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An Empire to Crumble

Disclaimer: I do not own KotOR or any Star Wars related product. Well I don’t own the rights to it anyway.

Warning(s): Violence, Sexual Themes, Language – Rated 14A


Chapter 1: The First of Many

Revan sighed as he over looked the battle that unfolded before him. The Sith forces and Onderon’s fleet clashed as yet another rebellion surfaced with in the Sith Empire. The victor of the battle had already been decided, it didn’t matter if the sith triumphed over the fleet, but if the Harbinger escaped the victory would mean nothing.

The Harbinger was the lone Republican vessel had managed to escape countless defeats. Admiral Dodonna of the Republic fleet and Master Vandar of the Jedi Order somehow squirm out of the tightest situations. The Dark Lord had hunted the ship across the galaxy; he knew that the ship was causing all this havoc and rebellion against his empire. Revan cursed himself when he had found out that Carth Onasi had managed to escape the Rakatan home world aboard Bastila’s transport and join up with the rebellious ship and aide them in their attempts.

“Master, you summoned me?” The feminine voice came from behind the Sith Lord. As he turned, his eyes laid upon his apprentice, Bastila Shan. (A/N: I’m not exactly sure what color Bastila’s hair is, in game it looks brown and in some pictures it looks black. I’m going with brown) She wore the common dark jedi robes that resembled Revan’s. The brunette had let her hair down instead of keeping it up in pigtails.

The Sith Lord smiled at the sight of her, drinking it in before getting back to the matter at hand. “Yes, thanking for coming on such short notice, Bastila.” He paused and turned back to the battle. “I would like you to prepare a transport to the planets surface. Our recent attempts at sending dark jedi to kill or capture the Harbinger’s[i] crew have been less than…acceptable.” [i]If you want something done right, you got to do it yourself.

“Of course, master. I will have it prepared immediately.” The woman bowed and left the bridge of the Eternity and its crew.

Before the Dark Lord could envelop himself in silence once again, he was interrupted by another voice. “Is this wise, Master Revan? I have heard the rumors from the men, that Onasi fellow has become quite…adept at killing sith.” The voice belonged to the admiral that headed the fleet in Revan’s absence.

“May I remind you, Admiral Rand, that I am the Dark Lord of the Sith. Carth may be able to kill dark jedi, but no dark jedi know him as I do.” The Dark Lord gritted his teeth as he was reminded that he had let the Republic war hero live, hoping he would suffer in the wildernesses of the Rakatan planet. This was not the case. “Leave me and only return when my shuttle is prepared. You have a fleet to command, Admiral.”

Atton Rand had been found on Nar Shaddaa in the refugee sector. The force that bristled inside him was too hard to ignore even though it was wild and untamed, it could prove problems for the Sith Lord in the future and he decided to take the man in as the commander of his fleets. Revan had later leaned that his admiral had once been on his assassins and torturers who killed and tortured the jedi who refused to turn to the cause of Revan and Malak.

The wait was short for the Dark Lord of the Sith. His transport was ready at least ten minutes after it had been issued. He had found Bastila awaiting him in the main hanger. The shuttle resembled that of the one used by his apprentice to travel back and forth between the Rakatan temple and the Star Forge two long years ago.

As everything was secured, the shuttle burst from the hangar at full speed. A half dozen sith fighters formed up around it to escort their master to the planet below. Revan piloted to the transport allowing Bastila to use her battle mediation to aide their forces once again and drop the morale of the enemy. The flight to the atmosphere didn’t take long, the fighters split off as they drew closer into it as they were not meant to enter the atmosphere. The shuttle took little fire from the turrets of Isis as it landed a few miles outside the walled city.

“Master, it seems the people of Onderon had not expanded outside their city of Isis. Do you have any idea why?” Bastila questioned Revan as the two exited the small two person transport and stepped into the grassy terrain.

“I’m sorry Bastila, but I know little of this planet except for that this area is ruled by Beast-Riders or something like that.” The Dark Lord took a quick scan around the area. “Come, we must hurry if we want to catch the remnants of the Republic.” The apprentice nodded in agreement and both master and apprentice bound towards the walled city.

The pair encountered little resistance as they made their way towards Isis. A few patrols were easily cut down without them even really knowing it. As they neared the city patrols became more frequent and wild creatures became scare. Finally reaching the wall of the city, both dark jedi used the force to propel them on top of it while they deflected an onslaught of blaster shots coming from the Onderon Royal Guard.


“Master Vandar, you mustn’t!” Carth Onasi called to the Jedi Master who continued to walk away, ignoring the calls of the Republic war hero. “Revan will kill you!” The man hollered again in a vain attempt to capture the small green man’s attention.

“Death is a natural part of life. Even if Revan cuts me down, I will live on in the force.” Vandar spoke as he walked to the exit of the palace. “I’d advise you get Kavar, the queen; Dodonna and yourself off this planet and seek out Master Vrook on Dantooine. I doubt the Dark Lord has really looked into annihilating us he knows that we dare not come out of hiding. Go now! Flee at once!” With the final word, the jedi master force jumped away from the palace through the air towards the wall where Revan fought.

Carth felt a hand rest on his shoulder. “Come on, Carth. We can’t let Master Vandar’s sacrifice be in vain.” It was Master Kavar. The Jedi Master had chosen to protect the queen of Onderon after he went into hiding after the destruction of the Miraluka colony. Onasi nodded and turned and headed toward the small shuttle that waited to bring the group to the Harbinger.


“Powerful have you grown, Katranis.”

Revan spat at the jedi in front of him. “I am not he, was a man that was meant to be a hero made to save your precious Republic and not lead it to its destruction.” The two clashed lightsabers once again, the two red blades Revan held hissed as they collided with the green of Master Vandar’s

“I suppose you are right, Darth Revan.” The small being jumped up over the Dark Lord’s head but was pushed upwards by the force in mid-flight. Loosing his balance, the jedi retracted his lightsaber as insurance to not chop off his own head. As the master came down he was kicked by the Sith Lord which sent him flying into a stone wall not to far away.

“You know, Master Vandar, in a way I did save your Republic.” A chuckle came from behind the dark mask Revan wore. “I have built up my fleets to large that even the true threat that lies beyond the Outer Rim will not bring about the fall of the galaxy. The True Sith will not deprive me of my throne!” He shouted out the last words as he put one of his lightsabers in his belt and letting lightning leap from his fingers towards the fallen jedi.

A green lightsaber sprung up and consumed the lightning which soon retracted as the Dark Lord saw what was happening. “True Sith you say? They are nothing but a legend and yet you wish to protect your empire from them?!” Vandar had only once chance now and he would have to rely on the force to see him through till the end…


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so far so good, I can't wait for the next chapter.

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Quite interesting. Keep going!

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This story had potential, but the author gave up early. I would have read more had there been more to read.