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09-29-2005, 09:30 AM
hello all .
as a great fan of KOTOR 1 and 2 and star wars . i am really dissapointed that we still do not have any new's on KOTOR 3 .

so i started brainstorming on a comunity game wich could be a KOTOR 3
or making a mod out of either is them 2 to make a kotor 3

i have started to make a story for KOTOR 3 opn how it starts first. here are a few braoinstorms i noted down .
please do give me feedback if you got any or hints.
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you start off a soldier in the cruiser of carth onasi . after the harbager getting attacked he went to investIgate and found small pieces of the Ebon Hawk .
following the tracks of the exile compelled by curiosity he came to (planet where new treya ,handmaidens).
treya told carth to station 1 soldier there to post of the .....(ship) returns .
ofcourse she knew it would not . she picked a force censative soldier and whiped his memory and taught him to fight as an enchani .
no memory of his past he begins to see visions of malachor V.
treya know's her time was there and told carth the exile went after revan .
carth and his fleet went to the unknown regions also to find the exil (his brother) and his former compagnon on the ebon hawk . who as he fear'd betrayed him in the end .
And as he did with Saul he was desperate for revenge

carth will be seduced by the dark side because the loss of his son,wife and betrayl from Revan

continue of what darth nihulus was:
Darth nihilus and visa came from the unknown regions revan send them to scout about . the exile got seduced by visa to the dark side eventually .
Treya told him not to mate with her , what she meant was just that the force between them should not be linked .
but it did .
The order to Darth Nihilis and Sion , for them to kill treya actually came from Revan , not that he commanded it , but he tricked them in doing so .
she was one more powerfull in the force than Revan at that time . Sion and Nihils did as they thought would gain status for killing one presumably more powerfull then they are .
Revan trained Nihilis as his apreantice for a little while befor he dispatched him .
When they killed here (or so they thought) they began seeking out Jedi , They found the republic to be weak and they're hate towards the jedi compelled them to exterminate them from the face of the Galaxy.

Nihilis was to search for a powerfull person in the force and destroy him .
revan's plan was actually quite differant and you will find out as the story progresses . he was actually doing 2 things .
nihilus was his apprentice , he send him out to destroy one powerfull in the force , he was testing his apprentice and also see if he could take on another
more worthy aprentice than nihilus . visa knew this and saw it in the exile the search for revan was all orchestrated. the 2 of them with the teachings of the true sith (found out to be allready extinct but left they're legacy) could wield a power beyond the force they could be totally 1 with the force and turn it entirly to they're side . light or dark .

now it's up to you the left behind soldier who has to recover his past and deal with the death of carth when he finds him (crutial dark/light side tranfer in story line depending on choice).
on his journey he finds bastilla also in search for revan .
she takes the enchani into her teachings to become a jedi .


hope to hear from anyone . also from people who want to help me create a game out of it , if it's possable in the future . suggestions on the story line and or corrections please tell me .

i will be posting my progress in creating a story line (for now just for fun) weekly. so check back ..

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09-29-2005, 01:17 PM
Welcome to the forums Razorsharp :)

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09-29-2005, 01:58 PM
No more mysterious or lost pasts.

09-29-2005, 02:50 PM
it is not my intention to make eny more mystery's ..
problem and fact is that part 2 eft us with alot of mystery's .
this way alot of them fit together to make an end conclusion.

sinds you are a player and have to build a character starting from scratch (including ingame memory) would really help . allthough if you are a soldier under carth onasi taken into training on telos by echani that would explain alot .

10-07-2005, 10:20 PM
Not too bad, but there are some key aspects that you may have overlooked. In the end of Kotor 2 Darth Treya/Kreia was killed or released by the Exile. Also any way you answered to this ending gave the same result, the Exile goes looking to "join" Revan in the Unknown Regions past the Outer Rim of the Known Galaxie. This being the case I believe KOTOR 3 will probably tie up all the loose or missing mysteries here. I also recall, and have not been able to get it to work again, in one particular way or the question and answer sessions at the end with the Exile and Darth Treya. I recall seeing a very short cut scene with Bastilla talking to Carth stating "I hope he finds him" and Carth says " And if he does will he come back?", but like I said, I have not apparently gotten the questions and answers correct to see this again. Anyhow, I think what the story line will do is have the Exile and Revan return with news of a Great Evil that is comming from the Unknown Region, Dath Treya/Kriea hinted to this in the story. So this will possibly unit both groups from Kotor and TSL to the ready to stand against this new evil. Just my two cents, but nice story idea.