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09-22-2005, 11:24 AM
I am creating a forums board which will give players an additional avenue of RP. Each player will declare themselves a citizen of one of the cities in the game. They don't have to have a house there or even spend any time there its just for the RP. The citizens of each city would then vote for a Mayor which would be a member of the planetary council. Yes there will be meetings. Now of course being that there are 3 factions, Rebel, Imperials and Neutrals will effect the council in this way. A rebel can not represent an imperial controlled City and an imperial can not represent a rebel city but a neutral can represent either. Once the Council has been put together they will vote for a planetary leader. If the person voted in is Imperial then he has the title of Governor and if they are Rebel or Neutral then they are Senator. The Senators/Governors will then meet in their own council and vote for the leader of the galaxy leader. Of course if the person is Imperial he will be Emperor and if they are Rebel then they will be President. This alone will open up a new slew of possibilities with assassinations, kidnappings, political dealings. Of course the Guilds have been factored into this. There will be associations for the various professions which will help players know who to contact for mentoring and advise These associations will have their own leadership among the members. I am going to list also all the mission terminals for the various professions and where they are located. This is just the basic setup as i envision it. Right now I am setting it up for Sunrunner. If anyone wants to help or just check it out go to http://sunrunner.proboards49.com/index.cgi
Hope to see you there!!!