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09-26-2005, 07:10 PM
Hi, I am soon to purchase the full version of Star Wars Galaxies An Empire Divided because I enjoyed a free one month demo through a PC Gamer disc. I would like to start a PA called the Galactic Federation. What the GF would do is function like a republic by letting other PA's into the Federation to be reperasentatives in the council and become a major power that couyld challenge the Empire if need be. We would also be willing to help the Rebels... for a price. If this appeals to you or you'r PA, send me and email at:


The council would aslo have a chancellor that woyld be elected every month. The chancellor would be one of the reperasentatives from an PA member. This is to ensure that everyone is able to consentrate on the issues their specific PA is dealing with, weather it be war or member trouble. Also, if you think this is bull plop, then if I get 25 emails saying so, I will disband the idea. Thanks for your time. :vsd: :ben: :vadar: :tank1: