View Full Version : Finally found an Avatar...

08-02-2001, 02:31 PM
So here it is: my new Avatar !
even looks like me if you squint..


Havoc Stryphe
08-02-2001, 03:16 PM
Congratulations, It looks good on ya! If you squint just a bit....it also looks like Kevin Spacey. ;)

Rebel Pimp
08-02-2001, 03:21 PM
I'd do this if I wasn't so fond of my Sir Alec tossing back a Guinness......

Anyone here familiar with the early 80's cartoon "Star Blazers"? It aired for a few years here in the States and in Japan....

Well, the captain of the Argo in the American version was "Captain Avatar".

From the second I heard avatar used as the term for this image, I wanted to make one with the good 'ol Captain on it.....

Tie Guy
08-02-2001, 04:50 PM
Never heard of it, but then again, i wasn't alive in the early 80's. :D

08-02-2001, 04:54 PM
was that that Thunderbirds-like doll-series with the Spaceship that had engines in the form of an X-wing ??

if so, i've seen it...

Rebel Pimp
08-03-2001, 11:27 AM
StarBlazers was anime that had a big aircraft carrier-type ship with a giant hole in the front which housed the dreaded "wave-motion gun". The crew was on a one-year journey out of the galaxy and back in an effort to save earth from radiation bombs...

Tie Guy
08-03-2001, 11:30 AM
Ahhh, i hate anime!

08-04-2001, 10:13 AM
I'm playing around with new avatars as well, heh.

08-04-2001, 10:26 AM
looks nice, Zero..

I remember the series i mentioned as having a ship that would get critically damaged almost every episode. it wasn't anime, more with dolls like Thunderbirds.
there were even some Star Wars- ripoffs on there, now that i think of it, with some droids that looked suspiciously like the ones we know and love..