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10-04-2005, 11:41 PM
Here (http://www.pcgamemods.com/mod/16307.html)

excerpt from mod description---
This mod contains 6 upgrade items for armors and ranged weapons.

The items are as follows:

Refractive Micro-Repulsor Array-(overlay)
Def Bonus: 7
Stealth Bonus: +3
Personal Cloaking Shield
Force Jump
Damage Reduction: +3 Soak 10

Proprioception Amplifier-(underlay)
+3 Attack
+3 Def
+3 vs Paralyzation
+3 Awareness
Superior 2 weapon fighting I
Uncanny Dodge I
Finesse Melee weapon
Finesse Lightsaber

Nano-gel Plasticizer-(heavy armor underlay)
+1 Def
Max Dex Bonus: +9
Awareness -2
Damage vulnerability: Ion 25% 6 sec.

M'shaati "Nitpicker"-(scope)
+7 Attack
-3 Def
Master sniper shot
Precise shot III
Targetting VIII
Massive criticals 5

Cascade Capacitor-(Cell)
Master Power Blast
Damage Bonus: 5 Energy, +2-20 Electrical, +2-16 Ion
On Hit: Attribute Damage Strength DC 22

Ishvak Burst Chamber-(Chamber)
-2 Attack
Minimum Strength 12
Master Rapid Shot
Damage Bonus: 2-20 Energy, 2-12 Unstoppable

They replace in-game items, but codes are as follows:
u_a_over_10 -Refractive Micro-Repulsor Array
u_a_unde_03 -Proprioception Amplifier
u_a_unde_11 -Nano-gel Plasticizer
u_r_targ_05 -M'shaati "Nitpicker"
u_r_powe_02 -Cascade Capacitor
u_r_firi_04 -Ishvak Burst Chamber

As usual I hope you enjoy the item stories. ORI is comitted to bringing you quality equipment at rock bottom prices. = ) ---

I welcome your input.

06-08-2007, 09:43 PM
i was wondering if anyone could re upload this mod somewhere? pcgamemods is dead. also the mods i found from the list of recovered mods from pcgamemods don't work either. thanks!

alabaster67, I realise you are new but this kind of question is best served for you to use the Private message (PM) system and contact the mods author directly to ask this. Thanks. -RH