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09-26-2005, 12:56 PM
No one seems to have wanted to make a new RPG as of late.
I'm just going to make a set and a few local characters and see if other people want to start something before I see if I want to join in.

Lets see.....

A stormy night on Correllia.
In a small but profitable Weapons/Armor Smith shop.
Shop owner is a middle aged MonCalamari. :mon:
He is in business with his brother.
A young Bothan is a hired hand.
One green Astromech droid

Character enters dripping from the rain.
Maybe one of you Zabraks should be this guy.
You could be buying one of these :blubeam:

Keep in mind there are other businesses nearby(Cantina, Bazaar, ect.).
I guess we could use the Tag System from Swediot's Cantina.
And I would appreciate if your language was clean.

Starting Story...
(Tag Open: First Male Zabrak to find this Preferably

10-17-2005, 01:19 AM

It has been a while and no one responded so...

Jan Gaarni
10-17-2005, 04:37 AM
Hmm, there arn't really any roleplayers left who visit SWGalaxies.Net forums anymore.

You might want to try the Jedi Knight forums (http://www.lucasforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=163). They seem to have a more stable roleplayer base.

11-19-2005, 08:34 AM
i remember swediots cantina. that was cool haha. im keen for some role playing though i will edit this thread later

IC: "Well i do know one thing if I had had nostrills id be sniffing some wet wookie right about know."
Shreneka turned and glared at K23-po with ice blue eyes.
"Are you looking at me? its hard to tell what with all that hair covering your eyes have you ever considered getting it groomed."
"OK OK i was just kidding. What do you expect to find in here anyway you already have a blaster, and a cross bow. You never even told me what you were looking for."
"I see well why does he not just get it himself"
"Ah the infamous rule number 5. gotcha"

The wookie entered the shop followed by his metal companion. His body was soaking wet from the rain outside creating a big puddle on the ground.

"Hello my name is K23-po and this is my furry friend Shreneka. we are here to pick up a package for a Mr Denitrak

TAG:shop keep

12-19-2005, 09:23 AM
Sorry, I didn't notice you before, swediot. But, a month or so is a long time to wait on an abandoned forum. Anyway if your still out there I hope we can still make at least some of a story. I'll start checking this once a weak till I hear from you or anyone else. If it is just the two of us, I'll manage the Store's Staff and you manage whatever customer, by-stander and by-passer you make up. I may or may not put in my character of the same name as my account later on. And just so you know I have a tendency to type long posts.

Still OOC:
Anyway I did a little name research at swgtales.com , and my intention is for the names to give some description of my characters. The Shop Owner should be Verrack (Crafter of Metals) who works in the back room most of the time. The Shop Keeper, if by keeper you mean manager of business deals and such, should be his younger brother, Yeeli (Fair/Just). Verrack will take his lineage name from his father, Fennut (Talented), and Yeeli will take his lineage name from his uncle, Ean (Wise). The Bothan should be called Drashk Grai'bar (First name-Creative / Last name-Smith, metal worker [refers to common metals] / Clan name sounds like Bar. The Astromech Droid should be designated R4-G0 (are-four-gee-oh-). Memory tells me that one of the captive droids on the Tantive IV was Dark Green and had an oddly shaped head. R4-G0 could look similar to that one.

Verrack Fennut
Yeeli Ean
Drashk Grai'bar

I'm going to rewind this a little and describe Yeeli's perspective. I'll mark your lines with($)(/$) I hope you don't mind minor grammar changes, swediot.

IC: It was a stormy night on Correllia for one Verrack's Arms and Ammo. Business was unusually slow for the past Standard Galactic Week. The evening was still very young but Yeeli was just considering activating the "Closed Till Morning" display on the monitor outside, above the door, when the customer signal went off. Hearing those two notes, the now hopeful Moncalamari stood up behind the counter and smiled.
When Yeeri saw the wookie and the droid entering the establishment he was given something to ponder for a moment. How could a droid be seen in the company of a wookie with its arms still attached? This thought was quickly set aside for Yeeli knew that distraction was not good for business. Although, he was still a little concerned about the mess that the wookie would leave on the floor, not that Moncalamari mind moisture.
"Ah, come in." he said "Get out of the rain. Welcome to Verrack's Arms and Ammo. I am Yeeli Ean. What may I do for you?"
"Hello, my name is K23-po and this is my furry friend, Shreneka. We are here to pick up a package for a Mr. Denitrak."
"Denitrak?" Yeeli said to himself. "Denitrak... I can't say that I remember any Denitrak, nor do I remember either of you. If I may ask, what was the order for?"

K23-po just noticed a license sign on the wall which had fine print that read
'...only legal merchandise. And furthermore all use of weapons, munitions, armor, and explosives are the sole responsibility of the consumer. 'Verracks Arm's and Ammunitions Supply, Repair and Customization' will not be held responsible for injury, loss of life, and/or legal action due to improper, careless, accidental, or illegal use of any and all merchandise. Said company is completely within rights to report any and all illegal and/or suspicious conduct...'
K23-po and Shreneka looked at each other for a moment. Then K23-po turned to the Store Keeper and said...

Tag: Swediot

OOC: If you want to do something illegal that's fine with me, but my guys make honest credits. I'm not saying you have to do something illegal if you don't plan to. Just notice my legal notification.

12-19-2005, 10:05 AM
Wow that's pretty neat dude, thumbs up :)

01-17-2006, 11:29 PM
OOC: I'm sorry, swediot, but if I wait any longer this thread will be closed. I have no choice but to finish this part of the story. If anyone else wants to join in, do so. Please, do so.

Then K23-PO turned to the Store Keeper and said "I believe it was a custom designed Blastech rifle." "Eruro GROWLLL Rolru sho Rargh" said Shreneka, as if he was pointing out something. "Alright. Alright. I will tell him." argued the droid "My impatient accomplice would like to point out, that the firearm was equiped with an additional heat sink, a shortened barrel and an increased firing rate." "Blastech?" Yeeri thought out loud "Shortened barrel?... Heat sink... hmm... I think I remember Verrack finishing something like that about two months ago."
He then turned to the door behind him. "Verrack!" he yelled. "Verrack, did you finish a custom Blastech a couple of months ago." Then a voice from the back room answered "A Blastech? Yeeri, you should know better than to expect me to remember just one of such a popular brand". Yeeri, sighed, turned to the customers, and said "This may take a few minutes. Feel free to look around, just don't touch anything".

Then he turned and walked into the back room, saying "Drashk, watch the store for a while". Another voice from the back answered "Yes, sir." and a bothan came through the door. As Drashk approached the counter he looked nervously at Shreneka. A bothan hears many things in his pass time, and wookies are not without their stories. K23-PO noticed the bothan's apparent anxiety and inquired "Pardon me sir, but is something wrong?" Drashk, keeping his eyes on the wookie, put his mouth close to where he thought the droid's ear should be. "Is it true? What they say about how a wookie can snap your spine like a twig." Hearing this, Shreneka turned his head toward the two with a look of curiosity. K23-PO answered as quietly as his voice synthesizers would allow "I don't know for sure, but I would rather not find out." Shreneka obviously heard everything for he let out a light chuckle. A minute later Yeeri came out with a cargo box and said "I believe this is what Mr. Denitrak ordered. May I ask why he waited so long send you?" "My apologies for the long wait" K23-PO replied" but my master is very busy. He only recently returned from Coruscant." "Coruscant, hmm." said Yeeri "May I ask what your master does for a living?" Hearing this Shreneka grunts, as if he had been offended. K23-PO then answers "My master would prefer for me not disclose such information." "I suppose I can respect that" said Yeeri "Anyway, it states in the record that Mr. Denitrak prepaid for this order. Did he give you a claim check for it?" As he said this Shreneka handed him a computer card. Yeeri scanned the card for the order confirmation and the computer cleared the delivery.

"Everything checks out" said Yeeri with the smile that all sales clerks are supposed to have when the customer gets what he came for. He then handed the cargo box to Shreneka saying "Here you go. It's all yours. Will that be all?" Shreneka let out a small grunt and nodded his head. "Indeed" said K23-PO. Yeeri, in the usual last minute effort to add on to the receipt, then asked "Will you be needing ammo for that? We're currently holding a sale on crates of blaster clips. 'Buy three get one free'." "No, but thank you." K23-PO replied "We really must be going. It was nice doing business with you Mr. Yeeri." "Likewise." Yeeri added as the two customers turned for the exit "Give my regards to Mr. Denitrak. And tell him I said, if he becomes a regular buyer, I would appreciate getting to know him personally." "I will" said K23-PO as he nearly bumped into someone on the way out the door...

Yeeri then turned to Drashk, who was still somewhat stiff from the presence of the wookie. The whole time he was standing so still that you would think he was a manikin displaying the proper accessories for a DL-44. "You can move now, Drashk." said Yeeri, somewhat amused "I told you before and I will say it again. 'Not everyone..." "...is like that one Dug'." the bothan interrupted "I know. I would rather not bring that up." "So have you fixed R4-G0's welder arm yet?" asked Yeeri. "No" answered Drashk "it's a lot worse than I thought. I'm going to need Verrack's help on this one." "Well, it's not like he won't have the time." said Yeeri "We haven't been getting much more than pickups lately." As was Yeeri's hopes someone came through the door. Yeeri whispered to Drashk "I'll let you handle this one while I talk to Verrack about that holonet advertisement I've been meaning to make. We sure could use it now." Yeeri walked into the back room as the customer approached the counter. Drashk put on the clerk's grin and said "Welcome to Verrack's Arms and Ammo. I am Drashk Grai'bar. What may I do for you?"...

Tag: Open to ANYONE who wants to be the next customer. ANYONE!!!

OOC: I want participators about as much as Yeeri wants customers. But no more wookies other than Shreneka. Shyrriwook is hard to type. I would still like a Zabrak customer, but as long as it is not a wookie, any species is fine.

If you come back swediot, you could elaborate a little more on Denitrak with other characters and such. Who knows. There may be a little mystery or something.