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Hello everybody. I felt like doing something different than the average star wars rpg. So i decided to do this:

New York, the big apple, the city that never sleep, one of the most famous cities in the world. Unfortunately it has some of the wrost crime on earth, it has the worst rapes, the gresome murders and the most deadly robberys. Also it has the most brutal gangs. Fortunately it also has the best police department New York has to offer. It has the most intelligent cops, the most cunning SWAT team plus the best patrol officers. Its a war zone in the streets of New York. The good vs evil. The NYPD vs crime.

3 characters.
Have at least 1 character working for NYPD.
You can be a detective, SWAT, patrol officer or any job that involves the police department (including FBI)
Basically you can be everyone you want but just keep it realistic (e.g. No wookiees or 5 year old FBI agent)

Name:(First and Last)
Age:(In years)
Appearances:(Face, skin,ect.)
Perfered clothing:(clothes they wear most often)
Weapons(Guns or knife)
Family:(Brothers, sisters,parents, children,ect.)

Name:Steven Wolf
Perfered clothing: Formal Suits
Weapon: 9mm handgun
Occupation:Detective (Head of Homicide)
Family:Mother and Father live in England

10-09-2005, 04:51 PM
Name: Kip Durazello
Age: 28
Appearances: Face:Young Guy normal nose, not very big ears, Good Muscle Body build, Black Hair
Perfered clothing: Jeans, Any T-shirt, (Unless at work) The reg. uniform
Weapons: Gun: M4A1, Pistol: Sp-10, Bolt Cutters, Wire
Occupation:Head Swat Leader
Family: Single
History: Orphan, went to high scool, and college, went to swat academy and raised through the top of his class and now is a swat team leader

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10-12-2005, 02:59 PM
Matt's boss Vincent Jones walked up to him "Hey Matt. I have a job for you. You know the gang HCA?"
Matt nodded. He had a couple of inicdents with them in the past. HCA stood for Hard Core Assassin. It was a gang of kids, teenagers and adults who delt with robbery, rape and murder.
"Well they seem to have taken another life. Detective Wolf requested a menber from Anti-Gang unit and I thought of you. So what do you say?"

((Sorry for the little character controll and KillwithHonor. I'll get a mission up for you as soon as I have the time))

10-12-2005, 03:10 PM