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09-27-2005, 11:00 PM
i could say they'll probably allow a lot of sabotage missions and stuff like in Rebellion, which was often more effective and efficient than attacking with a fleet. with Han, Chewie, Luke, and a bunch of troops you could wipe out every structure on a planet if you did it in the right order, and it didn't cost you the negative public reaction that a planetary bombardment would.

however, i haven't seen anything that has stated or even implied that heroes in EaW will be anything like they were in Rebellion, only that they will exist for use and EaW will have some, if not many, of the same heroes/agents from Rebellion.

i always played as the Rebellion against my brother used espionage tactics much more than he did, but he's a die hard Imp and uses tactics accordingly. if EaW does NOT include those abilities for missions outside the battlefield then i'd be not only surprised but a at least a little concerned about how good the game will actually be.

i'd gladly give up resource management for more immersive and dynamic hero management, but if it lacked either and the only gameplay was choosing a world from a galactic map to invade (such as in Battlefront), playing out your ground and/or space battle, then simply going onto the next planet and repeating the process...

well, i can't say i'd be TOO impressed with that, no matter how well the battles play out. i think that would be too much like Force Commander, except playing 40+ games of it at the same time.

i want the action and the eye-candy and the trueism to SW, but i also want some intelligence to it, and not just the intelligence that we will be putting into it ourselves with our individual tactics, because that applies to all RTS games. Rebellion was a very intelligent game, lot of left-brain stuff, but it lacked any serious artistc stimulation. if EaW is all flash and no substance, then i'll be more than disappointed.

on the other hand, one could argue that the Rebellion use of heroes, especially with their ability to improve skills, was closer to RPG and is therefor not vital to an RTS game.

so, the question is, what do we know WILL take place between battles, and what are we HOPING will take place between battles, or do people just want to hop from battle to battle?


"So what Chris can do, he can go highlight a planet. He can see what resources they have available to him, as he does here. He can see where his troops are laid out, he can see those Star Destroyers. His ground troops down here, he can move them into different fleets…
…and what he’s doing, he’s quickly leveling up… to gain the ability to build a little tool you may have heard of before called the Death Star. And he’s doing that, he’s increasing his research and his credits and you can see, as he does that, the Star Destroyers are getting a little bigger because he’s gaining those advantages.”

though i haven't gone over the big 47 minute video, from all the other vids and screenshots there has been but one solid description of what takes place outside of the battlefield. the above, as everyone surely knows, is direct from the newest 10 minute E3 video. while the above tasks & abilities give some envolvement in the galactic map other than simply moving fleets, there is no mention or indication that any mission work or hero abilities may be utilized outside of a space/ground battle map...

so far we can monitor resources, move troops to fleets(and, i assume, vice-versa in order to reinforce a world), and research technology via space station. the video strongly implies that the DS was built from the galactic map after completing the needed research, as it never showed the game switch to a different screen, but i couldn't tell when/how he ordered the building of the DS.

my assumption is that space stations may double as shipyards, so you can research, build, and assign ships/fleets from one gui, but that was not stated in the video. if so, then what all roles do stations play? defense, research, production, repair?