He doesnt know its a lightsaber.) Stu picked it up and seen a Ventilation shaft across the room.He Got up in tremendous pain and ignited the sword, he cut a hole in the vent and climbed in..