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09-16-2005, 12:22 AM
Im having troubles compiling my player model that i made so i was wondering if someone out there would be nice enough to compile it is made in 3Ds MAX with Psykosith's pre-weighted skeleton, im pretty sure it's finished weigting I might have accidentaly forgot to weight a vert or two it's capped and segmented and unwrapped and textured but i used the editable mesh after i unwrapped and textured it, now i dont know if that's a problem or not but anyways it's a samurai model like what u would see before the meiji period. And i have no clues as to what's goin on with assimilate and posted elswhere and many people have told me what to do but with no avail and i've given up so someone who could compile it would be appreciated my email is retro_cow@msn.com and i have msn messenger.