View Full Version : Mice of the Desert

09-15-2005, 08:17 PM
This is a poem I made just right now cause I'm bored and decided to make a homage to one of my favorite author/series. Those who had read the books will understand the poem more or less, but if some of it doesn't make sense think about the protagonist's power, and his consequential understanding of the universe.

I came here alone a year gone and mourned
Yet my name was whispered before we were born;
My house was sturdy yet easily sundered
Doctor, you sold your wife to beguiling thunder

A widow and a prince crossed humanity's only hope
They died with me; blessed for they would cope
I met you, concieved you, killed you, and loved you
Your love was stronger, together we grew

The mice were warriors, followers, survivors
We became the emperor, you followed the lore
My sister was torn, born an abomination
Together we were hated, killed with elation

Grandfather, you haunt me with greased fingers
Your nephew I slew, twas me with a linger
My father had died, died for our hope
The spice we give are the souls we take.