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09-09-2005, 01:27 AM
if u go darkside is it possible to curropt handmaiden and bao dur to become darksiders with out losing influence

09-09-2005, 04:21 AM
yes, they should automatically become dark side if you are dark side... or at least they should... the influence and light/dark side thing is a bit buggy...

09-09-2005, 02:01 PM
I find it harder to turn Bao Dur because he by default is 75% LS while the handmaiden is only 25-30% LS :)

09-09-2005, 09:46 PM
Yes, however for Bao-Dur you have to do some lightside acts. Here's how to make both the NPCs Jedi while sticking to your DS values. Make sure that you go to Nar Shaddaa after Telos.

Jedi Guardian for Bao-Dur:


Bao-Dur - Influence Decrease - Inside the Underground Base, you will encounter a Czerka employee that's been trapped there. Follow the Dark Side options until you have a chance to kill him and get your first influence decrease with Bao-Dur (Bao-Dur: 42).

Bao-Dur - Influence Decrease - Seek out your party members after arriving in the Secret Academy. After Bao-Dur wakes up and says "I... am sorry, General. I must have lost consciousness in the crash." reply with either "We could have used you earlier when we were ambushed. Do not fail me again." or "I have no use for a soldier who falls at the first sign of combat. Be on your guard in the future.". Follow this up with "This'll be your new home if your wounds could slow me down. Understand?" and "Just go to the ship - I will deal with your failure later." when available (Bao-Dur: 18).

Nar Shaddaa

Bao-Dur - Influence Decrease - In the Serroco part of the Refugee Quad, you will find the now infamous Broken Airspeeder. While repairing it, you will have This will provide you with the last influence decrease necessary to train Bao-Dur to become a Jedi (Bao-Dur: 10).

NOTE: You will have to speak to Bao-Dur several times and go through each of the main dialog options available before you can unlock the "training" portion of your conversation.

Dark Side Jedi Guardian for Handmaiden:

Ebon Hawk - Escape From Telos

Handmaiden - Influence Increase - Interestingly, your objective during your very first influential meeting with Handmaiden is to avoid influence-related options altogether. Unfortunately, this isn't possible, but you can minimize the damage. During the cutscene select "Do you think we need help?" followed by "When you put it like that, then welcome aboard.". While this isn't exactly Dark Side, it is important to note that the Dark Side options would have cost you influence that would be impossible to regain without gaining Light Side points. For the final part of this conversation, select either "Look, forget Atton. Take the regular quarters, we have enough room." or "Don't let them bother you - we've just been through a lot." (Handmaiden: 58).

After the cutscene, the gloves come off so go speak to Handmaiden and initiate the first of three duels with her. If you win, you will gain influence with her (Handmaiden: 66).

With that accomplished go back and select "I wanted to ask you about Atris.". Stick with first option until you get to the part where she states "I see. I have asked you many questions - I did not mean to. They are questions that have gathered over years, and I did not wish to ask Atris.". Reply with "Only fools fear questions - and their answers." (Handmaiden: 74).

NOTE: It is important that you ask her about Atris before getting to 69% influence or higher. Apparently, once Handmaiden starts taking a liking to you, the subject of Atris makes her moody.

Speak to her one more time and ask her "Why do you look different than your sisters?". You will have sufficient influcence to unlock convince her to share her family history. The objective here is to make it to the end of the conversation where she swears alligience to you. If you make it there, you will gain another dose of influence (Handmaiden: 82).

Ebon Hawk - Visas Attacks!

Handmaiden - Influence Decrease - After the scene in the medbay, Handmaiden will state "She is a threat to us.". Reply with "She is useful, and I do not mean to kill her yet." (Handmaiden: 74).

Ebon Hawk - Red Eclipse Sabatoge.

Handmaiden - Influence Increase - If you are at Level 14 or above (and you probably should be at this point), you can initiate the second sparring match for more influence (Handmaiden: 82). After this match, she will stop you to question why it is that you choose to go back and face the Jedi Counsel at your trial. Any response that you provide will gain you influence (Handmaiden: 90).

NOTE: You now have sufficient influence to train Handmaiden, however just as you had to trigger the conversation with the Twi'leks before you train Atton, you must complete the last sparring match with Handmaiden before she can become a Dark Jedi Guardian (PC Level 20 or above).