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10-02-2005, 10:05 AM
Here's how it is:

I'm doing some things with my KOTOR remix, and it's progressing just about as could be expected. A little bumpy, but I'm pulling through and should have something available for download this weekend. But I decided that what I'm doing with this just isn't enough...

I love a lot of the features in KOTOR2, but hate the way they were implemented. I like the Influence system, but not the way you have to use a walkthrough or be a psychic to even begin to get influence points with party members. I don't like that the plot falls apart at the end. I don't like the unfinished, unpolished feel the game has, and I'd like to add to it.

So I started doing a couple of rough drafts, mostly on paper, of changes I'd like to make: a sequel to the KOTOR Remix, I guess, with new recruitables and the like. Only problem is that I know whatever I do, it'll all conflict with Team Gizka's restoration project, and that's really all the add-on the game needs in my estimation.

Also, I'm a Firefly fanatic with no creative outlet.

So what's the answer? A project I'd like to get started on pretty soon that I like to call "Knaves of the Old Republic."

A Republic mercenary in the waning days of the Mandalorian War, your squad was on Malachor the day things got really bad. Given the impossible mission of finding and assassinating Mandalore himself in the middle of a Jedi assault on the Mandalorian base, your team almost succeeds... until a traitor in your midst shows which side he's really on.

You wake up in a cryo tube. Your voice is a little different, and all of a sudden you understand all these new alien languages. Why? Turns out the on-site doctor patched up your throat wound and replaced your vocal chords with a protocol droid's vocabulator. This doctor eases you out of the tube, tells you that the kolto treatments have finally made you stable, after years of deep soaking. "You're a miracle," he says.

He says a lot of other things. Revan and Malak betrayed the Republic, and there's been a Jedi Civil War. Things aren't looking good for the Republic in general, and just when Malak was killed and Revan was practically handed the fate of the galaxy... well, that flake of a Jedi just up and left for the unknown regions of the galaxy without a word.

Where are you? Oh, right. You're in a prison space station orbiting Coruscant, awaiting trial for the assassination of a Senator you've never even heard of. That bushwhacker who left you to die on Malachor just so he wouldn't have to split the reward three ways? He's a Republic war hero.

And just when it looks like things couldn't get worse, an unregistered ship has docked with the station. Why would pirates be breaking into a prison?

Think of it as KOTOR 1.5, with a dash of western and revenge movie. The Jedi Civil War is over, the Republic is on the verge of collapse, and there hasn't been an Exile to rally or destroy the remaining Jedi yet. In fact, there won't be for a few years. You'll eventually play one of the owners of the Ebon Hawk in between Revan and the Exile, and from there it'll be a fight just to survive in space.

First off, getting out of prison would be a top priority. Proving your innocence in that murder case might be a good idea. Then, just maybe, you'll be able to get your hands on the man who shot you in the back on Malachor.

What I want to do is a little bit "looser" than either KOTOR game... a sandbox sort of game. The plot will be pretty tight and railroaded up until you get your hands on a ship, and then from there you'll be set loose without any major direction. It's just you, the galaxy, and a big, heaping pile of quests to solve across about half a dozen planets.

But here's the problem: .2da editing I can handle. Texture re-editing I can't do besides coloring things in, and I'm a lost cause at modeling.

In short, I need help. I'm excited, I've got pep and vim and enthusiasm, but what I don't have is the ability to create shiny new things in-game aside from what's already in KOTOR Tool.

Is anyone interested enough in this idea to help me get this project off the ground?

10-02-2005, 11:41 AM
It sounds like a decent idea. I think it would be interesting to play a PC who never becomes a Jedi but has to battle against a few (light or dark) and triumphs in the end. As I become more skilled in modding perhaps I could lend some help to your project. Still working on understanding more of it at this time now though :(

10-02-2005, 03:29 PM
This sounds like my kind of story (I've gotten a bit tired of being a Jedi as a player.). If you need a scripter (I do a lot of parameter scripting, and of course: Dialogue editing.) here's one. ;) I'd also like to offer a recruitment script I made, if you like. As for texturing, I can do it, but the tool I work with sucks. :(

10-02-2005, 08:08 PM
I'm a beggar. As such, I can't be a chooser. :)

You're very much welcome aboard if you're willing to work on this.

PMage will ensue some time later.

Darth Yom
10-02-2005, 09:40 PM
Well I wish I could help you out, but I have no skill in anything related to modding, I was just browsing the boards to see whats in the works in the mod community. I must say this is a very ambitious project, and I wish you the best of luck. It sounds real good, but just make sure that the dialog options are good and if possible, throw in a jedi character you can recruit to your party. Again, best of luck

10-04-2005, 09:28 PM
A little bit of progress, miniscule though it may be...

oldflash, wonderful human being that he is, has deigned to help me with this mod. He'll be creating some unique headwear for the game.

Only one piece is complete so far, but I thought I'd offer everyone a look at it:


The appearance of this visor is inspired by (read: stolen from) my favorite comic book character. Bonus points to anyone who guesses who it is. :)

10-04-2005, 11:39 PM
Elton John???

So I'm confused, the Kotor Remix is a collection of different types of mods, story, item, feature adjustments?

10-04-2005, 11:49 PM
Elton John???

He isn't a comic book character... to my knowledge.

So I'm confused, the Kotor Remix is a collection of different types of mods, story, item, feature adjustments?

The KOTOR Remix is, yes. But this isn't it. This is my pipe dream sequel project that I haven't even really begun work on... just working out some ideas in between banging my head against the wall and freaking out from medication adjustments.

10-05-2005, 12:10 AM
It's just that everytime I see an old picture of him pop up on tv somewhere there's always freakishly huge glasses involved?

Oh, I was wondering why everytime you mention it, it sounds like something completely different:)
Try taking classes involved in furnace work in an enclosed room where the buildings main furnace is never shut of and not a drop of humidity is allowed,
feels just as good as cheap medication and hammers falling on your head :D
Good luck with your mod though, if you're ever stuck and need a creative suggestion, the PM's open 25/8 367:D although it doesn't seem like you're hurtin for creativity;)