View Full Version : Order of the Galactic Crusaders ={OGC}=

10-05-2005, 04:15 PM
Greetings everyone.

The Order of the Galactic Crusaders ={OGC}=, an up-and-coming SWBF/SWBF2 clan, sends it's regards! Our clan was established in Aug/2005 by a group of dedicated gamers who wanted a clan that was a community. Where every member felt welcome and was more than just a number on the leader board. We all are driven by a common goal, to compete in the SWBF/SWBF2 arena while still having fun and do so with honor and respect. We feel by fostering a friendly and fun-loving environment, players are more likely to stay and strive to better themselves. It's much easier to be competitive when you are comfortable with your teammates and are having a good time, than being ordered around by an ego-centric drill sergeant with a whip. ;)

Our performance speaks for itself, we are rated the #10 clan in the world by http://www.csports.net, and we gain the respect and friendship of individual players as well as fellow clans with every encounter. We participate in friendly scrims and will start competing in tourneys soon. Our SWBF public server is always full and we are planning to institute full SWBF2 support by it's Nov 1st release. (Our members are already very active on the Beta servers.)

If you are interested in joining not only an honorable clan, but a family, feel free to check us out at www.ogc-clan.com and submit a join request. Our forums are always active and every post is acknowledged within a day.

The choice is clear...for a relaxed, competitive, and fun gaming experience, visit OGC and discover what a gaming community should be!

Consul of Public Relations