View Full Version : Converting USM sabers to KOTOR I?

09-18-2005, 03:59 AM
I've been fooling around with mdlops and a HEX editor the past few days making new blade colors for T7nowhere's Saber 6-pack for KOTOR. Once I finished that to my satisfaction, I decided to try porting some of my favorite USM sabers over. So far I haven't had any luck (game crashes when the crystal is clicked on). My question is - what has to be changed to make this work? I'm assuming it has to do with the *.mdl or *.mdx files since everything else appears OK.

Here's my steps:

1. copied the relevant files from USM (saber and crystal icon tga's, hilt skin + txi, mdl + mdx).
2. extracted the uti files for blue saber and crystal (from KOTOR I) using KOTOR tool. Changed the model var. and the names of both to what I was using for the saber.
3.Added all info to upcrystals.2da
4.used mdlops and HEX editor to modify mdl file to reflect saber model var. and blade color.
5. double checked everything to make sure it was all pointing in the right direction.
6. Used KMM to dump everything in Override. Used KSE to add crystal to save. Loaded game, went to wokbench, icon appeared, crash.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

09-18-2005, 04:07 AM
KotOR uses a different Model format(K2 models will not work in k1 and vise versa), In order to make our USM sabers work in KotOR you would have to convert the model to ascii with mdlops, import it into gmax or 3ds, delete eveything except the hilt mesh extract a k1 model convert to ascii, import it into the same scene as the lone hilt and rig the hilt to the K1 saber, export and compile with replacer.

09-19-2005, 02:17 AM
Thanks for the reply T7.

Since I have no modelling skills, could you rate the difficulty of this (1-10) to give me an idea of what I'd be tackling?

Also what are the chances of you guys releasing USM for KOTOR? I haven't been able to find any of them for KOTOR other than your 6-pack(+1) and ChAiNz' Segan Wyndh sabers.

Speaking of the 6-pack -
Very nice encounter you put in to get the DS sabers. The first time I spoke to the Ithorian who triggers it, one of the spawning dark jedi appeared right over his shoulder - scared the s**t out of me!:)

09-19-2005, 05:50 AM
If you have never used Gmax and can read ;), I would say probably 5. its not difficult to do, but if you've never delved into it, the terminology used can be somewhat confusing.

As for converting USM models for K1 I can only speak for myself and say that I have no plans of converting any sabers that I made for K1. The new sabers that I did make were intended for the TSL npc's only. The rest of my models I build for K1 But really wanted in K2 since I never really used them in K1.