View Full Version : (tsl) short hilts and revan's robe.

09-16-2005, 11:17 PM
Had a quick browse and couldn't find anything.

I really hate the default short l/s hilts. What I need is dedicated short sabre hilts, nice and chrome/bronze/black movie style, like Yoda's little lightsabre.

And the full Darth Revan redemption robes for TSL. I know they're available for K1 but is there a K2 compatable variant? Revan is just the coolest looking dark jedi around.

I am a total modelling retard myself.

While I'm here, what about some real Kreia variations, I'm getting sick of the old hag but the ones I've seen I don't like much. And armoured bikinis for the girls. Sorta like the slave dancer outfit but shiny gold metal and a little armour value so they can run around sexing up villains and hacking them to pieces without getting chopped. Or like a full armoured suit with some strategic bare areas for sex appeal. Both even. Shiny.