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2Years after kotor IV.The once ever strong Republic has fallen under the clutches of the Sith and the they had grown into an even greater force. A force which only the Rikitan were once capable of bringing together.These Rikitan had built the star maps and star forge, or their slavers had, there is no evidence which one built what. The Rikitan had risen from criogenic sleep seeking for the ruling of the galaxy once divided by the Republic and Sith and other factions. These Rikitans woke up thousands upon thousands upon thousands. It was incredible of how many there were and of how many were already trained and ready to fight.They started to popup all over the galaxy and soon they had created one huge army that was once thought was almost impossible to control, but somehow they kept order in this race. No forces were combined into one but almost as allies as the Republic, Sith, Jedi, Mandalorians all become as allies, they must defeat this new menace that has arisen under their noses.

Rules: No god mode!
No killing others characters without there permisson
cant have a lightsaber unless you have the force!
2 character limit
have fun!

Characters Needed:
Republic General: (Put your name after general)
Sith Master General: (Put your name after general)
Head Mandalorian: (Put your name after general)(can be jedi if u want)
Jedi Council: (Only 2 more needed) RobQel-Droma
Head of the Jedi Council:
Wookie leader: (can be jedi)

Rikitan Leader:

Character sheet:
Side: Allied Races/Armys or Rikitan

10-01-2005, 11:15 PM

Rakatan :D

I'll be one of the Jedi Council Members.

Name: Triko Nayytvan
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Alignment: Grey/Mostly Light
Class: Jedi Sentinel
Appearence: Kind of like this (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/5/55/Ulic_qel_droma.jpg)
Weaponry: Bronze Saberstaff
Side: Allied Races/Armys
Background: Triko seems to have a bit of a shady past and has only become a council member because of his great connection to the force, and because of his knowledge and wisdom, and has started to be respected by some of the Jedi Masters and most of the Jedi.

10-02-2005, 05:04 AM
mmm... new at this so I'll stick with a minor character for now... wookiee but not the wookie leader.

Gender: Male
Race: Wookiee
Alignment: A tad bent to the light, but not far from grey
Class: Scout
Appearance:Click Here (http://home.vianetworks.nl/users/starcat/nyline3/autographs/wookiee_senator.jpg)
Weaponry: Zhaboka (Double-bladed sword originating from Iridonia) and Wookiee Bowcaster
Allegiance: Allied Races
Background: Born on Kashyyyk and with an appetite for adventure he stowed aboard a shuttle that had crash landed much like Jolee Bindo's ship (how the crew didn't notice a walking carpet on board is anybody's guess) which landed on Iridonia where Grauwlth suffered for his gullibillity and was one of teh first wookie slaves to an Exchange crime boss who eventually overstepped his boundaries and had his factory blown up. Grauwlth was rescued by a (luckily) kind-hearted retired Zabrak Mercenary, swearing a life debt to the Zabrak Mercenary, Zilus, he learnt everything that he knew about combat from him. Zilus was eventually killed in a fight in the cantina by a Mandalorian, Grauwlth left Iridonia in search of the Mandalorian who had killed his Debted for revenge. (The name of the mandalorian was Kilan Daiburr) Grauwlth heard of this new threat to the Republic and decided to go help however he can.

Mmm... I love detail. :cowdance:

10-02-2005, 09:59 AM
name Dake daker
gender male
alignment 10000 percent light
class jedi master
appearence gota draw one later
weaponry double green sabers ( one take away from aprentice who a sith killed )
alliegiance allied races
back ground born on correlia recuited into the jedi late due to being found by a jedi master who faught a sith and lost his hands in the attack with me falling apon him and helped him he taught me how to channel the force and use a saber after the defeat of the sith he then took me to the concil where i was accepted after 4 years i became a knight and took my first padawan and first assignment she was killed by the aprentice of the sith me and the master killed years ago i took her saber and huntered her down and descovered a plot to destroy courresaunt i stop it for my actions the council brought me on to the council as a full master and at this point i became SITHSLAYER ! Light Saber Green :saberg:Light Saber Green :saberg:Light Saber Green

10-02-2005, 12:00 PM
Almost forgot myself, lol, ill be a Jedi Council member

Name: John Zaroke
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Alignment: Gray, Towards the darkside a little
Class: Jedi Consular, Jedi Watchman
Appearence: http://www.funkyshack.com/crap/kotor/KOTOR2_LightSide_V2_1600x1200_Thumb.JPG
like that guy with the lightsaber, except its purple
Weaponry: Double Bladed Purple lightsaber, with a blue hilt
Side: Allied Races
Background: Trained as a padawan on coruscant, no other info on his family ect...

Ill wait for 2 more people to join before starting

10-02-2005, 01:44 PM
Count me in, Killwithhonor. Can I have a ship?

Name: General Zaalbacca
Gender: Male
Race: Wookie
Alignment: Light
Class: Jedi Consular, Jedi Master(this ok?)
Appearence:White & Blonde fur w/ blue eyes
Weaponry: 2 staffsabers(1 blue & 1 green)(1 in each hand) and a staff that absorbes & releses force power(sort of like the Scepter of Ragnos)
Side: Allied Races
Background: Made a general of the Republic, he trained in the ways of the force in his spare time.

Name: Roarboar(Wookie leader)
Gender: Male
Race: Wookie
Alignment: Light
Class: Jedi Guardian, Jedi Master
Appearence: White & Brown fur w/ blue eyes
Weaponry: 2 Count Dooku-esqe that combine to make a S-shaped staffsaber
Side: Allied Races
Background: Unlike his brother Zaalbacca, Roarboar stayed behind and became Wookie chief.

10-02-2005, 02:09 PM
Works for me, lol i was hoping one of your characters would be wookie leader, lol, alright, i think we can start

10-02-2005, 02:38 PM
(Im courios, how dose a wookiee whos stayed behind become a jedi master?)

Name:Niomi Solidus
Class:Jedi Gaurdian
Weaponry:Light saber (blue)
Side: Jedi order
Background:Niomi has just recently been promoted to jedi knight. She travels with mandlorian outcast, Zarlak Fett.

Name:Zarlak Fett
Weaponry:Mandalorian riffile
Side: Niomi
Background:He outcasted during the mandalorian wars. Did some bounty hunter jobs but found himself stuck on a backwater. He met with Niomi and they helped each other escape. After that they found themselfs on a space station. They helped eachother again to escape using a ship known as the Ebon Hawk. After that they decided to work together permantly.

"Dantooine Jedi Enclave. This is the Ebon Hawk. Requesting to land."
Said Niomi. Hoping for a positive reply.

(Is it allright If I have the Ebon Hawk as my personal vessel?)

10-02-2005, 05:01 PM
(yea np, u can have it, hmm, is it all right if i travel in it with you?)

Droid: You have been granted permission to land, you will see that Dantooine has been restored to its orignal state as it was before sith invaded it, do not be alarmed if you see sith here, they are here to stay and help fight against the Rakata, as well as Mandalorians.

John Zaroke: Droid, may i speak to Zarlak Fett of the Ebon Hawk?

Droid: Certainly

John Zaroke: I was expecting to see you, an exile of the mandalorians, If i may ask of a favor from you, there is no leader of the Mandalorians here, none of them came with one, they just suddenly appeared, i was hoping that you could lead them into battle aside me and my fellow jedi.
Ahh i see you have a Jedi aboard, Hello Niomi, i heard of your new rank, congrats on it
We will talk more after you land

*Comm Link off*
Somewhere on a Rakata controlled world

Rakata Leader: Our secret weapon is almost complete, soon we will have total control of the galaxy, nothing will stand in our way, we will once rule again using all humans and other races as slaves, never will we be neglected by the whole galaxy, our army is bigger than anything ever once thought possible, Jedi, sith, the republic will suffer and we wont show mercy!

10-02-2005, 08:19 PM
(sorry about the errors on my character sheet, I had to get off all of a sudden and I couldn't get the internet up again for some from reason until now. So there are some changes)

Triko walked up to John Zaroke after he was done talking to the ship that was coming in. As he turned off the comlink, and turned away, Triko came up to him. John stopped as he saw him coming.
"Is that the Ebon Hawk coming in?" Triko asked.
"Yes, it is," John replied. "Zarlack Fett, an outcast from the mandalorians is flying it. With him is a jedi knight named Niomi Soludis."
"With all the people coming in this place is going to fill up fast. At least we have a mandalorian leader. I am worried, however; I'm not sure whether we can stay allied, especially with the sith and jedi and the mandalorians quite literally bumping shoulders." Triko said, looking around thoughtfully at the multitude of force-users and soldiers around him.

10-02-2005, 09:13 PM
(Grauwlth doesnt speak Basic but understands it so assume all words are wookie growls)

*somewhere among the Dantooine Mandalorian ranks*

Grauwlth stared at the ground as he slowly trudged up towards the restored enclave and wondered why he even decided to come help in the first place.
What in Bacca's name am I doing here, I'm no soldier... if Zilus was here hed probably take the first ship off this garden planet and hide somewhere remote in the outer rim-
Grauwlth reverie was interrupted by the ste of 3 pairs of steel tipped boots, he slowly looked up to see he faced three Mandalorians.
'Ahh, look what we have here boys,' Says the Lead Mandalorian, 'a walking carpet! Haha since when did the army need carpets? Wait we could use him as a fur in case we need to go to planets like Hoth! What you boys think? Should we skin this furball?'
'I am not here for your amusement Mandalorian!' Snarls Grauwlth.
'So teh furball likes screaming does it? We'll see how well you scream after we're done with you!'
The Mandalorians pull out their blasters and Grauwlth dislodges his Zhaboka...

Growling under his breath at his misfortune he slowly trudged his way into the enclave and sitting down near the newly seeded tree he cleans himself with his drinking water, crosses his legs, and goes to sleep.

10-03-2005, 11:12 AM
"Great. Im wanted to kill my own people. Just lovely" Said Zarlak as he guided the Ebon Hawk through the clouds.
"Whats wrongh? I've seen you killed many mandalorians."Said Niomi.
"Yes but that was in self-defence."Said Zarlak as he lowered the Ebon Hawk
"Why were you outcast from the mandalorian army?" Asked Niomi.
"I ran out of ammo during a battle"He said and chuckld
Niomi replied "Ha. That it?"
"Yeah. I used all on my captain." He said as he landed the ship in the enclave.
"Here comes your friend" Said Niomi as they walked down the ramp.
"Hey he's a jedi making him your mate." replied Zarlak.

10-03-2005, 01:25 PM
Ahh, hello Zarlak, good to see you, the Mandalorians ranks are over there, they are in a real mess, Im trying to Organize all these armies by jedi and soldiers, if you Zarlak could get all the soldiers in order and ready to get on the ships that would be great, Show them whose boss, *chuckles* Ahh and Niomi, the Jedi Knight, hmm follow me to the jedi enclave, i will show you the training room and where you will be sleeping

10-03-2005, 02:32 PM
Zarlak patted Niomi on the sholder and smiled"Seems your up for some training and meditating. How fun.Enjoy". Niomi elbowed Zarlak in the stomache but he just laughed.
"Well looks like you wouldnt be killing any of your own. Instead you get to shout at them. I would like to trade but I'm not leader or mandlorian"She said as he patted Zarlaks shoulder.
"Dont you have some meditating to do?" Zarlak said and walked other to the mandalorians. He began shouting at them and began to get them into order.

10-03-2005, 03:57 PM
Nice Campanion eh? *hehehe* Hes a good guy, Hes tough, thats good, he'll keep you in line, and show you whats what! WHAT!, *chuckles* Alright follow me, since im the only available trainer, you will be my new trainnee, since your not a padawan but a knight, now which do you want to explore in your journey for whatever you want, Jedi Weapon Master, fights more hand to hand combat, Jedi Master, which i am, and is more the force, or jedi watchman, which is the average between both, choose wisely

10-03-2005, 03:58 PM
Triko walked out of the meditiation room and looked at the horde of troops and force-users inhabiting the plains. He was not too sure as to how this was going to work out, as most of the regular troops weren't happy with fighting alongside their bitter enemies. Seeing some trouble up ahead between group of jedi and a bunch of sith he hurried forward.
"If we weren't supposed to be allies I would paste you across the plains!!!" a sith shouted.
"I'd like to see you try!!!" a young padawan angrily shouted back.
"I'd love it," the sith snarled, drawing his saber. He would have cut the young jedi in half if Triko had not blocked it with his bronze blade. He threw all of them back with a force wave. "Now stop this immediately!!!" he shouted. "get back to your fellow sith!! you too, jedi!!!" They walked back to their own camps.
Triko sighed and headed into the saber sparring room. He was going to need to hone his skills.

10-03-2005, 04:02 PM
"1. I dont need you to train me. 2. Jedi Watchman and 3.You need to stop laughing at your own corny jokes."

10-03-2005, 04:54 PM
A little fisty? Ahh well, you go get captured by the Rakatan, i could care less what you say about me, go run off, i have nothing to say at the moment go, go now, *Under his breath* "I may be jedi but im not always nice"

*2 Hours Later, making a speech before the allied forces head out*
*On the Podeum*
"Hello all friendly and foes, we are here for one reason, and one reason only, and that is to stop these Rakata who think they may stomp wherever they stomp, eat wherever they eat, and push wherever they want to push! This is why we are here, to set asaid our differences and to take down these Meatbag Rakata! *The hk droids reply, "Yes!"
This is the day we will remeber as Allied Federation Day (not in the story:totally stole that line from independence day, lol)
*all the different species rally!*

*All of a sudden Rakata ships reign down upon all the forces*
"Get on those turrets, Zarlak Fett! Organize a plan, we will strike!
"Jedi, Follow me!"

10-03-2005, 05:11 PM
"Okay men!" Zarlak shouted at the Mandalorians "Here's the plan. I want them in the middle of our fleet. I want small invation forces to enter their captail ships and planet EPS bombs inside." He carried on with the pla and when he finished, he walked to the Ebon Hawk. Niomi was waiting for him at the ramp "You ready?" She asked.
"Hell yeah!" He replied and they entered the feighter.

10-03-2005, 06:45 PM
Alright Jedi follow me to the fighters, ill give you guys the lowdown once in we're in them. The other stay here and stay in the enclave, there is going to be lots of ground fighting, be ready for my command!

*in the fighters*

Alright guys, on the middle and right are the sticks your right one controls the guns and the middle one is to manuever, on your left will be your after burners, and above your head is an aim sight for your droid, you look at it and the droid shoots, its on the top of your fighter, and then last, if you need to contact anyone, your helmet has a miocrophone in it, so you can talk into it, alright guys lets go blow up some Rakatan scum!

10-04-2005, 04:36 AM
Still sitting under the tree amid the busy bodies of sith, jedi and mandalorians Grauwlth looks up to watch the approaching shining spots in the bright sky. As he watches he noticed the Landing ships coming closer.
I don't need this now... I just wanted to take a nap...
Drawing his bowcaster the enormous wookiee sat under the shelter of the enclave set his bowcaster on his lap and waited.
These mandalorians were usless in close combat... they had better prove their worth with a blaster... I wonder how the jeedai and sith will fare working together... Think Zilus would say this battle would have the most 'friendly fire' of all battles...
Setting aside his bowcaster, Grauwlth pulled out a thermal detonator and gently rolled it on his (paw?) and looked up to check the distance of the closest Rakatan drop ship.

10-05-2005, 12:59 PM
The Ebon Hawk speeded from the enclave and into space followed by the mandalorian ship fleet. They engaded the foward rakatan fleet. There was only fighters, bombers or drones so the mandalorians won that battle easily. Then the fleet moved on the where the main fleet was. With the jedi, sith and mandalorians fleet fighting together , the Rakatan fleet was surronded by enemy ships. Mandalorainn ships infront and underneath, Jedi and republic were above and to the right and the sith armada was behind and to the left of them.
It was clear that the Rakatans had underestimated the enemy.

10-05-2005, 04:54 PM
<To answer your question steven, a jedi master came and trained him in his spare time. If i quote the post, i crash>
<Zaalbacca drives the The Undertaker, his YT-1300v w/modifications, to Kachiro, the village where Roarboar lives.>
<outside Roarboar's office>
Zaalbacca: May I see Roarboar?
Wookie guard: Go in.
Roarboar: Well, look who came for a visit.
<They hi-5>
Zaalbacca: Listen, I need help.
Roarboar: With what?
Zaalbacca: Ancient Rakatan have awakened and are trying to take over the galaxy. The Allied Races, a joining of Republic, Sith, Jedi, and Mandalorians, are going to stop them. We need the Wookie Army to help us.
Roarboar: Listen, I'll help if you get the Czerka slavers to leave.
Zaalbacca: OK. I'll have someone help me.
Zaalbacca: This seems like a good place to call him.*comlink*Zaroke, come in Zaroke. Do you read me loud and clear?

10-05-2005, 06:27 PM
staring up at the flashes and bright spots in the sky, Grauwlth wondered what was taking the Rakatan fleet so long to deploy dropships.

Heh... maybe i shoulda stayed asleep... the allied races seems to be carving up these Rakatan ships...

Stroking his chin with disappointment Grauwlth slowly lumbered towards the Enclave's exit hoping to see a bit of combat.

10-05-2005, 08:51 PM
Yep coming in, Errrr, ship left take em out! i got a comm, i gotta get out of here, Jedi Knight Hurron, take over for now, i need to get out of this fight!
Jedi Hurron: Yes sir!
*2 minutes later*
What can i do for you Zaalbaaca?

10-05-2005, 09:38 PM
Zaalbacca: The wookies have agreed to help us if I take out some Czerka slavers and I was wondering if you could help.

10-06-2005, 03:21 PM
hmm, i am, err, i think im close to Kashyk, yep i am, one second,
"Jedi Knight Hurron: Yes Master Zaroke"
Take over completly, ill be back, i have business to attend to"
"Alright Zaalbacca, im on my way though im still above Corascant, ill get in a ship and ill be on my way

10-06-2005, 04:52 PM
Zaalbacca: OK, I'll wait here.
<something moves near Zaalbacca>
Zaalbacca: Who is there?
<he hears the sound again>
Zaalbacca: Show yourself.
<Czerka Slavers catch Zaalbacca by surprise and catch him>
Zaalbacca*comlink*: Zaroke, I just got capt.........
<a slaver desteroys Zaalbacca's comlink>
Czeaka slaver: Well, looks like we have another one.

10-06-2005, 05:01 PM
Alright, so im here, now to find Zaalbaaca, err wats this?
*Comm Link*
"Replay message*
Zaroke, I just got capt.........
*comm link off*
Ok wow, this is bad, this is very bad,this has to be work of the czerka, and i thought me and Zaalbaaca took care of this problem a few years ago, damn, i guess not, though i will slaughter every czerka official to get to him
*A czerka docking officer walks up to Zaroke*
Hello kind sir, wonderful day eh?
Yes, where do the czerka slave traders keep the wookies?
I dont know what your talking about
You will tell me or i will slay u
*opening his robe for the czerka official to see his lightsaber*
Ahh, plz dont, i have a wife! i will tell you anything,errr,
"Tell me or i will leave a note for your wife saying you fell off the side of the railing, does that sound good?
Czerka slave trader: Err, no, i remeber now, its on the great walkway, there is a console, find it activate it and a door will open to your left, the door is on the tree
Ahh thank you!
"Now to get to that console!
*Zaroke master speeds all the way to the council, and finds a console*
"Alright, uh now what? Lets see,
Overide Console
Open Doors
Overload Power Conduct
View Cameras
"Hmm, open doors, there it is, alright then
*Zaroke hits the open door button, the door opens*
*He sees Zaalbaaca but then a czerka slave trader stands in front of Zaalbaaca*
Czerka Slave trader: Wha? how did you get in here and who the hell are you to walk in here upon business?
Zaroke: Im your business now!Let my friend go or you will never live to see this planet again!
*igniting his lightsaber*
Czerka Slave Trader: ohh, go ahead take him, we have no business with you
*Zaroke unignites his lightsaber and goes over to the cage*
Czerka Slave Trader: Get Him!
*the capture him and take his lightsaber*
"Well this was quite unexpecting now wasnt it zaalbaaca? heehe
*Using his comm link, Zaroke calls the wookies*
"Zaalbaaca, you should take over from here"

10-06-2005, 05:05 PM
Zaalbacca: Gladly.
<Zaalbacca rushes and kills the Czerka slavers>
<He leaves the room he is in and kills more slavers>
Zaalbacca: You shall never make another wookie a slave again.
<He frees captured wookies>
Zaalbacca: Fight for you freedom.
<The wookies kill the rest of the Czerka slavers and free all of the wookies>
Zaalbacca: Thanks, Zaroke. I wouldn't have gotten out without your help. As a token of my appreciation, I pledge a lifedebt to you.

10-06-2005, 06:02 PM
Master Nayytvan watched as the Rakatan ships were blown out of the sky by the allied forces. Maybe I should have just went to the enclave and gotten a drink instead of waiting here. Or I could have had some foresight and asked for a starfighter, He thought. He noticed another wookie sitting under a tree who looked like he was thinking about the same thing.

Focusing back up on the Rakatan Ships, he waited to see if any drop ships made it down. Only two were able get down and land - that is if you could call it landing. One crashed and blew up seconds later, while the other landed rather hard. The doors opened and out jumped one Rakatan lieutenant, then a Rakatan soldier, then another, then - no one else. Three?! Thats it, three? I thought this army was supposed to be super dangerous, it looks like we didn't need any help. Unless this isn't the real.... He left the thought unfinished.

He only activated one of his bronze blades and force choked one of the Rakatan. The others charged at him, and he cooly dueled with the leader and killed him easily. He strode toward the other one, but the Rakatan was shot by a bowcaster bolt, from the same wookie he had seen sitting under the tree.

10-06-2005, 09:52 PM
Pah! If this is all we have to deal with I'd rather go chew on a mandalorian's ass! I thought these Raka... what's their name..?... bah, were supposed to be tough, that fellow over there had no trouble at all and all I got was the last one...

Grauwlth calmly stood up and hitched his bowcaster on his back and slowly and methodically stepped his way round the debris to approach the jeedai.

"Good day to you jeedai... You look rather forlorn for a human... Perhaps this... 'battle'... is not to your tastes?" Growled Grauwlth.

10-06-2005, 10:15 PM
Triko smiled, "No, definitely not to my tastes. Me, I would like to have about four or five sith to fight. At least they are better opponents. These Rakata are little more than bantha fodder. What is your name? I am Jedi Master Nayytvan. Triko Nayytvan."

10-06-2005, 10:23 PM
Surprised at the open and honest reply Grauwlth automatically responded, " Name's Grauwlth, Former Gullible Wookie of Kashyyyk and Apprentice to the Zabrak Mercenary, the late Zilus Vasahere. I'm impressed you're almost fluent with my language, perhaps you have visited Kashyyyk?"

As he spoke Grauwlth had smelt a smoldering metal not linked to the dropships collision course and continued to seek the smell.

10-06-2005, 10:31 PM
"Yes, I had the fortune to visit your world. Fine planet. Fine species, I have always admired you." Looking up at the retreating Rakatan fleet, he partially noticed that Grauwith was preoccupied with something else. "Is something wrong? Do you smell something?"

10-06-2005, 10:42 PM
"Mmm... I can smelll... burning... metal...? Not the smell of broken battleships but of a ... melting.. object...? I do not know but it seems to be emanating from the Raka... ship...."

Carefully stepping inside the ship, Grauwlth's eyes widened in stunned amazement at the number of explosive devices within the ship ranging from the average frag grenade to a thermal detonator, and near the top of the ship a sliver of molten liquid slowly slid towards the mound of explosives from a broken Cache made of a resistant metal.
No wonder the ship has so little amount of people and the fleet was so weak, all they needed was these landing ships...

"This ship is a damn bomb! This molten liquid is going to melt the grenades and turn Dantooine's Enclave into Taris!" grauwlth grabbed a Rakatan's body and used it to wipe the molten sliver away but it simply burned its way through the body. "Oh... I think this is going to hurt... Unless a jeedai can do something about it." Grauwlth looked at Master Nayytvan.

10-07-2005, 09:20 AM
(Zaalbaaca, that seemed a little too easy, but ok)(OOO, ive got an idea, all these rakata ships keep coming in, which in time seperate us from the Sith ships nad merc ships, and the Rakata capture them and turn them on us, sound good?)

"we must get back! I sense another wave of Rakata ships coming, its almost like an endless onslaugh of Rakata!"
*Zaalbaaca got in his ship and did a hyper jump to the planet, he stood in the middle of another Rakata Fleet*
*Zaroke followed and was caught inside the middle*

"Well isnt this just dandy? Looks like we have found another way to screw ourselves over again, ehh?"

*Zaroke Chuckles*

*Comm Link on*

Zaroke: Jedi Hurron can you here me? come in Jedi Hurron"

Jedi Hurron: Yes i read you loud and clear

Zaroke: Me and Zaalbaaca are in the middle of the next rakata fleet

Jedi Hurron: *Interupts* wha more? alright then what shall we do?

Zaroke: Me and Zaalbaaca will rush inside the capitol ship and destroy it with a few bombs, though we will have to make em, do you think you could get everyone to take out everything, right of the capitol ship? Because thats where we are, and i want to make a clear path for us to get in, while also making a diversion.

Jedi Hurron: Alright will do, *In the background* Jedi come in, and all sith, mandalorian, republic, merc ships, The sith and Mandalorian will focus all the blasting left of the capitol ship and the rest focus it to the right!

10-07-2005, 10:18 AM
Triko looked at the molten material slowly yet inevitably sliding down toward the bombs. "I'm not sure," he replied. "It will burn through anything, I doubt there is anything I could do to stop it! I don't know how to stop something like that except to freeze it. Maybe I could try to stop the explosion using the force, or try to contain it. But I don't know if I can. Get out of here, Grauwith, if I am not able to contain the explosion you will die!"

10-07-2005, 11:22 AM
"That was too easy. Dont you think this was just a test?" Niomi asked Zarlak
"Of corse it is. But I wouldnt be sirprised during the battle another planet was attacked. This was no invasion fleet!"Zarlak replied as he turned the Ebon Hawk back to dantooine

10-07-2005, 06:25 PM
For the second time in his life Grauwlth was helpless, swearing in the Iridonian tongue he immediately sprinted out of the vicinity.

10-07-2005, 10:46 PM
The sliver of molten metal ran down closer and closer to the bombs. Triko concetrated on making a sheild of energy around them, hoping that it would stop the explosion. It ran closer and closer, almost touching them, and then...
Triko was thrown across the courtyard and felt burns on him. He fell to the ground and got up slowly, holding his side as he felt blood running down his side. He looked over to the dropship, amazed that he was not dead. He saw a huge hole, with burning grass around it. And the Enclave wasn't hurt-he had contained the explosion!

10-08-2005, 04:52 AM
(Zaalbaaca, that seemed a little too easy, but ok)(OOO, ive got an idea, all these rakata ships keep coming in, which in time seperate us from the Sith ships nad merc ships, and the Rakata capture them and turn them on us, sound good?)
<Yeah, I like that idea,but we get them back right, or do we capture the capital ship?>

10-08-2005, 05:05 AM
Turning around Grauwlth noticed Triko standing with his legs spread and his arms raised in a barrier position.
I wonder if I could have helped, then again perhaps my - The explosion tossed Grauwlth into the wall like a toy, Grauwlth was thrown into the wall and then forced through it. Landing on the pathway just outside the Enclave Grauwlth moaned and then lay still.

(No i am not dead and about the too easy thing, I already noticed that so i added the Explosive Loaded rakatan ships, maybe every Rakatan assault would have them?)

10-08-2005, 10:39 AM
Triko got up unsteadily and looked around. I hope that that was the only one, he thought. Then again, they probably loaded every single one. Those ones up in the sky could be dangerous, if they don't get into one of their capital ships or whatever is dropping those things and stop them, we are going to lose a lot of ships; and a lot of the enclave if they make it down her. He saw several more coming down, damaged, but falling toward the enclave. "Get all the tanks and anti-starfighter weapons you can, and blow those things up before they hit the ground!!!" he shouted. He ran over to Grauwith.

10-08-2005, 01:07 PM
(Good idea)
*As all the orders and races fire upon the ships, rakata transport ships start to land upon Dantooine, many Rakata transport ships were desrtroyed but still they kept coming*

"Alright, we must fall back to defend Dantooine, if we lose that we lose everything,"
Sith General: Ok we will stay here along with the mercs and shoot as many ships out of the space that we can, have the others drop back to the enclave, thats where we will fight as the battle if we cannot contain them here!
"OK, Zaalbaaca, land on back on Dantooine, we need to organize"

*Upon landing on Dantooine, the enclave was already starting to get attacked*

"Alright, Jedi Hurron, fly down there and shoot them up, then land, we may need to preserve our ships, this is going to be a long fight, get your equipment everyone"
"Zarlak, bring the fight to them get em' when there backs are turned to you, land and just keep attacking we will fight along side you in a few minutes"
*Zarlak nods on the intercom*

(Ill wait for you, Zarlak, to attack)

10-08-2005, 01:24 PM
More dropships were coming down, a lot of them with troops too. Triko hoped not all of them had bombs, but there were probably a lot, maybe those odd looking ones behind the rest. But he would have to worry about that later.

The dropships started to unload. Rakatan warriors came out by the hundreds, suprising Triko. I wonder if this was actually a real fleet, and not just a bunch of suicide ships? he thought. Turning on both of his bronze blades he rushed at the landing Rakatan ships, with Grauwith. Meeting them head-on he spun around with his saberstaff slicing many of them. Using the force to speed up his body, he deflected each attack by the Rakata's vibroblades and killed many of them, with Grauwith and Sith, Republic, and Dantioone Militia picking off the rest.

There was a huge roar, followed by many more. The Rakata had brought their Rancors! Oh well, Triko thought, I guess I get to see how good these things are. He jumped high up into the air and came down next to a Rancor, slicing down his arm. The rancor reached for him and he drove one of his blades up into its hand; And then went flying as the rancor batted him away. Triko got up and threw his lightsaber at the Rancor, slicing into its head. The rancor fell down. One down, about a hundred to go , he thought wryly.

(hey, since on the unknown world it is revealed that during the time that the Rakata were in control of the galaxy lots of them were force-users, what about having many of these Rakata being Jedi, after all, they were put in a sleep or whatever at the time that they would still have the force in some of them)

10-08-2005, 01:55 PM
(Yea sure, that sounds good, cause the original rakata suck worse than a jedi trying to shoot a blaster)

Dropping down upon hundreds and hundreds of jedi while theres thousands and thousands of Rakata, Zaroke ignites his lightsaber and runs into the furry of Rakata, slicing and dicing them left and right, then all of a sudden Zaroke is caught in a stasis field and a Rakata jedi steps out of the crowd right next to his face.........

(Ok either i can die really fast, or someone can save me lol)

10-08-2005, 02:40 PM
(Man, I am posting every other one :) )

Triko felt another Jedi calling for help through the force. Abandoning his 4th Rancor he was "working" on, he sliced through several Rakata, and saw Master Zaroke caught ins Stasis...with a Rakata approaching him with a wierd lightsaber (since they were alien force-users thousands of years ago, they probably had really wierd lightsabers and colors). There were too many Rakata blocking his path. He engaged in a fierce duel with a Rakata, using all of his strength to kill him quickly. To many surrounding him...pulling him down, only his rapidly spinning blade and his overuse of force lightning kept them from hacking him to bits. Calling on all his force, all his power, he blew all of them away with a force wave and using his last strength went flying high up in the air, coming down on the Rakata a second before his blade crashed in to Zaroke's face. All that was left of the Rakata was a burnt corpse.

10-08-2005, 03:07 PM
Oo, wow Triko, i think you just took care of the second wave
Thank you, lets abondon this for a minute and get some cold grenades, we can freeze those dropships coming down on us, they will blow us up to smitherines unless we can freeze the pod and then destroy them, sound good?

10-08-2005, 05:21 PM
<The Wookie Army appears>
Roarboar: Attack!
<Wookies start killing Rakata>
<Roarboar jumps out of a Wookie Transport>
Zaalbacca: Roarboar. Good to see you in a battle with me.
Roarboar: Just like old times.
<They follow Zaroke and Triko>

10-08-2005, 07:12 PM
Grinning with savage anticipation he watched the odd looking humanoids slowly approach him and he let out a mighty roar and leapt into the fray. Gripping a Rakatan's head he crushed it then swung the lifeless corpse into a group of then, he pulled out a pair of thermal detonators and threw them in two directions. Ramming a Rakatans face with his bowcaster then shooting his head off he dropped it then pulled out the Zhaboka.

Turning around he saw 6 Rakatan Warriors slowly retreat but a pair of Rakatan warriors carrying what he thought were those laser swords approach, the one on the left decided to force push just as the one on the right force pulled this resulted in Grauwlth turning to his side and pulled diagonally towards the Rakatan on the right, startled the Rakatan raised his blade, too slow he had a 2 foot long Zhaboka sticking out of his chest. Pulling his Zhaboka out Grauwlth advanced on the second one, the Rakatan roared a challenge and then charged at Grauwlth... to which Grauwlth used his very long legs tripped the Rakatan up and impaled him on the spot.

A rakatan screamed at Grauwlth then opened a formerly stuck hatch of a dropship to reveal a rancor, who easily burst out of his refinement and started to rampage to Grauwlth. Grauwlth kicked the rancor and when it opened its mouth to roar he flipped a frag grenade in its mouth and started running.
Grenades... the greatest creation of war yet...

He looked around and was amazed to see wookiees in the battle.
What in space is going on? Since when did wookiees come scrappin?

Looking around he saw Triko standing with his shoulders slumped over an enormous amount of dead lifeless bodies.
One thing I did right... I did not insult him....
Stepping over a corpse and impaling a Rakatan still whimpering he stopped a couple of feet from Triko.

"Ho! Having fun Triko?"

10-08-2005, 08:11 PM
*Zaroke looks at Grauwlthz*
"Heheh...Triko look out!"
*Igniting his lightsaber he strikes 2 of the 5 Jedi Rakata with one blow*
"You will pay for trying to strike my friend!"

*Zaroke twirled his lightsaber and he looked into the eyes of the 3 Rakata Jedi, Then threw his lightsaber at the 2 on the left took out a spair single lightsaber and runs after the last Rakata....Zarokes doublebladed lightsaber came twirling back*


*Zaroke throws the single lightsaber to the Rakata Jedi and catches his double bladed lightsaber that was twirling back, Zaroke strikes him down*

"I think that was too easy..............Dammit here comes another wave!"

10-08-2005, 10:19 PM
Triko grinned and looked at the incoming Rakata, seven of them with a Rakata Force-User as their leader, with the wierdest lightsaber hue he had ever seen. Using the force, he mimicked a sound he had heard from the Rakata generals, calling their troops back. The Rakata stopped suddenly, and then looked around with probably the stupidest look on their faces. Triko force jumped to them and struck one down. Taking up it's lightsaber he deactivated on of his blades and used two of them, twirling them around him and killing two as they rushed up on him. One impaled him self on Grauwiths blade and Zaroke dueled with and killed another. The remaining two backed up and showed thermal detonators in their hands. In what seemed like laughing, they tossed them toward him and his companions and ran away. Triko reached up, using the force to flip the switch on them, and caught them. Looking at the way Grauwith has used them today, I better start a collection of these. They seem very handy.

One of the Rakata ran back, looking at them, and ran back into the blade of a Dantooine Militia's blade. The other one stopped and turned around, only to be nailed in the head by Grauwith.

Several Rancors were still roaming the battlefield. "Well, looks like we still have work to do, my friends," Triko said. "Lets see how good these guys really are."

10-08-2005, 11:09 PM
Grauwlth looked around and noticed the rancors roaming in clusters and singles, muttering to himself he stalked to a tree taht somehow remained standing through all the blaster fire, climbed up and unhitched his bowcaster.

Looking around he saw a rancor off by itself, taking careful aim he shot it in the eye to which it reared back and screamed in anguish and pain, yawning Grauwlth flipped an adhesive grenade at it and then rained green bolts on it.

He saw a cluster of rancors and prepared to do the same...

10-09-2005, 09:10 AM
"Hmm, why are we even bothering these rancor, lets use them to our advantage"
"All Jedi use Beast Control on the Rancors!"

10-09-2005, 11:07 AM
<Zaalbacca and Roarboar control a rancor each>
<They get on>
<They use the rancors to kill Rakata>

10-09-2005, 10:02 PM
ok, im kinda pissed but i hate when people post friggin 2 word sentences no offense extream jedi but you have submitted like 3 word sentences every time, get into depth! like my teacher says, theres the bones but wheres the meat to eat? If you catch my drift here, try to get more into detail when posting, look at Tysacha in her posts, thats in depth and look at treex, again a fine example of that, your might as well stop the rpg now, so come on, give some detail.

10-09-2005, 10:58 PM
If you catch my drift here, try to get more into detail when posting, look at Tysacha in his posts, thats in depth and look at treex, again a fine example of that, your might as well stop the rpg now, so come on, give some detail.

(Last time I checked, Tysyacha is a female :xp: )

10-09-2005, 11:24 PM
(Last time I checked, Tysyacha is a female :xp: )

(Indeed, takes a female to manage the love stuff... not that i'm against it :smash:

Oh yeah and I think its about time to wrap up this first scrap dont ya think, I'm getting bored spamming grenades )

Grauwlth looked around from his vantage point, bodies littered the fields of Dantooine, Rakatan, mandalorian and sith ships scattered here and there.

Mmm... scrap's over, i suppose the humans should be starting to return and perhaps fight among themselves... bah.. i suppose I should stay in the cantina...

Grauwlth's boredom sated temporarily he hopped off the tree and continued towards the Enclave...

Stepping in the cantina he was surprised to note that he was not the first, he noticed a pair of sith soldiers off in the corner arguing and a trio of mandalorians playing pazaak with one watching. Shrugging absently he headed to the bar, waved the barkeep over and pointed to the Juma Juice...

"Arrgh! You have a skifter up your sleeve I know it!" Shouted Kilan.
"Ha! Hardly, Daiburr, you just suck at pazaak! Should stop picking fights you just shot Rakatans out of the sky." Replied his opponent.
"Bah, I'm not playing you can have fun cheating Danvec, but I will not be cheated more." Getting off the seat, Captain Daiburr slowly waltzed out of the cantina, noting that a wookiee was at the bar, Hnnh... wookiee gettin drunk, now whatja think of that.....
Lazily dragging his feet he stepped out into the smoky air of the battle dusted Dantooine air, removed his helmet, yawned and headed towards his bunk for an early night.

(Read my character sheet for who Kilan is)

10-09-2005, 11:33 PM
Opps my bad, lol, ill change it, editedd!

10-10-2005, 11:12 AM
Triko looked up at the night sky. The Dantooine plains were littered with dropships and dead bodies, which were being carted away. A few, like Triko, were looting the Rakata for whatever equipment they could find. So far, he had a collection of about 15 frag grenades, and a couple of other types. The rest, a collection of lightsabers, stims, medpacks, and vibroswords were taken to the enclave, except for a few that Triko had claimed. Looking up, Triko wondered where the Rakatan were striking from.
They must have a humongous fleet if this was only a small strike force...And they must have set up a base away from detection. Now would be a good time to get a starfighter from the Enclave for my own personal use...

About thirty minutes later, Triko walked out of the Enclave, now owner of a small snub fighter with hyperdrive capabilities. He wanted to go somewhere, fight more Rakatan, but he had no clue where they were. Besides, he might be needed here. Walking across the plains, he looked into the Jedi training rooms. Several padawans were training there. Maybe this would be a good time to think of taking on and teaching a padawan as my apprentice...

10-10-2005, 02:34 PM
Mmm...hic...i suppose Zilus... wuz right... i dont hold my alcohol well.... hic

Stumbling and weeving Grauwlth made his way to his bunk, stopping briefly to vomit over the rail... (yeah unpleasant scene... a wookiee vomitting....) noticing Triko he waved then continued towards his bunk, where he sat down, stared at his feet for a good long while then went to sleep.