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09-11-2005, 07:46 PM
Alright. So I'm doing a speed run (amazing fast-beating of a game) and I'm looking for help. No, you can't play it for me, but any tricks to speed the game up are appreciated. For example, getting Levitation far before it's time (and boy do I need that) getting around Cruller before Basic Braining...crazy things like that.

Any tips for beating the game fast (1:39:22 for only going up to Boyd is not good.) are appreciated. When the first draft of the run is done, trust me, you'll see it up here.

Also, no need to say "Collect arrowheads in the morning" because I just learned that...for the third time.

Anyone who can diagram exactly where to go in what order (just to beat it, not a figment/item collection run) for Waterloo World and the Milkman conspiracy, and anyone who can help me beat Lungfishopolis under 45 minutes gets their name in huge letters on the speedrun webpage.

Thanks in advance guys. :vsd: :smash:

09-11-2005, 07:51 PM
Hm... a good idea is to visit every area of camp real quick at the start, then you can just use the stump to hop around everywhere, other then that good luck!

Purple Squid
09-11-2005, 09:14 PM
I don't think you can do it in a speedrun... how fast does it have to be in order to be a speed run? The game generally takes a few days if you collect everything, 15 hours if you don't. Do you skip the cutscenes?

09-11-2005, 10:49 PM
Well you have to go out of your way to pick up some stuff otherwise you won't have enough ranks/arrowheads to get into the Milkman Conspiracy.

09-12-2005, 02:34 PM
Well, as players of the Demo can account for, there's no way to get past Cruller before Basic Braining.

I think it'll be tough to speedrun through the game, there's a hell of a lot you need to do, like get to a certain level in order to buy the dowsing rod, which is needed to buy the cobweb duster which is needed to get through boyds mind. i think it's possible to get through without worrying about psi-cards though, so that's something, and as long as you only use the cobweb duster where needed, you shouldn't have to waste too much time on them.

As far as I can see though, the only other way to speed up the game would maybe be to try and get levitation as soon as possible so you can levitate through most of the game, speeding yourself up a bit (although losing a bit of control at the same time).

Purple Squid
09-12-2005, 04:14 PM
...holy crap! I beat Lungfishopolis in under 45 minutes!

09-12-2005, 04:27 PM
It's pretty easy to do, just don't smash any buildings and shield up when the tanks and stuff come along.

Purple Squid
09-12-2005, 04:30 PM
Great. Crush my pride, why dontcha.


09-12-2005, 06:34 PM
Lol, sorry, it just seemed to simple, can't say I've ever done it as I've never timed myself, but I'm sure it's mroe than possible.

09-12-2005, 06:47 PM
Well. Getting Levitation early is a big hand. This isn't exactly a collection run - it's more of a "minimal run".

1 hour 39 minutes for everything pre-boyd...good or bad?

Purple Squid
09-12-2005, 07:14 PM
Lol, sorry, it just seemed to simple, can't say I've ever done it as I've never timed myself, but I'm sure it's mroe than possible.

Ha. I only did it that fast because the tanks kept beating me in the face. I ran. I didn't try to collect anything the first time around... in my second game I did.

The level just makes me frantic.

09-12-2005, 07:51 PM
I did it.

On my glitches file, just after beating Basic Braining all quick-like, I decided to use the collision model glitch that every, yes, every game has, and jump off the dock. After many times of failing, and wanting to skip the dumb coming up from the water cutscene, I hit all the buttons frantically- and suddenly Raz pops up from the water and makes one last leap.

However, it seems all that happens is Lili says to meet her at the lake at night. Dumb stuff there.

Purple Squid
09-12-2005, 09:10 PM
Dumb stuff? Dude. You shouldn't say that here. You'll get cyber-mugged.

09-12-2005, 10:26 PM
I mean that I couldn't get into Milla's mind early. That's the dumb stuff.

Purple Squid
09-13-2005, 06:27 AM
Oh. Phew. Thought I was going to have to kick necks.

Well. Always abide by the law, good citizen! *flies off*

09-13-2005, 07:09 PM
my time is 2:30-3:00hrs. I defy you to beat me!

09-13-2005, 07:12 PM
get the arrowheads underwater. that's a big speed-up. 1200 arrowheads in one area. also, rank up to get the chain-blast, and then don't bother collecting anymore. the rest is simple butt-kicking!

Purple Squid
09-13-2005, 07:53 PM
my time is 2:30-3:00hrs. I defy you to beat me!



09-13-2005, 08:34 PM
huh? what?

09-13-2005, 08:45 PM
Just ignore Squid, Thorney forgot to give the medication to this insanse forumgoer.

Purple Squid
09-13-2005, 09:38 PM
huh? what?
If you just stretch it a bit... uh...

15 seconds... in my mind. In real life, it was more like a week.

Purple Squid
09-13-2005, 09:40 PM
Just ignore Squid, Thorney forgot to give the medication to this insanse forumgoer.

It makes me sad that you would think that.
And I had SEVERAL pills this morning, thank you very much.

09-14-2005, 05:47 AM
Were any actually yours? :)

Purple Squid
09-14-2005, 06:07 PM
No. In fact, they were just Smarties.

...Smarties I took from young children!

09-15-2005, 04:44 PM
So far...
so bad. Starting the run over now, but honestly, I need tips, now. I know to stop messing up in Oleander's mind, gotta do everything right...

Be back in...a while.


09-15-2005, 07:22 PM
I gave you tips. Get to rank 35, that's all you need is the chain-blast. Make sure you have a dowsing rod so you can get all the underwater arrowheads in Lungfish Lair. That's about 1200 arrowheads, plenty for a cobweb duster and mental magnet, which again is all you need. Now just plow through the game without interruption. It's quite simple.

09-15-2005, 08:49 PM
Well then.

Time to draw myself some vital maps.

09-15-2005, 09:05 PM
no need for maps...the maps are straight forward...just cut the crap in between.

09-16-2005, 10:34 AM
When you have the levitation power, jump, float and press jump in air.
You don't have to stop to start rolling and you save time by never having to change a psi power button to levitation.
Also before you have levitation you may travel faster by jumping forward while using mental focus, but I'm not sure

09-16-2005, 05:54 PM
Which is actually faster? The sophisticated way or the staright thourgh way in oleander;s mind?

09-16-2005, 06:13 PM
Going through the shortcut.

And yes, focus-flip forward is pretty nice before levitation. It has my approval.

Third run...still not doing very well.

Purple Squid
09-16-2005, 06:44 PM
Aww... don't feel too bad. I can't even TRY to do it fast. I keep going back. For the figments I left behind... they talk. I swear they do.

Figment: Don't LEEEEEEAVE US!

09-23-2005, 08:19 PM
It took me 13hrs. 42 min. and 36sec. to beat the game!