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Bob Lion54
10-09-2005, 06:38 PM
Hi all!

UPDATED 10-10-05 @0836 central time
I'm working on making a few new Interface bands. The idea came from CrudeMatter. You can see the threads here:

Anyways, I would like some input on what colours and attributes to use. My first 3 are as follows:

Lion Industrial Solutions Interface Band V.1.54
For this one, I gave it Sniper Shot, Improved Shiper Shot, Master Sniper Shot and a +5 to Awarness. The Idea is that its favoured by soldiers. I used orange because it reminded me of the glasses used on a fireing range.

Ingame description-
This is a special version of the Interface Band made by Lion Industrial Solutions.

This product uses a special sound dampening system that blocks out all quick burst of loud sound.

Although this band was designed to help miners become more precise, many solders are using this band because of its integrated targeting system, as it is less of a nuisance to wear than the standard targeting optics.
Lion Industrial Solutions Interface Band V1.55
Here I added a +5 to force regeneration. I figured a Jedi needs some headgear too. I also added +5 to awarness.
Ingame description-

This is a special version of the Interface Band made by Lion Industrial Solutions.

This product uses a special sound dampening system that blocks out all quick burst of loud sound.

This version has been infused with special Force Crystals. The force user who wears it will regenerate force points faster.

This model also features a GUI display that helps the wearer see their surroundings more easily.

Lion Industrial Solutions Interface Band V1.56
For the 3rd one, I added +7 to Stealth and security, as well as +3 Computer use. The idea is that is for Snipers and theives.
Ingame description-

This is a special version of the Interface Band made by Lion Industrial Solutions.

This product uses a special sound dampening system that blocks out all quick burst of loud sound.

This particular model was designed with a stealth enhancement system giving the user an added advantage in sneaking. Snipers and thieves are very fond of this model.

Lion Industrial Solutions Interface Band V.1.57 (Medical Band)
Gives a +5 to Treat Injury Skill.
Ingame description-
This is a special version of the Interface Band made by Lion Industrial Solutions.

This product uses a special sound dampening system that blocks out all quick burst of loud sound.

This model was designed for use by surgeons. It gives valuable feedback on the condition of the patient through a unique GUI in the visor.
I gave all 3 a 100% immunity against sonic damage. It seemed logical, but it can easily be changed if nessassary.

Any input is appriciated.

I also wish to extend a special thanks to T7nowhere for showing me how to get a unique item into the game. So, thanks!

10-09-2005, 07:10 PM
Hiya Bob Lion54,
those all look great buddy )
as for input or ideas what about like other glasses like the 10 dex imho a lil high but not instead but also like in a geeky RP'ing sorta way wouldnt they help you target better so maybe help in attack's instead of dex? and again like i mean input ) so more glasses not to replace the ones you list.
These some like that in the game but yours look much better, and maybe you have better idea of stats/feats can be put on them?
but well done

10-09-2005, 07:36 PM
Good work Bob, ya beat me to the punch on this one. Kudos!... to the victor go the spoils. I probably won't be releasing any in the colors you used, I don't want to step on any senior modders' toes(though I curse you under my breath for the purple, its gorgeous. lol). I'm glad you appreciate the idea.
...and I just LOVE the company name!!!
perhaps theres room for a future ORI/LIS cooperative endeavor?!? :naughty:
ORION Ltd. ???
lets do 'lunch', eh?

Bob Lion54
10-09-2005, 07:59 PM
Hehe.. A Lion/Orion endevour. I like the sound of that...

Don't let my post count fool ya. I'm anything but a senior modder.

If you want, we could so a joint effort on this. I really don't see any problem with reusing colours. If you want to use purple, go right ahead. I can PM you my tga if you really like it. It dosn't show in the pic, but the band that goes around the top to bottom is yellow.

Thanks for the feedback.

The main reason I went with adding to Dexterity is when I tried to add "Sniper Shot Bonus" It didn't show up ingame. Dexterity seemed like the next logical choice. I'm thinking of changing that to a +5 instead, as +10 does seem a bit high. Any thoughs on this are welcomed.

Bob Lion54
10-09-2005, 09:18 PM
Allright. Update time!

I think I might just make one for each skill and maybe Attributes as well. Any thoughts on what colour should go with each skill?

Edit: moved LIS Band V1.57 to the top post.

10-09-2005, 10:04 PM
I really appreciate the offer. I'm still trying to figure out where the hex editor comes in and how/which one to get. Its another sort of program I've never used before, but T7 said it was part of the process... which you've already learned. So I really feel like I need the experience of making/renaming tga's, making unique items/textures, etc. I could apparently use a little handholding there, unless I'm just missing something simple like mdlops -is- a hex editor. Whattya expect from a noob?

As for a joint endeavor, I was thinking of something new. I like your work on the artistic side, and I'm very comfortable with editing item blueprints in KT, plus I really enjoy the creative aspect of story in item descriptions. ...it's half the value of my mods so far imo. -ORI is aching to get ahold of an LIS product for enhancement and redistribution- I would certainly use the LIS company name in the item story, I love that kinda stuff.
ie." Lion Industrial Solutions has granted us limited production license for this wonderful product, to which we've added a few special touches of our own, to bring you the..." ORI is like the J. Peterman co. of the EU. = )
If you want to peruse my item stories and properties work, try one of my mods, there should be no conflicts at all, and I'd like to hear if there are any.
...and for the record ORI stands for Outer Rim Imports. thus O R -I- O N = ORI + (L)ION , limited... ORION Ltd. it seemed natural, but it was just off the top o', I'm not at all comitted to it. I'll give lion top billing. btw Have you imagined a home-office location for LIS? If its not past the OR then I'd want to do a limited partnership for some new stuff, rather than enhance/redist. some of LIS' work. ...just to keep my 'company's' story straight. maybe an armor? I've got a few things that weren't ready for release and this might be the perfect venue for them. If you are interested then we can come up with a partnership company name and start a WIP thread for it. It sounds like fun to me.

As to the item stats, you can give it bonus feat(one of the sniper shots) or a bonus to attack which effects the snipershot, and Massive Criticals might work with a visor also (never tried it). MC adds damage to a successful critical. I think 'sniper shot bonus' is a kotor 1 thing, it never worked for me either... I got to the point where I just ignore it. I have used the other functions though, re. my "M'shaati Nitpicker" scope and "Beast Dropper" hunting bowcaster(upgraded, this thing once dropped Hanharr in one shot), etc. Dex works but you get +1 to attack from every 2 pts of dex, so just making it an Att. bonus is more efficient... and doesn't give you the equivalent bonus to defense.
Also, I used 'senior modder' in comparison to myself... I'd think you qualify... you sure cranked out those visors. If you haven't done any modding, you're certainly more prepared than I was. I say its high-time for Lion Industrial Solutions to make a debut. (i just love that name)

Bob Lion54
10-09-2005, 10:46 PM
Ah, ok.
Yea, if you have any ideas, Orion ltd. sounds like a good idea to me.
I can make a few items and leave the descriptions to you, or give a short description thats easy to add a story to.

I do have a robe I'm working on, in fact, its pretty much done. I was going to wait untill I had a few more before starting a WIP. If you want to start up Orion, then that can be my first contribution, assuming robes are within your companys charter. (in fact, you can kinda see it in the screenies I posted)

I haven't done any armours yet, but if you have an idea, I certainly could come up with something.

You can use the Interface Band I sent you if you want. The stats and descriptions are easy to change. Just set the uti file to open with KTool. Edit what you like. You can include it in a release if you want.

Thanks for the input on the item proprities. I think that will work.

As far as getting them to work in game, I didn't even use a hex editor. Maybe this item is special, I really don't know. Try bypassing that step and see what happens.

10-10-2005, 01:59 AM
Sweet! Lets make a company! lol It sounds like it could be a valuable learning experience for both of us. U wanna start a new thread or should I?

ORI hasn't done robes yet, but we're always looking to expand our portfolio. A partnership sounds like the perfect place to get into it. I do have an armor idea that isn't released... I was planning on begging RedHawke for permission to use his Verpine Reflec light armor as the model, but its a K1 mod and would need adaptation/remake. I think its slick. Also, since you've included sonic immunity heavily in them so far, it occured to me that LIS' early work could be partly advanced sonic-tech, so maybe a sonic assault pistol?(I could make up a uti and see what you think about it, just let me know which pistol to start with)... include sound dampening/immunity on the armor, a droid emitter that = force scream(almost certain I can do this), a sonic mine, etc. And if you haven't done a sabre yet, that might be an item that would teach us both alot.(sonic dmg bonus, etc) ... or just a sabre upgrade part. also, I was trying to work up a line of industrial overlays that would work on the miner uniform but theres a few little intricacies that kept that on the ground. Since you're about Industrial Solutions, these might be another worthy aspect, and learning experience. ...so a robe, an armour, a pistol, a droid emitter, a mine, a sabre?/upgrade, and some ind. overlays, and whatever other ideas you had that you'd want to devote to a partnership company. Sounds like a decent line of products for a limited partnership. Maybe a few others if we get inspired along the way. all just brainstorming. whattya think? You should keep your more personal inspirations for LIS, just cooperative stuff for ORION... or whatever we end up calling it.

Its kind of you to let me use the purple visor(thanks for sending me the pre-release version) but I like the visor series idea that you've got going for LIS, and I think it deserves its day. I wouldn't want to detract from that(I might take a rain-check lol). It's a good idea, you should make your full series. I like the visor you sent, nicely done and neater than what I did. Yours kept the outline and black background for the icon, I lost both and replaced them with a purple background(inadvertently). One small spelling issue... you wrote 'blocks out all quick burst...' instead of 'bursts'... and perhaps 'sudden' would be better than 'quick'. Also the use of GUI seems to hint at computers more than visors, wouldn't HUD (Heads Up Display) be more accurate? minor details. Nice work overall. You've got a good thing going. Oh, and for your orange combat model, you might consider a Blaster Bolt Deflection bonus by way of highlighting blasterfire... I like the shooting-glasses take on the color.

Thanks for the tip on the hex editor, I'll get into mdlops.

10-10-2005, 03:41 AM
ohh, aye now Bob if you cant put in those feats and +atk and other things, shows you what i know about modding and such heh but ack! but i do know that treat injury thing is nice and something i would use, alot mask's i tend to get arent very good that is the games stock mask's one reason your making more id bet and crude was doing the same. ( way to go crude and im all for the joint ventures too! ) atm in the in the handmaiden hates me game im playing near 20th lvl i think 3 char's dont have mask's or just those dumb demolition ones and if i cared enough to pick up mines id stop just running over them if ya know waht i mean so well done Bob !

Bob Lion54
10-10-2005, 10:07 AM
Thanks for the feed back. I'm glad you like the "Medical Band."

Ok, I just want to quickly respond to your post. I just got off of work and need to get to bed.(work overnight)

You can start the thread whenever you feel you have enough items. As I'm simply contributing, it should be your thread, I think.

I like the Sonic pistol idea. I'm not sure what uti to use, but I will find it after I get some sleep. hehe. I think I would like to do a Sonic Rifle, as well. (edit:see below)

ATM, I'm not planning on doing a sabre, mostly because the USM pretty much did all that can be done with them, I think.

I like the name Orion Lmt.

Thanks for your spell checking. I'll change that when I wake up.

Sorry if I missed something, but I've been up almost 24hrs now so I'll have to get back to you when I'm more aware.

I did update the First post to include what I change with the "target visor." I got rid of the Dexterity bonus in favor of all the Sniper shots. I might add Improved power blast or maybe Percison Shot. I don't want to make ot too powerful, but definetly worth using.

Allright, off to bed. Good night, or day, as it were, all!!

Sonic blasters
Dashade Sonic Blaster - w_blaste_23
Heavy Sonic Blaster - w_blaste_17
Arkanian Sonic Blaster - w_blaste_14
Systech Aural Blaster - w_blaste_08
Sonic Pistol - w_blaste_04

Sonic Rifles
Sonic Carbine - w_brifle_03
Sonic Rifle - w_brifle_09
Argazdan Riot Buster - w_brifle_14
Sonic Disruptor - w_brifle_27

Wow, I didn't relize there were so many. Any of those should be perfect.

Bob Lion54
10-11-2005, 01:52 PM
Hi everyone. I've made a few more visors.

Lion Industrial Solutions Interface Band V.1.58 (Mechanics Visor)
This visor features a +4 to Computer Use, Security, Demolitions, and Repair.
Ingame Description-
This is a special version of the Interface Band made by Lion Industrial Solutions.

This product uses a special sound dampening system that blocks out all sudden bursts of loud sound.

This model was designed for use by mechanics. It gives valuable feedback to the user through an advanced HUD in the visor.

Lion Industrial Solutions Interface Band V.1.59 (Blood Band)
This visor gives all three Power Blasts and all three Rapid Fires. Because its a darker red, I've included a screen shot of the original for comparison.

Ingame Description-
This is a special version of the Interface Band made by Lion Industrial Solutions.

This product uses a special sound dampening system that blocks out all sudden bursts of loud sound.

This model has an integrated attack system that allows the wearer to fire quickly or with a surge of power. Many soldiers call it the “Blood Band.”

That brings the total up to six. I think 10 sounds like a good number, so only 4 more to go! If you have something special in mind, either colour or features, nows the time to ask!

10-11-2005, 06:07 PM
The mechanics visor is beautiful! keep up the good work!