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This is my second fanfic and it features Anakin and Obi wan. this story takes place 3 months after Invisble Hope(Sabretooth). As a treat, it also features, not Commander Cody, But Delta Squad. Sev hasnt been replaced and it is still a three man squad. story comes in next post as im damn tired and gotta sleep.

I would also like to thank Sabretooth for letting me use the planet and system he created.

This Fanfic is Copyright © RC 1162 2005.

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STAR WARS: The Hunt for the Sith

"I still cannot believe you did not have a plan when we touched down, Obi Wan," Anakin grumbled as he sloshed through the sewer muck of the Confederacy of the Independant Systems Weapons Research Facilty sewer systems.
"Actually, I did young one, set down on Durankhia, Blast the wall open, get in, capture Dooku, get out, mission accomplished. The only problem was that you forgot to load the demo charge crates." countered Obi Wan
The muck made beep brown stains on their and Delta Squad's armor below the knees. As a precaution, Anakin and Obi Wan were wearing Commando armor like the Deltas so that the hostiles they encounter wouldn't know there were Jedi in the facility. They had their lightsabers hidden in their sidearm holster along with their DC-15s pistol. Anakin suggested that they use the DC-17 blasters just to strengthen their camouflage.
"I'm a Jedi Knight now," Anakin said. "So you can call me by my name. And if Master Windu hadn't asked me to help the new Padawan in his lightsaber construction, I would have remembered to load the stuff."
Obi Wan smiled and walked on.
"Why did those idiots come back anyway?" Anakin asked grumpily. "Didn't Wefive and his troops kick them out? It's only been three months and they have to bug us again."
"Calm down, Anakin." Obi Wan cautioned. "The Sepratists have returned because they want to experiment on new battle droid and SBD designs. And what better place to do that other than Durankhia, with its high mineral and ore concentration, they have plenty of strong metal to work with."
"They could've stayed on Muunilist for that," Anakin mumbled.
"Sorry to interrupt, sir." Delta 38 began. "But we're approaching the zap field."
Obi Wan nodded and said, "Right, let's crack that terminal," indicating a power control terminal set into the wall a few meters before the field.
38 pointed at the panel and motioned. Scorch acknowledged and moved towards it and began hacking it.
"Done," he reported and a small flash appeared in the tunnel ahead of them. The five of them were uneasy about entering even with Scorch's skill at hacking and slicing. Finally, Anakin saw a chunk of something floating in the muck and levitated it. He shot it into the field and it stayed intact.
"Let's move," he urged as he dropped the thing. After some twenty minutes of walking, they came to a grate designed to keep out vermin. Anakin took out his lightsaber from his holster and thumbed it on. He tried to slice through the grate but his lightsaber just shorted out and lost power. He stared at the lightsaber and the grate alternately, his eyes wide with shock. Fixer examined it closely.
"It has a cortosis weave, sir." he reported. "Lightsabers here would be useless."
"I HATE THIS PLACE!" Anakin yelled. He returned his saber to the holster and looked at Obi Wan, who appeared to be shivering. His face was unreadable through the helmet.
"Stop giggling and find a way out of this 'Master' " Anakin said, emphasising the word 'Master'.
"Allow me, sir," said Fixer and took one of the smaller door breach charges that was standard issue to all commandos from his pack. He set it on the lock and armed it.
"Fall back," 38 said and they drew away from it. A bang later, they were inside the facility. Obi Wan turned to give them their orders.
"Thirty-Eight, take Four-Oh with you and infiltrate the prison levels. Scans from recon probes revealed that there are captured clone troops in some of the cells and their weapons and armor in the the Sepratist armories. Once they've retrieved their ordinance, take them and wait outside Dooku's chambers. And by 'outside', I mean literally."
He turned to Anakin,
"You take Six-two with you and destroy the communtications center. Then double back and rendezvous with Thirty-Eight and his men. I'll try to distrupt the laboratories and meet with you on the roof. Once we're all together, we'll move in and capture Dooku."
"I think you forgot 'Destroy any enemy you encounter', Master." Anakin said.
"Good to see you've got your good mood back," Obi Wan commented. "Okay, troops, Good luck and May the Force be with You."
All of them nodded and headed off to their objective locations.

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Good job!

I played Republic Commando, and like all movies...you really captured the feeling of the grumpy Anakin, and the Delta Squad...

Keep it coming! :)

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thanks for the encouragement. i gave anakin his mood back because they were going into combat and nobody likes that more that anakin(well, maybe there's Sev but he's "dead") that adds a sort of spice to the story.
and im glad you liked it.

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Deltas 38 and 40 made their way cautiously into the prison levels. They had met with a group of SBDs and their Anti-Armor packs were running low. 38 hoped that the turbolift was jammed or they were goners. They came to the security blast door and pressed the button on the wall to initiate it but the door did not budge.
"It's protected by a heavily encrypted security system, Boss," Fixer reported examining a nearby terminal closely. "I'll have to slice it. Cover my back."
"You got it." 38 replied and turned around. And was greeted with the sight of a dozen battle droids and one SBD.
"Damn," 38 cursed and jumped sideways behind the terminal. The terminal faced the door so Fixer was protected by the blaster resistant alloy on the back as he sliced it.
"Make it quick," 38 yelled over the din of battle as he fired blindly into the fray. He risked a look over the side and saw wreckage of 12 battle droids. But the SBD was'nt to be seen.
Cautiously, 38 came out from behind his hiding place and edged forward. He reached the place where the droids had stood and waited, blaster at the ready. When nothing happened, he lowered the rifle.
"All cl-" he began when he was rammed in the side by a charging SBD. He flew back into the wall and saw stars. As he tried to stand, the SBD came up and with a swipe knocked off 38's helmet. Then it began to throttle him with it's blaster arm.
"Fixer, help!" he tried to shout but his voice did'nt come through. Edges of black began to form around his vision and he knew that the blood circulation to his brain had stopped. Just as he was about to pass out, the SBD released the pressure on his neck. 38 noticed a bit of sharp metal sticking out thorough the droid's chestplate which vanished in another second. The SBD fell over backwards to reveal Fixer standing there. The extendable blade attatched to his wristplate glinting in the light.
"All right, Boss?" he inquired.
38 coughed and nodded. He bent and retrieved his helmet and after checking for damage, put it on.
"Got that door open?" 38 croaked.
"Good, close it when were inside. I hate close combat with droids. When you punch one, your hand hurts instead of its midsection."
Fixer smiled and followed his leader into the prisons. After the door was closed, 38 made his way to the first cell. He looked through the force field and stared. Fixer came up to him and looked too, wondering what was going on and then stared like 38. The occupant of the cell turned and saw them and he was shocked too.
"Sev!" 38 and Fixer gasped in unison.

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i know its short but im taking it in a "per group experience" method. The story is gonna be long, dont worry.

and Ztalker, see what i mean by "dead" ? :)

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sorry it took so long, but i thought id finish most of the other chapters before posting this so i can just copy it down here when im free, cause next week is gonna be a bit hectic then my birthdays on 26 Sept. so im gonna post here for sure
*wonders if any friend here will post a 'Happy Birthday' thread*
then the thursday after that my friends are coming over for a belated party
:darthx YIPEEEEE!
heres alonger chapter:
__________________________________________________ _________________________


"Stick close, Scorch," Anakin instructed as they walked through a labyrinth of tunnels and pipes leading from the sewer system to the communications array. "If you get lost, you'll be considered dead because that's what you'll be by the time I find you."
"Understood, Seventy-one." Scorch replied. Anakin tried to figure out who he was referring to, then with a memory flash realized that 71 was the commando unit number he had adopted during the mission. He chided himself for being so absent-minded then focused on the mission as he came to the grate leading into the Communications array repair station. As he neared, he involuntarily reached for his lightsaber but stopped himself as soon as he remembered the incident in the sewers and took out a Breach charge instead.
“Stand back,” he cautioned Scorch as he set the charge and then drew back himself. Once the door was open and they were inside, the bigger problem arose.
“Which way?” Scorch asked, referring to the fork ahead of them.
“I was going to ask you the same thing,” Anakin replied. “Okay, you take the left fork and I’ll take the right, whoever’s wrong can double back and rendezvous with the other. Maintain comm. silence unless it’s something important.”
“Got it, Whirl.”
Anakin remained silent at this, then asked,
“Did you cook that up now, or what?”
“Nope, Boss did. Fifty-three is ‘Blue Hazard’.”
Anakin shook his head and motioned towards the fork.
“You people and your nicknames,” Anakin mumbled.
“Why ‘Blue Hazard’ anyway?” Anakin asked.
“Well, Boss had another commando friend who died on a mission.”
“You mean Sev?”
“Not Sev, we were forced to leave Sev. If Master Yoda hadn’t ordered us to retreat, we could have helped him. No, Thirty-eight’s friend was ‘Green Wizard’, an excellent recon Commando. He was killed on Praesitlyn on a recon mission. Boss named Fifty-three in memory of Wizard.”
“Right,” Anakin mumbled as they moved forward. “Hey, I know him; I was the one who sent him to probe the enemy lines. It seems that Jedi Master Nejaa Halcyon’s artillery hit him accidentally.”
“Friendly fire, Whirl, happens all the time.”
“That is one term I do not want to hear.” Anakin murmured darkly. Scorch did not press the issue and they moved forward, into the fork.
As he progressed further, Anakin realized that the fork was not meant to throw people off track but was put in intentionally. He switched on his comlink and made sure that it was the scrambled channel, then said,
“Scorch, this place is split into two. The Array must be huge for it to be split into sectors so place the mines only at strategic locations.”
“Yes, I just figured that out. And Whirl, I suggest that you engage the stealth field generator if you want to avoid trouble. There's a bunch of droids in the main computer room.”
“Bring ‘em on. I’d love to have a bit of combat now. I haven’t even sparred with anyone the last few days.”
“Negative, Seventy-one,” Obi wan’s voice crackled through the helmet speaker. “Combat will alert the droids to our presence. This is supposed to be a top secret mission. The droids we encountered were too pasted to tell a story but you could easily miss one in the Array”
“Right, I’ll use the stealth belt but once were out of this, I need a bit of real combat, like on Praesitlyn. Can you guarantee that, Blue Hazard?”
“Maybe, but for now, let’s focus on finishing this mission, shall we?”
“You bet we shall.” Anakin replied and turned off the comlink. Things were moving smoothly. At least for the time being.

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in case youre wondering about green wizard and Praesitlyn, i took them from a clone wars novel called "Jedi Trial" and people, if you like it, PLEASE give me your opinions and critics. i think this story will be a hit with Republic Commando fans as im resurrecting Sev. :D

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Obi Wan crept forward slowly through the Weapons Lab, using his senses to detect any movement. He had made it so far without any droid confrontation but if anyone spotted him in the Lab, he knew that not even a Jedi Master could oppose every one of those standby SBDs. He saw a terminal nearby and went to it, drawing a datapad from his pack on the way. He inserted the memory chip into the slot on the side of the terminal and downloaded all the information about the research, experiments and weapons. After he retrieved the chip, he looked around the room and saw two huge fuel containers in the corner. Why they were kept there, Obi Wan did not know but he did know that they contained real fuel and levitated the fuel containers. He placed one in the center of the room and the other near the terminal. Then he armed two demolition charges and dropped them into the fuel containers, the waterproof pack would not be damaged by the liquid. Now all he had to do was stop the Production machines and then he could go and capture Dooku. But in his mind somewhere, he thought that this was going a bit too smoothly to be true. He half-knew that there was a trap somewhere. He didn’t know where it was, but it was set somewhere. And Obi Wan set his jaw with determination not to be thwarted by it. Little did he know that the trap was, at the very moment, closing around him. He had not thought of the possibility that Asajj Ventress following him could be the trap, which in fact, it was. Ignorant of this, Obi Wan continued ahead. Soon, Ventress thought. Soon I will have your head, Jedi Kenobi. And then Count Dooku will be pleased. Pleased enough to make me his apprentice. Soon.

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hows that for a twist? ;) give me your opinions people!

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Deltas 38, 40 and 07 walked side by side followed by two ARC Troopers(Omegas 007 and 382), five Jet Troopers (Epsilons 465,023,926,887 & 190),
two Clone Troopers (Alphas 509 & 447) and three Sharpshooters (Gammas 539, 006 & 754). All the clones the Deltas rescued were wearing only their bodysuits. They did not look tortured or tired and Boss was sure they would last out a good fight.
"I still cannot believe this is true," Fixer said shaking his head as if to clear it. "How exactly did you come back to life? You promised to tell us after we got all of them out."
"First of all, I was never dead in the first place." Sev said. "I was surrounded by SBDs and I had no Anti-Armor packs."
"Ouch." Fixer mumbled.
"One SBD blasted at my helmet and took out the comm unit just as I was transmitting my message to you telling of my location. It started to spark so I removed it and threw it off. I turned and brought my blaster to bear on the droids but they had stopped shooting at me. Instead, they just kept their cannons aiming at me. Then from the back, General Grievous came marching up to me."
"Grievous?" Boss asked, perplexed. "On Kashyyyk? You must be mistaken, we all saw him take off in his shuttle."
"Yes, that's what I thought too but he must have landed elsewhere. Theres no mistaking that can-opener-style mask of his."
All of them chuckled.
"There," Boss said, indicating a room labelled "ARMORY". He turned to the clones following them.
"Okay troops, go in,get your armor on and form up."
The clones nodded in acknowledgement and entered the armory all of them got their armor on in record time. They retrieved their blasters, clips and charges and stood in line outside. Boss was about to leave the armory when he noticed one Clone Trooper armor still inside.
"Hey, who's is that?
"That clone was killed by an SBD, sir." Alpha 509 said. "It accidentaly shot him while testing its cannon."
"Clumsy pieces of junk," Fixer mumbled as he examined the armor. "It shot him in the chest."
"Well, give Sev the helmet, he needs comm systems."
"Good idea."
Fixer tossed the helmet to Sev, who put it on after setting the visor mode.
"Let's junk some droids, shall we?" Boss said to the Clones behind them.
"Ooooooooorrrrraahhh!!" They said in unison. Group One's objective was complete. Now all they had to do was find a ladder or somthing leading to the roof.

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Critics, critics, i need some comments.

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i think ppl out there are getting bored with short chapters. heres a much longer one:

Anakin walked slowly through the Communications Main Array through the humongous group of droids. He was trying with his entire conscious mind not to slice the head off of the nearest battle droid as it came close to him.Focus, Anakin!, he told himself. Keep the mission above all warrior instincts.
He neared the Secondary Terminal Station and crawled under it. He armed a demo charge and placed it under the terminal, out of all sight. As he crawled back out, he realized that the charge might not full destroy the terminal. It might just be reparable. Anakin shook his head with frustration and stood there thinking about the situation. As he let his hand drop to the side, it brushed against the top of a storage bin. Anakin looked down. The label it was marked with said that it was filled with the rockets used in the SBD launchers. Suddenly, Anakin got an idea. He stretched out towards the Force and took it in his grasp. His senses enhanced, he began to search for anything mobile or not fixed down at the far end of the room. He found one. Taking a deep breath, he placed his palm on the “OPEN” button on the bin. He just pushed and the battle droid at the rear of the room flew into the fuel storage, Anakin guessed flowing into the hangar from the crust of Durankhia. The droid’s circuitry sparked and the fuel ignited. Quickly, Anakin slapped open the bin, grabbed four rockets and whacked it close again. The droids had shut off the fuel flow and were crowding around the storage canister to investigate. Anakin smiled and crawled back under the terminal and stuck one of the rockets next to the demo charge with the super-adhesive gel in his pack. No droid noticed as Anakin left the room into the Primary Terminal Station room, where the fork that had separated him from Scorch met. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He could sense many sentient beings in the facility. Probably the captured clones, Anakin thought. He sensed the presence of Scorch becoming stronger and stronger. Sounds of blaster fire echoed dully through the other door. Anakin stood ready with his rifle pointed at the door, waiting to take out an undesirable. The door burst open and Scorch jumped through to the ground, shooting at and SBD for dear life. Anakin quickly put in a sniper attachment onto his blaster and shot the SBD in its exposed servomotor unit. The droid went limp and fell over forward. Scorch looked around and saw Anakin emerging from his cloak field.
“You’ll never realize how glad I am to see you, Seventy-one,” Scorch said while getting to his feet.
“You made me wear a stealth belt so that you alone could have the pleasure of dismantling a bunch of wires and metal plates?” Anakin asked.
“I didn’t want to, really. An SBD popped out of a corner just as I was rounding it. You know what would have happened.”
“Trust me, I do. If you weren’t you, I’d say you would have been dead now.”
“Well I am I aren’t I? So let’s finish this mission and go home.”
“Sure, how may demo charges did you put on the Terminal?”
“Just one.”
“Go back and stick this next to it.”
Anakin handed Scorch a rocket.
“I’ll get the charges ready on the Primary terminal.”
Scorch nodded and went back. Anakin moved to the terminal and set his remaining charges on it, along with the two rockets he had taken, though he still had doubts about whether the explosion would destroy the gigantic computer. Scorch returned to the room and sealed the doors behind them.
“Scorch, pass me all the demo charges you have. We need to blast this chip to pieces.”
“Microscopic pieces,” Scorch said as he set all of his charges at various points on the terminal.
“Charges prime, Whirl,”
“Right. Next stop: the roof. Let’s go.”
Two Clone Commandos climbed the service ladders at the side of the room and ascended to the roof of the building. Anakin took out the remote and switched it on.
“Fire in the Research Facility,” Anakin said and his thumb came down upon the button. With an almighty explosion, the Facility’s Communications existed no more. Time to meet up with Boss.

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Could I please have some comments?
__________________________________________________ ______________________________

Obi Wan stopped. He felt it again. Someone was following him. Someone strong in the Force. Dooku? No, he knew Dooku’s presence anywhere, this wasn’t it. He swept the field of his senses again. He knew that signature, it was very, very familiar. The gear clicked, it was Ventress! Obi Wan continued walking, though his hand crept stealthily to his lightsaber. Lightsaber in hand, Obi Wan rounded a corner and snapped back, sticking to the wall. The dull pattering of boots on alloy became louder. Ventress’ eyes widened and snapped on her lightsaber and brought it in front of her chest. Obi Wan’s blade would have gone clean through. She ignited her other blade and settled into a fighting stance with a flourish.
“You are fast,” Obi Wan commented.
“That was like walking in mud for me, Kenobi,” Ventress replied coolly. “This is fast.”
She jumped high, her blades held forward. She held them far apart enough to be impossible to parry with one blade and close enough to slice Obi Wan into three. Obi Wan jumped backward in a double somersault away from Ventress.
“To Anakin, you would be moving like a Rodian Turtle-snail.”
“Skywalker’s skills are no match for the power of the Dark Side.”
“As are you compared to him.”
Ventress hissed angrily and lunged forward. Obi Wan just stepped aside and let her run past, like a Matador fighting a bull. Ventress skidded to a halt and turned to face him. This time, Obi Wan took the offensive. He launched a quick set of cuts, jabs and feints. Ventress was parrying each blow with increasing difficulty and finally, one of Obi Wan’s cuts broke through Ventress’ weak parry and sliced a small gash in the upper thigh. She dropped to her knees but was not beaten. She used the Force to push Obi Wan backward into the far wall. He hit it hard and fell to the ground, dazed and off-balance. That gave Ventress the time she needed to apply a dressing to her thigh and stand up again. When Obi Wan’s vision cleared, he saw two bars of hissing red light flying towards him in tandem. He rolled underneath the speeding sabers and jumped up as they hit the wall. Obi Wan leaped, lending speed and height to his leap and came down upon Ventress in and aerial kick. She was knocked backward to the ground and lost consciousness.
So much for being fast, Obi wan thought. He deactivated his lightsaber and turned to leave. Ventress’ eyes fluttered open. She got to her feet slowly and jumped onto Obi Wan’s back. Using his shoulder blades as a support, she somersaulted over him, landing in front of him with her hands clenching his neck. Before he could react, Ventress bent her knees and used Obi Wan’s weight to propel him over herself and bring him crashing to the ground, knocking the wind out of him. As he lay, struggling to breathe, Ventress clamped his neck in a strong choke-hold. Obi Wan struggled but Ventress’ grip was like an iron clamp. Ten seconds later, Obi Wan was unconscious. Ventress stood up and brushed the front of her robes clean. She called her lightsabers to herself and ignited one.
“The count is now nineteen Jedi.” she said and brought the blade down fast.
A gleaming bar of blue light hissed to life over Obi Wan’s limp form and met her blade. Ventress looked up in shock and found herself staring at the helmet of a Clone Commando.
“Skywalker!” she gasped, jumping back.
“I don’t like it when people try to kill my Master,” Anakin replied.
Ventress ignited her other blade and swung them with a flourish.
“I’ll soon kill you both, Skywalker.”
“Not if I can help it.”
You can’t. That’s the whole juice of it.”
Anakin called his Master’s lightsaber to him and thumbed it on.
“I’ll be the judge of that.”
He turned to Scorch, who was standing next to him.
“Take care of him, could you?”
“You got it, Whirl.”
Anakin leapt high and dropped in behind Ventress, lightsabers humming. Years of training with Obi Wan and Masters Yoda, Windu and Maks Leem kicked in. Anakin launched into a quick succession of completely out-of-the-books moves and tricks. Ventress’ smug smile melted into worry and intense concentration as she struggled to parry his blows. Anakin wasn’t scoring any real damage on her but was giving her countless nicks here and there. Finally, Anakin’s lightsabers sliced delicately through Ventress’ tendons behind the knee. She gasped with pain and fell to the ground, unable to move her legs.
“Blast you!” she cursed.
Anakin ignored her and ripped off a length of titanium cable from the wall, steam billowed into the room, dissipating quickly in the humid Facility. He levitated Asajj Ventress and wound the cable tightly around her body. He took out a small chip from his pouch and fixed it onto Ventress’ elongated spinal column just below the skull, then let her drop to the floor.
“And she said that your skills were no match for the Dark Side,” commented a voice from behind.
Anakin turned and saw the grinning face of Council Member Obi Wan Kenobi, his helmet off.
Anakin grinned back at him, though he didn’t see it.
“She’s not one to mince words, is she?”
“She sure isn’t.”
Obi Wan put his helmet back on.
“Objective accomplished?”
“Yup, if there’s anything left of the Communications Array, it’ll be space-dust.”
“Good,” Obi Wan said. He took out a remote of his own and switched it on.
“I’ll contribute some dust too,” he said and pressed the button. The thundering explosion rocked the facility.
“Never underestimate the powers of demo-charges pickled in fuel.”
All three of them started laughing and went to meet with Boss.
“What are you doing here anyway?” Obi Wan asked.
“Well,” started Anakin. “We finished our objective and were walking on the roof to Boss’ rendezvous point. We saw you walking in the corridor through those Plexiglas ceiling fittings and I was about to jump down to surprise you when I noticed Asajj Ventress creeping around a corner. I decided to keep an eye on her and here I am."
“Be quicker next time.”
Anakin, Obi Wan and Scorch walked the rest of the way in silence. In his Chambers, Count Dooku was clenching and unclenching his hands. He was very displeased. He must report Ventress to Lord Sidious at once.

09-23-2005, 01:17 PM
Maks leem is from the book: Dark Rendezvous, in case you were wondering. The rodian turtle-snail and the move which i described Ventress doing to Obi Wan were completely my own creations. im really proud of Ventress' back-slam move.

09-26-2005, 08:22 AM
yay! its my birthday!
__________________________________________________ _______________________________

"Do Jedi always keep their soldiers waiting, Boss?" Fixer inquired.
"No, Asajj Ventress forces us to keep you waiting," said Obi Wan as he climbed up the service chute.
"It also helps you to build up patience," Anakin added as he climbed out.
"Look who's talking," Obi Wan retorted.
"What are we up against?" Anakin asked Boss, ignoring Obi Wan.
"One huge, tall, wide and slippery tower."
Anakin and Obi Wan stared.
"I meant that the tower is too big, high, wide and slippery to climb."
Scorch looked around at the liberated Clones and saw one wearing armor looking strangely familiar.
"Sev?" he said, eyes wide with shock.
"The one and the same, trooper,"
"When we get out of this, you are telling me how in the name of the Galaxy you manged to survive."
"Any suggestions?" Boss intervened.
"Actually, yes," Anakin replied. "There are five Clone Jet Troopers here. They can jet us to the top."
Boss turned to the jetters.
"Think the Pack will hold?"
"Sure, sir. Provided we take all of you one at a time."
"No problem. As long as we get there."
"We'll go first," Obi Wan said.
"Who's impatient now?" Anakin said.
"We are going first to reinforce the position, my ex-Padawan."
"Fine then, Jet Troopers, fire up your Packs," Boss ordered.
The Jet Troopers switched on their packs. Then they took out the coil of nylon fabric rope they were equipped with and tied them around their waists.
Anakin, Obi Wan, Boss, Scorch and Fixer came forward and tooke the other end of the rope.
"Let's go." Anakin said and one-by-one the Troopers launched their packs. They flew straight upwards with dazzling speed. The onrushing wind made Anakin's eyes water but he could see enough to notice that the observation window at the top of the tower spanned around 270 degrees vision. He switched on his comlink and spoke into it,
"Head for the blind spot, follow my lift."
Anakin broke the channel and motioned for the Jet Trooper to fly to the right. The Trooper obliged and the ten Republicans screamed up to the roof, hidden from all vision.
As soon as the Commandos touched the ground, they let go. The Jet Troopers went back down to bring up the others. A few trips later, the full contigent was on the roof.
"Time to slice this slab of... whatever it's made of." said Anakin.
The Jedi stood exactly 4 meters away from each other, they drew their lightsabers and brought them to life. The blades were stuck into the roof. They ran around in a 180 degree arc with blinding speed. Anakin caught the slab before it fell and crushed those inside and hurled it away. They dropped down into the room; and Anakin found himself wishing that he had left the slab to drop. Waiting for them in the room, was Count Dooku, a wand of blood-red flame in his hand, a bloodied and bruised Asajj Ventress, lightsabers ignited and at hand, four SBDs and a Tac-Spec Footman droid.
"Welcome, Master Kenobi and young Skywalker. I've been expecting you."
Two bars of ice-blue light erupted in the Jedis' hands and the Clones trained their weapons on the droids. The fight of their lives and the one which was to determine the fate of the Galaxy; was to begin.
The Jedi leapt high into the air at their targets, Dooku for Anakin and Ventress for Obi Wan, and chaos erupted in the command room.

09-27-2005, 07:26 PM
I think this is pretty good. Interesting idea, tossing Delta Squad in there. The game was great and, so far, you've really hit the nail on the head with the characters. Especially Anikan. I'm not sure why people aren't really reading or reviewing or w/e...Really, my only advice is, to maybe get away from using things from the books. Not many (me, for example) have read those books, and so they wouldn't know what any of those things/people, etc, are. I hope that won't really interfere with anything, but...

((By the way, happy one-day-late birthday!))

09-28-2005, 07:45 AM
thanks, i loved Republic Commando and finished the game once but my :swear: computer cant play it anymore. something with the graphics card. anyway, i thought yoda was a bit heartless coming to sev and raised him from the dead. :D
i was aware of that, thats sort of why i posted the books names. maybe ppl can check them out at the EU databanks. anyway, ill try to invent my own stuff. thanks for commenting and the belated wish :D

09-30-2005, 08:14 AM

The Control room was now a mini-hurricane of blaster-fire and blue and red whirls. The Clones were blasting away from behind their hiding places at the droids. The droids were blasting away at the Jedi. The doorway opened and in came a full contingent of Battle Droids. Now, the Jedi were also slicing droids to smoking plates of metal alloy. As if they did not have enough on their plates. Anakin tried every trick he knew with the lightsaber and even improvised a few but he could not break through Dooku's guard. Obi Wan had it relatively easy since Ventress could not move quickly owing to Anakin's cuts. She had half-healed them by means of a healing trance. Some droid must have freed her from the cable, since she had been restricted from using the Force by the Neural Inhibitor Anakin had placed on her neck.
Anakin threw in his lightsaber blade into every opening he could find but Dooku's blade was always there to meet it. Anakin was growing exceedingly desperate by the minute. Finally, without thinking, he twirled around and launched a roundhouse kick at Dooku's solar plexus. Miraculously, Dooku could not see it coming and he flew back out of the room into the turbolift.
Before Anakin could jump in, however, Dooku used the Force to slap the button. The doors closed and the lift shot downstairs. Anakin stuck his blade through the door and sliced open an entryway. He peered through it and saw the lift at the bottom. Taking a deep breath, Anakin jumped.
Time seemed to be moving through thick mud. Slowly, steadily, Anakin fell. He hit the roof of the turbolift with a bump. Time sped up again. Anakin pried open the emergency hatchway and jumped down into the lift. The doors were open and ahead of it, was another fork.
"I really hate this place." Anakin muttered. He stretched out to the Force and sensed Dooku in the right fork, the one that said "Reactor Core Control”.
'Who puts a reactor core in a research facility?' Anakin thought as he ran. He turned the corner; and nearly ran into the Security Door.
"What's the passsssssword?" a security eye asked him in Huttese. It was apparently programmed by a snake-creature or something. Anakin wasted no time and sliced off the probe. Becoming one with the Force, Anakin explored the door mechanism and pulled. The door creaked and groaned and blew open. He ran. The corridor came to and abrupt end. In front of him was Dooku. Behind Dooku was, apparently, the reactor core. It was emitting all sorts of light and energy but the protective glass shielded them from the harmful effects. The light seemed to convulse Dooku’s features and made him look horrifying. Next to Dooku was a small control panel set into the wall. With a snap-hiss, Dooku ignited his blade but held it to his side.
“Let’s stop fighting, Skywalker.” he said.
“Sure, but I never though that a Dark Lord would surrender.” Anakin replied.
“I’m not surrendering, boy. I want you to surrender to me. To the Dark Side.”
“Oh really? Search your feelings, Skywalker. Feel the hate within you. Doesn’t everything always seem to happen to you? Don’t you think Obi Wan and the other Jedi are simply holding you back for fear of you realizing your true potential in the Force?”
“Obi Wan is my friend, Dooku. One who can be trusted. While I’m not happy with his decisions sometimes, he is a Council Member and my old Master. He knows what’s best for me.”
“The Jedi have brainwashed you, boy. You know what they say is not true. Feel your anger, give in to it. Follow me down the path of truth and power where you and others will know your place. Give in to the Dark Side.”
“No, I won’t.”
“Give in.”
Anakin yelled the last word with stupefying rage at Dooku. He fell to his knees, sweating as if he had been standing in the Tatooine suns.
“You opened yourself to it, now let it flow.” Dooku urged.
“You, old man, have made a very big mistake.” Anakin said calmly.
He got to his feet and tabbed the power button of his lightsaber. The wand of blue light hummed cheerfully as Anakin stood in a battle stance.
“I will never serve the Dark Side.”
“Then you will die.”
Dooku leapt up in a high, Force-aided leap, lightsaber humming. Anakin set his left foot back and braced himself. Just as Dooku was about to slice him in two, Anakin brought up his lightsaber and swung it with all the strength he could muster. The force of the blow knocked Dooku over backwards out of the air. Anakin came forward and launched into a flurry of attacks, each coming in from different directions. If he wasn’t going to beat Dooku, at least he would give him a hard time. He pressed on and on. Dooku was really having a hard time. He was so intent on keeping himself from being hurt that he could not send in a few attacks of his own. The duel continued for what seemed like days on end. Exhausted and bloody from a few nicks sustained by the other’s blade. Both the competitors were desperately clashing sabers. Finally, Anakin used the Force to shove Dooku away. As he closed in for the kill, Dooku started speaking again.
“Do you really like your Master, Skywalker?”
“Well, Duh!”
“All right,”
Dooku got to his feet and Force-flipped a switch on the control panel. A door opened next to him. He flipped another switch and said to Anakin,
“This is no ordinary Facility, Skywalker. It is connected directly to the core of Durankhia. I have rigged the Reactor Core to blow, causing the abundant radioactive molten material to decompose in a Fusion reaction, resulting in the destruction of this planet. Now you choose, save your Master, or complete your mission.”
With this, he ran through the door to a hidden hangar and blasted off in his personal starship.
“Blast you! Come back and fight like a man, you coward!” Anakin yelled.
He turned and ran back to the control tower. They had to get off this rock NOW.

10-01-2005, 10:56 AM
Pretty good...but the dialouge before Dooku's and Anikan's duel and during was...a little...well...weird. It didn't really fit the characters much...and the whole Give In. No. GIVE IN could probably use some work. Just a few suggestions. To me it seemed as if Dooku basically would have said Give In. No. DO IT! and that wasn't very persuasive...but other than that, it was pretty good!! Keep going with it!

10-01-2005, 11:10 AM
well actually, dooku wasnt really trying to convert anakin. he was just taunting him in a "If he doesnt fall for it, fine. If he falls for it, excellent" fashion. If you notice, youll see that he was very close to converting him but anakin held back. anyway, thanx for the suggestions, My Lord. :D

10-01-2005, 11:22 AM
Aahhh, I see. Well then, in that case....(By the way you don't have to call me that...but it does do good for my ego :D jk jk)

10-01-2005, 12:11 PM
no reginald mantles allowed here.

10-03-2005, 07:56 AM

Obi Wan snapped back his blade from deflecting a blaster bolt to a parry that blocked a blow that almost took his head off. Those darn droids were becoming annoying, especially the Footman droid. It was painted red and black in the customary colors of the Sith Order. The droid had gone off the market long ago but was available on the black market for the big-spenders. This particular model had undergone various upgrades and modifications and was causing no end of trouble to the Clones. It alone had taken out the Sharpshooters and three Jet Troopers. Obi Wan decided it was time for it to be sent to the junkyard. Parry, slash, jab, cut, feint. He moved slowly to the place where the droid stood firing its blaster. Feint, cut, jump and swipe. Obi Wan’s blade sliced the droid very neatly into half. As the droid fell, sparking and spurring, Anakin Skywalker burst into the room, looking as if he had swallowed a thermal detonator.
“We’ve gotta get out of here!” he yelled, slashing his lightsaber madly at the SBDs. He cut them down and used the Force to push Ventress back into the opposite wall. And was knocked down hard by another droid that had entered the room. The Jedi and the Clones stared at the new arrival. There, in the doorway, stood one of Grievous’ MagnaGuards.
“Oh, great,” Anakin said. “Not these junkpiles.”
The MagnaGuard leapt high, its electropole humming with electricity. It landed in front of Anakin and punched him in the stomach before he could react. Anakin flew back, hit the window that gave away and flew outside. For what seemed like lifetime, he fell, gracefully and breathless.
Anakin hit the ground and pain bombarded his body from all directions. He dragged himself up to a nearby rock and leaned on it. Anakin tried to use the Force to shun the pain but was too distracted. He made a quick assessment of his injuries; broken wrist and left leg, cracked ribs, several bruises, muscle cramp in his right thigh. If he wasn’t a Jedi, he would have thought he was going to die. Then, the MagnaGuard jumped down in front of him. It surveyed Anakin and decided to just knock him out with the Electropole and leave, figuring that he was not worth the trouble of killing. Anakin was out like a light. Or so the droid observed. As soon as the droid’s back was turned, Anakin tried to use the Force again. This time, he concentrated with his mind and spirit. The air began to move suddenly. Round and round, the wind picked up speed. Suddenly it stopped. The air pressure of the area surrounding the droid lowered considerably, then the air above came crashing down with full force, crushing the droid like a tin can. Anakin released his contact with the Force and slumped back onto the rock. And sat up straight again.
Durankhia! The planet was going to blow up.
Anakin reached up and pressed the transmit button of his broadband comlink four times. The signal for the reinforcements to start landing. Not long after, the first gunship landed. Deep down, the reactor core of the facility began to give away and break up. The first explosion was mild, rocking the surface of the planet. The second, however, would not be so.

10-03-2005, 08:00 AM
yeah, i know its short but my exams are coming up and i can spare little time.

10-09-2005, 08:16 AM

Clone Troopers swarmed out of the gunships that had landed. They had rushed down as soon as they could when they received General Skywalker’s call. The signal beacon was beeping steadily at one spot, not moving at all. Clone Commander 2485 guessed that he was hurt and told two Clones to check out the area and take a stretcher with him. Minutes later, Anakin was being hauled into the infirmary by the Troopers. The medic removed Anakin’s armor and began applying dressings to the cuts and splints to the fractures and sprains. Back in the facility, Clones were blasting open doors and walls alike and heading for all the rooms, blasting all the droids in the way. Once all the rooms were cleared, they headed for the Control Tower. As they were nearing the lift however, the second explosion threw them to the ground. The Trooper in the lead recovered first and spoke into his comlink.
“This is Omega 147, what in the name of the Galaxy was that?”
“Omega 147, RT 87, the crust of this planet just blew open about 500 miles south of where you are. I suggest you get off the planet with the Generals and Delta Squad now.”
“Wait, wait. What do you mean ‘blew open’?”
“Like a huge volcano. You remember the story of Peragus that we read about? You can compare it to that. Now get off that rock.”
The Troopers flooded the turbolift and headed upwards. When the door opened they were greeted with blasterfire and whirls of blue and red. Combat training and precision firing kicked in. The Clones began to shoot at the red whirls whenever it was stationary. Obi Wan took advantage of the distraction and used the Force to trip Ventress and pin her to the ground. He punched a button on his wrist pad and his Jedi Starfighter hummed to life and flew out of the Hangar Bay on the Republic flagship.
“Thanks, troopers,” he said to the Clones. “Better get out of here quickly.”
“Yes sir,” Omega replied. “Aren’t you coming?”
“My ride is on the way. Go.”
Omega 147 nodded and motioned for the Clones with Obi Wan to follow.
Back in the Medic’s room, Anakin was being transferred to the flagship via a shuttle. As soon as the Shuttle touched down upon the flagship, however, Durankhia blew apart in a brilliant explosion. The Radioactivity shields on the ships kicked in and absorbed the gamma, alpha and X rays emitted by the blast. Obi Wan’s Starfighter was flying away from the ships in an inerratic, factory standard path. The R-4P unit had taken over. Obi Wan was gone.

10-20-2005, 05:31 PM
Maybe it's just me in my advancing years but I think it might be helpful, RC, if you would double-space between your paragraphs.

Break it up some, maybe.

I just find that my eyes keep getting lost on the screen the way it is now, which makes it hard to read.

But like I said... maybe it's just me.

10-20-2005, 09:02 PM
Not bad, not bad. Sorry I haven't commented in a while, haven't had time :D.
Awww, Ani got hurt. Not cool. Anyway...
It might just be you, Bumpo. I can read it just fine. But hey, do what you want.
Other than that, there isn't much I can suggest.
Keep updating :D and good luck on those exams. I don't envy you. :P

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i dont think ani was that bad. compared to obi wan. :D. my exams are almost over. oly two more and im free!! but first i have to at least pass on the hindi exam.

10-28-2005, 08:52 AM
okay, exams over and i passed in the Hindi exam, so heres the next chapter:
__________________________________________________ _________________________________


The explosion shook Anakin and he jerked awake. He looked around, nothing seemed familiar. Perplexed, he limped out of the room. A Clone Trooper was passing by. Anakin stopped him and asked,
“Hey, where am I?”
“The Apporter, sir, the ship you came to Durankhia on.”
“Where’s General Kenobi?”
“Sorry, sir. I haven’t a clue. Maybe you could ask the Bridge Commander and find out.”
Anakin nodded once and headed for the bridge.
The doors opened and Anakin entered. Everyone who had their helmets off looked sober. The viewport was filled with clustered chunks of rock, some hitting the shields and getting vaporized.
“What’s going on?” Anakin asked. “Where’s General Kenobi?”
The Bridge Commander, RC 7855 came to Anakin and spoke softly.
“General Kenobi did not make it. He was still on the planet when it blew up.”
He couldn’t believe it. Obi Wan could not be gone; he would have felt it in the Force if Obi Wan died.
Anakin spoke sharply to the Commander,
“I don’t believe he’s dead. I want you to engage all the ships sensors and scan the rubble for anything that has a life-force.”
Anakin turned to a nearby Lieutenant.
“Go to the Hangar Bays and ask all the pilots to scramble. I want them to search for anything that could be missed by the ships scanners.”
The Lieutenant nodded and ran to the Hangar Bays.
Soon, the Apporter’s sensors were sweeping the rubble field and Recon and Fighter Craft were pouring out of the Ship’s Hangar Bays.
Anakin was sitting on a chair with his eyes closed, conducting his own search of the field. Obi Wan had to be alive.
Anakin turned to the technician who had said it.
“What is it?”
Unbelievably, the tech ignored him and grabbed the comm mike.
“Incoming droid starfighters!!” he yelled into the mike. “They’ll be on us in 14 minutes.”
Anakin forgot his annoyance at the tech and grabbed the mike from him.
“All fighters, engage! ENGAGE!”
The fighter craft broke off their search and flew head on towards the droid fighters, cannons blaring.
The fighter pilots were skilled and took out a large portion of the enemy but the droids just kept coming and firing back.
Soon, a large score of the droids were down but there were enough to destroy a Flagship left. They had taken out all 215 Republic Fighter craft and the 30 Recon craft.
“All fighters are down,” the tech reported. “We’re just sitting ducks here.”
The fighters screamed closer. Anakin and the crew of the Apporter had given up all hope. Suddenly, Anakin felt something and the leading droid starfighters exploded. A Force-barricade! One of the exercises they had learnt in the Temple. Though Anakin had never heard of anyone making such a big one. The onrushing fighters slammed into the barricade and blew up. Soon, all the droid fighters were destroyed like taking candy from a baby.
“What the heck was that?” the tech asked perplexed.
“Obi Wan is alive, get my ship ready.” Anakin replied.
“It is, sir. Though I suggest you stay here due to your injuries.”
“I’ll be fine. Just keep an eye out for any more fighters.”
Anakin took his starfighter out of his hangar minutes later. Dooku must have left during the onslaught. Anakin could feel a heavy fluctuation in the Force radiating from a huge chunk of rock floating gracefully nearby. Anakin flew low over the rock and the sight of Obi Wan waving greeted him. Obi Wan had held some air closed around the rock with the Force, creating a mini-atmosphere. Anakin smiled and set down. Next stop: Coruscant.

10-28-2005, 09:00 AM

Obi Wan and Anakin stood in the Council Chambers. Obi Wan had finished his report on their mission to Durankhia.
“Done well you have, young ones,” Master Yoda congratulated. “Although escaped once again, Dooku has.”
“We couldn't trace his ship after the blast. I’m sorry Master.” Anakin replied soberly.
“Apologies are not necessary, Skywalker,” Ki-Adi-Mundi said. “You have liberated the captured Clones and destroyed one of the Separatist strong points. For that, you receive credit.”
Anakin and Obi Wan bowed.
“By the way,” Mace Windu said. “We received intelligence about a Separatist Droid Starfighter industry on Rhen Var. Can you take it?
Obi Wan glanced out of the Council Chambers at the awaiting Delta Squad and looked back at Mace.
“I think we’ll do just fine.” Obi Wan replied.
And millions of miles away, the fragments of the vaporized Durankhia floated about and formed the treacherous Hoth Asteroid Belt years later, claiming thousands of lives which were brave enough to try and navigate through its unpredictable mazes.

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OK its done. LF Critic, its all yours.

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