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07-23-2005, 07:28 PM
Wow this has been a long time coming. I bet everybody was starting to think that it would never arrive. Well it has and No I haven't been blowing smoke. It's just been a matter of various delays and setbacks numbering quite highly.

A patch has been uploaded to pcgamemods. You will need to download this as well as the main mod and simply overwrite the files that it prompts you too.

From the Readme:

The TSL Holowan Plugin v1.03/v1.04/v1.05

Authors: Darkkender.

Version release notes:

vs 1.03: Pcgamemods released version available for download only at Pcgamemods.
vs 1.04: Lucasfiles released version available for download only at Lucasfiles.
vs 1.05: Jumpstastionz released version available for download only at Jumpstationz.

If you have downloaded one of theses versions from a site not listed above it is to be considered pirated. All releases will be made by myself or one of my designated associates at Holowan Labs.


The TSL Holowan Plugin is a collection of various mods by myself and a variety of different modders from the Holowan Labs. One of it's main purposes was to provide compatibility for other mods out there.

Installation Instructions:

You will find 4 folders within this mod. Simply copy the contents of these folders into the folders by the same name within your SWKOTOR2 main directory.

Launcher -> launcher folder(Overwrite existing files(PS it's ok I've backed up the originals for you. The originals have a 2 added to there name.)

StreamSounds -> StreamSounds folder(if your prompted to overwrite you'll be okay as it would be caused by the original mod that used these sounds that has been included in the plugin.

Override -> Override folder(You already know the story here but please refer to compatibilities before adding these files.)

You will also find a dialog.tlk file within the Holowan Plugin. Prior to overwriting the original I would recomend making a folder titled backup and copying the original into there. Once you've backed up the original then overwrite it with the one included in the Plugin.


The "TSL Holowan Plugin" is compatible with "The USM" simply install the "USM" mod prior to The "TSL Holowan Plugin" and overwrite all of the files it prompts you too. Do not install the Plugin first and then overwrite it's files with those from other mods.

Please refer to the "Credits" folder as it includes seperate text files for different modders listing which of there mods were used as well as folders containing the original readmes of those mods.

V1.03/v1.04/v1.05 notes:

I fixed some bugs from the original release archive that hadn't gotten uploaded yet.

Special Thanks:

Fred Tetra -- Wherever you are you are missed.
TK102 -- All of your recent tools have been extra handy.
Cchargin -- What can I say but MDLOPs & KMM.
Darth333 -- Whereami? Oh there I am.
Redhawke -- Please correct me if I'm wrong. <Activates Armband>Correction made. </Activates Armband>
T7Nowhere -- Phenomal Moderator Powers.
Prime -- Optimus doesn't hold a candle to you man.
Darth Melignous -- For all of your extra work you put into this mod for me.
Chainz.2da -- Age is but a number it's the wisdom that you gain with that number that determines how old you are. FYI That makes me older.:D
Cate Kroft -- You better not have left the party at Holowan yet.
Mono -- Guess what? Tach butt.:P
Achilles -- I think it may be Jedi Counsel Recruit mod for TSL time now man.
Stoffe -mkb- -- I've really got to get the one up on you finished. ;)

To anybody else out there watch out you may be thanked next.

Contact Darkkender via PM at the Holowan Labs or at the release thread for this mod.

Alright let it be know that this mod comes in at around 170MB. What does that mean to the average downloader you ask? Simply put is this if you don't have high speed internet and cannot get access to it through friends or family you may have to go without. The reason is even with high speed it may take nearly an hour and a half to download. If you have dial-up think more like a day and a half. If you really want this mod and you have exhausted every option at least 3 times over contact me via pm and we'll see what we can do.

And without further ado you may download it from the following locations.

The Patch (http://www.pcgamemods.com/14599/)

Please continue the discussion fo this mod in this thread: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=149994