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10-06-2005, 09:06 PM
This Rpg takes place in the marvel universe, 5 years after the defeat of Apocalypse at the hands of the Xmen.

The world is still reeling from the War of conquest fought with Apocalypse. Restoration efforts were taking place worldwide, as Humans and mutants finally seemed to be living in harmony, or at least attempting to. Professor CHARLES XAVIER had rebuilt his school for mutant children, and the XMEN continued their struggle against The brotherhood led by MAGNETO, much as the had prior to the conflict with the Tyrannical APOCALYPSE. They knew however, that their victory was not permanent, for APOCALYPSE immortal, and had survived for thousandsof years, and it would only be a matter of time before he resurfaced. They just didn't know how soon it would be.

MR. SINISTER, burned with hatred towards MAGNETO, and XAVIER, he also knew that with them there to oppose him, that he would not be able to create the perfect genetic replacement for humankind, the only one who understood and appreciated his dark methods, and research, was his master APOCALYPSE. SINISTER had devised and built a machine that would bring APOCALYPSE back from the abyss in which he was trapped.

In no time at all APOCALYPSE had returned, and realized that his conflict with the XMEN would have to be swift, and merciless, while the planet still recovered from its wounds the last time he ravaged it. He and Sinister began by reassembling his immense cyborg factories, deep in the Himalayas where noone would suspect. He would also need to gather his four horsemen to his side, for he and Sinister could not triumph alone......yet.

No God Mode
No killing other people's character without their consent
Can control up to 3 characters

all XMEN Xavier included
all Brotherhood Magneto included
any character in marvel universe
or you can create your own hero/villain
Any of Apocalypse's 4 Horsemen-chosen as RP progresses

Have fun and Enjoy the RP...........

10-06-2005, 09:20 PM
Mr Sinister stood in the lab at Apocalypse's new head quarters in the Himalayas. He stared at the computer console which was responsible for injecting mutagens into his subjects bodies. Several young subjects remained in stasis behind a force field in his experimentation chambers. His human "subjects" writhed in agony as Sinister punched several commands into his console. HE stared through cold calculating red eyes as a robotic arm entered each testing chamber and adminstered a gene altering drug into each of the subjects. They screamed, as the mutagen caused their skin to almost boil, and their features change, as their bodies reacted to his serum. "The human form is so weak" he thought to himself. "Apocalypse has the right idea, any to weak to suvive, should be terminated. I will replace the frail human form, with a gentetically superior one, I will create the perfect being, for service to Apocalypse." Sinsiter smiled coldly to himself, and continued watching in amusement as the kidnapped subjects, were poked and prodded with his torturous devices.

10-06-2005, 09:30 PM
(Is it all right if I am spiderman, Darth Sion101?)

10-06-2005, 09:34 PM
((any character from anywhere in the Marvel Universe is OK.....including Spiderman,venom,Fantastic Four, Iron Man etc.))

10-06-2005, 10:08 PM
Spiderman swung through the city, watching for trouble that was brewing. So far, the night had been a complete waste. He might have well stayed home and studied-he couldn't seem to find anything to do. So, he settled up on a flagpole and pulled a newspaper up with his web. Reading through it, he didn't see anything there, either... just a couple wierd rumors invovling something to do with the X-Men. But he wasn't invovled with them, so whatever was going on with them was probably none of his business. He got off the flagpole and swung farther into the city.

Iceman watched out the window of the mutant school, watching as it slightly rained outside. He was wondering about the rumors of Apocalypse reappearing. They were a bit fantastic, but then again, they could be true. More likely though, they weren't. He looked out the window remembering their former battle with Apocalypse, remembering how hard it had been to beat him. I would not be good if he returned. He watched the rain for a few more minutes, then turned and walked away.

10-06-2005, 10:46 PM
<I will be..... Hulk, Captain America, and Venom.>

10-06-2005, 10:59 PM
Sinister turned his attention from the tormented victims, to a beeping on the command console. He pressed the blinking red button. A voice came over the loudspeaker, it was the voice of Mikhail Rasputin. "Sinister....Apocalypse requests your presence in his main throne room." spoke rasputin in his mild russian accent. "As he wishes" responded Sinister, in his low rasping maniacal tone. Sinister turned and headed out of his lab. He stopped in the doorway, and looked back at his mutating victims. He smiled coldy "Don't go anywhere....I'll be back soon enough to have some more fun." He stated evily to the helpless captives. "HAHAHAHAH" with that evil laugh, Mr. Sinister exited the lab, and made his way to the elevator to Apocalypse's throneroom.

10-07-2005, 10:24 AM
(Hey ExtreamJedi, what about having Spidey and Venom meet up and fight, and then team up together to fight Apocalypse, after he is discovered?)

Darth Wiggles
10-07-2005, 02:56 PM
I'll be DareDevil if i can.

Matt (that's is real name if anybody doesn't know)was looking through the town,but what he heard was only X-Men,X-Men,and more X-Men.He decided to try to meet with them,altough his pain had still not been releived about the incident.

10-07-2005, 03:21 PM
The elevator doors slid open, and Mr Sinister stepped out into the gothic looking throne room of Apocalypse. His master stood at the far side of the hall gazing intently out his large circular window. Without even turning the Massive form of Apocalypse spoke to Sinister. "Have you had any succes with your new genetic splicing program, sinister?".

Sinister stood directly behind Apocalypse, took a short breath and responded quickly to his master's question. "The genetic mutation programming, seems to be having a profound effect on my test subjects. It would seem to be nearly completed, although final touches must be put into my serum, before it can be considered perfect. Fear not my master, you will have your genetic superiors in due time."

Apocalypse grimaced, and snarled his command. "Time is not on our side, we must be ready to strike soon, while the XMEN are still weak, so this unsuspecting world will be mine." He crossed his massive arms accross his huge chest.

10-07-2005, 03:40 PM
((Creating three characters of my own:

Name: Allison Day
Mutant Name: Mutania
Age: 21
Mutant abilities: Allison is a rare mutant who has the potential to use most of the known mutant abilities, but she has only mastered a few; shapeshifting and speed are the two she uses most.
Appearance: Brown hair, brown eyes, 5' 5" tall.
History: Ran away from home at 17 when she learned of her mutant abilities. Accidentally used one of her abilities to transport herself across the country, from California to New York and met the X-Men. After completing high school, Allison went on to become a 'recruiter', looking for new mutants to bring to the school.


Name: Chloe Hayes
Mutant Name: Nighthawk
Age: 19
Mutant abilities: Chloe can vanish completely from sight and sound. If she doesn't want to be seen or heard, she isn't. She also is gifted with what she calls a 'Pain Stare'. This ability allows her to simply stare at a person and through her gaze cause them severe discomfort.
Appearance: Black hair, blue eyes, 5' 4" tall.
History: Chloe was abandoned when her parents learned that she was a mutant. She grew up with a man she called 'grandpa' until he was taken when she was ten. In her search for him, she was captured and given 'claws', though not quite like Wolverine's. Chloe has five claws on each hand instead of three. Three extend from between her knuckles, while the other two can be found in her two inner knuckles. Seven years later, she was introduced to her family, but soon found herself on the run. She ended up at the mutant school and formed a close friendship with Allison.


Name: Katherine 'Kate' Vincent
Mutant Name: Crush
Age: 17
Mutant abilities: Aside from the beauty that gave her the nickname Crush, Kate and machines really get along. This doesn't seem like much of a mutant ability until you consider how she deactivated a complex lock and started a car merely by touching the lock casing and the car's ignition.
Appearance: Blonde hair, blue eyes, 5' 1" tall.
History: Kate lived with her mother until a drunk driver killed her. Then, though her mother had told her horror stories about him, Kate went looking for her father. In New York, she stole a car, but the police caught on quick and started a chase. The chase ended in the mutant school, where Chloe helped Kate hide. Later, the owner of the car gave it to Kate, saying that if she could get through as much security as he'd put on it, she deserved to have it. And Kate, at seventeen years of age came to the mutant school, creating strong friendships with both Chloe and Allison. The three are rarely seen apart.

10-10-2005, 05:11 PM
Mister Sinister made his way back into his lab. He walked up to one of the glass tanks holding the test subjects. Their skin had begun to turn a metallic like substance, all of their hair had fallen out, and their muscle mass had seemed to increase. Unfortuneately, as he knew, the serum was not yet perfected, so the subjects had died during the process. "Hmm..just as I suspected, just a few minor calculations, and it should be complete. I shall have to find some more poor unfortuneate fools to become my guinea pigs. HAHAHAHA". Sinister turned on his heel, an eerie smile crept over his face, his red eyes seemed to glisten, and he strutted over to his CPU terminal.

.................................................. .................................................. ....

Mikhail Rasputin Descended the loading ramp of his personal jet, and made his way into the newly rebuilt Infinite FActory , where Apocalypse's armies were being produced. His duty was to do an inspection, and select a team of Infinites to make upm his own personal forces, which of course were under the command of his lord Apocalypse. Mikhail was a large Brute, his flesh and hairwhich was once normal, had been replaced with a metallic yellow shell, which served as a natural armor, compliments of Mr. Sinister's augmentation. His eyes, a sharp red color.

He made his way into the automated factory, and headed towards the Main command center, as he walked through the enormous factory, he could thousands of little droids and robots scurrying about, keeping up with daily maintenance. The ceiling lights of the factory glistened and reflected off of his bald yellow metallic head.

He turned a right at the end of the main assembly area, and entered the control chamber. As he entered, and automated voice came over the speaker.
It was Mr. Sinister's cold and cruel tone that he heard. "Ah Mikhail Rasputin. Horsemen of Apocalypse. What can I do for you today?" Sinister questioned through the loudspeaker. Mikhail responded quickly and impatiently. "I am here to collect the first of the battle ready inifinites to form our first attack wave. I have been given the order by Apocalypse himself Sinister, so show me my men."

"Of course, right away, Apocalypse informed me that you would be coming. I merely enjoyed seeing your iritation, it gives you a greater purpose mikhail." Sinister sarcastically replied. "Right this way" A door opened to the left of the control center. Mikhail made his way through to inspect his new troops.