View Full Version : Any mod recommendations?

10-09-2005, 06:13 PM
Restored my PC and have a fresh install of KoTOR II. I have a few mods for it, like no force gfx, Skip Paragus, and smugglers compartment. I have seen a lot (especially on PCGameMods) but some of them dont have screenshots. Since time on the computer is sometimes short...and because Im curious, I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for mods? Things like different robes/armor/skins, perhaps a few new lightsabers would be nice, and might make the game seem a bit different.

Im really looking for opionions, but I wouldnt mind a link if you have one.


10-09-2005, 07:29 PM
hello Carter_00
Im a newbie here at these great forums too, so welcome and hiya
I just found the forums about 3 weeks ago after playing the game about 50 or some odd times without any mods. And now i play with more mods then i can count, lord knows how many i have cause i dont. These guys, gals and angels here are great and have made some great mods, personally for me;

the USM mod is very cool
and the big huge mod here really now and i linked strait to download part like an update and a patch i didnt link properly, so if you get that youll need those too and it has a forum thread too, and which my words dont do it justice
by Darkkender, It seems to include most all other mods and speaks to the genius of its creator(s) and creation, due to how well they maintain compatibility, and while speaking of great mods i really like this one
stoffe's combat sim,