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[from Forces of The Ancients plot]
While the Republic Celebrates its victory against Darth Malak and the destruction of the star forge an ancient automated emergency protocol became active on the rakata home world. The protocol was created by the ancient Rakata in case the Star Forge was ever destroyed. The protocol activated giant Armada of Rakatan ships and brought billions of Rakata out of a criogenic sleep. The Rakata Force has only on Goal to take back control of their Empire and the rest of the Galaxy. Meanwhile the Sith have split into faction which have fell into a civil war. The two Leader Darth Iallia and Darth Hatre both make a claim to the Title of "Dark lord of the sith" and beleive they are the rightful rulers of the sith Fleets. The Republic Army located on Coruscant lead by Revan begun deployment to aid the other Republic forces on the hostile planets, but the Coruscant Army was soon halted, by a surprising Sith armada lead by the young, but skilled Anor Kon. Anor Kon advanced to Coruscant to take revenge on the Republic, but mainly Revan, because of Revan being able to incapitate the Sith Guardian...chaos is running ablaze amongst the galaxy..Will Revan be able to save the Republic once again?

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Character 1
Name- Jon Freeman
Species- Human
Sex- Male
Age- 31
Height- 5"7'
Side- Republic
Allegiance: Lightside
Occupation/rank: Mercenary, Ex-Jedi
Type: Jedi Watchman
Weapons: Lightsaber, Blaster Rifle
Equipment: Medium Fiber armour (specially made not to restrict force useage).
Apperance: Black Hair, Acrobatic body build, White Skin, Brown eyes
Ship: The "Orical" a Modified corillian Medium freighter : 3 quad laser Turrets ( 2 ventral 1 dorsal, 2 Concussion missile launcher (1 forward one rear), 2 Forward ion cannons, Large cargo bay (with installed holding cell), two two-man quarters.
Bio: An ex jedi who left the order for reasons unknown. He became a mercenary and does missions for the republic.

Character 2
Name- Tia Nasai
Species- Human (corillian)
Sex- female
Age- 20
Height- 5"3'
Side- republic
Allegiance: Neutral
Occupation/rank: Mercenary.
Type: Scoundral
Weapons: Wrist mounted repeater blaster, vibro blade,
Equipment: Stealth Armour, 'Hacking' Visor (for breaking into computers, doors, etc.
Apperance: Blonde Hair, Acrobatic body build, tanned Skin, green eyes
Ship: See Jon Freeman
Bio: A orphin on corillia took to a life of crime at an early age. At the age of 17 she was trying to steal from Jon Freeman. He caught her and "rescued" her from her criminal activity. She now works as the co-pilot on the phoenix and is the main enginneer. she has worked on many jobs and thinks of Jon as an older brother.

Character 3
Name- A12- 9
Species- Droid
Sex- N/a
Age- 3
Height- 6"2'
Side- Republic
Allegiance: Jon
Occupation/rank: Body guard Droid
Type: Combat Droid
Weapons: Blaster rifle with granade launcher, Flame thrower, cutting laser
Equipment: Personal droid shield
Apperance: A human skeliton
Ship: The "Orical"
Bio: Droid made by Jon and Tia.

Name]: Marc Kerral
Alignment]: Light
Occupation]:Republic Elite Commando
Weapons]:DC-15 Blaster Rifle [Modded with an grenade launcher and Scope], Commando Handgun [Auto], Thermal Detanators, Hx2 antipersonnel mines, and wrist blades.
Equipment]:White Mandalorian Body Armor.

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Name: Darth Iallia
Sex: Male
Species: Human
Age: 38
Class: Sith Lord/Consular
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 169 lb
Appearance: Very pale, and has many scars across his body. His eyes have a red and yellow glow to them.

Equipment: Red single-blade lightsaber; Personal robes worn with hood up, robes have a dark red and black pattern on the bottom edge; Mental Power Implant; Dominator Gauntlets; Adrenaline Stimulator Belt

Iallia was taken as a child from his parents whenever he was recognized to be a Force Adept. He was trained in the ways of the Jedi, but he always felt that the Jedi Code was too restrictive. However, he served the Jedi obidiantly and was knighted after several years. He was soon given an apprentice after being instrumental in keeping the political situation under control in a dispute between the two giant corporations Czerka and Aratech over mining rights on Tatooine. For his efforts, Iallia was given permission to take on a padawan by the council. He then had a chance to briefly train a promising pupil by the name of Malak. Through this relationship, Iallia came into close contact with Revan and became good friends as he helped Malak prepare for the trials. After Malak passed the trials and was knighted, Iallia still maintained communications with both Revan and Malak.

Whenever the Mandalorians invaded the Republic, Iallia was initially opposed to entering the war, despite urgings from Malak and Revan. However, he was not without his doubts over the situation and came into question by the council. Somewhat upset over the council questioning him and his ethics, Iallia left the order and joined Revan and Malak. He was a brilliant ground commander and a capable space strategist. He helped lead several key victories for the Republic. However, he was assigned to lead a strike force against Mandalorians at Malachor V. Whenever the countless Jedi, Mandalorians, and Republic troops died in a single moment, Iallia was forever scarred. In that moment, he realized how incredibly wrong the Jedi were in their teachings and began to hate them. With Revan's prodding, Iallia finally surrendered to the darkside.

Revan knew that Iallia would be a capable teacher during a brief period of peace and assigned him to train new jedi converts in the ways of the Darkside. He did quite well, and discovered a new aspect that was supressed by the Jedi: his cruelty. Mistakes were often punished with cruel tortures in order to teach lessons. This also helped to finish converting Jedi that weren't quite yet completely turned to the darkside.

During the Jedi Civil War, Iallia continued to train Jedi in a remote location of Korriban. Whenever Malak turned on Revan, Iallia was actually quite surprised. Although he trained the Jedi in the ways of the Darkside, Iallia did not believe in the Sith teachings of the strongest would rule. Instead, he believed that everything and everyone had a place and a purpose. Mistakes deserved punishment but not death. Whenever this came into question by Malak, Iallia took what remained of his students, troops, and fleet and left for Yavin IV where he continued his training of the Jedi.

Iallia was very popular among his men and was easily able to recruit Sith soldiers and Dark Jedi that weren't deamed 'strong enough' by the Sith. Whenever Malak was defeated, Iallia took over the remnants of the Sith Fleet and once again began to modify their views on power. Using captured shipyards and fortified systems, Iallia began rebuilding what he could in preparations. He is currently residing over operations in a remote shipyard several parsecs from Telos.

Name]: Darth Anor Kon
Alignment]: Dark
Occupation]:Sith Lord
Class]:Jedi Guardian
Appearance]:White hair, eyes of a true sith, oddly tanned skin with tribal tatoos scattered everywhere on his body [except his face], and has an built body.
Weapons]:Sith Lightsaber [Red Crystal]-[Etched on the hilt are sith heiroglyphics]
Equipment]:Sith Master Robes, Eriadu Stealth Unit, Sith Power Gauntlets, Enhancement D-Package, and a sash that hangs all the way down to his knees which has Sith heiroglyphics marked on it.

Info]:Anor Kon past has been known from the farthest reaches of the galaxy. He was once the padawan under Master Zez-Kai Ell. People amongst the order thought Anor Kon was one of the finest with the lightsaber his skills matching most Jedi Masters of the Order, although he can hold his own with force powers. Anor Kon's most historic moments were in the Mandalorian War, as he followed Revan he became stronger and stronger. On the brink of the Jedi Civil War Anor Kon cut down another padawan and he was no longer seen during the war, until the battle at the Star Forge...Anor Kon and Revan finally fought for the first time and Revan had Anor Kon on his knees, but Revan had decided to let him go, because he thought there was still a chance to turn Anor away from the darkside, but he was wrong..very wrong..Anor Kon has now revealed himself and seeks to bring punishment to anyone who stands in his way...

Engines]:6 ultra engines

Defense]: 20 Orbital Sheilds

¬XM47 "Tristan" dual beam cannon x 2
¬M10 "Isolde" 42cm triple cannon x 1
¬QZX-1 "Tannhäuser" positron cannon x 1
¬40mm CIWS x 12
¬Neidhardt space missiles x many
¬Parsifal ground missiles x many
¬Dispar interceptor missiles x many
¬Wolfram M25 torpedoes x 4
¬anti-beam depth charge launchers x many
¬Hartram Ultra Beam Cannon x 1 [located on the head of the ship]

UAR(Units Aboard Ragnarok)]:
¬30 Mandalorian Basilisk War Droids [stole during the war]
¬70 Sith Dropship Units [escorted by Basilisks]
¬200 Sith Fighters
¬20 Platoons of Elite Ground Troops
¬5 Sith Escorts

Name: Diraa Leet
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Species: Human
Affiliation: Sith (Iallia's sect)
Alignment: Dark
Class: Sentinal
Appearance: Muscular build; No hair; clean shaven; Moderate complexion; currently no visible sign of darkside corruption
Equipment: Black Jedi Robes; Staff-saber (viridian color)

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The trees resembled gargantuan skyscrapers of Coruscant..only, if Coruscant was as primitive of Kashyyyk. The Kashyyyk skies are ussually foggy in many certain ways, but the fog was more dense as the brightness of the day swept over the landscape. The smell of life and lushness of the mammoth forests was now replaced with the smell of rotting corpses as countless bodies littered the high grass, explosions erupted everywhere ...the native Wookie tribes were engaged in a struggle to keep their freedom against the Trandoshan's and Czerka slavers. The warchants were heard louder and louder as Wookies roared triumphantly as the spray of bowcaster bolts mowwed down the enemy defenses, but neither side could even push forward as wookie's were mutilated as trophies and czerka were treated the same.

Fu'Rav the remaining wookie of his unit stalked the forest floor searching for friendlies, but he didn't intend on encountering a Jedi whom fought in the Civil War, by the name of Jolee Bindo who aided the Wookie's war efforts. Jolee lead Fu'Rav torwards his hut under another identical wroshyr tree amongst the millions that were rooted in the ground. Fu'Rav whom stood half the size of Jolee had to crawl his way into the hut and was nearly stuck in the opening of the door. Jolee hardly bothered to socialize with this indignious warrior nor did he need to as Fu'Rav understood what was going on as much as Jolee did.

Jolee stood infront of a highly advanced holocam that could transmit recordings as many as fifty clicks away.

"Jolee Bindo, requesting the ETA of Jon Freeman the pilot of the Orical."

For a brisk moment Jolee had thought Jon wouldn't recieve his transmission, but he was soon proved wrong

"Jon Freeman of the Orical inbound to Kashyyyk arriving, by lightspeed matter of an half an hour til rendezvous point."

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[Tholatin Starport]

A thin black haired man made his way down the corridor torwards his ship, his sheathed lightsaber could be seen on his waist, while a powerful blaster rifle could be seen on his back. The door slid open as the man made his way through it, seeing a young Corillian female with her back turned to him working on an external weapon system. The man begun to smile, but it was soon replaced by excitement and fear as the Blonde Corillian was thrown back of an explosion caused, by a faulty circuit.

"Are you okay Tia?"

Jon shouted as he made his hasty was torwards his downed friend, Jon never seemed to noticed the human skeleton droid that was making it's way down the boarding ramp. Tia shook like a leaf as Jon approached her.

"I'm okay Jon. Another damn faulty circuit."

Jon begun to smile down upon Tia who was getting to her feet, but his attention soon turned to A12-9 his personal body guard.

"May I of any assistance master?"

Jon looked up torwards the much taller combat droid and with a stern command,

"Get the ship started, forget about the faulty external weapon system for now, we have more things to worry about."

[The Orical]

The cockpit of the Orical was dark and only lit up, by the dozens of lights on the control system, Jon the pilot had already begun the departure of Tholatin, but alarms blared as an massive Rakatan crusier, appeared as it came around the opposite side of the planet to ambush the Orical.

"The Rakatan fleet!"

shouted a worried Tia as her green eyes were glued on the radar, Jon swung his head around to A12-9 and shouted an command

"Go man the turrets! Enemy fighters closing in fast."

The combat droid rushed out of the cockpit and made his way torwards the weapon controls. The mammoth sized vessel looked as if it was nearly going to swallow the much smaller Orical. An massive asteroid feild came into the distance at a fast speed.

"Hang on i'm going to try to lose them in the asteroids!"

Shouted Jon as he begun to dip immensively until he was nearly under the feild it's self, but then he soon entered the asteroid feild nearly being turned into scrapmetal as an asteroid scraped along side the hull of the Orical. The Rakatan fighters had trouble dodging turrets and asteroids at the same time and many became obselete, until their was only one left it decided to turn back and rejoin it's ship that had decided not to give pursuit in the asteroid feild.

A12-9 reentered the cockpit only to be congratulated, by both pilots. Jon pressed what seemed like a dozen buttons as they left the asteroid feild, while the hyperspace portal opened and the Orical was sent into it.

Everyone inside the cockpit was silent, but the silence was soon broke by an massive recording of an old man.

""Jolee Bindo, requesting the ETA of Jon Freeman the pilot of the Orical."

Jon looked at Tia then pressed another button on the control system and begun to speak,

"Jon Freeman of the Orical inbound to Kashyyyk arriving, by lightspeed matter of an half an hour til rendezvous point."


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right, for one thing, i saw a mention of fifty klicks.one klick is actually one kilometer , so that would be a very short range transmitter jolee has. if someone if in lightspeed heading towards kashyyyk was the reciepent, he/she would never recieve the message from jolee.
and if the external weapon systems were faulty, how could the droid man the turrets?
and lastly, spellings:
other wise its quite good. updates would popularize this thread.

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