View Full Version : [TSL] blonde-blue eyes(lemonhead extreme!!!!)(last patch)

09-17-2005, 10:37 PM

i know yall must be getting tired of my cont. patches but i just always felt there was something missing to this mod, as it has progressed from the cheasy zelda look to what you see now.

im moving on find something else to turn to:after you have made a lemon head, or a messed up link costume where do you go from there(j/k).
as i say in all of my mods that i make i like this one alot(which means you should, i mean if i like it)(yes that was another bad joke) i guess ill stop typing now
before i make a fool of myself(too late!).

(1)if you haven't already create an override folder in your kotor 2 folder
(2)put these files into it.
(3)and tell me i did a really good job(this is mandatory)(kidding)