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09-27-2005, 07:05 AM
The Sith war has begun and revan has began his attacks on the republic, Battles are happening everywhere from the planet surface to the darkness of space.

One such battle began near the orbit of an unexplored planet, the battle between one sith ship and one of the republic. It had raged for many hours with both ships taking losses but no one could gain an upper hand. In a desperate attempt to escape the republic ship went closer to the planet followed by the pursuing sith. The planets gravity was stronger than either ship had estimated and both crashed on to the planets surface.

For a time the survivors fought each other in the names of their sides, but that all changed when both sides were attacked by a native tribe who possessed great power in the force. They were neutral in the force and despised the light as much as they hated the dark. The tribe known as the sons of the force begun to attack both sides wiping out the bulk of the forces.

Knowing that the only means of survival was to ally with each other the jedi and dark jedi made a trusce while they attempt to get off the planet...

Standard rules apply
You can be either part of the Republic/sith alliance or the "Sons of the force"(SOTF)
You can be any sort of type but you can only have a lightsaber if you are a jedi or darkjedi
No Darths
2 pc max

Positions to be filled
Tribe leader (SOTF)-
Sith captain (Sith)- (can be dark jedi or non force user)
Republic (Captain)- (can be jedi or non force user)

Character sheet
Position- (if applicable)
Side- (Sith or Republic or Sons of the force)
Type- (All SOTF are force users but not pretige classes)

Ill start when there are a couple More people.

09-27-2005, 11:20 AM
sounds great! going to try to be more active this time...

a question, does these SOTF got lightsabers too?

Character sheet
Name- Indy-Jojo Nymf
Species- Human
Sex- Male
Age- 22
Height- 1.87
Side- Sons of the force
Occupation/rank- Knight
Type- Guardian
weapons- Two Heavy Blasters, and a lightsaber alike(if yes on question)
Equipment- Brown coat, black clothes under. a brown glove in his left hand a silver necklace
Apperance- Red/brown hair,Blue/green eyes.
Ship: N/A
Bio: Got born into the SOTF, and been trained in the ways of SOTF.

09-27-2005, 11:20 AM
Pc 1:
Side- Republic
Occupation/rank- Jedi Knight (nearly master)
Type- Gaurdian
Weapons-Light saber (Orange)
Equipment-Jedi Robes
Ship:Ebon Hawk
Bio: Rex is one of the best jedi gaurdians in the order. He has saved tons of lifes, stopped a planet civil war and even taken down a droid army.

09-27-2005, 11:39 AM
K a couple of things that are all my fought... First off i typed ships instead of vehical(SP) as you can't have ship because that would destroy the point of being stuck so sorry. I'd say yes to the SOTF having things which are lightsaber equivilants but not actually lightsabers like some kind of energy enveloped sword that glows silver (as they are neutral) and Sotf Ranks can be apprentics, Knight and master like the Jedi or sith.

@Nymf... - you need to have a type, it can be sentinel, guardian or consular

Jedi Atomic
09-27-2005, 07:29 PM
Position- Major of the republic capitol ship that crashed
Name- Ash Urland
Species- human
Sex- male
Age- 29
Height- 6' 3"
Side- Republic
Allignment- Nuetral
Occupation/rank- Jedi Mercenary/captain
Type- Jedi Arbitor
Weapons- Dual Lightsabers Silver/Green
Equipment- Blue Jedi Master Robe
Apperance- (<--------------------that guy) shaved head
Ship- Sabra (escape ship)
Bio- Mainly was a sword fighter at a young age and taken in by the Jedi council.

Ash runs to the Sabra while the capitol ship is crashing down and blasts off to space for a short time period (is this alright?)

09-27-2005, 08:45 PM
I'll join in. Can wookies be jedi & jedi masters? If yes, here are mine.
Position- Ash Urland's assistant(sp?)(this ok?)
Name- Roarboar
Species- Wookie
Age- ?
Height- ?
Side- Republic
Allignment- Light
Occupation/rank- Shipwrite (sp?)/Jedi master
Type- Jedi Consular
Weapons- 2 Green lightsabers, Thermal Detonators
Equipment- Jedi robe
Apperance- White & Black fur, Green eyes
Ship: ( I build one later on.)
Bio: Living with his brother, Zaalbacca, they go under training of the jedi arts. He learns how to build ships & joins the Republic army & becomes Ash Urland's assistant. (sp?) (is this alright?)
Position-5-star General(the position that the leader is)(if someone has it then I'll be a bodyguard)
Occupation/rank- Teras Kasi Artist/Jedi Master
Type- Jedi Consular
Weapons- 2 staffsabers(1 blue 1 green)(1 in each hand)
Equipment- Star Forge robes
Apperance-White & Blonde fur & blue eyes.
Ship:The Undertaker(the ship Roarboar builds)

Jedi Atomic
09-29-2005, 07:17 PM
(((ooc: yes you can be my assistant
and im guessing it is alright for me to escape the destruction of the republic capitol ship?)))

09-29-2005, 08:50 PM
(Earlier that day)
Roarboar: Everything seems to be in order Ash.
Ash: Excellent, I'll report it to Zaalbacca.
Zaalbacca: I already heard.
Roarboar: Aww.. man, what a headache.
Ash: Ugh...
Zaalbacca: Owww...

09-30-2005, 10:14 AM
Tribe leader; "People have crashed on the planet, force adepts fighting each other, destroying our planet. We have to stop them, yet...these are old enemies of each other, remember that. They can become a great threat so stop them, hunt them and kill them. Don't let them reach our tribe settlements."
italic means a language that only the SOTF knows. yet they know basic galactic language aswell.

The Sons of the force had begun attacks on both the Sith and the Jedi. All three fought each other, but the Sons of the force had a better chance to win, after all they knew the planet. Dangerous forrests, valleys, rivers and more could betray you. And in a forrest not to far away from some crashed ships a man stood and watched the fight. The man was Indy-Jojo Nymf, he saw a small group of Jedis trying to leave the place and from their ship who had crasdhed away from the battle. They had to get secured. Nymf knew that he could not let them go, he jumped up on the tree tops, and then jumped on them from tree to tree. He jumped down from the high trees infront of the small group of Jedis.

"Wh-who are you?" a Jedi asked.
Indy-Jojo stood quiet.
"He isn't a Sith, I can't sense the darkside in him, but i can neither sense the lightside." an other Jedi said.
"Be on your guard, he is armed." the first jedi said. the five Jedis activated their Lightsabers. A Jedi couldn't wait anymore and rushed away in his actions, he attack Nymf who avoided the attack then then took his energy sword (right :p?) and choped the head off the Jedi. The rest of the Jedis started to attack, but Nymf just jumped up the tree's again and out from their sight. And then landed behind an other Jedi and pulled him into some bushes where he killed him. The three other Jedis stood with their lightsabers, confused. They used the force to sense him and saw that he hid in some bushes. Two of the Jedis ran to attack the bush, but when they got there, Nymf wasnt there. He was gone.

Jedi Atomic
10-01-2005, 10:49 AM
Ash comes down to the planet and flys around above the planets surface looking for a battle and open spot to land while flying around he tells a soldier to man the turrets and shoot anything besides the jedi. Ash finds a little battle of jedi and suddenly something lands behind the jedi and kill them hides behind a bush and the surviving jedi run to the bush finding nothing. Ash hurries and lands next to them and unboards. He walks towards the jedi that were attacked and said.....
Ash hurry there aren't only Sith on this so called abandoned planet. stay aware at all times. Suddenly the SOTF attack Ash, the group of Jedi, Zaalbacca, and Roarboar. Ash slices the first one jumping towards him and cuts another coming behind another jedi. He stabs one ready to hit Zaalbacca on the head from behind. soon they retreat and the jedi don't cheer or rejoice but they run to the other battle of jedi and Sith. When they get there SOTF are running towards the group and Sith and Jedi stop battling and start running towards the SOTF attacking group. Ash, Zaalbacca, Roarboar, and the group of jedi wait behind some trees until they collide. Ash and his group charge from behind then suddenly a burst of Force Wave knocks everyone down includig Ash and his group. When he looks who did it he sees a SOTF fighter standing up and bringing his hand down. Ash gets up and throws his saber in the direction of the fighter standing up and he ducks the saber and hits different SOTF in the head falling back to the ground dead.

10-01-2005, 11:10 AM
Nymf stands in the treetops looking down, at the group of Jedis killing SOTF.

"Hmmm...those Jedis, all of them doesn't appears to be stupid. Perhaps this can be a challenge. Hahahahahaha. This will be fun in the end."

Nymf had a speeder bike (kind of thing) he turned around and saw Sith closing into it. They started to touch it and was going to take it since they had noticed they couldnt use anything of their own. The tree Sith got to close in Nymf's opinion so he pressed a buttom and blew the bike up... the three sith didn't survive.

Jedi Atomic
10-01-2005, 11:25 AM
When Ash noticed an explosion he looked in the direction and three sith flew backwards into a tumble of limbs. He ran over and looked around trying to find what did it because it had to be close to blow up unless it overheated. but he looked around ad noticed something move in trees up above. Ash activated his lightsaber and force jumped into a low tree and jumped further into a higher one. He looked around didn't see anything anymore. Ash kept looking though, then finally he gave up. and jumped down the way he came.

10-01-2005, 11:51 AM
Nymf smiled, he saw the Jedis try to find him. He laughed and started to follow the Jedi from above.

Jedi Atomic
10-01-2005, 12:15 PM
Ash sensed something watching him he quickly turned around and saw nothing. he turned around and ran to battle. When he got there he seen the sith were low in numbers and he ran to battle and met his partners. he cut his way through getting to them and stated....
Ash- Theres a leader or something for these people, because he keeps running from me.
He looked back and finally seen this man he was looking for he studied him and finally told the other guys. When he was done he about got hit but blocked it and sliced him with his other lightsaber. When the SOTF were becoming lower in number, Ash and the guys ran into the woods and started looking for civilization of the SOTF.