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A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

Star Wars:
Scum of the Old Republic

One and a half century has passed since the destruction of MALACHOR V and the defeat of DARTH TRAYA.
Many things had happened thereafter, but nothing the GALACTIC REPUBLIC
knew much about. The EXILE and DARTH REVAN soon faded into memory.
Since then, despite the existance of JEDI KNIGHTS, the JEDI ORDER was never restored.

Now, the GALACTIC REPUBLIC, realizing how lost it was without the council of the JEDI KNIGHTS,
tripled their military efforts, and eventually tamed the chaos of the galaxy. Now, on the SMUGGLER'S MOON,
NAR SHADDAA, a lone mercenary, bounty hunter, and thug, known as
JEZRINTH VALDEK, attempts to obtain a gambling debt for the BUMANI EXCHANGE...

::Chapter 1::
::Jezrinth Valdek::

Jezrinth Valdek, a mercenary of the Bumani Exchange, gripped his disrupter pistol tightly as he approached the little store. The storekeeper owed the Exchange a massive debt, and it was Jezrinth's turn to collect. "Hey Grondon! I'm here to collect your debt," he snarled, quickly aiming his pistol at the Aqualish.

Grondon chuckled and activated a shield. "Don't be a fool, I won't pay the Exchange, ever. And even if you somehow manage to kill me, I work for the Dobo Emporium, and we're just as deadly as the Exchange."

"Don't overestimate yourself, fool. You obviously don't know much about me. I never use your average blasters, I only use disrupters." His target's eyes widened, and before he could beg for mercy, several singes and burns already smoked through his corpse. A Rodian nearby noticed this and quickly alerted the Republic officers, and after a quick description, a batallion of Republic soldiers were on their way.

Jezrinth hissed and killed the Rodian, and began heading up the stairs of the incredibly massive building. Over the years he'd built up quite the reputation with the galaxy. The Republic had issued a KOS on his head, but the Exchange gave him an immunity from other hunters that worked with him, as he was one of the most efficient workers they had. He had managed to nearly destroy an entire country on a planet that was under the affect of several natural disasters. All for the destruction of some things that would be the destruction of the Exchange. Whenever the Republic was alerted of his presence, an army was sent out after him. Luckily for him, he hadn't been caught once.

By the time he had reached the rooftop, he heard several dozens of soldiers running up as well. He hid behind some boxes and awaited their arrival. Activating his shield, and holding up one of his blasters in proper position, and pulling out a pair of grenades, he waited. The door busted open, and about three dozen soldiers poured out, scanning the rooftop for Jezrinth. Suddenly, a grenade plopped down in front of a Sergeant, and the static grenade canceled out their shields, and several thermal detonators dropped down. Screaming out in pain, those caught in the blast and managed to survive moved about in chaos (if they hadn't lost their legs) some tripping and crashing over the edge, falling down a massive drop of several hundred stories. Of course, there were plenty of vehicles to get in their way.

One fighter pinpointed his target's location and opened fire nearby Jezrinth. The merc leapt to the side, strafing right, while he fired off several shots from his disrupter pistols. The gray bolts quickly overtook those hit. They continued the firefight for several minutes, until one soldier got close and destroyed both of the pistols with a vibroblade, only to have Jezrinth knocked the blade out of his hands and decapitate him. Leaping behind some cover, Jezrinth crawled about, until he found a blaster rifle. Taking cover, he made some quick modifications, and placed the rifle on a stand. Charging the battery to unleash maximum firepower, he fired upon the poor soldiers, each blast dealing about as much damage as a ship's turret laser would.

Eventually, they managed to take out his rifle, and now, unarmed, he fled towards the south side of the roof. His shields at maximum, he sprinted, taking several shots into his shield, to the point where it deactivated, just in time for a blaster bolt to knock him off his feet, sending him careening over the side.

The remnants of the forces cheered and sighed, when the lieutenant yelled at them, "What makes you think we've taken him out?!"

"But sir, no one could survive that, not even him."

"Bull. I've seen him escape on foot while being chased by a dozen speeders. I want you to scan the entire area, take a scope and check out EVERYTHING, until you find a body."

The soldiers sighed and saluted their officer, and began to scour the area. The lieutenant peeked down over the side that Jezrinth fell over. A private sitting nearby him gasped in horror as a heavily modified speeder (or whatever you'd call those car-like things) zoomed straight up, taking off the lieutenant's head.

Jerking to a stop, Jeebs, the Rodian pilot, and one of the greatest pilots in existance, cried out in insane laughter as Jezrinth pulled up a turret and fired upon the soldiers. They then dived back down at high speeds, zooming all about, dodging other speeders, as several Republic officers got a call and went off after them.

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::Chapter 2::

Jeebs whined with laughter as his buddy Jez took down several republic guards. A blaster bolt knocked the human back and he gasped, "Hey Jeebs, send all power to the rear shields."

"Way ahead of ya, besides, they'll never be able to stay ahead of us for long." With a grin he added, "Hold on tight!" Jezrinth laid down on his stomach and continued firing, as Jeebs shifted into third gear. The speeder literally lunged out and they moved nearly twice as fast. Other speeders also speeded up, but they were no match for Jeebs' heavily modded speeder. The pilot quickly made some loops and sharp turns, often causing the worse pilots of the soldiers to screech to a halt, or simply crash into some building. Diving under a bridge, he shifted gears again and went into a thin tunnel, zigzagging out of the way of pedestrians.

The Republic pilots weren't so lucky. Exitting the tunnel after about two minutes, they noticed they hadn't any more speeders on their tail. They chuckled, but then noticed about a dozen more gathering around them. Jeebs hit the front brakes, causing them to move into a vertical position, looking straight down at more traffic. He let go of the brakes and accelerated, and the speeder dived at incredible speeds, as he shifted gears once more. Even at these impossible speeds, the Rodian was able to dodge every single speeder in their way. Suddenly, he pulled up and hit the brakes, and then zoomed off again. The dozen or so soldiers that had followed them whined and sighed, as their speeders crashed into the floor.

Jeebs quickly gazed across the immediate area, and pulled up, heading straight towards the tops of the buildings. Despite all of their tricks and killing, a dozen or so speeders still tailed them. As Jeebs reached the targeted altitude, he halted and jumped the speeder forward at max speed, creating a small sonic boom. The Republic soldiers attempted to keep up, but to no avail. Eventually, he stopped, flipping the speeder into a vertical position, facing downwards. Jezrinth groaned as he took out the two fastest speeders. They dropped at an incredible speed, and their target point? One small hole that led to a tunnel that led further into a special Exchange hangar. The hole being barely large enough to fit their speeder.

Jeebs piloted through the corridors, with only one last speeder on their trail. He squinted and noticed a checkpoint, in which only speeders with designated Exchange codes could pass through. Yawning, he rode into the hangar, as an explosion trailed behind them.

"Hey Dareth!" Jezrinth yelled out to a man who was speaking to some Exchange thugs.

"Oh, hey Jez!"

"Is the Eagle ready?"

"Right as rain. I've got an astromech in there and all the supplies we'll need!"

"And Baalran?"

"He's sleeping inside."

Jezrinth nodded and headed towards their Freighter, the Vermillion Eagle. Dareth and Jeebs following close behind. As his two companions went inside, he heard the distinct noise of a crawling Hutt. "Grobba?"

Grobba the Hutt chuckled, "Yes, yes. Your ears do you well, for a human."

"Yeah well, you're the only Hutt on this accursed moon that would come around here anyway."

The slug nodded and patted his friend on the back. "It'll be a shame to see you go, you've brought lots of nice things to the Exchange, and you're a reliable ally."

With a smirk, Jez replied, "Aye, but I've got the entire Republic after me, and well... that's not something I'd like too much. Staying in one place would be-"

"-the death of you. Now go, my friend, I'd hate to see you die," Grobba muttered, as he creeped away.

Climbing aboard his ship, Jezrinth looked around and heard the voice of a Rodian and a man arguing. "What the hell? I'm the one who's going to be piloting this ship!" Dareth growled.

"Bah, stupid human. I'm one of the most greatest pilots in the galaxy!"

"Yeah, and I'm THE greatest." A scoff.

"Shut up Dareth, you know full well that Jeebs is a far better pilot at you."

"But-but, he barely knows the ship!"

"Naw, I taught him all that he needs to know."

With a pout, Dareth took the co-pilot's seat, glaring at the Rodian. Seeing a Rodian sticking his tongue out at a frustrated human is quite a sight. Especially since the human was pouting like a child.

Chuckling, Jezrinth searched the entire ship, patting their astromech's head as he passed by, until he came to one of the compartments and opened it up. "HEY BAALRAN!"

A snoring wookiee jerked awake in a daze, confused by his current predicament, signifying such with a low growl.

"Hey you big fuzzball, don't sleep in a bloody compartment, go sleep in one of the dormitories."

A moan.

"What do you mean the dormitories were loc-Dareth..." he shook his head.

The hangar doors opened wide, freeing the Vermillion Eagle to set off.

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Same thing as many stories before... patience and tolerance for little feedback.

My fiction, Shrouded in Darkness, had gone much longer with little recognition. It may have just required more devotion, but a judgment can't be made based on two chapters alone. This may be pointless, but just because something is ignored doesn't mean it's bad.